Friday, July 21, 2017

Raiding - Glad we managed to get this far...

I am sad to say that despite my best efforts on Fallen Avatar, what I was hoping to achieve with melee moving as a nice coordinated group not dropping their crap everywhere and keeping uptime on the boss... nup Not happening. People moving too fast, moving too slow, lag etc meant melee kept getting wiped out. So basically back to the old you stand wherever and run backwards.

Same with the arrow things to the sides. That wasn't working either. Still shooting melee. So just stand up the back with it and hope to god you don't shoot anyone if you're ranged, especially not the tank coz he will crack a wobbly being shot.

So after multiple attempts of trying to do it the tidy way, we went back to the old way and we killed it. Everyone is saying I told you so, and they're right. But, it was worth a shot!

Trying to do it with 3 of our main healers out of the pictures is also a bit of a doozy. Kinry had a family tragedy, Ram is busy working and Yeti was probably playing netball. That left me, Cosima as the main heals and Amelior switching over to help as well as Gravy helping too. In fact, on our kill attempt, Vorkrack was healing too! At least he wasn't in melee causing mischief, and hanging out at ranged.

The main big change this week was that I decided to master loot the tier bosses. After people said we were doing normal on Monday because people needed tier, I thought it's time to start sharing it around as we are throwing out a lot of tier with double ups. Consti had a whinge about it, which I listened to but it did not change my mind. Unfortunately I was so caught up with making sure I didn't stuff up loots that I forgot to check how much of an upgrade things were, or whether we were making 2 or 4 pieces. I don't really mind if people are upgrading from normal to heroic but those who had neither were getting upset about it, so I will make sure normal tier is also master looted so I can get some tier to people.

The other major hiccup on Wednesday was with Maiden, with people stepping in the pool on the ground and getting a bomb (that happened to me) and people on the wrong side, people not following the tank... just messy. Lots of wipes. Cosima had to leave to take her son to work, and I said hurry and come back and we might still be here. Sure enough, we were, but with her back, we got it down finally.

Kil'jaeden will take some doing, as it does way more damage than we're used to, and we have to stop clumping up and killing ourselves when he targets someone. I just need to pick up my game!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why I think the Mythic Plus invitational is great

There is a lot of slagging off about this Mythic Dungeon invitational in forums and comments, but personally, I think it's great.

Why? Because this is PvE content being made into some kind of esport, that I can watch and enjoy. Almost all the other esports are PvP. And don't get me wrong, I like to PvP, but I also like to PvE and at least I understand and can appreciate a Mythic Dungeon. And there may be other people who are not arena players who at least know the dungeons so they can watch and know what's going on.

Mythic raid races, like the one I watched at Blizzcon, are ok, but they take a LOT of setting up. Getting 20 people per side set up and then watching 20 different things to see where to comment on... well that's really busy. Arena tournament is good because you only have 6 people to watch trying to kill each other. And now we can watch people doing PvE content and seeing how they do it (and perhaps get some tips!)

The server rankings are now full of people with +22 mythic dungeons on the ladder. I can't even fathom that, considering I struggle on my own stuff sometimes. Those few times where my team has been the top on of the ladder because we torture ourselves with silly keys (like COEN 15 on a tyrannical grievous bolstering week), but now we'll see the real experts coming out, and then we can learn something for our own runs! Kjerstin (THERE I SPELT IT RIGHT FOR ONCE) is always enthsuiastic for M+ so at least I can find someone to drag around to do things with.

This week's affixes are not too bad and I've been playing with Spring Blossoms and double swiftmend to see how that goes with the 4 set T20 tier. I keep casting healing touch out of habit (BAD HABIT!) so I need to break myself out of that since I am no longer using abundance.

Anna and Gal have a guildie who is trying to get into the Mythic plus invitational and I wish him all the best (he's a holy priest). He is up there wiih +22 and +23 dungeons all the time, and I'm thinking OMG wow!

So what do you think? Excited to watch some Mythic dungeon races? I think it would be fun to watch them all at the same time so we can see compare them as time goes on, but is that practical for commentary? I'm not sure. But yes, I'm excited to watch it!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Prestige 14 - Fourteen for the team

I have no idea what that achievement even MEANS. What is it a play on?

No special rewards for this prestige. Apparently that title I picked up at Prestige 13, honour level 13 (the Unrelenting) is supposed to be the Prestige 14 reward. Anyway, I have it already (and I quite like the title) so now it's onto the next one. The BIG one.

2v2 arena have been fun with Sev, but melee teams are still hurting a lot. What I am regretting now is all those stat sticks I threw out from PvP. I'm sure they would have been useful in boomkin!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Achievement - The Wish remover (and my research on it)

It is sheer craziness and only for WoW fishing enthusiasts (as well as achievement hunters) to do this Dalaran wishing fountain fishing again. I had been fishing it intermittently with various lures, but having some time on my hands this afternoon (anaesthetising for a bowel resection which takes a fair bit of time) I sat down and decided I will do some research with this fishing.

In the new version, The Wish remover, there are 56 coins to fish up.

To start with, I was only missing 5 coins. So that was a bit of a headstart. Looking at Marcia Chase's lures, I thought I would use Starfish on a String as the only lure that I would use.

There are 2 other guildies with this achievement - one was Coffee, who told me she used no lures (though she also told me she threw the gold coins back into the fountain but I couldn't seem to do that - I know you could do that in old Dalaran), and the other was Duggra, who got the achievement a week or two ago and after that I was inspired to give it a good go.

So, looking at this list, using just the one lure, I did 385 casts and managed to fish up 55 of the 56 coins. The only coin I didn't manage to fish up was Hemet Nesingwary's Bullet (which I had fished up before). Obviously, I could keep fishing for a lot longer and see how long it would take me to get Hemet's bullet, but once I got my last coin (which was Gallywix's Coin on a String), I finished off the lure and then said I'd had enough. I noted that many people did much more fishing (and if I knew how much I had already done, that would help me better with this research).

The most common coin I had was Boomboom Brullingsworth's coin, but overall, I know I fished up Koda's Sigil a lot because... well, because it reminded me of Koda! I think she's pretty chuffed there is an NPC with her name.

So, if you want to attempt this achievement, I can say that you probably don't need all the lures to try to fish up all the coins. There was an increase in the frequency of coin catching (I don't think I fished up any double coins without a lure) with a lure, so use it so you don't have to fish so much, but I can't see that any particular lure is better than another. Good luck with your fishing!