Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Cataclysm wish list - pre raid

List time again!

It's actually rather difficult because I have been doing a lot of dungeons with Lushnek and he wants the same loot I want.  It annoys me that they take the spirit stuff.  Why can't these damn dps take the bloody hit stuff.  If only hit rating gave non dps some kind of buff then it would be easy to share all the loot.

Now in general I am going for anything with spirit on it.  I love spirit.  My next stat is haste, then crit then mastery.  I do lots of tank healing in heroics so I think mastery is important.

So here is what I want to get:

Cluster of Stars -  2200 Justice points (got! It was the first thing I got with my justice points actually)

Quicksilver Amulet - H Blackrock Caverns (got 3/1!)

Spaulders of the Endless Plains - Dragonmaw clan - Honoured (got these - but I want the one below)
Mantle of Bestilled winds - H Vortex pinnacle

Robes of Forgetfulness - 2200 Justice points (got)
Vest of the Curious Visitor - H Deadmines (I have this but I would rather have the JP one)

Solar Wind Cloak - H Halls of Origination (I have the normal version)

Oasis bracers - Lost City (I wouldn't mind the normal one either if I don't have the Heroic one. What is it with all this spi/mastery stuff! More Spi/Haste please!  Apparently doesn't drop much - the normal ones drop in heroic a lot from trash)

Deep Delving Gloves - H Stonecore (I have Tier now! yay for Tol Barad)

Withered Dream Belt - Exalted Dragonmaw (Got! 24/12)

Leggings of Clutching Roots - Revered Earthen Ring (Got!)

Decapod Slippers - H Throne of Tides
Though I actually have a BOE drop from a rare spawn that Aza gave me which is exactly the same Tarvus's Poison Scarred Boots

Band of Life Energy - H Halls of Origination
Ring of Frozen Rain - H Vortex Pinnacle
Veneficial band - H Lost City (I have the normal version)
Kibble - H Blackrock Cavern (Got)

Tear of Blood - H Stonecore
Sea Star - H Throne of Tides (Got on Xmas day)

Weapons 1H
Scepter of Power - H Halls of Origination (I have the normal version)

Apple-Bent Bough - 950 Justice points (I have this)

Weapons 2H
Soul Releaser - H Halls of Origination (Got!)

Getting my head around Cata druid healing

I think I've finally gotten the hang of it.

After having oom issues all the time (which basically made me rethink my whole healing strategy), I have finally figured out what I need to do.  And then I read some blogs and found out that I should be healing like that anyway!

Bad habit #1: Throwing rejuvs around
Can't do that anymore.  The mana cost on it is ridiculous.  I now only have it rolling on the tank if his health is about 80%.  And throw it on a few dps who start to get below 50%.

Bad habit #2: Regrowth on regrowth
Another expensive spell.  Did have some benefit in LK but now is just stupid.  I think of it now more as a direct heal which has a hot which can be swiftmended.  I only use it on tank.

Good habit #1: Nourish is back in
I used to use nourish a lot when I had hots on, and then it became longer cast time and I thought bleh.  But now it's good again, I am going to have to stack more haste to get it how I like it though.  Now I like Nourish and I do try to time it so it refreshes my LB stacks

Good habit #2: Letting LB bloom
Now that I'm getting the hang of tree, I throw LB everywhere on everyone during those damage phases and let it bloom if i can, otherwise I stack them all up and let them bloom when I pop out.  I have to remember to let it bloom on the tank when his health is getting down and just refresh it when his health is high.

New habit #1: Watching for Clearcast/OOC
I really keep an eye on it now.  As soon as it's up I either throw a HT on the tank (so at least I can refresh my LB) or if he's ok then I put a regrowth on one of the dps. Unless of course I'm in tree form and they have a LB on them then I nourish them.  But it procs so often I'm glad I can get lots of free spell casts.

New habit #2: Innervate early
This OOM business is bugging me big time so I innervate early so maybe I can have an innervate towards the end... though to date no fight has been that long that I could innervate again.

Cataclysm is out!

My Collector's Edition arrived yesterday and it took us one day to hit 81.  Though the first level is really easy to get, the next few levels require 6 times the xp to get.

The number of people doing quests is just phenomenal!  Just like LK or BC really, people going after the same mobs, being annoying etc.

All in all it would probably take me a week to get to 85.  At least.

Heroics - happy and sad

The other day we just managed to get our gear score right for heroics - Hyad was holding us back, he was resisting buying gear to upgrade his item level.  Anyway, we managed to get together and so we thought ok, heroics here we go.

Now I never expected it to be easy.  I was looking forward to the challenge.  But it was really tough, but I was doing lots of group healing too.  It's the group healing that kills you because you just can't get enough heals on the tank.

So.. we did a random and ended up Lost City of Tol'vir.

The first two bosses went ok-ish.  Had a few wipes but nothing too bad.  But the next boss which was the Prophet who does the shadow form/phase thing, was totally killing me.  I was OOM all the time and we were dying in the shadow phase because I couldn't heal through the shadow damage.  We wiped continuously on that until respawns came up and we decided to call it quits.

Hyad after that told me he hated it and didn't want to do that again.  Of course seemed to imply that I need better gear... but I know that, I'd do heaps better with better gear.  But it wasn't all my fault.  I'm sure if the dps stood in decent spots and did better dps it would be a shorter encounter too.  We had Hyad, me, Sev, Lushnek and Xynzelle.  All bar Sev were just new to heroics.

The next day we decided to try heroics again but this time we took Aza and Moopie and Sev decided not to go because he was doing guild PVP.  And we did Lost city again and we did much better that time.  I even got some gear, a new chest (which was not my ideal choice).

Then we did Deadmines and boy that's a long instance but it's quite funny!  I liked the cookie eating thing, I stuffed up that achievement but I'm sure if I do it again I'll get it right.  I managed to score a relic out of it as well.  Though none of the two items I got had any spirit on it... damn shame.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Slowly getting to 85

I level so slowly.  Though of course I haven't been playing except at night and with Hyad and HK since we're all questing together.  Hopefully will be 85 by the end of the weekend.  Might get 3/4 of the way to 84 tonight if servers don't go down.

Haven't upgraded much yet, a few blues.  I noticed the heroics drop blues now instead of purples, and that seems quite cool.  Back to the good old days of working for your epics.

Enchanting is a bitch to level.  So is tailoring.  I can't wait till I can get my enchanting about 500 so I can DE stuff.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10man)

We got our Bloodbathed Frostbound Vanquishers!

We ended up doing the burn method.  We tried it the first time, and Cymre wasn't in dps mode, she was healing and dpsing and we couldn't get it, we were 1 million off.  Then we decided to try it properly after a long while of doing it the old fashioned way and failing.  So I DPS'd and she healed and Hyad died.  Then Coolidge decided to switch to his shaman just for blood lust and see how that went, and I healed and Cymre dps'd.  And we got it.  So everyone was super grateful to Coolidge for that.

Though in my own mind, I think we could have tried it without his shaman.  We never tried it so we never did find out if we could have done it or not.  Yay Frostwolves!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Resto druid blog trolling

Ok looking for healing gear and tips so I've been off trolling resto druid blogs again...

Restokin has a nice list and I quite like the one from Treebound too.

ICC 10 man achievements Part 4

Cymre and Coolidge joined us today and so we did a few achievements for them and you would not believe how easy Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion was!  We got it in one go.  The oozes died pretty easily.

Then we did Heroic Festergut... which we died quite a few times because I was told to go outside and I hadn't done that before and so I was too close to Cymre one time (she ran close to me!!!) and we got the vomitting and then I think I died or the tank died.  Then we also got hit with slime so our cast times were super slow and that killed the tank on tank swap as well.  But we finally got it, with Cymre in melee and me and Bel doing the outside.  So Hyad and Lushnek got their Heroic: The Plagueworks.

So we did Portal Jockey for Cym and Coolidge and then we're on Sindragosa, which is my last achievement for the drake.  Lushnek and Sevril still need Once Bitten, Twice Shy so we'll be on normal Blood Queen tonight if we get Sindy down.

Thraso was pretty cool about everything, he chatted to me about the achievement and how to do it, and I said we're going to try a burn method.  He didn't think that was going to work, but my friend Cavendar on Alliance Proudmore assures me it can be done however he does it with a shaman and since we have no hunter or shaman we have no bloodlust which makes it just that much harder.  I think our melee needs to tone it down for the first phase a little though.  Being the only healer, constantly having the debuff means healing can get tricky at times.  Phase 1 can be as slow as we need, so no hurry there.  Some off heals could help during phase 1 when I get a high stack, but we can tune that.  He does say luck plays a part a little, depending on who gets ice blocked, but he assures me its worth a try, as thats how they've done it.

So close to my drake... I can almost taste it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ICC 10 man achievements Part 3 + Naxx 10 achievements

On Monday night we did LK and one shotted Been Waiting a Long Time For this, even with both tanks dying (Thraso died first, then Hyad, but Thraso got battle res'd), and then we had to do phase 3 with one tank.  I died too in phase 3...

It wasn't too bad actually, waiting all that time for Necrotic plague to stack up.  Just long in phase 1.

We then went to Naxx afterwards and did the weekly which was Rasuvious, and then we did And they would all go down together and Shocking! for Hyad and Bel and Shady.  I was a nub and didn't make the jump...  But at least I didn't die!!!  Interestingly for the 4 horseman one, everyone went to the back and did it.  Last time we did it in all the 4 corners, having it in 2 corners made it so much easier.

This week Thraso wants to come along again, but since Coolidge and Cymre want to come we'll probably have to do a lot of the achievements all over again.  Really that's only Full house, I'm on a boat and Portal Jockey.  Hyad and HK still need to do Heroic Rotface and Heroic Festergut so we'll be doing that (which is easy).

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goddamnit they removed the quest!

I thought I was lucky last week when I got 6 elementiums, and this week I got 4, so yay I got enough to get my AQ opening quest chain completed...


They removed the quest as of patch 4.0.3....

So unfair....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Healing and Mana and specs

I'm finding I'm OOM a lot more these days, especially when I'm not watching what I'm doing.  Now that rejuvenation is so expensive I find I have to hold back a lot more with heals, and do more raid healing with wg and only rejuv people who are low.  I have had to go do some reading about where I should be putting my points.

Lots of people are taking Furor.  I should put some points in that.  I'm wondering if I should drop points in Naturalist to compensate.  The extra mana pool would be nice.  I wonder if my healing would suffer because of that.  I wish I had given it some thought before I just whacked all my points in.

I noticed that on Dreamwalker normal that HK in his offspec nearly healed as much as I did.  I need to have a serious look at my healing rotation and see if I should be doing something different.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

ICC 10 man achievements Part 2

Well we came back yesterday and did Deathwhisper on heroic for Hyad, then we did Portal Jockey and Heroic Sindragosa giving us Heroic: Frostwing Halls which was cool!  That was the last achievement that Earthwisper needed for her drake, and it was cool for us too.  We were heaps better on the iceblocks that time compared to the previous time's attempt.  And the tank DEFINITLY has to wear Frost gear.

Then we did Flu Shot Shortage and Dances with Oozes, which were nice and easy.

Tonight we went back and did Putricide on heroic... and we managed to do in 2 attempts!  I had no idea what was going on the first attempt but the second time we got it easily with only Shadevar dying right at the end because he got the plague thing.  So Heroic: The Plagueworks was gotten by most of us tonight.

Thraso was impressed that it only took us two goes to do it.  I wonder if he thinks we're some kind of idiots or something.  He should realise however that we did have some of the highest dps'ers in the guild in that group (and awesome heals ie me and Bel!).  So basic strategy for Heroic Putricide was that there is no longer that Gas thing which makes everyone frozen, in that stage 2 blobs form.  And he also puts a plague thing that lasts for 60 seconds and it jumps to people within 3-4 yards so whoever gets it has to run away and stand there for about 7-10 seconds and then someone else has to take it off them otherwise they will die.  And so someone has to keep picking it up until it times out at 60 seconds.  All the ranged have to stand at the same spot as well for the green ooze, and when you get the orange ooze, you go and run into the corner and hide.  The Malleable goo apparently does more damage too.

So we went and did heroic Blood Princes and Blood Queen, so a few people got their Heroic: The Crimson Hall, and Sevril and Moopie go Once Bitten, Twice Shy as well.  I hate Heroic Blood Princes.  I hope I never have to do it again.  Next week will be Shadevar and Lushnek's turn to get their blood queen achievement.

After that we had a few bashes at heroic LK.  Ugh, not easy to say the least.  Maybe another attempt on Sunday.

All in all, a good night :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ICC 10 man achievements

Trying for the ICC 10 man achievement drake... not sure how much luck we'll have with that!

Last Monday we managed to do Heroic Marrowgar, followed by Full House, then we did Heroic Gunship and got I'm on a Boat, then we did Heroic Saurfang, followed by Heroic Dreamwalker.  We wiped trying to do heroic Sindragosa.

We did it with
Tanks: Hyad, Thraso
DPS: Moopie, Azadelta, Sevril, Shadevar, Lushnek
Heals: Navimie, Beldarien, Earthwisper

We'll be going back tonight.  I wonder if we can do the mobs on normal and see if we can get more achievements done.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh my god on a spur of the moment we decided to do Algalon yesterday and we managed to get it!

It started with me, Bel, Shady, HK, Auto and Hyad going into Ulduar on 10man to do Take Down those Turrets (which I've done already and so had Hyad), and we killed Flame Leviathan 6man.  Not hard really.  It's embarrassing to think that you can't do that with 10 people sometimes...

Anyway, I said to Bel, why don't we do an Algalon run?  So we got Cymre and Coolidge, Moopie and Azadelta to come.  I was a bit sad that Sevros (Sevrus renamed Sevril renamed Sevros) couldn't come, as he wasn't online at the time, but I know he would have gotten on if I'd rung him.  However, it was Bel's run and Bel didn't want to kick Autocrat out (even though Auto made the comment that he hadn't seen half of these bosses in Ulduar before).  So that was a poopy start.

And of all the nub things to do (with me even telling Auto no nub behaviour please!), while we are explaining the fight to Auto, Auto goes and shoots Algalon and starts it.  He claims he didn't do it but I have no idea how he shoots the boss who is not aggressive....

After a few wipes and then me yelling at Auto for being a nubnut, we did one attempt where it was like 2%.  It was so close.  I had rezzed and died in that attempt and I'm sure if I'd lived longer we could've done it.  Anyway a few more wipes and we finally got it!

Basically the fight needs 2 tanks, one tank tanks Algalon until he gets ?4 stacks, and then he gets sent to the other dimension where the other tank picks it up.  Collapsing stars float around and you have to kill them and when they are killed they make black holes on the ground which port you into another plane.  Living constellations come and then you kite them into black holes, and hope that there is still one black hole left for when Algalon starts casting Big Bang, where everyone will die if you're not the tank (though the tank takes a ton of damage).  You jump in the hole for big bang and stay in the other dimension for a few seconds and then pop out and rinse repeat until we get to phase 2.  Oh and there is Cosmic smash which makes a red thing on the ground, and it explodes if you're on it, as well as causing splash damage.

Phase 2 I didn't really understand, but the ghostie things which were in the other dimension appear in the normal dimention where Algalon is and then I was just running away from them, healing everyone whilst they burned down Algalon.

Yay for everyone, now we have Starcaller title!  It's been a while to get the thing together and running and we've been trying it for ages, but we finally did it :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Whelps! Handle it! (10 man)

Finally got this achievement on Monday.  We had:

Hyad, Coolidge, Lushnek, Sevril, Azadelta, Beldarien, Shadevar, Faithless, Navi, Cymre

And boy were the DC's rife!  Even I Dc'd when they were aoeing the whelps down.  We probably had it the first time but then Shady dc'd and was ported back to Dalaran so we wiped it so he could get the achievement.  The second time was much better and we got it, with only Shady and Sevril dc'ing.  Fortunately both got back in and got the achievement.

We did it by having the locks running and spawning and then teleporting back up.  Coolidge gathered them all in the middle and then the DPS aoe'd them down.  Nobody died on the winning attempt that I can recall.  Boy it was finally good to get that!

Cataclysm World Events - phase 4

The battles in Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff have begun!  Every 2 hours 15 minutes some portal spawn and you have to kill all the mobs and then you can open some instances which drop some level 251 gear.  I did 2 of the instances last night but I didn't get to do the orgrimmar ones.  I haven't yet seen the event myself, hopefully will get to try it in the next few days.

It's over 9000!

It's Over Nine Thousand!

Got my achievement on the 14th, with the achievement that tipped me over Take out Those Turrets! (10 man).  Hyad got his on the 15th.  Cymre was the first in the guild to get hers, and Eboniee got hers on the 14th as well!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Xynzelle is back

I've been lazy and not posting.  I forgot to post that Xynzelle is back!  After finding a balance between life and WoW, he has decided to come back to WoW and is being carried/dragged through ICC and picking up some loot along the way.

Of course it won't take him long to find his feet and be back on the top of his game again, in typical Xynzelle style, as he is one of the best mages I know, as well as being loyal, amusing and a great team player.  Even Hyad likes to poke fun at Xyn, saying in raid the other day "Who is that mage whose DPS is lower than mine?".

Xyn tells me he has put his computer next to his wife's sewing machine - so they can spend more time together while he plays.  Now isn't that cute?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Troll Epic flight form

Oh how cool does this look! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cataclysm World Event

The quest chain for Cataclysm stuff started a few days ago, finished that. There is a feat of strength achievement where you have to destroy a rift of each of the 4 elements. There were so many people camping the damn things in Northrend, that I gave up. However, these rifts are present throughout Azeroth and Outland but the daily item only drops from the zone which is your level (which is Northrend for us 80s).

It took me a while but it is actually quite easy to see the portals and elementals when they spawn. Before they spawn they look like:
Air - look like dust clouds and some moonfire type graphics before they spawn the elementals
Water - mage blizzard
Fire - patch of fire on ground
Earth - I can't recall because every time I've seen this one the elementals are already running around

Managed to get the achievement yesterday and got the Achievement for Hyad this morning.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exalted with Frenzyheart! And 25 tabards!

Yay finally got exalted with Frenzyheart. And I finally got my act together and went and got the 25 tabards. You know if only I had just gone to the tabard vendor I could have gotten all the tabards I wanted from there without having to fly all over Outland looking for the quartermasters! And also there were some of the rare ones that I had gotten earlier which I could also get from there which was obviously saved, so I managed to hit my 25 tabards with no problem at all!

Today I'm going to get 100 mounts. yay!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Speed kill for Yogg-Saron

We did Yogg on the weekend, and we took Hyad, Moopie and Azadelta so they could get their Rusted ProtoDrake from Ulduar achievements. We also took Tallys, Hugadarn and Bludo, and me, HK, Sevril and Beldarien also went.

We had Freya up this time instead of Thorim and since we had the strategy down pat we had 4 dps going in to kill stuff. They only went in once and then we were into phase 3. Admittedly it did take us a few goes - we had difficulty getting the adds down at first because they were dying before they got to Sara which stuffed that up.

So after that we got Yogg down and we got a speed kill for it too! That was a bonus!

Cymre got the It's Over 9000! Achievement

Cymre finally got her 9000 Achievement points Feat of Strength. She got to 9000 and it didn't get her anything and then she did one more achievement and got it. Phew! She actually 2 manned 10 man FL in Ulduar so she did the turret thing. That was cool.

Finally getting our Draconic for Dummies from Onyxia

After farting around for ages, I finally managed to get a small group of us to do Onyxia for the Draconic for Dummies (for the AQ opening event quest chain)

Hyad, me, Moopie, HK, Sevril and Azadelta went to Onyxia and did it with just the 6 of us. It was quite easy. Stressful for me a little bit with my nerfed healing (it's not as good as it used to be).

But at least HK got his book.

This week hopefully it's my turn and then it's Aza's turn.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cataclysm Cinematic

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Druid healing in 4.0

I hadn't really read up much about druid healing changes after patch, so I was healing absolutely INEFFECTIVELY!

So I thought I should look into it a bit more so I could get an idea about what I should be doing.

Tree of Life
I keep stuffing this up!  Now it's no longer a form, it's like a cooldown, where it has a 3 minute cooldown and lasts for like 30 seconds.  During that time regrowth, LB and WG are buffed, though all heal spells increased by 10%.  I keep automatically putting it on and then going... doh it's a CD now not a form....

Healing spells
Regrowth - is kinda weird now, lasts only 6 seconds and doesn't seem to heal for as much as I remember.
Nourish - is now SUPER slow to cast!  It does refresh your LB on the target though.  Horrible to use if you don't have any hots on the target though.
Lifebloom - can only be cast on ONE target when not in ToL.  I really have to cut back on my LB usage because it is so mana wastey!
Rejuvenation - expensive now
Efflorescence - a talented item which is a scary looking circle on the ground that forms when you use SM on a target.  Gives a short little AOE heal for those who stand in it.
Swiftmend - Gives Efflorescence - see above
Rebirth - can glyph now for full health/mana.  Currently have not observed the reports that battle rez can only be used once per encounter.
Interestingly hot ticks can crit which is cool!

Leather specialisation
Incentive for me to wear all leather!  Bonus Intellect, time to get rid of that cloth waist.

There is no Mp5 anymore or Spellpower on anything much except weapons, MP5 comes from Spi and Int provides the SP.

Hard to judge my healing at the moment because my Recount isn't working.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Patch 4.0 day

Geez, I tried to patch the damn thing and it ran out of space while I was afk.  So it's taking me forever to patch.  And I miss out on raiding again.  Bleh.  And they did Sarth 3D and the weekly and now they're doing Heroic Gunship... all the goodness that ordinarily I'd like to do!

I still need my 10 man Sarth 3D achievement....

Geez it sucks missing out on Wednesday raids.  I know I'm not needed but geez, everyone turns up and gets the stuff and I get to turn up and have the wipes and lousy turnups.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last day of Arena season yesterday

Had a rather bleh end to the Arena season yesterday, I think my teammates felt a little bit apathetic/despondent.  Pikamu is always getting hammered... he needs better gear.  Shamans are a target and I think wearing that terrible gear is always gonna make him get squished... and it's depressing dying all the time.

Managed to squeeze in one game of Warsong before 11pm.  Thank god it's timed now, and you don't have to spend 1 hour waiting for the flag bearer to get squashed.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A couple more achievements...

Did a Naxx 10 run on Saturday to get a few more achievements - managed to get "Spore Loser" and "And They Would all go Down Together".  The others got the Undying Achievement, which I felt like I nearly stuffed up on the 4 Horsemen trying to heal the damn thing!  I ended up with like 14 stacks and I was praying I didn't die...

Then we went to Malygos and they did the under 6 minutes kill and me and Cymre got our achievement for killing them on the surfboard.  I have a mindblank about what that achievement is called.

Oh and I am still one short of getting the Glory of the Raider 10 man.. I don't have the one from OS where you don't get hit by the fire things...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Should I call this the weekly frostwolf?

I was criticised yesterday because I didn't write daily... perhaps if I make this The Weekly Frostwolf I'd get a little less flack!

Sev was feeling a bit unloved yesterday, so I rallied the healers and Eboniee to try to cheer him up, unfortunately to no avail because he decided to take a week's break from raiding.  Eboniee was sucking up to him big time because she won the heroic Dying Light from our Blood Queen 25 kill, and she was thrilled.  I'm sure he didn't complain about that.  Bel was like "Sev? Who doesn't like Sev, everyone likes Sev!", and Bish was like "Sev?  Annoying? Hell yeah, he's a smart mouth little bitch!"  LOL, well I don't think we'd like Sev as much if he wasn't a little smartmouth.

Fishing for Old Ironjaw

I figured that since I had some long cases yesterday I may as well do some fishing and try to get some achievements.  Getting to Ironforge wasn't so bad, I didn't get ganked at all which was a relief, though having no mouse made it quite difficult to swim underwater.  I'm not very good with fixing the pitch with the keyboard.

Anyway got to Ironforge and sat in Forlorn caverns and fished... for hours.  No luck.  I was reluctant to leave because it takes so long to get there that I wanted to make it worth my while.  But I fished up lots of level 1 fish and a green and a few low level potions but no fish.  I was worried at one point - there was an alliance warlock eyeing me off whose name was Roasttauren, but I relaxed after I saw it was a level 29.  A level 80 came along and started fishing with me, and that was alright.  However, when I tried again close to raid time, 2 80s were standing at the far end of the pool and were pvp'd so I quickly hearthed out.  I guess I'll have to keep trying.

First heroic tier token!

We finally got Blood queen down on Heroic yesterday - yay!

A Warrior/Hunter/Shaman tier (Conquerers) dropped so guess who got that? hahaha 10g if you said Moopie!

I even had to be bitten because someone couldn't find their target, so I did some loldps at the end and we literally got it at the last second before the enrage.

Fortunately nobody died so that was good!

Unfortunately we had some of these new recruits acting like silly emotional children, name calling and whinging that so and so was abusing them (Sarthane and Orcation).  Sarthane emo'd and dropped raid and quit wow which was hugely childish.  I told him that when he got on his alt later.  He whinged that Orcation said this and that... and I'm here rolling my eyes about it saying who really cares!  I can't wait till Fue gets his mic so maybe he can sort out those little children.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 man)

It feels a bit redundant to post it here, since it's on the guild website and on Cymre's Mischiefus website... but I'm going to post it here anyway!

My picture is not as cool as HK's and Cymre's because I wasn't in the middle... so I'm posting their pic!
Done over 2 nights, I was admittedly sad because Cymre overtook me in achievement points because we did achievements they didn't have that I already had!  But I shouldn't really complain, after all, she does play more than I do!

Got some new achievements, like Rubble and Roll, and One (Two and Three) Lights in the Darkness, which gave us the Glory of the Ulduar Raider one.

We put Thorim up this time for Yogg (we did Freya last time) and we didn't have much improvement.  Phase 2 seemed painful and it took a while before we got the hang of that.  We only managed to clinch it when Lac went ret and went inside the brain with Maz, Sev and Shady.  Eboniee encouraged us to work around in a circle while we did the tentacles and that worked rather well too, instead of the random hitting stuff that we seemed to be doing in phase 2.  Sev said that we shouldn't have done Thorim because in Phase 3 it doesn't really matter anyway about the speed in which we get it down... but I am SURE that last time we did Yogg he said that we should have Thorim up instead of Freya.  Moo also said that Sev said it, I'll just blame it on Sev's bad memory.

Had a few looks at Algalon which was pretty hard, I still had no idea about it, but it would have been awesome to get that.

Unfortunately Aza had an emo because we didn't take him on the first night and since then he hasn't logged into WoW.  I didn't know he didn't have the achievement of I would have included him.

Friday, September 17, 2010

So close on heroic BQ but no banana!

We tried heroic BQ yesterday with 7 healers - initially I thought that was a bit too many but I think that we might have needed it! But we were so close that final time and perhaps with some bloodlust we might have made it that last bit.. but oh well!

We had good healers yesterday. 3 pallies with 2 druids and 2 priests. Though one of the priests was an offspec healer.

Garnik was doing his usual attitude, saying why did the feral druid stack agility, and then when some bracers dropped that were leather, he said those are not healing bracers. Poor Bahada was copping a beating yesterday, Shadevar yelled at her for not moving towards him for a bite in BQ heroic fight, in vent! To which I said back in vent that NO HEALER should be moving in that fight for any bites, because our job is hard enough as it is. Even Fue was amazed how hard work that fight was, he healed his guts out and needed an innervate as well. The fight mechanics and situation being as they are, me and Baha are always the top of those heal meters anyway because of the consistent raid damage and our quick aoe heals and ability to move around and do stuff. I look forward to trying it again on Sunday, if we have the people turn up for it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Got 1550 achievement in 5s!

Had a good run in arena today - had some shitty games (one in particular was the 4 boxing shamans and pally) but we got to 1500 and we played 20 games too and then we got the 1550 achievement which was exciting!

I bought my Wrathful legs today, I don't know why I hadn't bought them before, but I suspect it was because I didn't have enough arena points.

LK 25 down at last!

At last we killed LK on 25 man!  I think all the 10 man practic helped and it was quite rewarding, and it was looking good from the early attempts.  Moo and Shady both got weapons, and me and Cymre took home the Tier.

Now I have 4 piece offspec Tier!

Poor Fleeping, he died very early from being dropped off the edge by a Val'kyr and was lying around watching... well nothing, you can't see anything once you've been dropped over the edge!  At least he got rezzed on top at the end so he could dps the Lich King.

I bet people will want to join our little guild now!  Already Ayelena had a friend who wanted to join (a DK), and apparently Sarthane said that Orcation would like to come back.  Sarthane was on vent and heard us talking and was super bummed that he couldn't be there to kill LK, he must have whinged about it for about 5 minutes.

Tanks: Manbull, Lacrox, Coolidge
Healers: Navimie, Bahada, Cymre, Biship, Fueghan, Beldarien, Tupence
DPS: Moopie, Lushnek, Shadevar, Lokain, Sevril, Azadelta, Ayelena, Eboniee, Mazlakk, Caedis, Wetfishslap, Fleeping, Duskull, Corael, Autocrat

I tell you it was hard to get to sleep after that.  I was so so so so very pleased!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moo close to getting all his shards...

Geez Moopie has had a fantastic drop rate with his shards for his Shadowmourne.  It felt like it dropped almost every boss this week!  And last week was a pretty good drop rate too!  I think one more full 25 clear and he should have all his shards.  There's a little countdown on the MOTD about it, for those who are in the know about what's going on.

Man, I wish I coulda gotten all my ones from Ulduar!  But it's not the same thing I guess, not as much effort going into it and then you have to kill some extra things anyway.

There was an officer post saying that perhaps we should extend this week's 25 man... but with Moo so close I don't think that's a good idea.  What's a couple of people whinging we don't do LK when we have a long term officer (and friend) not getting his weapon with only one week to go!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Zalazane's fall

Did the mini quest chain reclaiming Echo Isles - cute little fight, like the retaking of Undercity.  At least there's gold and an achievement at the end, and a little thing that turns you into a troll!  We see troll druids - well at least I know now where they come from!  I think it's cool that trolls cat form is a tiger!  I think I'd like to be a troll druid, maybe I'll make one just for fun!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heroic 25 mans ICC

With me stepping down on Wednesday raiding I've been missing out on getting to do heroic ICC 25. Last week they did Rotface, and this week they did Marrowgar, but I managed to squeeze in for Rotface (AND topped healing mind you!). The sneaky thing was I also managed to get Trauma heroic! So new mace for me YAAAY!

Bahada managed to score Marrowgar's Frigid Eye from Heroic Marrowgar, so she was pretty happy!

Targetme was quite upset that we were doing heroic modes and not killing LK... I whispered to Bel "Well maybe if he healed better he might be able to do LK 10 man kill".

Vamps made a reappearance and he raided for a bit before his net crashed so that was nice to see. Another person who I hadn't seen in ages was Taxxe who had been away from WoW for a while but was back as casual and I encouraged him to get back into raiding once he got his life back in order (he left suddenly due to personal issues which I did ask about and were rather... illicit in nature IYKWIM).

Raiding of late has been rather blah. But since I got online and initially there wasn't a raid spot I decided to go out and spend money and managed to get a couple of achievements which cost a lot of money, like the 50 mounts, completed my Brew of the Month club, Cenarion Hippgryph, Haris Pilton bag, Kirin tor signet ring.... 10k + gold down and I still have 31 mounts left to find for the 100 mount achievement...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Ulduar again... one more achievement to go!

Went back to Ulduar and we got our I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning.  Was pretty easy.  Then we spent the rest of the night wiping on Yogg Saron.  Ugh.  Not even close.  Melfina was being silly and saying he wishes he wasn't there so I think next time he'll be left out.  Bahada was pretty keen to come and she did well.  And gotta wait for Bel to be there.

Ruby Sanctum 25 down on Thursday!

Yay! Ruby Sanctum down!  It was surprising we only had about 5 goes at it and got it!  Now I wonder if it was fluke or maybe we're just getting more skilled... but we had some really encouraging attempts!  And at least this time we one shotted the mini bosses (whereas last time we wiped continuously on adds etc).

At least I didn't die on the actual kill attempt!  Everyone got the hang of the cutter.  Oh and the funny thing was that Maxmknight had to leave (though not so funny that it was due to personal problems/tragedy) and so we 24 manned it and got it...

Loot wise we got.. oh dear I can't remember!  I do know that there was a spell power thing with no spirit on it but for the life of me can't remember what it was.  And there was something HK took.  Will update this blog when I can figure out what it was.

Chi was really good at doing the twilight realm tanking with rotating it and stuff.  Lac was tanking the outside.

Tanks - Lacrox, Chihako, Epidemais
DPS - Huntinhk, Autocrat, Moopie, Sarthane, Eboniee, Faithless, Mazlakk, Caedis, Wetfishslap, Sevril, Azadelta, Helyon, Maxmknight (most of the night), Smashpally, Shadevar, Kablekill
Healers - Navimie, Bahada, Rockhoof, Melfina, Beldarien, Targetme

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wow 4 wings down in one night!

Wow last night was the first night we one shotted every boss in ICC and cleared all 4 wings!  And I even got new loot to boot!

Admittedly it was the start of 30% buff so it was easier to clear.  And healing was easy peasy.  We had 6 tanks turn up though... 6!  Craziness imo.

I got a new offhand - I decided to take the offhand from Blood Queen, though in reality I really would rather have the offhand that drops from Sindragosa but I have never seen that drop.

But on Blood Queen I swear, 3 idiot dps got mind controlled.  How hard is it to bite someone that hasn't already got a bite on them?  Geez.  I thought we were going to wipe and we even had the quest to do as well so I didn't want any stuff ups there!

Interestingly though on Dreamwalker, I had 3 healers going into the dream, and I was 3rd on healing meters.  And I got irritated because I wanted Rocky to do bloodlust because he was in the dream and could bloodlust when he came out, but Targetme decided to bloodlust, saying in heal channel "Hey I can do bloodlust too" but he did it at the wrong time!  I wanted bloodlust AFTER they come out of the dream.  And of course he did it right before they went into the dream... what a waste!  I chastised him afterwards and he said he knew when you're supposed to bloodlust when I was trying to explain to him when you are supposed to do it and why.. yeah right.

I think we're doing Ruby Sanctum today.  I bet Melfina won't turn up.  He seems to good to raid with us when we're trying new things.  Looking forward to trying though.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Woohooo! More Ulduar 10 achievements

Last night Tout organised an Ulduar achievement 10 man run, and though I was reluctant at first, I actually had a lot of fun.  And the interesting thing was that we didn't die as many times as I thought!

Started off with Orbituary which was easy except me and Hyad and Sev died... but we got Nuked from Orbit too since I hadn't done 3 before...
then we did Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare which we had to wipe for because she was going to enrage before we managed to get our dwarves.  But once they tanks got the hang of it we were getting 4 each breath.
After that we did some achievements which I'd already done (Hot pocket (Shady),  Stokin' the Furnace, Must Deconstruct Faster, Nerf Engineering, Heartbreaker).
Then on to Iron Council and I got I Choose You, Steelbreaker and But I'm on Your Side.
Then we did Disarmed and Crazy Cat Lady, I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare, I Have the Coolest Friends, Siffed and Lose Your Illusion, but I had those ones already. Bel got I'll Take you All On too.
Then triple achievement when we got Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood because we got Knock on Wood and Knock, Knock on Wood too. And we got Con-speed-atory by my accidental early noob pull!
The highlight of the night would have to be getting Firefighter. After thinking it was crazy hard we got it on like the 3rd of 4th attempt!
We went on to Vezax but it was getting late and we almost got it too, but someone popped a saronite and it was after midnight then and I had to go sleep.  Sev protested saying we could still do it, but HK said the achievement said that we didn't have to pop any saronites.  However, reading the achievement now I think if we had managed to get the thing to spawn then we could have done the achievement with that saronite popped as you only need 6 vapours to coalesce and now 8 spawn (or maybe before you needed 8 vapours to coalesce and now it's down to 6).
So all in all a very productive night!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Good 3v3 on the weekend

Had some good games this week.  I always like Arena.  Even HK seemed to enjoy himself - we won quite a few on our 3s this week!

God there was this awful fight with 2 healers - a pally and a disc priest.  And their dps was a warlock :(  It was horrible, mana was getting burned, I had fears and a felpuppy on me, it was awful.  Sev and HK couldn't get any of the healers oom or killed or cc'd so it was a POS.  Fight did last a reasonable length of time though.  I like long fights usually.

Oh and HK got his brutally dedicated achievement so that was a plus.  He was a bit chuffed about that I think.

Massive recruitment drive

Raid turnups have been so pathetic lately that Fue did a huge recruitment drive and got us lots of DPS, 2 healers and 2 tanks.

It started with Manbull posting something in forums saying that it was like our guild is stagnating where we're not trying to progress we're just farming stuff.  And he did a poll on it.  Quite a few people replied, people like Shady, Maxmknight, Bel even.  And of course officers replied to that post too.

I think they just wanted to vent their frustrations.  Some of the people who complained are not really that great players, and that irritated me.  But Tout got a bit narky and posted something which had a "stfu or leave" undertone (Bel's words!).  Though I didn't think his post was bad at all.

So this week was the first run with the new people.  And it went rather well!  They're not too retarded, which is good and I'm quite pleased with my healers, a resto druid (Bahada) and a holy priest (Allexus).  There are 2 new tanks, a DK (Rhii) and a warrior (Crungoar I think), some new DK dps (Helyon and ... damn I can't remember), and a hunter (Torgr.. something, everyone keeps calling him Trog!), and a lock (Ayelena).

My healers are really good.  Bahada heals really well, and out healed me in a few fights!  And her gear is decent, but if she was as geared as me she might be even better than me!  She knows the fights on 10 so not much explaining required for her.  Allex had terrible connection so her heals weren't crash hot, hopefully if her net is ok I can see her healing a bit better.  This takes the pressure off me a bit - being the only resto druid healer makes it kinda hard but now I can take breaks!

So we managed to clear everything up to Sindragosa.  Sindy as usual is a pain in the bum and tanks DC'ing didn't help much.  I wonder how weekends will go.

I think I scared the new healers with my initial introduction of myself.  They were like... ooook hi.  But after an hour or so they got used to me and chatted away with no worries at all.  It's nice being the boss sometimes.  Bahada has 4 kids (!!), and she's 33.  She has a 16, 13, 9 and a 15 month old.  And she is a stay at home mum (single too) so she looks like she can raid most nights.  Allex has 2 kids (5 and 1) and she's married to Torgram.

Last night Melfina was falling asleep, and died to some really stupid things.  So brought Rocky in to heal for him and we only had one attempt after that.  Rocky amazingly didn't die to the pull ins, though I now owe him 20g.  It's actually baby Rocky playing, not real Rocky.  Which is interesting since baby Rocky is a much better player than real Rocky.  I guess because baby Rocky has done LK on his other character.

The funny thing is, with the 2 new healers being chicks, Shady was (predictably) all over them.  Hilarious.  Tout was very keen on them too, telling me how great Bahada is.  I find it strange that people want to tell me about my healers, since I'm the one who watches them on the meters, how they do in situational fights, and also know what gear they have.  I mean I can tell you which healers use what particular weapons and who has and has not got the particular healing trinkets.  I even know how many Tier items most of my healers have too.  Granted I only have about 6 people to watch, maybe up to 8... though I guess HK knows what weapons the other hunters have, and Sev knows what weapons and trinkets the other warlocks have.  OK enough spouting about how great I am!  I would like to get some Ruby Sanctum in sometime.  Hopefully this weekend.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What!? No Vanquishers?

Amazing!  Last night we did 3 end bosses and NO VANQUISHERS!  What's the world coming to??

At least we got Sindragosa down.

Saw Cavendar at work on Thursday, they'd done Ruby Sanctum easily.  But they're a heroic guild.  Man wouldn't it be nice to be in a guild like that where everyone was on the ball and focussed.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ruby Sanctum ouch!

Yesterday we attempted Ruby Sanctum... omg what a wipe fest!  Just bad pulls, no CC, people going AFK, raid going slowly ended up being a very painful raid.  Had Hyad aggroing at me, healers whinging they were tired because there were such long periods of inactivity...

And in the end we only got one attempt on the boss.

Moopie was upset we were doing it as well - I suspect it was because we weren't doing ICC and he wanted his shards.  There's always a hidden agenda :P

Monday, June 28, 2010

Arena Achievement!

Boy was I lucky on Saturday! I did some 2v2 with Sev and after a disastrous 1st game (I think we lost 16 points) we got Hot Streak! I didn't want to say anything as we got to 8 games thinking it will jinx us and when we were at 9 games I was really anxious! We still didn't say anything and when we got them down (there was a close moment in that game too!) and got the achievement Sev said woot! and I said WOOOOT. Made it to 1400 and 1500 respectively so we both got to buy some new gear.  Then the next game we got a lock and disc priest and we lost.

It was 3 min till WG and Sev queued us for a game and we got in and I said to Sev, do you think we could do WG after this game? To which he replied as long as it wasn't a 45 minute game...

... it only turned out to be a 30 minute game.  And poor Sev got so cold he was actually standing up playing and jumping around to warm up.  And his hands were numb, so he said he was hitting the wrong keys.  We were playing against a mage and a disc priest.  Now I would have thought that Sev could handle the disc priest on his own so I basically was kiting the mage around and around. But the priest kept drinking!  I thought maybe it was becaues Bheetom was being slowed by the mage... but I've decided to blame it on Sev and his numb fingers.  I figured out I should focus the priest and when they're casting mana burn I just bear form.  Why I didn't do that earlier I don't know but made it so easy!  And then I stuffed it up at the end trying to get from the door to the coffin (we were in UC arena) and I was blasted by the mage and priest and Sev was sheeped so he couldn't help me and I had used all my CD and I died :(

And WG was over by the time we got out.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oops! Sindragosa 25 down on 13 June!

Oops totally forgot that we finally got Sindragosa down on 13 June for the first time. Yay!  The cool thing was the week after that we one shotted it and Moopie was on his Frostmourne blade quest and he had to go and get some Frost breaths and asked me to make sure he got healed... I was thinking to myself why bother we're gonna die anyway!  And amazingly we one shotted it!!!

So Moo was a happy cow and is now up to collecting shards.  At least his shard drop rate is better than my mace shard drop rate.  I wish I did more Ulduar so I could get my weapon.  Oh well!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Heroic 10 Marrowgar and Saurfang down!

We ran 2 groups yesterday, my group got Marrowgar 1 shot, the other group got Marrowgar and Saurfang down!

Group 1
Tank - Fueghan, Manbull
DPS - Sevril, Autocrat, Eboniee, Smashpally, Moopie
Heal - Rockhoof, Navimie, Melfina

Group 2
Tank - Duskull, Chihako
DPS - Azadelta, Huntinhk, Shadevar, Mazlakk, Epidemais
Heal - Beldarien, Biship, Targetme

Looks like we'll be doing Lich King wtih 2 groups this week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First look at 25 man hardmodes in ICC

Well with 2 guildies getting carried through 25 man LK we managed to open up hardmodes so we can try them.  We attempted Marrowgar.. ouch!  And that didn't go too well.  But we did Gunship which didn't seem all that different from normal and another abacus dropped which Melfina got.  Nice! Heroic abacus.

Then we went to Dreamwalker and Sindragosa and Sindy wasn't so bad, felt like it was a lot better than last time.  People are starting to get the hang of doing it on 25 but phase 2 is the hard bit and getting everyone coordinated is hard.  Of course I did some dumb things and blew myself up.  But I think 22% was the closest we got.  Still got a long way to go if you ask me.

Dreamwalker was highly ordinary.  Remind me not to send Biship inside.. my healing was way better than his and he was in the dream and I was outside!  For the successful attempt it was me, Melfina and Beldarien.

Melfina has been irritating me a bit with his know-it-all attitude.  Targetme was being a princess yesterday because Sevril made a joking comment about healing in the heal channel and Target got upset and left the channel.  Sev felt bad, he only makes jokes about the good healers...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finally! Killed Yogg Saron in 10 man

At long last we finally killed Yogg on Monday night.  It only took us 2 or 3 goes (that time) though that doesn't count the zillions of other times we've tried it.


Tanks: Hyad, Coolidge
DPS: Sevril, Moopie, Shadevar, Huntinhk, Shabadu
Healers: Cymre, Navimie, Melfina

Massive achievement spam in Guild chat!

We did have one attempt at doing Mimiron hard mode the day before, FORGET IT!  Was totally nuts.  I have no idea how you heal that crap fires everywhere!!!  On Sunday night we did Hodir 7 man, then did Freya 6 man (me being the only healer!).  Then we had a few more people turn up after their run finished and we could do Thorim and Mimiron and Vezax.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lich King 10 man DOWN!!!!

Last Thursday 27th June we finally killed Lich King!  Admittedly we did have 20% buff, but it was so good to finally get it down!  It was our last attempt, right on the end of raid time.

Tanks: Duskull, Hyad
DPS: Huntinhk, Sevril, Shabadu, Shadevar, Moopie
Healers: Navimie, Beldarien, Melfina

A fist weapon and a caster dagger dropped.

And bloody Shady, he's always dying.  Though I was pretty close on stupid deaths too.  If he didn't have tricks of the trade, next time he's not coming!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finally! Got my bracers from Dreamwalker.

Yay I finally got my 264 bracers from dreamwalker woot!  Made me a happy tree.

Bracers of Eternal Dreaming

Was a good run last night.  We did first 4 in an hour, then Dreamwalker, then Blood wing and got Blood Queen down after a few goes.  Had 2 dead people, one was a dps, one was a healer, so the DPS wasn't gimped too badly.  Hopefully will have a few bashes at 10 man Lich King again this week.  We managed to get to phase 3 a few times, getting the hang of phase 2 is hard!  Having the defiles on me and Sev who are quite mobile is good, having on the melee really sucks.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blood Queen Lana'thel down on 25!

Woot we managed to get Blood Queen down!  Was close and we had a couple of MCs there at the end (which was really annoying) and we got it right on the enrage.

I think we only had about 5 attempts at it!

I got myself a new pvp healing trinket.  And it was nice coz this week we've downed 2 end wing bosses!

Had a quick bash at Sindragosa today.  Not bad attempts.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Putricide 25 down!

Well it took us until they had the 15% buff but we finally got Putricide down!  6 healers, 3 tanks and lots of dps.  We must have had quite a few goes, maybe about 6 before we got it but the encouraging thing was we were getting to phase 3 ok.

It as good to get more Tier gear!  It was all Warrior Hunter Shaman though.

Anyway, video to follow.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A lucky VOA 25 for me!

I got not only 1 but 2 items yesterday in VOA for PVP!  How lucky is that!  I got boots and I got a belt.  I wish I could spend more time doing arena but don't really have the time with all the family commitments.

Lich King 10 man

We're still struggling on 10 man.  Wondering if by next week we'll be getting better.  Getting to phase 2 - almost to phase 3 - but just need a little more coordination and hopefully we'll be there.

A new crew learning Lich King this week.  And the cool thing it doesn't save you to an instance if no bosses are killed, so we can wipe on LK for a day and then the next day do a full clear.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sindragosa down on 10man!

After 2 nights of doing it we finally got Sindragosa down!  Epidemais had been drinking on Friday so his attempts were very ordinary (he kept dying all the time) but he watched the strats and got his act together for Saturday (and was quite enthusiastic about trying again) and it was heaps better.  I did die on the final (and successful attempt) though... twice!

Tanks : Hyad, Lacrox
Healers: Melfina, Beldarien, Navimie
DPS: Sevril, Huntinhk, Moopie, Duskull, Epidemais

Then we went and had a look at Lich King... and since I hadn't read it I had absolutely no idea of how it went.  So we just went and died but at least we got there!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blood Princes, Queen Lana'thel, Putricide down in 10s last night!

Talk about an awesome week for raiding!  We had 2 groups going into ICC last night as 10mans and our group went to the Blood wing and we got Princes and Queen down, and the other group went to Plague Wing and got Putricide down!

We had a go at the achievement for Gunship but couldn't do it.  A friend of mine told me that you jump up and down the stairs and kite the boss on the ship around but he starts throwing stuff which you can't LOS...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wow! Dreamwalker and Blood Princes down on 25man!

Wow we had an awesome night on raids today.  We did Blood Princes for the first time and got it down in like 3 attempts, and then we did Dreamwalker and it took quite a few goes but having 3 pallies on it certainly did help!  I put a mainspec on dps and 2 offspecs onto heals (we did it with 8 healers).

On Blood Princes we had Duskull, Fueghan and Lacrox tanking with Navi, Beldarien, Charile, Targetme, Melfina, Biship, Manbull healing.

On Dreamwalker we had Duskull and Lacrox tanking with Navi, Beldarien, Charile, Fueghan, Targetme, Melfina, Biship and Manbull healing.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dreamwalker 10 man healed to full!

Awesome times yesterday.  We started late because me and Hyad had baby stuff to do but we did Dreamwalker and managed to heal her to full after quite a few attempts.  Poor Eboniee couldn't heal outside so well so sent her into the dream and I stayed outside and healed everyone.  First kill so was awesome!  Found that the person on the outside needs good AOE heals or fast heals so druids, shamans and holy priests are probably best at doing the outside.  Paladins FOR SURE have to go into the dream and heal Dreamwalker.  100k LOH HAX!

Tanks - Hyad, Duskull
Healers - Beldarien, Navimie, Eboniee
DPS - Azadelta, Huntinhk, Deathrazor, Caedis, Faithless

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Undying Achievement

Last night got a group together and did the undying achievement (kill all bosses in Naxxramas without anyone dying on a boss fight).  It wasn't as quick as I'd like because I had to keep going AFK because of the baby, but thank goodness in the end it was all good.  Started with Sapphiron and then Kel'Thuzad then did the wings.

Tanks: Hyad, Lacrox
DPS: Moopie, Huntinhk, Sevril, Azadelta, Duskull, Epidemais
Healers: Navimie, Targetme

Friday, March 5, 2010

Festergut 25 down!

Gosh after our attempt on Wednesday where we had only 30k left and we wiped (and it was the last attempt for the evening) we tried it again and managed to get it down with Lacrox bubbled!

We had a lousy healer turnout, only 4 mainspec healers and one offspec healer (Bel, Navi, Tani, Melfina and Eboniee) and we did attempt to 5 heal it but the raid healing was just too much for us.  In the end we got Chihako to get on his druid and heal and we managed to get it down.  Had me and Tani on ranged at start, and the rest on tanks and raid.

DPS was better when Hyad was arms and giving the dps a boost, but it dropped off unfortunately when he switched to tank.  Lacrox came in to substitute for Firehybrid who kept disconnecting and dps'd in tank spec and gear again.... imagine if he'd gone ret we might have had a cleaner kill!

So who was there for the fight:

Tanks: Fueghan, Hyad
DPS: Autocrat, Azadelta, Dephyle, Duskull, Epidemais, Faithless, Huntinhk, Idriel, Lacrox, Mazlak, Maxmknight, Moopie, Sevril, Shabadu, Shadevar, Shamps, Yigbeta,
Heals: Beldarien, Chikana, Eboniee, Melfina, Navimie, Tanimaga

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rotface 25 down!

At long long last we have killed Rotface! 2 attempts on Thursday and we got it!  Of course we had multiple attempts on Wednesday...

Healers present:

Check out my epic heals here.

Tried to double up healers on every target so that if one was running there was still someone healing that target.  So I had Tani+Melf on Fue (who was kiting), me and Bish on people with blobs, and the rest on MT and all of us on raid.

People really got the hang of kiting and avoiding the slime explosion and much better on slime spray.  A bit of panic towards the end but somehow we managed to keep people alive and I was one of the last cows standing!

Trauma dropped, and Melfina got that, he's really pleased.  No other caster/healer stuff dropped, the other things were dps stuff.  I wonder how Trauma goes for heals.  Will have to see how it is next raid...

And I frapsed it too!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Woot! New neck!

Yay!  Last Wednesday I got my Bone Sentinel's Amulet and socketed it with a Int/Spi gem.  Put me over haste cap but I could switch a gem over and see how that goes.  We only managed to do it up to Saurfang, 3 people had to leave (Sev had connection issue, Epi had some friend he had to go see, and Twink had mum agro).  What a shame, it was a good group for trying Festergut too.

Last night though we did 10s because only 2 healers showed up.  But it gave me the opportunity to test my healing and I managed to pump out 6k hps on Festergut, woohoo!  You can see the heal chart here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Healing Festergut 25

Been some issues about healing with tanks dying and what not.  After looking at our logs and some other people's logs I thought I'd make a blog about it then post it on guild website.

Some people say use 5 healers.  But we'd all have to be pushing out 6k hps and not many of us are up to that I'd say.

Doing without a pally wiill be painful to say the least.  I wish we had another healing paladin as a spare but that's not going to happen any time soon.

Yesterday I'd say we had an ideal makeup for Festergut healing.  A pally, 2 priests, 2 druids and a shaman.

Important healing points (note this is druid biased):
1) Raid healing is important at the start when people have no inoculations, once the inoculations build up the raid starts taking less damage I noticed.  Rejuvenation is good because if someone starts vomitting you can swiftmend them back up.
2) Tanks constantly need heals but by the time he starts reaching 3 inhales then pretty much need all of us healing him non stop (that's at 9 bloats on first tank at the switch)
3) Tank switch is important.  At the first tank switch the tank needs to blow all their cooldowns and then the healers have to keep him topped up until they wear off.  Probably a waste to do guardian spirit here, I'd save it till Fester's on his 5th breath (6th breath I know is at 5-6 bloats after 2nd switch).  The bad thing is healers can get lazy because the tank seems easy to heal when the cd's are used but suddenly takes a hit when they all wear off.  Need to watch for that.
4) Spores - make sure you're under one!  The worst thing is when one of the healers has one and has to run out to the ranged because there are 2 in melee or something.  I can never see which symbol is on my head, I only know if I have the spore.  Also after he does the Pungent Blight need to get the raid back up because if their health is low and the inoculations are gone, they'll start taking damage again and die.  So WG, rejuvs on them helps (from my POV) but chain heals, CoM, renews will get everyone back up quickly too.
5) Whenever WG is up I pretty much chuck it on melee to top them up.

Rotface 10 down!

Ding Dong Rotface Dead! Which Rotface? The Wicked Rotface! Ding Dong Wicked Rotface deaaaaaad!

Finally! 3 attempts and the last attempt was a bit iffy but we managed to get it down!

Tanks: Hyad, Chihako
DPS: Moopie, Huntinhk, Sevril, Eboniee, Shadevar, Caedis
Healers: Navimie, Beldarien

Eboniee was offhealing and we had Chi kiting, Hyad tanking, Bel cleansing and healing the people with the debuff, Eboniee healing Hyad, and me healing Chi. It really is just getting the situational awareness things right, with the slime spray, the ooze explosion and knowing where to run with the little blob to join the big blob...

I think it's just important to keep an eye on the MT when the MT healer has got the debuff otherwise the MT goes splat.  Gets a bit crazy with raid healing by the end, and the kill attempt we beaconed the MT.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Raid on 10 February

Well we managed to get an all guild run for 25 man this week.  Pugging last week managed to nab us 2 new raiders - Idriel a pally and Maxmsomething a DK. Idriel came with us to our pug 25 ICC last week, and Maxm was from a pug VOA we did.

Knocked off the first four bosses in under 1.5 hours, no wipes.  Bit messy though.  We 6 healed it with no problems and after the Saurfang nerf we could do it without letting people die, even though we had slightly crappy dps.

Decided to attempt Festergut even though we didn't have the dps but we did manage to get the strategy down reasonably nicely.  Only 4 people are above the 7.5k dps that we need to get him down.  Though we did also only do it with 24 people, but even a 25th person wouldn't make much of a difference I think.

Alas, no cloak this week but Marrowgar's ring dropped which was nice but I passed it to Tanimaga.  I think I want to go for a Tier token next week but I haven't quite got enough badges yet.

Hyad got to dps this week which made him happy.  He even got some offspec loot.  He needs some better gems and a better weapon but he was working on his rotation and I think it has made him happy about playing again.  Especially since Fue told him that we needed an arms warrior and now he's working on loot and dps rotation and practicing.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pugging ICC 25 man - not a bad effort!

Didn't have enough guildies to raid with on Thursday so we ended up pugging a few people - like 6.  I think there were 2 ret pallies, 2 DKs, an ele shaman and a mage.

The good thing was that we managed to kill the first 4 bosses!  Wiped on Saurfang the first time, but it was close and then it all went smooth the second time and then we went on to Festergut.

Of course I think it's the awesome healers (Me, Xarek, Beldarien, Tanimaga, Rockhoof and Viles) and we had guild tanks as well.  Azadelta refused to come because he doesn't like pugs but he was replaced.

Loot was all rolls... scary!  I did make an officer post about that but we'll see how he takes that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

God I hate Rotface

Sigh got nowhere with Rotface last Sunday.  Wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe.  I think the closest we got was 15%.  We had a good group too, just couldn't do anything to get better.  I guess it's the kiting which is the hard bit, so many oozes by that stage.

We then went on to Blood Prince Council and winged that a bit to see what it was like.  Looking forward to trying it properly on 25 man or 10 man again.  We did just go there coz we were sick and tired of looking at Rotface...

Friday, January 29, 2010

My first T10

Got Saurfang down on Wednesday thank goodness, and got my Tier token yay!  So I got my first upgraded item - Sanctified Lasherweave Gauntlets.

It was an all guild event with a few people who weren't uber high on the dps and it was cutting it a bit close by the end but it's all done and it's all good!

However, I'm still waiting for the cloak to drop...

Festergut 10 - you CAN do it with no pally tank!

Festergut went down again yesterday.  Had 2 warrior tanks and it actually went down on the 4th attempt.  We did have some amusing moments like when Shabadu iceblocked out of the Gas Spore so that the dps lost out on one debuff but we still managed to get it down despite the ranged only having 2 debuffs.  At the end of the fight we had 5 dead (4 died right at the end).  Though Shabadu hadn't done the fight before so we forgive him for his noobishness!

We did try to 2 heal it, just me and Bel but that was too hard, so Eboniee offspec healed it for us, which made a big difference.  Guardian spirit, tanks blowing all their cooldowns and spam heals saved the day.

I think we could probably 2 heal Marrowgar, though we did it with 3.  We did Deathwhisper with 2 heals and embarrassingly we wiped on Gunship (because stupid me told Hyad to tank the mage instead of Bronzebeard - DUH how dumb am I).  But the second attempt went smoothly and it can be done with 2 heals, I stood at the edge of the boat and got Hyad to tank a bit closer to me so I could keep him in range.  And we did Saurfang with our usual 2 heals and it went smoothly.

Tanks: Chihako, Hyad
DPS: Sevril, Huntinhk, Shabadu, Duskull, Eboniee
Heals: Navimie, Beldarien

And! I got a shiny new ring - Signet of Putrefaction

Had quite a few attempts at Rotface.  Somehow we're still not quite getting it.  Haven't approached that down to 3% attempt that we had with Darke a few weeks back.  But the kiting is improving though it's not quite spot on yet.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blessed Cenarion Boots

Gosh I can't believe I went and had these crafted, I never have stuff crafted!

Chikana bought the pattern so I had to drag up 5 primordial saronites to get it done.  Had to borrow off practically everyone to get it - from HK, Moo and Chik.  But I have them now and am slowly getting my way to haste cap...

I suppose this will save me some DKP for boots...

No Saurfang 25 this week :(

With raid numbers down a little we weren't able to get Saurfang down.  Close a few times though but with a few people doing 2k dps it was a bit blurk.  At least the other 3 bosses went well!

I'm even more bummed because it's my turn to get a token!  Well, hopefully it is... of course there is that sexy cloak from Saurfang which I want...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Festergut 10 down!

Yay we got Festergut down after about 3 tries!

After Dark left with his gang I felt like we were not going to get anywhere.  Though truthfully as people have pointed out to me, we really only lost one tank, one healer and one dps.

Who was in the group?
Tanks: Fueghan, Epidemais
Healers: Navimie, Biship, Chikana
DPS: Huntinhk, Sevril, Azadelta, Moopie, Yigbeta

It wasn't as hard as I thought, had 3 dps at the periphery and the rest of us stacked on the tanks.  The person with the X was always running around either in or out so people could get their spore/innoculation debuff.  But at least Yig got a cool weapon... the other weapon was a bit of a caster thing which Chik took.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mass Exodus

Marrowgar went  like crap today.  Have no idea what was going on but it was crap!  Tanks kept dying and everyone was dying!

Anyway Darkeborn ragequit after that and took all his friends with him.  Though this leaves us with a huge hole in our raid numbers, perhaps it will entice a few players back to the game.. or at least maybe we can focus on 10mans and get stuff down.

So who left? Fetialis, Begs, Sacredbeef, Greeniey... Totemspammer left earlier today.  A few others left but their names escape me at the moment.  Lots of bitching in guild chat and I wish they wouldn't.  I wish them well, I can see people get frustrated by things not progressing and people not being serious.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Attempting Rotface 25

Ugh wipefest on Rotface today.  Did it with 7 mainspec healers, but little hiccups here and there.  Everyone is getting the hang of kiting their blob but people are still dying to the big blob explosion.  And then the tanks suddenly drop dead... now that's a healer's fault, can't escape blame for that one.

I guess we just need more practice.

In other news Vampra came back to the guild as Ladiealiyah or some other weird name.  Nice to have him back, I guess hardmodes were too hard for him :P and going back to regular mode was what he wanted to do. 

Healing Lady Deathwhisper 25

Our guild seems to have good days and bad days with Lady Deathwhisper.  Our first kill was before the nerf and we were so proud of ourselves, then we had a few times where it took us quite a few goes to get her.  I tend to think it's more of a DPS problem than a healing problem, and with shamans/druids/mages around there should be no shortage of decurses.

Healing setup should be 6-7 healers (6 if all mainspecs, 7 if we have a couple of offspecs), and I usually split them per side (3 per), with someone healing up the back for the tank on the stairs.  I usually put a druid there and leave priests and pallies on the sides healing the tanks.  Most of the ranged only take damage from the Death and Decay or a couple of shadowbolts from Deathwhisper and shouldn't really be getting agro from the mobs if the tanks are doing their job.  Oh and sometimes the occasional MC'd person will do a tonne of damage to some poor healer or squishie.  But the hardest part is the melee, we always seem to lose a couple of melee every time we do this fight.  Shady, Moo, Kelborn are the usual deaths, and I'm not sure why that is - is it pulling agro from tanks or getting some sort of cleave?  Anyway, so side healing tends to get intensive mainly on melee so priests and shamans seem to do well there.

Decursing is really important in this fight,the Curse of Torpor increases ability cooldowns by 15 seconds.  Remove them quickly or you'll have vent full of whingers saying "Curse on XXX" (Client and Shady being the most vocal about their curses - rarely are they on for more than 3 seconds because most of use remove the curse and with lag between the curse happening, saying it on vent, then me doing it... most of the time by the time they say it someone has already removed it and I find it REALLY annoying...)

During phase 2 when the mana shield is down, need healers on the tanks (probably at least 2-3) and the tanks will be switching every now and then because of a debuff that makes them lose threat generation or something.  The raid takes damage from frostbolts (some of which can be interrupted by melee), death and decay, and ghosts blowing up (though hope there aren't many of these - they do like 28k damage so most people will die, so ran damn you RUN!).

Friday, January 15, 2010

Healing Marrowgar 25

Marrowgar is easy to heal. Basically you only have to heal the tanks, whoever gets the Bone spike, anyone who gets caught in fires, and when he does his Bone Storm (whirlwind). Tanks have him facing them and we stand bunched behind him, and have a ranged off to the side so hopefully not so many fires into the bunch of us. Probably could get away with 6 healers but we do it with 7. 3 on tanks, rest on raid.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Healing Saurfang 25

Did 25 man ICC and without our fearless Pally leader we didn't do as well as we normally did. Wiped lots on Deathwhisper, adds were out of control. I think it was a DPS problem. But when it all went good it went perfectly. Marrowgar and Gunship were cake, and we didn't get Saurfang down though I did stuff it up a bit.


This video was from our actual kill last week.
The thing that works best as heal setup for us in Saurfang is as little heals as possible, we do it with 6 (would be better with 5). Spacing the healers is hard, but our successful attempt had 2 pallies at the base of stairs in the corner and the other 4 spread out in a fan futher back at max range. But the pallies pull a bit of threat and when the blood beasts hit them Saurfang's blood power goes up hugely. I think next time I might put shamans down there and put the pallies up the back. Our successful attempt had 2 pallies, 3 druids and a priest.

We let the first 3 people with the (can't remember name of dot) die to the dot without healing them - them having the dot gives him blood power meaning those dots come out faster too. So I have to remember not to heal those people. As long as the first 3 are DPS it's all good. If it's a healer or tank then we have to heal them. The guys can dps though the gain in Saurfang's health when the dotted person dies.

I reglyphed and respecced a bit to be able to heal this fight a bit better.  Dropped my glyphs of swiftmend and regrowth, and replaced them with Glyph of Nourish and Rapid rejuvenation.  I used to think that Glyph of Swiftmend was a you-gotta-have-this-if-you're-resto but now that I have good mana regen and never OOM I don't think I need it anymore.  And I only found out recently that it can eat anybody's HoT, not just my HoTs.  But for glyphs of Nourish and Rapid Rejuvenation to reach their best potential I have to start stacking haste.  I was a crit chick before because of the 4T9 set bonus and now I have to think how am I gonna reach that 850 haste cap...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rotface 10 man

So close today! Got to 2.9% before respawns got us. It took a while before we got the hang of kiting blobs and avoiding the slime on the sides.

Healing wise we were doing it with 3 healers. One doing the remove disease and healing the person with the disease, one healing MT, one healing OT and all of us on raid. Works well unless the healer is kiting the little blob and then their target doesn't get heals.

My ICC Gear Wishlist

After browsing the web reading various resto druid blogs I thought I'd make a list of gear that I'd like to get from patch 3.3, and what my progress is so far.

Lasherweave Helmet - badges (not got yet)
Helm of the Elder Moon - Rotface 25

Bone Sentinel's Amulet - Lord Marrowgar 25 - unfortunately dps wants this as well, I've seen it drop once and it went to Sev

Lasherweave Pauldrons - badges (not got yet)

Lasherweave Robes - badges (not got yet)

Greatcloak of the Turned Champion - Saurfang 25 - Oh I soooo want this cloak.  Haste and a socket and spirit? SEXINESS

Wrists of Septic Shock - Festergut 10

Handguards of Winter's Respite - Marrowgar 25
(Sanctified) Lasherweave Gauntlets - Got, yay my first T10.5.

Cord of Dark Suffering - Gunship 10
Belt of Petrified Ivy - Badges
Circle of Ossus - Badges- I think this is an awesome belt.  Gonna go for this when I get the chance

Leggings of Unrelenting Blood - Saurfang 10
Lasherweave Legplates - Badges

Boots of Unnatural Growth - Gunship 25 - Nice booties for crit stuff but I want the crafted ones
Boots of the Frozen Seed - Deathwhisper 10
Blessed Cenarion Boots - Crafted - Got! Thanks Chik!


Marrowgar's Frigid Eye - Marrowgar 25
Ring of Maddening Whispers - Deathwhisper 25 - I like this ring, though didn't want to take it because of crit, let Feti take it
Signet of Putrefaction - Festergut 10 - got this, wasn't sure about it because of the lack of spirit but the socket on it makes it just that bit better.

Althor's Abacus - Gunship 25 - Got! my first 25 loot!
Sliver of Pure Ice - Marrowgar 10 - I dont' really like this trinket, I passed on it
Purified Lunar Dust - Badges - got! my first badge buy!

Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff - Saurfang 10 - got! love the spi and haste on it and the sockets
Midnight Sun - Gunship 10
Lockjaw - Rotface 10
Frozen Bonespike - Marrowgar 25 - another great weapon, first one snapped up by Sev as well, second one by Bish, the spi on it is nice, but I'm trying to stack more haste
Trauma - Rotface 25

Hmm don't see any yet in what have been released so far in ICC

Idol of the Black Willow - Badges