Friday, January 29, 2010

My first T10

Got Saurfang down on Wednesday thank goodness, and got my Tier token yay!  So I got my first upgraded item - Sanctified Lasherweave Gauntlets.

It was an all guild event with a few people who weren't uber high on the dps and it was cutting it a bit close by the end but it's all done and it's all good!

However, I'm still waiting for the cloak to drop...

Festergut 10 - you CAN do it with no pally tank!

Festergut went down again yesterday.  Had 2 warrior tanks and it actually went down on the 4th attempt.  We did have some amusing moments like when Shabadu iceblocked out of the Gas Spore so that the dps lost out on one debuff but we still managed to get it down despite the ranged only having 2 debuffs.  At the end of the fight we had 5 dead (4 died right at the end).  Though Shabadu hadn't done the fight before so we forgive him for his noobishness!

We did try to 2 heal it, just me and Bel but that was too hard, so Eboniee offspec healed it for us, which made a big difference.  Guardian spirit, tanks blowing all their cooldowns and spam heals saved the day.

I think we could probably 2 heal Marrowgar, though we did it with 3.  We did Deathwhisper with 2 heals and embarrassingly we wiped on Gunship (because stupid me told Hyad to tank the mage instead of Bronzebeard - DUH how dumb am I).  But the second attempt went smoothly and it can be done with 2 heals, I stood at the edge of the boat and got Hyad to tank a bit closer to me so I could keep him in range.  And we did Saurfang with our usual 2 heals and it went smoothly.

Tanks: Chihako, Hyad
DPS: Sevril, Huntinhk, Shabadu, Duskull, Eboniee
Heals: Navimie, Beldarien

And! I got a shiny new ring - Signet of Putrefaction

Had quite a few attempts at Rotface.  Somehow we're still not quite getting it.  Haven't approached that down to 3% attempt that we had with Darke a few weeks back.  But the kiting is improving though it's not quite spot on yet.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blessed Cenarion Boots

Gosh I can't believe I went and had these crafted, I never have stuff crafted!

Chikana bought the pattern so I had to drag up 5 primordial saronites to get it done.  Had to borrow off practically everyone to get it - from HK, Moo and Chik.  But I have them now and am slowly getting my way to haste cap...

I suppose this will save me some DKP for boots...

No Saurfang 25 this week :(

With raid numbers down a little we weren't able to get Saurfang down.  Close a few times though but with a few people doing 2k dps it was a bit blurk.  At least the other 3 bosses went well!

I'm even more bummed because it's my turn to get a token!  Well, hopefully it is... of course there is that sexy cloak from Saurfang which I want...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Festergut 10 down!

Yay we got Festergut down after about 3 tries!

After Dark left with his gang I felt like we were not going to get anywhere.  Though truthfully as people have pointed out to me, we really only lost one tank, one healer and one dps.

Who was in the group?
Tanks: Fueghan, Epidemais
Healers: Navimie, Biship, Chikana
DPS: Huntinhk, Sevril, Azadelta, Moopie, Yigbeta

It wasn't as hard as I thought, had 3 dps at the periphery and the rest of us stacked on the tanks.  The person with the X was always running around either in or out so people could get their spore/innoculation debuff.  But at least Yig got a cool weapon... the other weapon was a bit of a caster thing which Chik took.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mass Exodus

Marrowgar went  like crap today.  Have no idea what was going on but it was crap!  Tanks kept dying and everyone was dying!

Anyway Darkeborn ragequit after that and took all his friends with him.  Though this leaves us with a huge hole in our raid numbers, perhaps it will entice a few players back to the game.. or at least maybe we can focus on 10mans and get stuff down.

So who left? Fetialis, Begs, Sacredbeef, Greeniey... Totemspammer left earlier today.  A few others left but their names escape me at the moment.  Lots of bitching in guild chat and I wish they wouldn't.  I wish them well, I can see people get frustrated by things not progressing and people not being serious.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Attempting Rotface 25

Ugh wipefest on Rotface today.  Did it with 7 mainspec healers, but little hiccups here and there.  Everyone is getting the hang of kiting their blob but people are still dying to the big blob explosion.  And then the tanks suddenly drop dead... now that's a healer's fault, can't escape blame for that one.

I guess we just need more practice.

In other news Vampra came back to the guild as Ladiealiyah or some other weird name.  Nice to have him back, I guess hardmodes were too hard for him :P and going back to regular mode was what he wanted to do. 

Healing Lady Deathwhisper 25

Our guild seems to have good days and bad days with Lady Deathwhisper.  Our first kill was before the nerf and we were so proud of ourselves, then we had a few times where it took us quite a few goes to get her.  I tend to think it's more of a DPS problem than a healing problem, and with shamans/druids/mages around there should be no shortage of decurses.

Healing setup should be 6-7 healers (6 if all mainspecs, 7 if we have a couple of offspecs), and I usually split them per side (3 per), with someone healing up the back for the tank on the stairs.  I usually put a druid there and leave priests and pallies on the sides healing the tanks.  Most of the ranged only take damage from the Death and Decay or a couple of shadowbolts from Deathwhisper and shouldn't really be getting agro from the mobs if the tanks are doing their job.  Oh and sometimes the occasional MC'd person will do a tonne of damage to some poor healer or squishie.  But the hardest part is the melee, we always seem to lose a couple of melee every time we do this fight.  Shady, Moo, Kelborn are the usual deaths, and I'm not sure why that is - is it pulling agro from tanks or getting some sort of cleave?  Anyway, so side healing tends to get intensive mainly on melee so priests and shamans seem to do well there.

Decursing is really important in this fight,the Curse of Torpor increases ability cooldowns by 15 seconds.  Remove them quickly or you'll have vent full of whingers saying "Curse on XXX" (Client and Shady being the most vocal about their curses - rarely are they on for more than 3 seconds because most of use remove the curse and with lag between the curse happening, saying it on vent, then me doing it... most of the time by the time they say it someone has already removed it and I find it REALLY annoying...)

During phase 2 when the mana shield is down, need healers on the tanks (probably at least 2-3) and the tanks will be switching every now and then because of a debuff that makes them lose threat generation or something.  The raid takes damage from frostbolts (some of which can be interrupted by melee), death and decay, and ghosts blowing up (though hope there aren't many of these - they do like 28k damage so most people will die, so ran damn you RUN!).

Friday, January 15, 2010

Healing Marrowgar 25

Marrowgar is easy to heal. Basically you only have to heal the tanks, whoever gets the Bone spike, anyone who gets caught in fires, and when he does his Bone Storm (whirlwind). Tanks have him facing them and we stand bunched behind him, and have a ranged off to the side so hopefully not so many fires into the bunch of us. Probably could get away with 6 healers but we do it with 7. 3 on tanks, rest on raid.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Healing Saurfang 25

Did 25 man ICC and without our fearless Pally leader we didn't do as well as we normally did. Wiped lots on Deathwhisper, adds were out of control. I think it was a DPS problem. But when it all went good it went perfectly. Marrowgar and Gunship were cake, and we didn't get Saurfang down though I did stuff it up a bit.


This video was from our actual kill last week.
The thing that works best as heal setup for us in Saurfang is as little heals as possible, we do it with 6 (would be better with 5). Spacing the healers is hard, but our successful attempt had 2 pallies at the base of stairs in the corner and the other 4 spread out in a fan futher back at max range. But the pallies pull a bit of threat and when the blood beasts hit them Saurfang's blood power goes up hugely. I think next time I might put shamans down there and put the pallies up the back. Our successful attempt had 2 pallies, 3 druids and a priest.

We let the first 3 people with the (can't remember name of dot) die to the dot without healing them - them having the dot gives him blood power meaning those dots come out faster too. So I have to remember not to heal those people. As long as the first 3 are DPS it's all good. If it's a healer or tank then we have to heal them. The guys can dps though the gain in Saurfang's health when the dotted person dies.

I reglyphed and respecced a bit to be able to heal this fight a bit better.  Dropped my glyphs of swiftmend and regrowth, and replaced them with Glyph of Nourish and Rapid rejuvenation.  I used to think that Glyph of Swiftmend was a you-gotta-have-this-if-you're-resto but now that I have good mana regen and never OOM I don't think I need it anymore.  And I only found out recently that it can eat anybody's HoT, not just my HoTs.  But for glyphs of Nourish and Rapid Rejuvenation to reach their best potential I have to start stacking haste.  I was a crit chick before because of the 4T9 set bonus and now I have to think how am I gonna reach that 850 haste cap...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rotface 10 man

So close today! Got to 2.9% before respawns got us. It took a while before we got the hang of kiting blobs and avoiding the slime on the sides.

Healing wise we were doing it with 3 healers. One doing the remove disease and healing the person with the disease, one healing MT, one healing OT and all of us on raid. Works well unless the healer is kiting the little blob and then their target doesn't get heals.

My ICC Gear Wishlist

After browsing the web reading various resto druid blogs I thought I'd make a list of gear that I'd like to get from patch 3.3, and what my progress is so far.

Lasherweave Helmet - badges (not got yet)
Helm of the Elder Moon - Rotface 25

Bone Sentinel's Amulet - Lord Marrowgar 25 - unfortunately dps wants this as well, I've seen it drop once and it went to Sev

Lasherweave Pauldrons - badges (not got yet)

Lasherweave Robes - badges (not got yet)

Greatcloak of the Turned Champion - Saurfang 25 - Oh I soooo want this cloak.  Haste and a socket and spirit? SEXINESS

Wrists of Septic Shock - Festergut 10

Handguards of Winter's Respite - Marrowgar 25
(Sanctified) Lasherweave Gauntlets - Got, yay my first T10.5.

Cord of Dark Suffering - Gunship 10
Belt of Petrified Ivy - Badges
Circle of Ossus - Badges- I think this is an awesome belt.  Gonna go for this when I get the chance

Leggings of Unrelenting Blood - Saurfang 10
Lasherweave Legplates - Badges

Boots of Unnatural Growth - Gunship 25 - Nice booties for crit stuff but I want the crafted ones
Boots of the Frozen Seed - Deathwhisper 10
Blessed Cenarion Boots - Crafted - Got! Thanks Chik!


Marrowgar's Frigid Eye - Marrowgar 25
Ring of Maddening Whispers - Deathwhisper 25 - I like this ring, though didn't want to take it because of crit, let Feti take it
Signet of Putrefaction - Festergut 10 - got this, wasn't sure about it because of the lack of spirit but the socket on it makes it just that bit better.

Althor's Abacus - Gunship 25 - Got! my first 25 loot!
Sliver of Pure Ice - Marrowgar 10 - I dont' really like this trinket, I passed on it
Purified Lunar Dust - Badges - got! my first badge buy!

Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff - Saurfang 10 - got! love the spi and haste on it and the sockets
Midnight Sun - Gunship 10
Lockjaw - Rotface 10
Frozen Bonespike - Marrowgar 25 - another great weapon, first one snapped up by Sev as well, second one by Bish, the spi on it is nice, but I'm trying to stack more haste
Trauma - Rotface 25

Hmm don't see any yet in what have been released so far in ICC

Idol of the Black Willow - Badges