Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exalted with Frenzyheart! And 25 tabards!

Yay finally got exalted with Frenzyheart. And I finally got my act together and went and got the 25 tabards. You know if only I had just gone to the tabard vendor I could have gotten all the tabards I wanted from there without having to fly all over Outland looking for the quartermasters! And also there were some of the rare ones that I had gotten earlier which I could also get from there which was obviously saved, so I managed to hit my 25 tabards with no problem at all!

Today I'm going to get 100 mounts. yay!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Speed kill for Yogg-Saron

We did Yogg on the weekend, and we took Hyad, Moopie and Azadelta so they could get their Rusted ProtoDrake from Ulduar achievements. We also took Tallys, Hugadarn and Bludo, and me, HK, Sevril and Beldarien also went.

We had Freya up this time instead of Thorim and since we had the strategy down pat we had 4 dps going in to kill stuff. They only went in once and then we were into phase 3. Admittedly it did take us a few goes - we had difficulty getting the adds down at first because they were dying before they got to Sara which stuffed that up.

So after that we got Yogg down and we got a speed kill for it too! That was a bonus!

Cymre got the It's Over 9000! Achievement

Cymre finally got her 9000 Achievement points Feat of Strength. She got to 9000 and it didn't get her anything and then she did one more achievement and got it. Phew! She actually 2 manned 10 man FL in Ulduar so she did the turret thing. That was cool.

Finally getting our Draconic for Dummies from Onyxia

After farting around for ages, I finally managed to get a small group of us to do Onyxia for the Draconic for Dummies (for the AQ opening event quest chain)

Hyad, me, Moopie, HK, Sevril and Azadelta went to Onyxia and did it with just the 6 of us. It was quite easy. Stressful for me a little bit with my nerfed healing (it's not as good as it used to be).

But at least HK got his book.

This week hopefully it's my turn and then it's Aza's turn.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cataclysm Cinematic

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Druid healing in 4.0

I hadn't really read up much about druid healing changes after patch, so I was healing absolutely INEFFECTIVELY!

So I thought I should look into it a bit more so I could get an idea about what I should be doing.

Tree of Life
I keep stuffing this up!  Now it's no longer a form, it's like a cooldown, where it has a 3 minute cooldown and lasts for like 30 seconds.  During that time regrowth, LB and WG are buffed, though all heal spells increased by 10%.  I keep automatically putting it on and then going... doh it's a CD now not a form....

Healing spells
Regrowth - is kinda weird now, lasts only 6 seconds and doesn't seem to heal for as much as I remember.
Nourish - is now SUPER slow to cast!  It does refresh your LB on the target though.  Horrible to use if you don't have any hots on the target though.
Lifebloom - can only be cast on ONE target when not in ToL.  I really have to cut back on my LB usage because it is so mana wastey!
Rejuvenation - expensive now
Efflorescence - a talented item which is a scary looking circle on the ground that forms when you use SM on a target.  Gives a short little AOE heal for those who stand in it.
Swiftmend - Gives Efflorescence - see above
Rebirth - can glyph now for full health/mana.  Currently have not observed the reports that battle rez can only be used once per encounter.
Interestingly hot ticks can crit which is cool!

Leather specialisation
Incentive for me to wear all leather!  Bonus Intellect, time to get rid of that cloth waist.

There is no Mp5 anymore or Spellpower on anything much except weapons, MP5 comes from Spi and Int provides the SP.

Hard to judge my healing at the moment because my Recount isn't working.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Patch 4.0 day

Geez, I tried to patch the damn thing and it ran out of space while I was afk.  So it's taking me forever to patch.  And I miss out on raiding again.  Bleh.  And they did Sarth 3D and the weekly and now they're doing Heroic Gunship... all the goodness that ordinarily I'd like to do!

I still need my 10 man Sarth 3D achievement....

Geez it sucks missing out on Wednesday raids.  I know I'm not needed but geez, everyone turns up and gets the stuff and I get to turn up and have the wipes and lousy turnups.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last day of Arena season yesterday

Had a rather bleh end to the Arena season yesterday, I think my teammates felt a little bit apathetic/despondent.  Pikamu is always getting hammered... he needs better gear.  Shamans are a target and I think wearing that terrible gear is always gonna make him get squished... and it's depressing dying all the time.

Managed to squeeze in one game of Warsong before 11pm.  Thank god it's timed now, and you don't have to spend 1 hour waiting for the flag bearer to get squashed.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A couple more achievements...

Did a Naxx 10 run on Saturday to get a few more achievements - managed to get "Spore Loser" and "And They Would all go Down Together".  The others got the Undying Achievement, which I felt like I nearly stuffed up on the 4 Horsemen trying to heal the damn thing!  I ended up with like 14 stacks and I was praying I didn't die...

Then we went to Malygos and they did the under 6 minutes kill and me and Cymre got our achievement for killing them on the surfboard.  I have a mindblank about what that achievement is called.

Oh and I am still one short of getting the Glory of the Raider 10 man.. I don't have the one from OS where you don't get hit by the fire things...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Should I call this the weekly frostwolf?

I was criticised yesterday because I didn't write daily... perhaps if I make this The Weekly Frostwolf I'd get a little less flack!

Sev was feeling a bit unloved yesterday, so I rallied the healers and Eboniee to try to cheer him up, unfortunately to no avail because he decided to take a week's break from raiding.  Eboniee was sucking up to him big time because she won the heroic Dying Light from our Blood Queen 25 kill, and she was thrilled.  I'm sure he didn't complain about that.  Bel was like "Sev? Who doesn't like Sev, everyone likes Sev!", and Bish was like "Sev?  Annoying? Hell yeah, he's a smart mouth little bitch!"  LOL, well I don't think we'd like Sev as much if he wasn't a little smartmouth.

Fishing for Old Ironjaw

I figured that since I had some long cases yesterday I may as well do some fishing and try to get some achievements.  Getting to Ironforge wasn't so bad, I didn't get ganked at all which was a relief, though having no mouse made it quite difficult to swim underwater.  I'm not very good with fixing the pitch with the keyboard.

Anyway got to Ironforge and sat in Forlorn caverns and fished... for hours.  No luck.  I was reluctant to leave because it takes so long to get there that I wanted to make it worth my while.  But I fished up lots of level 1 fish and a green and a few low level potions but no fish.  I was worried at one point - there was an alliance warlock eyeing me off whose name was Roasttauren, but I relaxed after I saw it was a level 29.  A level 80 came along and started fishing with me, and that was alright.  However, when I tried again close to raid time, 2 80s were standing at the far end of the pool and were pvp'd so I quickly hearthed out.  I guess I'll have to keep trying.

First heroic tier token!

We finally got Blood queen down on Heroic yesterday - yay!

A Warrior/Hunter/Shaman tier (Conquerers) dropped so guess who got that? hahaha 10g if you said Moopie!

I even had to be bitten because someone couldn't find their target, so I did some loldps at the end and we literally got it at the last second before the enrage.

Fortunately nobody died so that was good!

Unfortunately we had some of these new recruits acting like silly emotional children, name calling and whinging that so and so was abusing them (Sarthane and Orcation).  Sarthane emo'd and dropped raid and quit wow which was hugely childish.  I told him that when he got on his alt later.  He whinged that Orcation said this and that... and I'm here rolling my eyes about it saying who really cares!  I can't wait till Fue gets his mic so maybe he can sort out those little children.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 man)

It feels a bit redundant to post it here, since it's on the guild website and on Cymre's Mischiefus website... but I'm going to post it here anyway!

My picture is not as cool as HK's and Cymre's because I wasn't in the middle... so I'm posting their pic!
Done over 2 nights, I was admittedly sad because Cymre overtook me in achievement points because we did achievements they didn't have that I already had!  But I shouldn't really complain, after all, she does play more than I do!

Got some new achievements, like Rubble and Roll, and One (Two and Three) Lights in the Darkness, which gave us the Glory of the Ulduar Raider one.

We put Thorim up this time for Yogg (we did Freya last time) and we didn't have much improvement.  Phase 2 seemed painful and it took a while before we got the hang of that.  We only managed to clinch it when Lac went ret and went inside the brain with Maz, Sev and Shady.  Eboniee encouraged us to work around in a circle while we did the tentacles and that worked rather well too, instead of the random hitting stuff that we seemed to be doing in phase 2.  Sev said that we shouldn't have done Thorim because in Phase 3 it doesn't really matter anyway about the speed in which we get it down... but I am SURE that last time we did Yogg he said that we should have Thorim up instead of Freya.  Moo also said that Sev said it, I'll just blame it on Sev's bad memory.

Had a few looks at Algalon which was pretty hard, I still had no idea about it, but it would have been awesome to get that.

Unfortunately Aza had an emo because we didn't take him on the first night and since then he hasn't logged into WoW.  I didn't know he didn't have the achievement of I would have included him.