Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goddamnit they removed the quest!

I thought I was lucky last week when I got 6 elementiums, and this week I got 4, so yay I got enough to get my AQ opening quest chain completed...


They removed the quest as of patch 4.0.3....

So unfair....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Healing and Mana and specs

I'm finding I'm OOM a lot more these days, especially when I'm not watching what I'm doing.  Now that rejuvenation is so expensive I find I have to hold back a lot more with heals, and do more raid healing with wg and only rejuv people who are low.  I have had to go do some reading about where I should be putting my points.

Lots of people are taking Furor.  I should put some points in that.  I'm wondering if I should drop points in Naturalist to compensate.  The extra mana pool would be nice.  I wonder if my healing would suffer because of that.  I wish I had given it some thought before I just whacked all my points in.

I noticed that on Dreamwalker normal that HK in his offspec nearly healed as much as I did.  I need to have a serious look at my healing rotation and see if I should be doing something different.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

ICC 10 man achievements Part 2

Well we came back yesterday and did Deathwhisper on heroic for Hyad, then we did Portal Jockey and Heroic Sindragosa giving us Heroic: Frostwing Halls which was cool!  That was the last achievement that Earthwisper needed for her drake, and it was cool for us too.  We were heaps better on the iceblocks that time compared to the previous time's attempt.  And the tank DEFINITLY has to wear Frost gear.

Then we did Flu Shot Shortage and Dances with Oozes, which were nice and easy.

Tonight we went back and did Putricide on heroic... and we managed to do in 2 attempts!  I had no idea what was going on the first attempt but the second time we got it easily with only Shadevar dying right at the end because he got the plague thing.  So Heroic: The Plagueworks was gotten by most of us tonight.

Thraso was impressed that it only took us two goes to do it.  I wonder if he thinks we're some kind of idiots or something.  He should realise however that we did have some of the highest dps'ers in the guild in that group (and awesome heals ie me and Bel!).  So basic strategy for Heroic Putricide was that there is no longer that Gas thing which makes everyone frozen, in that stage 2 blobs form.  And he also puts a plague thing that lasts for 60 seconds and it jumps to people within 3-4 yards so whoever gets it has to run away and stand there for about 7-10 seconds and then someone else has to take it off them otherwise they will die.  And so someone has to keep picking it up until it times out at 60 seconds.  All the ranged have to stand at the same spot as well for the green ooze, and when you get the orange ooze, you go and run into the corner and hide.  The Malleable goo apparently does more damage too.

So we went and did heroic Blood Princes and Blood Queen, so a few people got their Heroic: The Crimson Hall, and Sevril and Moopie go Once Bitten, Twice Shy as well.  I hate Heroic Blood Princes.  I hope I never have to do it again.  Next week will be Shadevar and Lushnek's turn to get their blood queen achievement.

After that we had a few bashes at heroic LK.  Ugh, not easy to say the least.  Maybe another attempt on Sunday.

All in all, a good night :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ICC 10 man achievements

Trying for the ICC 10 man achievement drake... not sure how much luck we'll have with that!

Last Monday we managed to do Heroic Marrowgar, followed by Full House, then we did Heroic Gunship and got I'm on a Boat, then we did Heroic Saurfang, followed by Heroic Dreamwalker.  We wiped trying to do heroic Sindragosa.

We did it with
Tanks: Hyad, Thraso
DPS: Moopie, Azadelta, Sevril, Shadevar, Lushnek
Heals: Navimie, Beldarien, Earthwisper

We'll be going back tonight.  I wonder if we can do the mobs on normal and see if we can get more achievements done.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh my god on a spur of the moment we decided to do Algalon yesterday and we managed to get it!

It started with me, Bel, Shady, HK, Auto and Hyad going into Ulduar on 10man to do Take Down those Turrets (which I've done already and so had Hyad), and we killed Flame Leviathan 6man.  Not hard really.  It's embarrassing to think that you can't do that with 10 people sometimes...

Anyway, I said to Bel, why don't we do an Algalon run?  So we got Cymre and Coolidge, Moopie and Azadelta to come.  I was a bit sad that Sevros (Sevrus renamed Sevril renamed Sevros) couldn't come, as he wasn't online at the time, but I know he would have gotten on if I'd rung him.  However, it was Bel's run and Bel didn't want to kick Autocrat out (even though Auto made the comment that he hadn't seen half of these bosses in Ulduar before).  So that was a poopy start.

And of all the nub things to do (with me even telling Auto no nub behaviour please!), while we are explaining the fight to Auto, Auto goes and shoots Algalon and starts it.  He claims he didn't do it but I have no idea how he shoots the boss who is not aggressive....

After a few wipes and then me yelling at Auto for being a nubnut, we did one attempt where it was like 2%.  It was so close.  I had rezzed and died in that attempt and I'm sure if I'd lived longer we could've done it.  Anyway a few more wipes and we finally got it!

Basically the fight needs 2 tanks, one tank tanks Algalon until he gets ?4 stacks, and then he gets sent to the other dimension where the other tank picks it up.  Collapsing stars float around and you have to kill them and when they are killed they make black holes on the ground which port you into another plane.  Living constellations come and then you kite them into black holes, and hope that there is still one black hole left for when Algalon starts casting Big Bang, where everyone will die if you're not the tank (though the tank takes a ton of damage).  You jump in the hole for big bang and stay in the other dimension for a few seconds and then pop out and rinse repeat until we get to phase 2.  Oh and there is Cosmic smash which makes a red thing on the ground, and it explodes if you're on it, as well as causing splash damage.

Phase 2 I didn't really understand, but the ghostie things which were in the other dimension appear in the normal dimention where Algalon is and then I was just running away from them, healing everyone whilst they burned down Algalon.

Yay for everyone, now we have Starcaller title!  It's been a while to get the thing together and running and we've been trying it for ages, but we finally did it :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Whelps! Handle it! (10 man)

Finally got this achievement on Monday.  We had:

Hyad, Coolidge, Lushnek, Sevril, Azadelta, Beldarien, Shadevar, Faithless, Navi, Cymre

And boy were the DC's rife!  Even I Dc'd when they were aoeing the whelps down.  We probably had it the first time but then Shady dc'd and was ported back to Dalaran so we wiped it so he could get the achievement.  The second time was much better and we got it, with only Shady and Sevril dc'ing.  Fortunately both got back in and got the achievement.

We did it by having the locks running and spawning and then teleporting back up.  Coolidge gathered them all in the middle and then the DPS aoe'd them down.  Nobody died on the winning attempt that I can recall.  Boy it was finally good to get that!

Cataclysm World Events - phase 4

The battles in Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff have begun!  Every 2 hours 15 minutes some portal spawn and you have to kill all the mobs and then you can open some instances which drop some level 251 gear.  I did 2 of the instances last night but I didn't get to do the orgrimmar ones.  I haven't yet seen the event myself, hopefully will get to try it in the next few days.

It's over 9000!

It's Over Nine Thousand!

Got my achievement on the 14th, with the achievement that tipped me over Take out Those Turrets! (10 man).  Hyad got his on the 15th.  Cymre was the first in the guild to get hers, and Eboniee got hers on the 14th as well!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Xynzelle is back

I've been lazy and not posting.  I forgot to post that Xynzelle is back!  After finding a balance between life and WoW, he has decided to come back to WoW and is being carried/dragged through ICC and picking up some loot along the way.

Of course it won't take him long to find his feet and be back on the top of his game again, in typical Xynzelle style, as he is one of the best mages I know, as well as being loyal, amusing and a great team player.  Even Hyad likes to poke fun at Xyn, saying in raid the other day "Who is that mage whose DPS is lower than mine?".

Xyn tells me he has put his computer next to his wife's sewing machine - so they can spend more time together while he plays.  Now isn't that cute?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Troll Epic flight form

Oh how cool does this look! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cataclysm World Event

The quest chain for Cataclysm stuff started a few days ago, finished that. There is a feat of strength achievement where you have to destroy a rift of each of the 4 elements. There were so many people camping the damn things in Northrend, that I gave up. However, these rifts are present throughout Azeroth and Outland but the daily item only drops from the zone which is your level (which is Northrend for us 80s).

It took me a while but it is actually quite easy to see the portals and elementals when they spawn. Before they spawn they look like:
Air - look like dust clouds and some moonfire type graphics before they spawn the elementals
Water - mage blizzard
Fire - patch of fire on ground
Earth - I can't recall because every time I've seen this one the elementals are already running around

Managed to get the achievement yesterday and got the Achievement for Hyad this morning.