Molten Front Offensive and other achievements

Grinding Molten Front Dailies has finally paid off and I have The Molten Front Offensive.  That Flaming Hippogryph is mighty purty!

I still baulk at having to pay 1k gold for pets though.  Got the Hyjal Bear Cub at least.

Spent most of the day farming for Mr Grubbs.  Did all my EPL quests and then killed mobs for about 4 hours.  Server was about to reset and I finally got him!  I was so excited!  So I was hearthing and then a mob attacked me and interrupted my hearth, and I killed it and... it dropped ANOTHER Mr Grubbs.  I mean WTF...

Had some lucky Battle of Gilneas victories today, and managed to nab Battle for Gilneas Perfection, Newbs to Plowshares and Double Rainbow.