No more wasting cloth... I'm Prepared for Disaster

I got my Preparing for Disaster achievement on Sunday.  I am relieved actually.  That's 1500 cloth wasted doing that achievement - thank goodness I'm a tailor and I seem to get about 60 cloth from every instance I run.  Though it did make me mildly amused to see Az crying every time I was making bandages...

"Navi... stop wasting cloth! Noooooooo...."

Now I didn't know this but apparently making Field Bandage: Dense Embersilk also counts towards the achievement.  Not sure if that would make it any easier though in terms of the amount of Embersilk since that's binding 2 heavy embersilk bandages together...

Sigh.  Only one more professions achievement to go.  You bloody ratbag Sea turtle.


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