Warlocks progress in their "Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest" questline

In our 25 man last Wednesday, BOTH warlocks finished their Ember collections for the All-Seeing Eye, step 3 of the 14 step quest chain for the legendary Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.  I was listening to them whinging and complaining while they were doing the Through a Glass, Darkly (step 5).

Here is what Aza had to say:

...You have to kill a whole bunch of evil adds which kick the shit out of you and silence you and then you have to jump across platforms and kite things which hit you for 60k...
... you get stuck in combat so you can't heal or regen health...
... so I got to the boss before Sev, and I got stomped for 2 hours trying to kill it.  And then Sev killed it on his first attempt... /buffing his nails
... Navi, it was soooo annoying

Here's what Sev had to say:

In Nexus, I had to go thru Nexus to use the eye we'd forged at the centre.  Mobs inside were designed to irritate the hell out of casters.  Heavy sentinels dropping frost patches which kept us moving constantly.  And a few mobs that had to be constantly interrupted to prevent them doing massive damage.   Main problem for Az was the final boss.  It had a self heal, dropped flame on the ground like Atra, summoned adds, very nasty.  I didn't have too many problems because my felpuppy could dispel the worst of the magic, but Az was furious :P.  I had more trouble with the mobs on the way.  There was one pack of ice wraiths that endlessly respawned, needed AOE to kill them and seed was useless :(.  Got them eventually using shadowflame though.


Sounds like Aff is the way to go for the final bit and Demo for the adds?  Just an interesting perspective from 2 excellent warlocks in 2 different specs.