Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Patch 4.1 - Druid thoughts

Patch day!  So, what's changed for resto druids?

• Lifebloom's bloom effect has been reduced by 20%.

Ok well that's gonna be crap for PvP.  Not so much for PvE.  I bet other teams are cheering...

• Druids now innately have 100% pushback protection from damage while channeling Tranquility.

Sounds good on paper but maybe I'm thinking in the PvP mindset.  Halfus Wyrmbreaker has a knockback, does that count as a pushback?  I'll have to throw a tranquility in there to see.  That might be kind of useful.

• Gift of Nature (passive) also reduces Tranquility's cooldown by 2.5/5 minutes.
• Malfurion's Gift now reduces the cooldown of Tranquility by 2.5/5 minutes.

Well that's pretty awesome.  With no nerf to Tranquility ouput looks like I'll be using it a bit more.  So basically it's saying that having Malfurion's Gift and being resto spec reduces Tranquility cd by 5mins? Sweet.

• Efflorescence has been redesigned. It creates a healing zone at the feet of a Swiftmend target, but this healing zone now restores health equal to 4/8/12% of the amount healed by Swiftmend to the three most injured targets within 8 yards, every 1 second for 7 seconds. This periodic effect now also benefits from spell haste, but the individual ticks cannot be critical effects. In addition, Living Seed is no longer a prerequisite talent for Efflorescence.

Now I have a good reason to dump efflorescence.  Only 3 targets??  That is gonna be crap for Chimaeron.  Looks like more tranquility for Chimaeron woot.  Though since you get 12% per tick and you can get 8 or 9 ticks off it (because of my haste) it might be good for some really low health peeps.  Anyway, for now I've dropped it.  See how that goes.

• Nature's Swiftness now also increases the healing done by the affected nature spell by 50%.

This is nice.  I was thinking of dropping NS for PvE but I think I'll keep it now.  Good for those "Oh Shit" moments.  But this will be a nice winner for PvP too.
• Dark Intent: The friendly target of this ability now receives 1% (stacking 3 times to 3%) periodic spell damage and healing bonus instead of 3% (stacking 3 times to 9%). The casting Warlock still receives 3% (stacking 3 times to 9%).

Ok that's a minor suck.  I don't really miss the bonus healing, it's the haste that I would miss.  Of course for 2s that's a different story, I might miss it more there.
• Soulstone can now be used in combat to resurrect a targeted dead player.

Yes but I wonder if it can be glyphed so that you come back with 100% health?  I think the druid BRez will still be the best option, so they can't replace us yet.
• A dead player can now be resurrected by targeting them using the Party or Raid Frame even if they have released. No more hunting for corpses.
Excellent.  Makes it a billion times easier to Battle Rez.
Now... who isn't excited about the return of Zul'Aman!!  Wait, you're not?  Go hit yourself in the head and then come back and read this blog then.

I wonder when I'll get a chance to try the new instance?  With raiding on every other night it may be a while.  And Zul'Gurub too.  I bet by the time I get home today lots of people will have done the instance.

Also I respecced today, removing Efflorescence, and putting all the points into Nature's Bounty which makes me more a tank healer than a raid healer.  We did BWD today and I was still top heals but I felt a little mana pushed.  I think might end up dropping NS and putting Efflorescence back in.  And maybe drop swift rejuvenation too.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dissecting games against DK/DK, DiscP/RetP, Mage/Lock

Had good 2s mojo yesterday.  Won 9 games this week and only lost 3 (which is much better than our usual 50/50 games).  And we had some challenging teams too (and some not so challenging).

There was a mage/warlock combination whom we encountered twice.  We lost the first time (rather quickly too) and Sev said I should try to cc more.  So the next time we got them I let them hit Sev a few times before I ww the lock and then tree formed and then ran around for a while.  The warlock was almost dead and then he started healing himself and he did that a few times.  Unfortunately I was busy on the other side of the arena and had no idea where he was (Dalaran arena) and Sev was yelling at me as he usually does when he gets frustrated from cc's/people healing from being nearly dead (I still remember him yelling at HK when HK said that a mage was evocating) which doesn't bother me at all but can be a bit scary for those who don't know Sev that well.  So the warlock managed to get himself to full health and Sev was spitting chips and I told him it's ok because all we have to do is start again (because Sev and I were also full health and mana as well).  So we started again, I timed my heals better (though I think they also weren't as good on their focus) and we got them down.  Very satisfying.

Another loss was to a ret pally/disc priest combo which I found difficult as I was getting mana burned a fair bit and I am not sure if the mana burn was going off while I was in bear form because it didn't say failed (I had the priest focussed) and  other times I was feared and burned.  Embarrassing really because I should be able to LOS it and not get burned.  Also that was our last game so perhaps fatigue may have been part of that.  I was trying to LOS behind boxes but it was damn annoying.

Image by Ketka (
The DK/DK combo was particularly bad.  I am not sure how to play that one.  We actually won by default because the remaining DK left the game rather than continue playing and I am sure it could have lasted a long time - in fact it could have lasted the full 45 mins which would have been bad for both teams.  I had to have Sev explain what the DK was doing because I am not that cluey about how they play. All I know about DK's is that I have to stay far from them because they can deathstrike and they can get their health back.  And that they can sacrifice pets for health.  Sev said that they were both in unholy presence which means their rune cooldowns are shorter.  I didn't quite understand what he said about blood presence... but another thing he said they did was using their lichborne talent and deathcoiling themselves which did a lot of self healing.  Anyway back to topic... those 2 DKs were at full health for what felt like 3 mins of fighting.  We did get one of them down low and then he'd come back up but then Sev managed to get him.  Staying at range is hard.  Sev told me to stay at range when I swear Sev was in melee 5x more than me!  Being deathgripped into melee range is the suck as well.  I am not sure how we would handle that combination again.  I guess maybe I have to do more cc but there is only so much I can do and that anti-magic shield... ugh.  As far as I can tell a burst with cc is going to get them down and there is no way as a resto druid I can do that.

The easiest nice game is when the other team doesn't show.  Had one of those this week.

Anyway all in all it was a good week.  We got up to over 1600 rating!  I feel like I haven't had a rating like that for 5 seasons.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

25000 Conquest points

Me and Sev hit the 25000 Conquest points achievement yesterday, which was cool.  I was merely commenting how cool it was that we got it together, and he said something along the lines of "Well, we do play all our matches together and we have exactly the same games so it's no wonder we got it together..."  Well... yeah!  I knew that but still it's nice to get the achievement at the same time!

And I forgot to mention that after 2 weeks of trying I finally got Bounce.  I did it on my flying mount so I'm not sure if that makes it a little easier but I know that it seemed easier when I was doing it on the mount.  Though lots of people have done it without, so maybe I'm just unlucky.

Friday, April 22, 2011

An almost win in rated BG!

We did a rated BG today and man the q's are the suck!  It was Battle for Gilneas and we actually did pretty well in the beginning of the run holding 2 bases but once they got one base off us we were stuffed and couldn't get it back.  So we lost by a little but their team was much more highly rated than ours.  So we did pretty well considering!

So who was there?  There was me, Cymre, Shabadu, Sevros, Azadelta, Beauti, Bludo (who doesn't pvp), Hwired, Kadburi, Belinia.

And I was trying to practice my duelling again today for survivability.  I've found that if I can survive the burst at the beginning then I can last quite a while.  Poor Shaba had something weird going on and I managed to kill him in a duel (!!) and I almost killed Hwired in a duel (though I suspect he was going soft because the first attempt he wiped the floor with my face in like 30 seconds) but then I got a phone call and had to stop duelling for a while (and he was on 25k too).  Then I duelled Sev who I think was being a bit stingy on the fears because I lived for a very very very long time.  And I can't damage him so basically I just have to run around for ages trying not to oom.  I haven't duelled HK yet or any boomkin yet so I need to do that to see if I can get my cyclones timed correctly to interrupt starfall.

Edit: Beauti asked if we were doing anymore rated BGs because she couldn't sleep after that least one, we were that close!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How I'm Dumb about Arcane Brilliance and mage stuff in general

Xyn informed me today that Arcane Brilliance does not in fact give you intellect anymore.  The tooltip actually says:

"Increases maximum mana by 2126. Increases spellpower by 6%."

I felt really stupid I didn't know that.  But I asked in guild and almost everybody hadn't realise that also.  So maybe I'm not so dumb after all.

Now here is another stupid thing I didn't realise but should have.

Ring of frost.. is a RING.  you can stand in the middle and not get frozen!  DUH!  How many times have I been running out of the damn thing when I'm in the middle.

Mass resurrection anyone? :D Guild level 25!

Yay! Last night we hit Guild level 25!  We had 2 groups of 10 mans running in BWD last night and when the other group killed Chimaeron we hit it.  It was cool!  Mass resurrection woot!

Group makeup was slightly strange.  One group (mine) had 2 pallies, 2 shadow priests, 2 druids, shaman, 2  mages and a warlock.  The other group had no pallies, 1 warlock, 2 priests, shaman, 2 warriors, DK, mage, 2 druids.  So there was a feeling of an uneven split, which left some people rather unhappy.  I didn't think it was THAT bad, but I think I am in the minority.

So we also get a scorpion mount!  Pics coming shortly (geez all these things I have to do when I get home).  Anyway no luck for me this week, no bracers and I had to afk for Atramedes and Maloriak kill.  Cymre replaced me though.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trolling the forums randomly again...

I rarely post on WoW forums but there was a silly forum thread titled "Rate the Druid's name above you!".  Had to post but I really wonder what some people will say about my name.  After all it's not particularly cool.

However there were some rather cool druid names.  Like:

Shiftfaced (haha!)
Chucknourish (hilarious!)
Legendairyy (though Legendairy would be better imo)
Monkin (great for a troll boomy!)

So if I could rename my toon what would I name it?  After all my name is actually a rather personal anagram but sounds nice IMO... but if I wanted a druidy name... I would pick one of these:

Mooshroom (if I was boomy)

Well at least my name wasn't rated too badly!

Monday, April 18, 2011

3rd Cho'gall kill for guild

We split into two teams last night for Cho'gall and I thought that the group I was in was going to be a bit more hurty than the other team.  Here was the split:

Fue, Hwired, Navimie, Melfina, Biship, Lushnek, Sevros, Caedis, Shabadu, Earthwisper
Coolidge, Thraso, Cym, Gemmira, Jinjersnaps, Epidemais, Moopie, Ayelena, Artistic, Xynzelle

Mana was an issue in my group.  With no mana tide I was being really conservative with my mana and I noticed the other 2 healers were way ahead of me during phase 1.  I even got Lushnek to innervate Melfina and I used my own twice on myself (and used one of HK's on myself too) in the kill attempt.  The funny thing was on the kill attempt me and Lushnek both forgot to eat food ... I thought oh well we're gonna wipe soon anyway should be ok.  But we kept going and going... anyway by phase 2 I had lots of mana left (at least 50%) and a tree form to use so I ToL'd and then threw a tranq and got Lush to do the same.  Poor Melf had no mana left.  And Bish didn't dc for once! Yay! Anyway the Warrior/Hunter/Shaman shoulders dropped AGAIN! and Earthwisper got them lucky thing! 

Caedis was funny, he was telling everyone in his nice calm voice to stand in front of him, group up.  I think I was the only person dispelling too.  Had Earthwisper dpsing the boss only, that made her dps a lot better.

And the mace dropped too.  Talk about a nice loot evening.  Lushnek took that

Anyway we went to hit up Al'Akir after that.  Painful.  But tonight we went back for an hour and we were consistently getting to Phase 2, so we were getting the hang of it.

The positioning was quite good.  We had it spread out like this:

Moopie had a revelation - he noticed that the consistent factor between all 3 Cho'gall kills was Fueghan.  Now is that coincidence? Or just skill?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What frustrates Keeva about WoW - my thoughts on her thoughts!

TreeBarkJacket made a heartfelt post about what frustrates her most about WoW - basically saying that she wished she could find 24 people who felt the same about raiding and progression as she did.  I especially liked the way she wrote this:

"There will always, apparently, be someone who whines about loot. Who says negative crap. Who complains about not getting a spot. Who is more interested in what I’m doing wrong than worrying about themselves. Who can’t handle wiping for even a single night before it’s easier to just cut all ties and walk away. I can’t fill a raid with people who all share my ideas about progression, wiping, loot distribution, team spirit, and so on...

...These days that people want instant gratification. They don’t want things to be “ezmode”, but if they have to wipe more than a few times, then it’s too much effort – not worth it. Take a break, come back for the next content patch. Back in Vanilla and TBC, we could work on a boss for weeks or even months, and nobody complained about it, nobody gave up. But as time went on, it seemed that people’s patience got thinner and thinner. By the time wrath rolled around, wiping on a boss for more than a few tries was enough to test people’s patience, and wiping on Yogg for 3 nights was enough to kill my entire guild – because a bunch of people felt that 3 nights of wiping meant that the guild wasn’t able to kill him and they should go find a guild that could.

- Keeva

Now doesn't that sound like a lot of things that are happening these days in our own guild?

It's something we've noticed since BC and I guess the fortunate thing is that our guild is old enough and close enough not to collapse when the raiding thing waxes and wanes.  It is true though that people seem to tire of things a lot quicker and disappear from raiding only to come back at the next content patch.  I am not sure if slow releases of content like that is good, but what is the alternative solution?  People steam through all content and get bored and then not come back until next expansion?

We are again at that low point and recruiting to make up the numbers.  Core raiders remain the same.  Even some long term players have disappeared from raids (Beldarien, Shadevar, Targetme, Chihako, Manbull).  Now if only Enna (Beauti) and Gley (Beasti) would return to raiding we might have some boost of numbers :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Scorched Wormling Vest at last

Geez after killing Magmaw that many times I have finally gotten the chest!  Now all I need is the bracers and I will feel much more epic.

I look at Gemmira and she outheals me all the time! She has way more spellpower than me, and also more mastery (though I look at myself and I have stacked more haste).

We had quite a few new people raiding yesterday.  We did 2 bosses in BOT which were both 1 shots but extremely messy.  Fleckso, Kadburi are back into raiding which is fantastic and we got a new shaman healer, Jinjersnaps who is actually a really good healer.  For someone who didn't know the fights well she topped healing in one fight (beating me by a smidge!) so Shaimster is so pleased there is another mana battery in the raid.  Hope she's a stayer.

Puny turned up to raid as well but she was afk a lot on the phone so was only half there.

We split into 10 mans for Council and Cho'gall, and I hope we get it this week.  We need to start killing it more regularly so more of us can get our Tier tokens.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guild level 23 and United Nations

Yesterday we hit guild level 23 which gives Bountiful Bags as the Guild perk (you get more from your professions now like more herbs, DE's, skins etc).  And now the guild levelling is uncapped so we can go for it!

And somebody hit 55 exalted reps!  I don't know who that was but now we have access to getting the Dark Phoenix Hatchling which I bought.  Here's the little fella:

Edit: Ah thanks HK for figuring out who the 55 rep person was - it was Thraso. Thanks Thraso!

Elementium Geode

Sev gave me a new little friend the other day!  I forgot to write about it so I'll put a pic of my new buddy now

 You get it from mining Elementium (funny that).  I was quite excited, I love new pets!  Thank you Sev!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Innervating - now I have to think about it!

I've been trying lately to maximise my innervate, when I've really been noticing it on certain fights and having to not rely on having a mana battery around (ie shamans!).

So the resto druid innervate gives you 20% of your mana pool back.  So the more buffs you have on, the more mana you get back!  So it would be to my advantage when my mana pool is huge to innervate then!  Seeing as Power torrent increases my int by 500 for 12 secs which should give me back about 7500 mana.  Sweet.

Now looking at enchants and things, I normally have 50 int on my cloak.  Now perhaps I should be putting Lightweave embroidery on it which will temporarily give me 580 int for 15 seconds.  If only I could get my innervate to proc when both of those cds are up then the mana I get back would be huge!

And maybe I should be swapping innervates with Gemmira more if we both had glyph of innervate ... something I'll have to chat to her to (though at the moment she pwns me in healing!  So she probably doesn't need my innervate!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Halyon heroic still beyond our reach

Gee even at level 85 with a full 10 man raid Halyon was still hard to do, and we weren't successful though we did make some progress on it.

Transitions from Phase 1 and 2 were relatively quick though as expected people died a lot to cutter, but the big killer was the Mark of consumptions in the twilight phase because when they're in melee they are terrible to try to avoid.  And running out of them is still hard!

Anyway, if we lived a little bit longer and did a little more dps inside we could have made it, but the number of circles is nuts!  Outside is not much of an issue, it's relatively easy compared to doing inside, since it was the twilight realm guys which were dying all the time.

Anyway we gave up at 2230.  We did OS after that with our now routine and laughable zerg pull strat which means no clearing and pulling every mob in the place which gives crazy times and also I finally got my mount!  Yay!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good run in 5v5 yesterday

We had some good runs in 5s yesterday.  There were some bad ones too though.

There was a 5 boxer with 4 dks and a priest healer ... we died twice to that team.  Abyssmal.  And lost lots of points too.

There was one poor team we farmed over and over, they had a druid healer that Shaba used his newly found resto druid control tactics and it worked a treat!

(oh I totally forgot to write about this!  Shab and I were duelling a lot outside so he could practice his druid killing technique.  He was complaining resto druids are hard to kill. So we practiced a bit and he got this little strategy worked out.  Shoot the druid till deep freeze procs, ring of frost and when the druid gets out of it, counterspell them so they can't heal themselves and bam! dead.)

That poor druid died the same way in about 3 games.  Shaba would say "getting druid.... ok dps druid now" and bam dead druid.

They switched to a priest instead of a druid but we wiped the floor with them again.  There was a plate group we did rather badly against, who were all dps, I think we lost twice to them.  I remember their warrior beign a little bit squishy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fueghan is back, and I suck at Atramedes

After what feels like ages, our illustrious leader is back.  For the first time in ages there were 2 10 mans going!  Though of course I was late so that wasn't ideal and I missed out on Magmaw who dropped my chest (gasp!) and fortunately it wasn't DE'd so that was a minor consolation, but of course Chimaeron still refuses to give me my bracers...

Melf also made an appearance yesterday, and was healing in my group.  He must be back to normal because he was full of his usual comments which some I just let pass and others irritated me to high hell.  But he is a good healer and I tolerate him because of that!

So I suck at Atramedes.  I swear I am always in front of the flame but obviously I'm not because I'm still dying from sound.  Shabadu did really well with gonging yesterday for the first time by himself, but I wish he would hold on just a little bit longer before he iceblocks and it goes to someone else... I died twice from that.  Though most other times I died from sound.

Artistic - Shadow Priest

Aza's friend Artistic joined the raid for the first time, and his dps really impressed some our our long standing dpsers!  There were a few boss fights where he outdps'd Sevros and Xynzelle, and I'm sure those 2 are used to being top dogs around the place.  It makes you wonder though what the other shadow priests are doing.  Because rarely are the shadow priests in the top 5 dps.

So I had a squizz at Art's gear and he is wearing a combination of heroic blues and epics.  He does have my staff however.  Though if he starts raiding, his gear will only get better.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Volcanic drake

Here is a picture of Thraso on his Volcanic drake - the first in the guild!  I helped him get his last achievement today (which was the Vancleef one - which was one I needed too).

I am still way off getting mine.  I've got like 11 achievements to go still.