Firelands legendary run - elusive achievements!

I went to the Firelands for the sole reason of getting the Only the Penitent... achievement which has every week eluded us.  Every week somebody stuffs it up.  I thought we'd get lucky this week.

However, we may have used up all our luck when we got the Rhyolith achievement Not an Ambi-Turner.  I was so happy to get that!

So we get to Domo.  I said ok, Ayelena, Faith, Ksret, you guys stay here, do not cross the bridge!  Moo was talking about how many silly people stuff up the achievement, how hard is it, he's got it on 2 toons.  Roshii said "Somebody Leroy it!"  and as I was running in, Moo jumped and got hit...

I think I nearly cried.  Then I couldn't help but laugh hysterically.  I told him he was now officially 15 seconds of stupid.

Anyway, we managed to kill it on heroic!  It was quite clean too - Ayelena died twice, but he hadn't done it before.  But Ragnaros was a different story.  So many dot classes, not enough burst... we had to call it.  A shame really.

Enna managed to get her bits done for Beth'tilac and Rhyolith for Beauti so that was pretty cool.  A pretty good night, and oh well, there is always another week to get achievements.

Attendees: Belinia, BloodyNok, Lushnek, Azadelta/Azalpha, Faithless, Ayelena, Ksret, Navimie, Jujubrudda(Moo), Beauti.  Hwired came on Oggfury for one or two attempts at Rag since Lush had a date with the toilet, but that was the end of that.