Friday, June 29, 2012

365 days played - good or bad?

Today I hit 365 days played on Navimie alone!  That is one year playing, with no sleep!  The thought is boggling!

This could be taken one of two ways...

Those who love WoW like me, would say "Grats!" as it shows the amount of time and dedication I have put into one toon.  Which you would see on her achievements (massive time wasting!!).  I am amazed that I have spent one year of my life playing this game.  I think of all the friends I've made, all the things I've seen that have fired my imagination in rhyme, story and song.  I have a bunch of friends with whom I have a common interest, and I play my character reasonably well, and know a few things about dungeons, bosses... areas of interest... NPCs named after pop culture... and have built up a massive collection of pets and mounts and other ridiculous vanity items that clutter my bank and void storage.

Now here are some useless statistics some of which are quite amusing:
  • Gold earned from auctions: 4405g 92s 51c
    • Yes, I can't make money on the AH to save my life....
  • Bandages used: 3 
    • I'm a healer!  Why would I need this? 
  • Total Deaths: 7477
  • Deaths from falling: 73
  • Deaths from fatigue: 7
    • My daughter's fault, I'm sure
  • Flight Paths taken: 899
  • Number of hugs: 752
  • Total waves: 1255
  • Materials produced from disenchanting: 10604
  • Items disenchanted: 5531
  • Fish and other things caught: 17038
Now the flipside, would be people telling me how I've wasted my life, when I could have been doing something more "constructive".  And here it comes, what people PERCEIVE as being a constructive use of your time.  We spend 1/4-1/3 of our day sleeping.  Or you could say we spend 2 hours a day eating.  Or 3 hours a day reading a book.  It annoys me how society could think what I do is a waste of time!  Wow is like any other hobby, you invest time in it and you see rewards.

One of the lucky things is that I can actually do other things while I'm on WoW.  I do often get on the game while I'm at work, usually to do small things, like browse the AH, do my Loremaster, or archaeology - those 5 minute WoW things that don't require a great deal of concentration or a focussed chunk of time.  So it's not like I just spent all that time sitting in front of the computer not doing anything, I could have been eating dinner, being at work... 

Since I started playing in September 2005, I guess that's almost 7 years of WoW!  It makes me wonder what I'll be doing in 7 more years... will I still be here playing this?  I suspect that I might, in fact, if WoW still exists, I probably would.

Happy one year of being played, Navimie!

Anshi the Green paladin

Anshi (Zenhira) stopped me the other day to ask advice on a new weapon.  I was sad because I really liked the sword that he had before, but he got a new tanking mace and needed something to match.  I liked this mace the best, and the new shield he got as well looks awesome.

Shoulders: Jade Warrior Pauldrons
Chest: Breastplate of Tarnished bronze
Gloves: Fel Iron Plate Gloves
Waist: Judgement Belt
Legs: Fel Iron Plate Pants
Boots: Fel Iron Plate Boots
Weapon: Gurubashi Punisher
Shield: Blessed Qiraji Bulwark

And, would you believe, this avid transmogger did not have MogIt!  I told him he MUST get it and he did, and he loves it, and I wonder what other new sets he has made since I told him about that fantastic time wasting add-on!

Murphy's Law - things are always cheaper after you buy them

Well, I spent a lot of dough on my Vial of the Sands.  So yesterday when I saw someone hocking it in trade chat for 20k gold I thought it was a joke.  I asked the person if he was serious - he said it was.  I checked to make sure it wasn't a level 1 toon (god forbid I'm supporting the account hacking trade) - it was an 85 toon from Shift, one of the top guilds on the server.  So, I thought ok, that's too cheap to pass up, I must buy it. 

So I did.

And who was the lucky recipient?  My dear friend Lushnek :)  Thanks for letting me use your toon to herb and mine when I need it :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A battleground and some gentlemen

What does it mean when you see Shab and Sev?

It means it's time for some PvP!

Az and Sev were already PvPing and I was bumming around in Tol Barad, so they came to join me.  Shab was in D3 and asked if we were PvPing and yes, we were, so he hurriedly came along too.  Lush was still in D3 but it was shutdown so he was moving over as well.

We had some good games and some bad ones.  The first Gilneas was bad, the AB was good, and all the WSGs were good.  Twin peaks was good too.  It was cute, in one WSG, this paladin looked at us and said "Yay Frostwolves!" Sev seemed pleased to have a fan, he waved benevolently at him.

Anyway, it was a very pleasant match, and it was nice to see this in BG chat.  Glad to see that polite people do BGs as well.

Then the next WSG I was the only healer... sigh, the single healer in a BG is getting old.  Anyway, there was a lot of pessimism around, not from our party of course, saying we only have one healer, we're going to be 3 capped...  Shab saved my ego by saying "One AWESOME healer!" so after that he stopped whining.  And what was there to whine about... it was a good game.  We 3 capped them, even though they had 4 healers.

A good night.  Geez, someone remind me to spend my honour points please... I should be stocking up on enchanting supplies.

Wednesday Raiding - Ulduar 10 man non meta achievements

So I wanted to do Ulduar and get those elusive non meta achievements, which most people don't have anyway.  I had a discussion with someone yesterday (non WoW related) about making the ground rules clear from the beginning so we don't have misunderstandings or controversy, so I had to be the big nasty Den mother and say we're doing THESE achievements, on these bosses, so don't ask for other achievements, but we WILL do achievements for those bosses that we aren't trying anything special for if you need.  So everyone in the raid seemed happy with that and there was no drama.

The worst fight, oddly enough was Flame Leviathan.  Poor Souglyy.  She couldn't zone into Ulduar and she needed Dwarfageddon so we were waiting for her, and Aza had collected them up and was trying NOT to die, but he was getting so low after a while I said we couldn't wait and I went and killed them, so poor Souglyy missed the achievement.  I will come back next week and do it with her and also help Ayelena work on his Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare.  Yes, I know I've done it a million times, but I don't mind helping, after all, so many people have done so many favours for me in the last few weeks it's the least I can do.

We wiped on Flame Leviathan because 3 people needed to be thrown up, and we were doing Orbitu-uary for Ayelena anyway.  We got 2 up and I stuffed up trying to throw Ayelena up because I was face on with FL and threw it directly into FL's face and somehow that threw Ayel right over FL.  So that was a wipe.  But we went back and did it again so Roshii, McTacky and Ayelena all got their Take out those Turrets.

We did Heartbreaker for XT, and then because I really wanted to get to Vezax, we went straight to Kologarn and did With Open Arms, and quite a few people needed that so that was good. Then we did Nine Lives on Auriaya which was easy and annoying (we were trying for Olympic rings but failed!) and then on to Hodir who, was killed so quickly every achievement on him was done for Ayelena (I could say this Cache was rare, Getting Cold in Here, I have the Coolest Friends, Cheese the Freeze).  Then onto Thorim, and I was hoping they could get Don't Stand in the Lightning, and all the ranged were excellent and not standing in the lightning, but not the little backstabby rogue... Roshii got hit by lightning because he said I wasn't clear enough with my instructions (Stay away from the little ball things), because he was hitting Thorim from behind.  LOL.  Doesn't matter, can come back and do that another day.  I still need that on 25 man.  Lose your Illusion and I'll take you all on were also "achieved".

Yeah Ok, no olympic rings..

Freya had 2 achievements I needed, and so we did Lumberjacked and Deforestation, WOOO!  We also got Getting back to nature and Con-speed-atory for those who needed it too.

Mimiron had 2 achievements I wanted to get, but we at least got Set Up Us the Bomb, which was great - gosh so easy when we're not doing it hardmode!

Finally at Vezax.  I wanted Shadowdodger, which turned out to be very easy to get because we weren't doing it hardmode, and Roshii was complaining at me because I didn't want anyone to stuff it up because it could be hard when you're lagging or not paying attention.

Roshii: "Nav, it's so EASY!"
Aza: "Yeah, because you're MELEE!"
Roshii: "No, how hard is it to avoid the big thing coming towards you?  You've got heaps of time to move out!"
Navi: "Oh, about as hard as it to avoid the lightning in Thorim, hey Roshii?  Because you know THAT was really easy..."
Roshii:  "Aww, come on, you didn't say stay out of the chain lightning, you said avoid the dotty things... what dotty things?"
Navi: "Well, you were sitting next to Souglyy and SHE knew what she was doing, she didn't get hit, so she understood what I was saying!"
Roshii: "... so mean."

So that was that done.  Anyway, onto Yogg next and we decided to do it with Alone in the darkness, so we couldn't do any of the other achievements.  Will do those next time, with all keepers up, so I need to pop into yogg's brain and experience the visions.  I think lots of us need them.

Anyway back to Council, and people should have got But I'm on Your side, but I don't know why Ayelena didn't get his...  the others did.  We also did I choose you, Runemaster Molgelm.

And Algalon... we got to do Supermassive yay! And Observed was done for those who needed it.

So we did Ignis and got Shattered for Ayelena and Aza, and that was the raid all wrapped up!  A fun night, and I'm happy I've cracked the 13200 barrier for achievements.

Sorry for the lack of pics, I'll fix that up when I get home.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

At long last you little piece of... ice

To all my dear readers who haven't got it yet, my apologies.

But today, I finally got that stupid pet after 3 Midsummers and I am glad that I will NOT see Ahune for the rest of this damn world event.  Well, that's not true.  I will happily heal or tank it for someone because it is a quick fight after all, but I don't have to look at him and think I need something from you...

And you know what?  I didn't know that little piece of.. ice.. throws a snowball at your face.

That's #172.

More Chibi Cuteness - Roshii Orc Rogue

And here is the next commission for my guild that Sleepingfox did - it's of Roshii in her favourite transmog set using Fangs of the Father with the on use wings!

Roshii is wearing Assasination Helm with pieces farmed from 25 man Ulduar - Shoulderpads of the Monolith, Winter's Icy Embrace, Gloves of the Blind Stalker, Belt of the Twilight Assassin, Leggings of Wavering Shadow, Flamestalker Boots.

So who would think that behind those big blue eyes is the heart and soul of an assassin??  Love those wings!  And the cute little skulls on the knees and shoulders!  I know Roshii is happy with this fantastic chibi!

Random silly thoughts on captcha

Ok, well I thought it was funny...

I was reading Redbeard's blog Parallel context, in particular his post about Talk to the Hand, Bub.  Which is about BG trolls yelling crap at people and saying how awful everyone ise, even if we are winning a game.  Familiar story?  Well, yes.  Nice to know Alliance has their share of morons too.

Anyway, the thing that made me giggle was not the content of that post, but rather, when I went to leave a comment.

The captcha gave me this to write...

4 titizen

And I could not stop laughing.  I mean, seriously, what kind of images do you conjure up with titizen??

Ok, well was I the ONLY person who thought of large breasted citizens???

I'm sure the words are totally random in these captcha things but I remember I also had this once

23 pokeyour

And that sent me into gales of laughter too.  Ah... dirty mind yes.  I will stop writing rubbish now.

The Orgrimmar Thief - Part 1

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  It is based upon characters within Blizzard's World of Warcraft, however, their imagined lives are products of my imagination and not wholly based upon lore written by Blizzard.

Glory is for champions - the ones left standing at the end of a battle.  They are the figureheads of victory, to incite the masses, whip up a frenzy of bloodlust for a war well fought.  They're the ones who are good for the war business.  Plaster their faces on posters, and you'll have recruits lining up to join the fighting.

But what about those that fell in battle?  The fallen heroes.  Who really remembers our fallen heroes, except for the families they left behind?

My name is Regnar.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't an orc.  I wish I could have been a troll, or a tauren, so I could learn the ways of the forest.  Or be like a night elf and sleep for years in that Emerald Dream.  I bet they never get hungry in there.

My father was killed at Wrathgate.  He followed Saurfang the Younger and Bolvar Fordragon for the glory of the Horde.  Then he was killed by those filthy undead with their unearthly plague concoctions... and then his body was incinerated by dragon's breath flames.

My family originally hailed from the Crossroads, in the Barrens.  We grew up hiding from the constant Alliance raiders who enjoyed taunting our little town, poorly protected and open on all sides in the middle of nowhere.  Sometimes my parents took my sister, Orna, and I to Ratchet, and we would stare in awe at the ocean, imagining we were sailing on our own boat, far away from any raiders.  It was still a dangerous trip sometimes, because Razormane Quillboars, lions, hyenas and other wild animals would often be around.  Our father gave each of us a simple dagger, to protect ourselves, and even showed us how to use it.  Mother forbade us from using our daggers when sparring against each other, so we made blunted sticks of the same length to practice with.

Then, that fateful day came, and the recruiters came for the march against the Lich King.  Able bodied men, including my father, were called to battle. What orc does not want to fight for glory, for power, for the HORDE??  My mother wasn't a warrior, she was a herbalist - war was not for her.  She shed great tears when my father told her of his departure, and bade her stay to raise Orna and I to be great warriors.

We made our living selling her herbs to Hula'mahi. It wasn't a rich living, but an honest one.  Hula'mahi taught my sister and I to make poisons, and we used to pretend we were rogues, sneaking up on each other and stabbing each other in the back.  We even became really good at hiding ourselves, when a real rogue passing through our town showed us the basics.  We loved sneaking up on people, especially Apothecary Helbrim.  He was a sour fellow, with a ghastly smell.  We would watch him sometimes, brewing his potions.  He loved mushrooms and spores.  The only time he actually seemed "happy" was when we brought him a mushroom that mother had gotten from the Forgotten pools, and his eyes lit up - if dead eyes COULD light up.  After that, he would ask many of the travellers through Crossroads to collect more specimens for him.  But most of the time, he called us "little thieves", because Orna and I would practice stealthing and appear and disappear around him.

Ironic, how our playful games would be what saved us when we got older.  For are not all thieves just rogues who have fallen upon hard times?

When the news came back to my family about Wrathgate, it broke my mother.  She loved our father and had cried every night since he left, fearful and afraid he would not return.  My mother wasn't strong, like so many other she-orcs, but she did love us, in her own way.  She took to her bed after the news, and refused to eat for the longest time.  My sister and I would go herbing and buy food for her and feed her like a baby for those long wretched weeks.  But herbs were plentiful in the Barrens, and with our stealthy skills we were very adept at getting what we needed.  We probably made even more money than mother did on her own.  Orna had a large doll, and we hid the extra coins inside her and padded the coins carefully so they wouldn't make any giveaway jingling sounds if we dropped the rustic toy.

Then, a month to the day after the great cloud of depression descended upon my mother, it lifted, like spring breaking through the snows of winter.  We woke from sleep to her gently shaking us, a smile on her face.  It was the happiest my sister and I had been since father left for the Northrend, and we threw our arms around her, laughing as she cried all over us, saying how she loved us and how father would be so proud of how grown up we were.  I can still feel her warm hand on my cheek. She said we should all go and visit her sister, who had married Tatternack Steelforge, an envoy of the Warchief, who had been posted at a Camp Taurajo, to the south.  We were so excited, my sister and I packed everything, and even took the doll with all the money we'd saved to see if we could buy some new clothing.  Leather goods from Sanuye Runetotem were reputed to be some of the finest quality in the Barrens.

Our aunt welcomed us, and invited us for an extended stay.  There was no herbalist or apothecary in Camp Taurajo and mother's herbing and minor alchemy skills were enough to keep her busy, and earn us a good living.  It was here Orna and I came to know the Taurahe better, and they taught us about the Earthmother, and of the value of peace.  We had grown all our lives to value honour and battle and glory, and yet here, there was also honour in the respect for life and all growing things.

Omusa Thunderhorn, the Wind Rider master, took a fancy to us, and let us help him look after his wyverns.  We had seen Wyverns before, of course - Devrak was flight master in the Crossroads, but he was always very busy sending travellers on tasks for him to Orgrimmar, and had little time for curious orc children.  He never let us near his Wyverns, except to warn us away from their poisonous barbed tails.  Omusa, however, taught us to speak to the wyverns, and to our surprise, they could speak back!  We never knew they could speak, and Omusa told us a story of how long ago, when orcs first came to this land, an alliance was formed between wyverns and orcs after we proved ourselves in battle against the wyvern's sworn enemies, the harpies.  The wyverns themselves told us of how a bond can be forged between an orc and a wyvern, linking their minds as one and these duos form the best wind riders, and are often found in the service of the Warchief himself, and part of his personal guard.  Our young minds were captivated, and Orna especially was enamoured with the idea of being a wind rider, that she wanted to learn all she could about being a wyvern trainer or a wind rider.  Omusa laughed at her constant questions, and the day he first put her atop a wyvern and the wyvern walked around the camp, only reinforced the seed of determination that was already planted in my willful sister's mind.

Life was once again good to us.  But of course, good things never last, and the days of the Cataclysm were even darker than the days of our father's death.

The Barrens was torn asunder in the shattering.  Fires raged and the earth screamed as Deathwing made his flight across all of Azeroth, bellowing his rage and malice and destroying all in his path.  As the ground shook and the earth burned, my sister and I huddled with my mother and the Taurahe of Camp Taurajo, some of them openly weeping for the pain the Earthmother was feeling as the earth, her body, was violated, raped and beaten by this child who would have been, should have been, her protector.  From her wounds poured rivers of fire, and the skies remained dark for days from the smoke and ash the Destroyer left in his wake.

Fortunately, the camp itself was little harmed except for a few fallen tents which were easy to rebuild and erect.  But the relief itself was shortlived - for not long after that, our peaceful new home was visited by the ugly stain of war.  The Alliance, whom we hadn't seen for a while, came with a vengeance and a thirst for blood to the peaceful tauren outpost.

Orna and I were feeding the wyverns when we heard the first screams.  We were surrounded.  The sounds of battle rang in my ears, and Omusa urged us to flee with the others as he hefted his mace.

"I'll stay and fight with you!" I said, as I wielded my dagger.

"No, stay with the others, escort them north, away from the fighting.  I will stay here with the wyverns and cover your escape.  Go!"  And he shoved the two of us towards Yonada's tent.  Yonada was trying to cram supplies into a small pack.

"Alliance - they've surrounded the camp! What are they doing here? Why are they attacking Taurajo?" Yonada cried.

"Yonada, there is no time!  Take the children and GO!"  roared Omusa, as he turned to hack at an Alliance soldier who had appeared at the doorway, bloodfrenzy on his face.

Yonada turned to us.  "Get the other children, run!  RUN!" as she opened the back flap to the tent.  As we turned to escape, a second alliance soldier appeared in the main doorway, an arrow nocked in his bow.   Yonada screamed, as the barbed point pierced her chest, and then her scream faded into a gurgle as she crumpled to the ground.  As he went to draw another arrow, my sister and I threw our little daggers that father had gave us and they sank true into his chest and belly and then we turned to vanish into the rising dark of night.  

"Mother, mother!" cried Orna, looking wildly behind her at the camp that now burned.  Ironic, that it survived Deathwing's fire to burn now by the hands of our sworn enemies.

"She's out herbing, Orna," I said, grabbing her hand and running.  "She would want us to escape.  We must go north with the others."  I could see glaive throwers advancing upon the camp, mowing down the tauren who were trying to escape.  Their dying screams filled the night, and we ran to a nearby tree, and climbed to the top, knowing that stealth was our only escape and advantage now.  Tears continued to stream down my sister's face as she wept in silence, and my eyes stung as I saw all the fallen bodies in and around what was left of our new home.

When dawn rose, the smoking ruin of Camp Taurajo was all that remained.  The alliance had moved to advance towards Mulgore, and the only thing that moved amongst the burning tents were looters.  My sister and I used our rudimentary rogue skills to sneak back into the village to look for our mother, hoping that she wasn't amongst the bodies.

We managed to scrounge a shiny dirk and a fine pointed dagger for ourselves from some of our fallen tauren family, and Orna began to cry again as we came across Omusa's fallen, bloodied body but the wyverns were nowhere in sight.  Hopefully they had managed to escape with the others.  But our mother was nowhere to be found.  We went back to our tent, and we found Orna's doll, a bit singed, but intact, and we took it with us, the coins within hopefully still worth something.  We headed north, back towards the Crossroads, my sister and I.  Two young children against the wilderness.  Fortunately we had good foraging skills and we found enough to eat. It wasn't far to Vendetta point, where Jorn Skyseer, the leader of Camp Taurajo had managed to escape.  Our uncle, Steelforge had made it here also, but our aunt had perished at the camp.  Of our mother there had been no sign.

Orna and I filled our bellies at the campfire, but we knew that this could not be our home now.  The bitter and angry survivors were not the same tauren we had grown to love over the last few months.  They had little time for children, orc children at that, and were busy making plans with the Warchief and High Chieftain Bloodhoof about what to be done about this alliance incursion.  We spent a few days with Kirge Sternhorn, who was grieving the loss of his son and wife.

"I think we should go to Orgrimmar," said Orna, that night, as we lay on the ground, staring up at the stars.
"And do what?" I asked.  "We're too young to be soldiers, or even apprentices."
"There are always opportunities in the big city, my brother," said Orna, and she turned to me, her eyes earnest.  "Maybe I can train to be a wind rider, and be part of the Warchief's own personal guard!"
I giggled, as I shoved her back down.  "You're so smelly that no wyvern would want to have YOU riding their back!"
She punched me in the arm.  "YOU'RE so ugly that a wyvern might EAT you thinking you're a quillboar!"
"What about mother?"  I asked, my mirth dwindling as I returned to thoughts of our gentle dam.  "Shouldn't we go look for her?"
Orna sobered, and reached out to hold my hand.  "Look deep inside yourself, brother," she said, her blue eyes, large and liquid.  "Do you not feel it?"
I had been ignoring my heavy heart for days, hope had been giving it a false sense of buoyancy.  "You think she's dead?"
"She is with father now, Regnar.  It's what she would have wanted."
"But how can you be sure?"  I persisted.
Orna reached into her pocket and pulled out a blood stained herb pouch.  I recognised it immediately.  It was our mother's.  "Where...?"
"One of the tauren found it and gave it to uncle Steelforge.  He gave it to me soon after we got here."
"Why didn't you show me earlier?"
"I have been looking for her body, brother.  And..."  she looked sadly at the pouch.  "I found it.  What was left of it."
My stomach churned.  I wanted to speak or to retch, but no sound or bile could escape from my closing throat.
"I covered her remains, but you and I should go and burn her body.  It is the orc way."
The unshed tears I'd held for days, came unbidden, and rolled silently down my face.  I turned away from my sister as I wept for our gentle, sweet mother, who would never again face sorrow or pain, or suffer another day without her husband, our father.  My sister's warm arms embraced me as I felt her hot tears against my face as we both mourned our lost family.

Orna was right.  There was nothing left for us here.  At dawn, she and I went to the site of our fallen mother, her remains looked as if she had been attacked by a wild animal, or perhaps they had come after she had fallen.  We made a small pyre, and burned her, the orcish way.  There was no pyremaster to guide her spirit through loss of flesh, purging of weakness and conquering of the elements, so I prayed to the Tauren's Earthmother, to allow our mother to walk with the fallen tauren spirits in the afterlife.  When we made our way back to Vendetta Point, we bought passage on the first caravan bound for Orgrimmar.

(to be continued)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My submission for Matty and Tome's Excellent Adventure

Matty had a great time wasting idea, it was a ROAD TRIP!  In Outlands no less!  The challenge was to do the 8 clues and take pictures of them with Coordinates on, and there was a prize too.  I thought I'd do it just because I love fun and puzzles!  Though I admit, some of these puzzles were a little hard...  Have a look and see if you can figure them out!

First Clue:
In the forest of Terokkar, Staring eyes haunt you
Chilling and cold, and though you may have traveled from afar
be brave when crossing,this terrifying threshold
...these are no ordinary lepidoteras, their pixie dust is fatal
but for Outland quests, this is a beginning, where the journey is in its cradle 
Second Clue: 
Rock of Ages isn't just a movie, This is where you go when things are not groovy
Seek out this place, and you will get tired, Sit and stay awhile, what's your hurry? 
Third Clue:
If you eat these shrooms you will see double, And watch your step, there is bound to be trouble
Just there, in that knoll... Watch out, there may be a troll
Fourth Clue:
The inhabitants here seem nonchalant, and even, perhaps, a bit gallant
But in their pool you try to fish, You will quickly soon wish
That you were somewhere else, Perhaps Vermont?
Fifth Clue:
There are trinkets and talisman, Sold from this gent
He will offer you protection, Drop our names and tell him
it was us who you we sent (but don't expect a discount, he hasn't that level of dedication) 
Sixth Clue:
You can stand before this fearsome mother, If you get over your phobias and fears
There are many who can't be tamed but if you treat her gently, hunters,
This one can be claimed
Seventh Clue:
The children of Azeroth need care
See if you can help this one, Lost in the ravages of war
Eighth and Final Clue:
There is a long tunnel, Similar to life
It twists, turns and pours us through a funnel, Full of joy and strife
What will you bring with you?, And what will you leave behind?
Let us know your story (and don't leave out parts that are gory!)

Anyway, it was too hard for me, so Ancient put some translation clues up.  I sorta did better after that!

Anyway here is my submission!  I decided to make a video, rather than submit screenies:

I liked the song! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Minipost: McTacky the Black Crusader

I've totally forgotten what name Tacky gave this set.  But I think he looks rather dashing, and that shield and tabard look absolutely fantastic.  Now, did he choose that pet to match his flaming sword I wonder??

Edit:  Here he is with a better title!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

See I make, me sandstone drake!

Last two truegolds today!  Thank goodness for guildies!

So here I am, lots of gold poorer, but looking all sandstoney and drakey :)  Thanks to all my dear friends who helped me:
  • Lushnek for the ores and herbs and AH stuff, and spare truegold
  • Souglyy with all the volatiiles and xmutes
  • Nabe/Bel for his bazillion xmutes (OMG I'm so sorry!!!!)
  • Ayelena for all the volatiles
  • Aza for all those lovely Volatiles
  • Roshii for the volatiles and xmute
  • Biship for the xmute
  • Shabadu for making the final product for me
If I've forgotten anyone... I'm sorry!  Let me know and I'll fix my thank you speech.

Project: Confuse the enemy (and look like Laughing stocks while we're at it)

Sev was on this evening so we thought we'd sneak in some PvP.  But first we had to try to farm that elusive helm for this project.  So off to Gruul's Lair we went, and lucky for us it dropped!  So our project was complete!

So here we are... transmogging ourselves into another class!

So what are this abhorrent outfits?

You may recall some time ago, there was Saga's worst dressed warlock competition. Erinys had a fantastic entry which started my whole idea.

And this is what she used:
Sev spiced it up with Sylvan Crown, which adds a nice touch!  The only thing we had to farm was Draenic Wildstaff which was easy enough (Auchenai Crypts).  It took me ages though, scouring the AH on alliance and horde to get those things.

I was having difficulty with a warlocky costume, so I got Kamalia to help me
Hi Kam!

I have been struggling to find leather clothes that make me look warlocky. Since I saw Erinys' druid lock I wanted to try the reciprocal.  Have you got any ideas?

Love Navi
She got back to me within a DAY!

Hi Navi,

Here you go!
Cowl of Defiance
Mantle of Shadowy Embrace OR Feathers of Akil'zon
Dragonhide Robe
Soul Devouring Cinch
Wolf Rider's/Imposing Gloves
Red Workman's Shirt
Dark Shroud of the Scourge
Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer

Hee hee, what a fun idea! I'd love to see both of these concepts
She sent me that email more than a month ago and it has taken me that long to get all the things!  I don't have the cloak yet so I'm not showign it but once I do I'll add it to the set.  I ended up using a different belt, because the Soul Devouring Cinch is not easy to come by (though there is a vendor one up in Dalaran, so I might go check that out)
So I thought it was a pretty amusing transmog.  Here I am, a tauren, dressing like a warlock (there are NO Tauren warlocks) and there's Sev, dressing like a druid (there are NO Orc druids).   Do you think we might confuse our competition in 2s?  Maybe we can get them laughing at us so hard that we might win because of our outrageous outfits were a distraction? :P

Anyway, so we decided to try PvPing in them.  Arv was on so I dragged him along to some BGs with me and Sev and we had a nice run.  We won every random BG we did.  It was Isle of Conquest weekend (/groan) and we got 2 of those, which we won (the first one was rather iffy, and I was surprised we won) and we had a WSG, AB and a Twin peaks as well.  I have never figured out why all the rogues go to Docks stealthed, so I went to see but it was to no avail because we ended up getting Docks.  So the mystery remains.

Arathi Basin was a good game too.  Comfortable win with some good battles.  Hunters are REALLY annoying and need to die.  Rogues too.

I got an achievement in Twin peaks, so that was pretty cool (Two-Timer) though that flag run was pretty hair raising!  I picked up the flag because everyone seemed to be busy in the flagroom killing alliance, and then I bolted out (probably a bad idea since I ran with no backup), and then I made it across the river and got stuck with a hunter and another alliance (Rogue? maybe) and I was panicking trying to live.. and I tried to type in party for Sev to come save me and all I got out was "Hel Sev" and I ran towards the rest of my team.. away from our flag room.  Suddenly, the Horde flag was dropped, and I was way out in midfield!  So I turned and piss bolted back to the room... I was running in, 2 alliance were heading for the flag... but they were too slow!  Bang! Cap and achievement woot!  The last cap, Sev carried it and he was alone whilst I was in the room and I sprinted out to save my poor friend who was getting beat on.  Then we ran all the way back to our room, and a hunter and a boomkin were in pursuit.  Sev pointed it out to me, and I dotted the hunter up with my crappy dots, and Sev did as well, and we ran into the room and the hunter had gone down significantly in health by then and then we had a feral druid turn up and ... a healer, though I cannot remember what that healer was, maybe... a shaman?  Anyway, I was busy healing and noobfiring, Sev was killing stuff, and the hunter died, the boomkin was low, then we focussed on the poor healer who probably wasn't well geared and went splat, then we finished off the boomkin and then turned our attention to that annoying feral druid who had decided to go bear.  He was the hardest to kill it turned out, with bear form Frenzied regeneration, but suddenly the flag was returned and bang!  Sev capped and the feral was dead.  It really felt like a challenging fight and after the match was over I was telling Sev how thrilling that battle in the room was.  There is nothing like a good PvP to get your heart going - if we had dropped the flag it would still have been epic, but because we didn't it felt even more amazing.

Warsong Gulch we had a nice 3 cap with a warrior and druid running the flag.  There was this annoying rogue who kept ganking me when I was trying to get away so I had to turn my attention to him otherwise I would not survive 1/4 of the way up the field, but you know my DPS, it's shit, and though he was trying really hard, he could not get me down when I had full cooldowns up.  The coward ran away when I was fleecing him (I'd gotten him just under half health and his CDs were used) and so I went to get up the field to heal.  But no, that little prick came for me again and I was caught stunned in travel form so I was dying - thank God Arv came and started beating the crap out of that little shit, because then he ran away and high tailed it again.  During that time, the Alliance flag had been picked up, and made it back to our room, and Sev was saying "Nav, what are you doing, FC remember????"  and I was like "I was being GANKED Sev!"  "Stop playing with silly rogues, and come heal the FC!"

Stop playing with.... ??  The swear words started to pour out of my fingers onto the screen.

So I high tailed it BACK into the room, healed our FC (and got complimented by him, which was pleasant) and we won our WSG.

Arv had to go by then and Sev was tired too I think, so we called it a day.  But boy was it a great evening in PvP.

Maybe our hideous costumes are good luck charms after all :)  Project: Confuse the Enemy was a success!

Highlights from my Blogroll June 24, 2012

WoWInsider had a great article in Officers' Quarters - Never say disband.  It was a story very commonly seen - guilds failing and falling apart and leaving the officers/guild leader at a loss at what to do.  In these days of guild levelling, nobody wants to disband a guild anymore because all your hard work would go down the drain.  It made me think about what I would do if our guild was going to fold - not something that will be happening any time soon, but could I let go of my guild?  All the memories?  All the great times?  I don't think I could.  I would keep it somewhere, alive, even as a bank guild and maybe one day it would be ressurected again.   But no talk like that, it might make things come true!  But this piece of advice from the post is totally quotable:
Whatever you decide to do, if you can't revive this guild, I'm convinced that joining another guild with people you know will make for a better long-term experience for you. Don't think of that as a failure, either, but as a fresh start.

I missed listening to Kamalia on TNB and so I got to download it on Wednesday to listen and boy does she sound SO excited to be there!  I actually thought she sounded a bit like Hydra at first (though Hydra sounds like she has a blocked nose).

Listening to the podcast, I made a few notes about Kamalia:
  • Kam's 5th wedding anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks or so!  So I will have to say Happy wedding anniversary on every post of hers for the next few weeks
  • She started with reading Lissanna (Restokin) and Kirina's Closet and then made a blog so she could join Miss M's Circle of Healing survey!
  • I knew she was PhD in Chemistry!  Hence the nerd thing!  So I was right when I was struggling to remember who was the chemistry person.
  • The rewarding thing for her was the community and friendships, which I think most people say in their interview.  It makes me feel honoured to be on her blogroll!
  • She loves levelling.  Which doesn't surprise me with her et Alia altoholic nature...  but honestly I wish I had her stamina and patience!
  • She can't stand PVP!!  ZOMG!
  • LMAO because all her alts' names start with K, there is no way she could name her children any names starting with K!
  • She's been spending 6-7 hours a day on WoW!!! 
Tzufit continued with her final grades series on Tree Heals go Whoosh, and this one The State of the Guild, is a good read, like everything else on her blog!  I should just give her a regular spot on my highlights!

Whoops! Don't ever let me queue for things when I'm not healing!

Last night I thought I would cut my wait times for Ahune by queueing as a tank.  I mean, how hard is it right?  So I grabbed Mab and Lushnek (made poor Lushnek heal me) and then we queued.

So loading screen is coming up... is that Deathwing on Wyrmrest?

Oh shit.  I've queued a random heroic Hour of Twilight.

When I got in, I apologised profusely to the group before I left.  I felt bad.  Lushnek and Mab left too so we were all left with the 30min deserter debuff.  So I had to go find things to do.

Dragonray was AFK so she came back and responded to my request for her to join me in Ahune but I told her she'd have to wait for 30 mins now...

Anyway, after doing some Midsummer stuff and archaeology the debuff wore off and so I got Dragonray (Heartfyre), Mab and Lushnek back into the group and we queued for Ahune.  I felt so bad, I was tanking like crap and thinking the PuG would think I was really bad!  At the end they thanked us for the run and I left dungeon, but was still in party.

Then Dragonray told us that the PuG was her GM in her other guild???!!  How bizarre is that!  She wrote about it on her blog, and I thought that was just amazing coincidence.  How small is the World of Warcraft, right??

Anyway, still no Ice Chip.  Can only keep trying...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Moggers on the streets of Dath

I came across Byakuyasama in TB, and then we went together to WG.  And he had a few sets to show off.  I like that plate face mask.
And look at Pufflle's latest set!  You might remember Pufflle from the Dath'remar transmog contest, and this witch costume of hers is fantastic!  The Feline Familiar is the best accessory for it!

This Silvermoon Blood Elf look looks great.  Matching title and everything!

Scary DKs!  I like purple though.

Blog traffic - Has Azalpha been doing LFR?

Something strange happening on my blog today.  These were popular search items on my blog today

Sexy blood elf in Dragon soul azalpha
Sexy blood elf in dragon soul Azalapha
Sexy blood elf in dragon soul

So I'm not sure if Aza was tanking in some sexy mog and then whoever saw him wanted to go look for whatever his mog was.  So I went to see what Aza was wearing on armory.

Sexy?  Not so much.  But awesome looking, yes.  I see a colour variant of the shoulders I like so much (Brackenshell shoulderplates) and Greathelm of the Voracious MawGurthalak is the dominating feature though!  Chestplate of the Unshakable Titan, Foundations of Courage, Gauntlets of Feathery Blows, Bladeshatter treads and Forgesmelter Waistplate all make Aza a formidable looking enemy indeed!  Nothing at ALL like a paladin!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

(Mid)summer loving.. happened so fast....

Ok, this year the RNG gods better give me an Ice Chip.  I will probably hear stories from my guildies and throughout the blogosphere how they got it on 3 toons this year, and yay grats them but where's MY pet??

I did my Cataclysm and Northrend Midsummer Fires to get a few achievements, and it was nice to get some free achievement points with some easy gold.

But Ahune gave me a nice present today!  I hope that didn't use up all my luck for this year's Midsummer...

Now I need to go design a mog for it!  /rubs hand with glee

Mental illness in the WoW and blogging community

When I was younger, I remembered those ads on TV saying that 1 in 3 Australians will suffer a mental illness.  The official statistics in Australia say almost half of all Australians will experience mental illness at some time in their life and about one in five Australian adults will be affected by mental illness each year.

As a child my understanding of mental illness was the crazy raving loonies who talked to themselves or the ones Batman locked away in Arkham asylum.  However, now that I'm older, you realise mental illness is not just about psychosis and schizophrenia - mood disorders such as depression, mania and bipolar disorders are all part of it too.

In medical school, you get a much better idea of the whole thing.  You do time on the mental wards, and you see all these people, normal everyday people, suffering from these crippling diseases.  And they are crippling.  Not in the sense that you can't walk or anything, but you can't work.  You can't think. You can't make reasonable decisions.  The most severe ones would have electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) to cure their depression - nothing inhumane like how Jack Nicholoson was in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but it seemed extreme.   But it did work.

These days, in my line of work anyway, mental illness seems so commonplace I hardly even notice it anymore.  And if you asked me, I would think it felt like 1 in 2 Australians would suffer a mental illness, because so many people are on antidepressants, antipsychotics these days.  I do anaesthesia for ECT and sometimes it is so amazing that someone can go from being catatonic depression to being normal and having a conversation again after a few treatments, and it's so humane now.  Modern medicine has advanced so much these days.

So why am I bringing this up and what has this got to do with World of Warcraft or blogging for that matter?

I'll use depression as the example because that is the most common mental illness.  As a medical practitioner, I mostly see the medication side of things.  In this modern day and age, I worry that the general population think that "popping a pill" can fix any problem.  It is part of the cure, and for some, it may be all the cure they needed, but most people will need more than that to fix their depression.

Look at it like trying to lose weight.  A combination of altered diet, exercise and medications (as well as fixing up any other health problems) should be the key to success.   One of those items alone CAN be enough to change your weight problem, but more often than not it will not fix it entirely, or give the desired result.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sounds like some of that psychology mumbo jumbo hippy stuff.  However, what CBT really does is help you understand, manage and change your thoughts (cognitions) and actions (behaviour). This form of therapy has been shown to be very effective for a whole range of things but is particularly effective if you have depression or anxiety.  But CBT could be useful for a whole variety of things!  Parenting, weight loss, anger management, conquering your phobias, how to cope with things... changing your mindset and focussing on things differently can be the key to a permanent solution.

I read a lot of blogs where people have written about or shared experiences with their battle with mental illness.  There are SO many - on my blogroll alone I would say at least one third of them have talked about their battles with depression.  Oestrus, Lil'Peanut, Apple Cider Mage, even Erinys, and most recently Aidrana have all shared their thoughts on depression.  I think, that sharing it, analysing their illness, is an excellent adjuvant therapy to go with the medication. I think writing and analysing your own behaviours is a way to doing CBT yourself without having to go see a psychologist.  Or maybe even a therapy after seeing a psychologist.  Some of these writings may help others who are afraid to share or acknowledge their disease, and helping others is always a great goal.
Image from article "Playing a video game helps Teens beat depression"

You could sort of see that happening with World of Warcraft too.  People with mental illness can feel isolated, and playing the game is one way to socialise.  A few guildies talk about their struggles with their medications and how it affects their mood disorders, and I listen, as it is all fascinating to me, as I am used to seeing the most severe cases in the hospital setting, and seeing the functioning ones gives you a sense of hope for those who are severely disabled with their disorders.  It would be cool if those with severe depressive problems could perhaps alter their thinking - you know, each of those red mobs in WoW is a "bad thought"(eg. "I'm hopeless", "Everyone hates me", "There's no hope") and destroying all those will bring balance to the World... and perhaps within their own mind as well.  But you would need a positive reinforcment too - like focussing on the positive things to make you feel more positive about yourself.  Not sure how to do that in game, I thought maybe mining or herbing, but most people see those as a chore rather than something that gives you positive reinforcement.  Gosh positively reinforcing those nodes may mean I'll never get any herbs or mines.  I would love to see if someone could turn WoW into some sort of CBT :)

For those who don't suffer a mental disorder, it can be difficult to understand someone who has one.  People who don't understand mental disorders say things like "Oh, it's a first world disease, only rich people get depressed because they're bored."  "I don't get depressed, I've got lots of things to occupy myself."  Myself, I have never suffered from a mood disorder, but that doesn't mean I don't understand how crippling it can be - I've seen those cases.  One of my colleagues once said I had mania, or hypomania.  Mania, which is elevated mood disorder, is also a mental illness - it's characterised by abnormally elevated or irritable mood, arousal, and/ or energy levels, even hypersexuality.  Mania can vary from mild mania (hypomania) to full blown mania with delusions of grandeur, psychosis, aggression or even self neglect from pursuit of the impossible of idea.

Individuals in a hypomanic state have a decreased need for sleep, are extremely outgoing and competitive, and have a great deal of energy. However, unlike with full mania, those with hypomanic symptoms are often fully functioning.  Classic symptoms of hypomania include mild euphoria, a flood of ideas, seemingly endless energy, and a desire and drive for success and hypomania is sometimes credited with increasing creativity and productive energy.  How can this sound like a mental disorder??  Personally,  I don't think that it is, as individuals with this function well.  If however they don't function well (get isolated, can't work, get aggressive or delusional) then it becomes a problem.

LOL, I'm doing what most medical students do.  90% of medical students diagnose themselves with a psychiatric disorder after doing their psych terms.  Personality disorders are classic!  If you read them, you would probably end up diagnosing yourself with one or two as well!  But I think the important thing to remember is that you have a mental illness if it affects your function (or people think it's affecting your function because your insight to your disability is poor).  If it has affected your function then it is a problem and needs some sort of intervention.  And for those of you who have conquered it, or are struggling with it, I hope you find what works for you - but writing about it, changing your mindset about it, really does help.

Guess who is Aussie and is now hanging out in Frostwolves!

I was surprised to see this tweet from Dragonray of Azerothian Life yesterday

So I sent her a PM and said that she could come and be social in my guild, or to contact Cymre because Cymre was also on Dath.  I said that Cym plays on US times, and my guild is mostly Aussie and we play server times.  I thought she was American.  But it turns out, Dragonray is AUSSIE!  Yay, another Aussie blogger!  She said she would like to hang with other Aussies so I said she can come here as a social if that is what she'd like.  Anyway, next thing you know I was getting smiley tells from Heartfyre, a male tauren warrior!

So she joined and had a McTacky welcome!

...and she was trying to get a feel for what our guild was like...

"Blues or reds?" she said
"Red!  HORDE!" replied McTacky
"I think she means football..." I said.
"What does that mean?" said Roshii.
"Go the Maroons!!" said Souglyy.

So it looks like Dragonray still has her NSW roots :)  Victorians don't follow Rugby League!

I was chatting to Dragonray non stop the poor thing.  Here she is trying to browse the AH, and I'm supposed to be healing this ZA bear run and I'm busy chattering away about how I love comics, being a nerd, sci-fi TV shows, and how I LOVE the Avengers.  And I was whinging about failing Warmaster.  She started giving me tips and encouragement, and then after 5 mins we had a laugh as she realised I meant HEROIC Warmaster LOL.  I asked her about her other guild and her raiding too.  Gosh, so many things we chatted about.  It was nice :)  She said she was going to make a post on some Avenger nails!  And she did :)

Anyway, it was exciting to have another blogger in the guild.  I told everyone she was famous LOL.

But at least now her lonely warrior has a place to call home.  Big warm welcome to Heartfyre, I hope he likes it here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You know you're a WoW addict when...

  • You say to your work colleagues "BRB Bio" when you are excusing yourself to go to the bathroom
  • You find yourself making dinner and thinking which World of Warcraft recipe you're making tonight
  • You're so damn tired after work you wish you could just use equipment manager to switch from work clothes to pyjamas
  • You want to hearthstone home from work to get places faster
  • You look at someone's Aston Martin/Ferrari and think "Wow, epic mount"
  • You look forward to server shutdown so you can fold the laundry and go to bed early
  • You think you don't want to cook dinner tonight because you've already maxxed cooking.
  • Your ringtone is some sound from the game, or worse, a murloc
  • Feeding/showering/bedtime with your young children are your "dailies"
  • If someone does something clumsy or stupid you think "OMG what a noob"
  • When you do something good/nice for someone you think you're at least getting reputation with them
  • You watch movies and TV shows and think how you can copy costumes/outfits into some transmog in the game
  • You log into your online banking wondering how much gold you have left
  • When you step away from anything you shout "I'm just going AFK!"
  • When the petrol light in your car comes on, you think "Oh crap, OOM"
  • When work gets crazy and annoying you just want to Alt F4 out of it

Things that annoy me about blogs and blogging

Sometimes I want to write and reply and things just get the hell up my nose and I get so fed up that I decide not to write or comment!  Here are the top 5 things that make me cranky when I'm trying to write or leave comments.

1. Gravatar
 Yes it IS kinda cool, and it's easy and whatever to set up, but it just logs itself out every now and then (well every day it feels like)  and so I write some great comment on someone's blog go to submit it, think it's ok, not realising it's gone to the login screen of the gravatar thing and I've had to AFK and my computer shuts down or internet gets disconnected and my comment got eaten by the interweb zombies.  This is mostlya problem for me at work because I do a lot of blogging and reading blogs at work and so I have to AFK a lot to actually DO work sometimes (how DARE work interfere with my blogging and reading SHEESH!).

2. Old computers
My work computer that I sometimes use has IE that is SO OLD that it won't support my blogger interface, and it loads so slow, and the drop boxes don't work, so that I can't even reply to comments on my own blog because I haven't "chosen a profile".  Well I'm TRYING to choose a profiile you piece of S*&^ computer but you won't let me!

3. Autocorrect
Doing stuff from my iPad is damn annoying because of the autocorrect and sometimes I don't even see that it's done the autocorrect because I'm so busy 2 finger typing that I want to get out all my thoughts before I forget what I was going to say.  Some of the autocorrects have been terrible!

4. Smartphones
Why do I even try to read on my smartphone.  Yes I can read it but when I try to touch the tiny button that's 1mm big and then try to zoom in and end up touching some other link on the screen and my web browser goes to some other page.. really bad when I've written a reply and then accidentally hit a button (especially when trying to zoom in or move the screen around and the dumb thing wants to go to the next post) and my beautiful comment is gone. @$#%!!!!

5. Prove You're not a Robot
Do you know how many times I've gotten it wrong??  Or the thing I'm typing has autocorrected itself and failed?  Or I've thought the comment went through and it didn't because it sat at the prove you're not a robot and my internet went off and I lost it?  Argh!  In fact, I hated it so much I took it off my own site - I would rather deal with spam then make my poor readers suffer with having to prove they are not robots.  I was happy the day Matty took hers off so that's why I go there and comment all the time now.  But quite a few people still have theirs and I know it's because you hate spam, but damn, you'll get my pageviews but you won't get my comments coz they keep getting eaten or lost.

Ok.  Rant over.  Back to my reading list...

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic - You can't always get what you want

What is it you want, but know you can't get your hands on and have to stare at longingly whenever you log in?

I asked Navimie, my druid, about what it was in Azeroth that she really wanted.  Something that she knew she could never have.  She scratched her head and started talking about Fox Kits and Invincible, but I told her that she can actually HAVE those if I took her out to farm TB peninsula more, or ran heroic LK hundreds of times... (yeah... like that's going to happen).  So those are things that are possible to have, what I wanted to know was something that was IMPOSSIBLE for her to have.

And then I remembered something I did want before.  Some time in Cataclysm, I said I wish I could have a Naaru as a vanity pet, a companion.  I thought those giant shiny snowflakes looked really cool, and I thought a little one would be so squeeee!  I told one of my guildies, Roshii, and he was shocked.

"Nav, you can't have that as a pet!"
"But it's so cute!!"
"They're immortal GODS, Nav.  You can't keep a god as a pet."
"But maybe a baby one....?"
"Nav... you can't keep a god as a PET, even a baby one.  That's so demeaning.  That's just wrong!"

So.  That is one thing I want which I could never have.  I want a Naaru vanity pet.  Here are some pictures of various Naaru around in Azeroth/Outland some darkened, and some light.  Aren't they just so shiny?? :D Every time I go to Shattrath, I look at them and think... I want one! (Pictures from

So on further consideration, I thought about all those pets I didn't have because I didn't buy the collector's editions.  I only got the Cataclysm Collector's Edition, so I don't have Frosty, Mini DiabloPanda Cub or Mini Thor.

Damned servers are down or I would go find people with those pets so I can take a pic!

And one other thing I wish I had more of... pics from the server events before an expansion.  The opening of the gates of AQ, all the scourge stuff... those events were EPIC, and it feels like the last one wasn't so epic.  Bring more EPICness back Blizzard!  I was at those events but I have nothing to show for it :(

Hmm, though maybe some of my guildies may have pics from those events!  This might solve part of that dilemma!

If you'd like to see more replies to this shared topic, click here to see who has joined in!