Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Fox Farming Map

I used to just randomly wander around in Tol Barad Peninsula killing foxes, but after reading Bear's post about how he got his fox, I thought I would map out a path to allow for a bit of time efficiency.

Doing my dailies helps reduce the grind.  I decided that I'm only going to do just one round, two rounds max, and I have to be doing my dailies so it doesn't feel like such a chore.

Fortunately for me a have a plethora of salutiferous spells I can use if I'm doing it as a healer.  I pull so many mobs when I'm trying to quest, and if I wasn't a healer I'm sure I'd be dead.  I must have the worst situation awareness when it comes to mobs because I end up with at least 4 on me and I struggle to kill them... and if I'm half paying attention, I'll be dead!

So here's my little map:

I start at the Horde quest area then go clockwise.  I tell you what bugs me in the peninsula:
  • Those zombie pirates in Cape of Lost Hope.  They agro so easily!
  • Getting lumber.  I always get stuck in the corner where Wellson (the guy on the horse) keeps spawning and so I am continually fighting him.
  • Dead foxes that I didn't kill.  Waaaaah!
  • That shark.  So stealthy.
  • Why do I always agro the spiders I don't need?  When I need big ones the little ones agro and when I need little ones the big ones are agroing on me!
I just realised that I still have 2 mounts to get from the TB quartermaster and 2 mounts to get in Argent Tournament.  So I'll be doing rounds of dailies for a while yet.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ninevi, my alliance twin

I still think that Ninevi of Flask Half Empty is my alter-twin.  Her name sounds suspiciously like Navimie (well at least it rhymes) and she plays a druid and likes those silly little things in WoW.  Actually, come to think of it, there are a lot of people who like those things... so maybe that's not something so special after all.

She recently revealed some things about herself doing Ambermists's challenge.  This one I thought was rather cute - she collects fortunes from fortune cookies!  It made a really awesome pic.

With that fortune showing, I decided to go meet Ninevi, because it would make ME happy, and maybe she would be happy too!  I made a toon that would NOT get us confused as twins... could you guess what I chose?

Well, I'll give you a hint, Ninevi recently switched to a female Worgen druid...

... so the opposite of that, I thought was a male Dwarf rogue.  With red hair.

It's very disconcerting seeing my name over a dwarf.  A male dwarf.  An alliance male dwarf.  Wait, that's a stupid thing to say, as there are no horde dwarves.  But anyway, there I was.  It's very odd.

One of Ninevi's favourite spots is Dalaran, and I have to agree there are so many things to see in Dalaran.  We went to the alliance inn which I have very rarely visited.  I was quite excited and they even have a BEER GARDEN!!

Did some mucking around in the fountain...

And then Ninevi got out her sandbox tiger for me to play!  Unfortunately somebody came along and jumped onto it - a horde person of some sort.  Waaaah!  But they soon got bored of it and I could play with it :)

 Ninevi used to hoard Noggenfogger.  So I had to take a pic of her playing with it.

Time for some cake.  Ninevi bought some cakes for us to share from Aimee, but I forgot that I'm too low level to eat it.  However, I can take a slice though, so it is the thought that counts!

I had a fantastic time meeting Ninevi.  I took her around to see all the dorky things I love about Dalaran (like NPCs named after people) and we danced later and laughed at the Worgen Macarena.  She was as cute and lovely as she writes on her blog!

Welcome to the crazy world of the Navispammed Ninevi!

Boys and their Toys in Azeroth

Hyperious left a comment on one of my posts wanting to be Navispammed, so I decided to try to catch him!  So I went to his server and made a toon but he wasn't online so I sent him an ingame mail letting him know I was looking for him.

He even made a post about it!

So today I logged over there to try my luck and there he was!  I yelled out a big enthusiastic hello! And then sheepishly remembered my manners and said "Hi, I'm Navimie from the Daily Frostwolf, I was wondering if you'd mind having a pic taken with me for my wall of fame?"  Hyperious was so gracious, he said yes and laughed at me because he knew who I was because my toon's name was Navimie after all :P and he had seen my mail.

Hyperious came to pick me up and we headed off to TB for some pics.

Whoops, forgot how dangerous it is to be a low level toon!  Mobs still attack you when you're mounted with someone and I got bitten by wolves and pecked by striders and I died.  Hyperious was mortified.  I was laughing hysterically.   Who knew that taking pics was such dangerous business!  First with Bear, now with Hyperious!

I don't think I can get my mammoth into the lift, so I was impressed Hyperious could.  HAD to take a pic of that.

Well you'd think nothing could happen here.  Whilst trying to position myself for this picture, I fell off the perch.  Way to go Navi, what a way to impress Hyperious with your klutziness.

And!  Hyperious got to take out his favourite toy, Arcanite Ripper!  I have to agree with him, that is one of the most awesome things in the game.

So thank you Hyperious for letting me visit!  You have officially been Navispammed!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A couple of quick raids

I really wanted Souglyy to get her 10 man Dwarfageddon achievement since she missed out last time with a shoddy computer.  And I promised her it would be easy, and it would be 2-3 manned.

So I had a bit of time yesterday and I got Aza, Atain (McTacky), Roshii and Souglyy to help me do it for her, and after a few false starts...

Try 1:
Aza: I'm collecting them now, don't shoot it till I say.  (runs off collecting)
Me: Ok moving up!  He's got heaps!
(Aza's health starts to dip a bit - Navi hits the panic button and starts firing)
Bang bang bang bang... no achievement... oh shit.
Aza: =/ why did you start shooting?
Roshii: It was Navi.  She prematurely shot off.
Me: I thought he was dying!  Sorry!
Aza: It's ok, we can soft reset.
(we all start heading back to the entrance and the damn demolisher is going so slow, I thought it would be faster to jump out and travel form it)
Roshii: Navi, that's not very nice, Souglyy was in your demo and you left her there.
Me:  What?  Oh shit!  I forgot, crap!
(runs back to demolisher, gets swamped by dwarves and dies)
Aza:  Navi.. nooooooo
Me: whoops.  Hey, how come Souglyy is alive outside the entrance??
Roshii: Why did you die?
Me: I was running back to get my demolisher to save Souglyy =/
Souglyy:  But I'm fine!
Me: ....

Try 2:
Me: Ok I'm not shooting anything until Aza says shoot.
(Aza runs around collecting mobs)
(Aza dies)
Aza: ....
Me: You didn't say shoot!
Roshii:  I was waiting for you to say something and then I just started anway.
Aza:  Reset it.....

Try 3:
So much for a quick achievement :P

People were happy to help me out to do Onyxia 25 man so I could get my achievement Many whelps! Handle it! (25 man).  I asked Aza how many we needed.  He said 2 good tanks, 2 good healers, and about 5 good dps.  So I rounded up as many guildies as I could and then started to look through my cross server buddies.

I dragged Saintvache along for the achievement (after all, it's alliance week this week so I can't do Laid Back Raids, and he decided to share with me that it was too hot or too early to raid with clothes on... I mean WTF :P) and got Dragonray to come too,  and she brought a whole bunch of guildies and some of her own realID friends.  All up we  managed to get about 16 people.

The Frostwolves who went were: Azalpha (Azadelta), Imwifher (Roshii), Imwifhim (Souglyy), Execute, Mctacky, Lushnek, Faithless, Sevros and myself.
Then from The Darkness Within we had: Dragonray, Lominari, Cynewulf, Calagendi
And Nipandtuck who was a realID friend of Dragonray's came, and brought his friend Druidelight.

The achievement wants us to hatch 50 whelplings within 10 seconds of her taking off.  The eggs are located in the side caves and basically 2 people will jump down into those cave/tunnels and touching all the dragon eggs will hatch them.  Az overestimated our DPS, and jumped down a little bit too early.  Nipandtuck couldn't help himself and was telling us how to do the achievement (though the others already have it, hence why they were on their alts, so they know how to do it) but it was ok, we just did it again.  It was on our 3rd go (and by that time I'd decided to tank up to make it easier for everyone) and then we killed her quick smart.  It was quite good because we got all 3 achievements:
And for those who needed it, it was nice and quick and easy.  I was pleased as a cat with cream because I got that achievement I had been lacking for a long time.

This picture of my butt is to remind myself and everyone else that I was tanking
Afterwards, Dragonray wanted to try Ruby Sanctum 10 man, and so Lush, Mctacky and myself went to help her.  Exe tagged along too - I did warn him early that he was going to die to cutter and be as useful as a wet noodle and he got a bit grouchy.  Was true though :P

That went down easily as well!  I couldn't believe I was tanking cutter on the inside, and I didn't stuff it up!  Well, not that I noticed...

It was a nice easy night, and left me enough time to do a few games with Jinj and Aza.  I even dragged Joubran for a game (fortunately we won!) but then it got late and I had to hit the sack.

Wonder what fun and games tonight has in store.

A home server visit - Moogyver

I got a tweet the other day from someone new - Moogyver.  And this person was on my own home server of Dath'remar!

Moogyver has a podcast called Spare Parts, which is a podcast about the Engineering Profession.  Not having any engineers myself, it's not something I would normally listen to, but when I had a listen, I thought to myself, "Wow, he has a good speaking speed and sounds engaging without sounding too rehearsed!"

So I sent him a tell, and wanted to add a picture of him to my wall of fame.  Even being on the same timezone and on the same server it's hard to catch up!  So I asked his guildies if he was online, and also sent him some in game mails. As it is with all of these things, it's a matter of swallowing my pride and looking ridiculous sometimes, but knowing that I only have good intentions.

Last night we actually managed to catch up in the pixel!  So we went and took come pics around Dalaran.

I wanted to tell him what a cool name he had - obviously a clever play on Macgyver.  He likes this spot next to the bike!  I asked him if he had one, he said, sadly, no.  So I took him for a ride in my bike.

I didn't get much chance to chat - Aza was ready to do Onyxia for achievements for me - so I had to leave off and say farewell.  Interesting that he isn't max level!  I haven't met anyone who blogged who wasn't max level - though that is a funny thing to say, because come expansion, all of us will be in that boat!

Consider yourself Navispammed Moogyver!

Grinning and Bearing it

Navispam strikes again!  This time Navimie wandered over to visit the one and only Big Bear Butt.  Mrs Bear was online and I sent her a whisper (her name looked like she was Mrs Bear, but I didn't want to get it wrong) wondering if one of her guildies was on - and she immediately said "Oh you're looking for BBB?  He's on his mage."  So I whispered Mr Bear and told him who I was....

... though it's not like he couldn't tell that already because I was on a toon called Navimie...

I was hoping to get a family shot, but mama Bear went to bed and Baby Bear was in bed, so I had to content myself with the man himself.  But you know how it is, I didn't want Mrs Bear wondering who the hell is this woman who has come to take pics with my husband??!

BBB asked me where I'd like him to be, and I said he should go to his favourite spot and summon me.  Which he did.  That place in Mulgore where the killer critters run free.

Now I've been there before but I never noticed these cave paintings on the rocks!  Do you still call them cave paintings when they're not in a cave?

BBB and I tried to chase down one for a pic and we were eventually successful.  I swear they look bigger now but it's probably because I'm on a puny Night Elf  instead of my strapping Tauren.

We were both thinking Mylune needed to be here to let loose a little...  This prairie dog was watching us suspiciously...

Then we went to Org to see Garrosh himself!  However, being low level, I was shot out of the sky and off BBB's back (he was flying with his Sandstone Drake) and died, and then I was rezzed but was attacked not long after again.  I was worried but I shouldn't have been - BBB got rid of them quick smart.

There is something disconcerting looking at dead Wind riders.  It looks wrong.  So then BBB took me to check out Gallywix's thinking I'd be safer, but I didn't know that the Mooks would shoot me and kill me!  I died on the floatie.  But BBB fixed them up and so we took our final pic balancing on that amazingly sturdy floating rubber thingo.

Fun times :)  Big Bear Butt you have been Navispammed!

Visiting Kamalia's homeground

I see Kamalia all the time, and also in JD's Laid back Raids, so I already had a pic of her, but I thought I should take a pic of her on her home server! And she wants a gold sticker too LOL!

So I ran out to meet her and DIED running to Bloodhoof Village... how embarrassing.  Kam got a crick in her neck while talking to me so I thought maybe she should change into something a little more comfortable....

So she pulled up a mushroom chair for me to sit on (what a wonderful hostess!) and it looked like she was going to bake me some cookies.  She also showed me two of her lovely transmogs.  This is her elemental set.

I had to see the pet that she had been working so hard for (Higher learning) so there he is, running along the bridge.  And the best thing - while it's night time on my server, it was bright day on hers, which made for some nice bright pics - all my other pics have been taken at night and don't look as good!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Battlechicken's July Challenge - Do you REALLY want to know about me?

Ambermist's July Challenge has the whole blogosphere abuzz.  The inspirational Battlechicken has shared some of herself with us and invited us to do the same.
Give me a detail about  yourself. 
You can tell me something about your gaming personality or about your favorite color. You can tell me how you got started playing the game you love to play. You can tell me how gaming affects your life.
Or you can get personal, if you want. Tell me about something you fear, something you treasure, something you’ve learned. Tell me about why you write. Tell me about why you play.
Tell me about you, because from what I can see, you’re pretty cool. :-)
There are some amazing stories out there.  So many I can't count.  Some are terrifying stories, others are fantastic memories; some are happy, and others are sad.  Some tell us the real story behind the person.

My real life profession as altered my outlook on life.  What is this outlook, you ask?

I live every day like it's my last.  I don't take anything for granted.

I have seen a lot of death.  I have a healthy respect for it.  Death can be unexpected, it can be heartwrenching.  Sometimes it is welcome, and a relief.  I have wondered if some of these people knew that these moments would be their last.  And I don't take death lightly.  People may think that doctors are cold, unfeeling, unsympathetic when it comes to death, but remember, dealing with the constant pain of death and dying would drive you crazy.  This is probably their coping mechanism.  Or maybe it's only these people who can cope with all the death around them, the compassionate ones would have had mental breakdowns by now.

This sounds strange and macabre, but I remember every person who has died in front of me.  The memory of them stays with me always, as a reminder that life is a fragile little thing.
  • There was a young man, car accident, head split open, brain on show.  Clearly not going to survive, but somehow was still breathing when he arrived in the emergency department.  Some of his brains and blood dripped onto my shoes while I was trying to put a breathing tube into him.  He didn't even make it out of the trauma room.  The stain on my shoes reminded me for 2 months of how quickly a life can be snuffed out.  I should have thrown those shoes away, but I would look at them and think this is one of the last things remaining of him, can't throw it away... yeah I know, I'm a bit strange.
  • 8 year old girl, front seat passenger, car accident, face and head smashed into dashboard.  Head bleeding, she was dying.  Her brain was too damaged, too swollen.  I tried to keep her alive for transfer to the children's hospital after we drained the blood from her head, but her injuries were unsurvivable, and she was too unstable to transport.  I could prolong her life but for what?  She could die on transfer to the children's hospital, alone.  So I made a very hard decision.  I called her parents in, to sit next to her and turned off her life support.  I let them sit with her as she passed away.  All my nurses were crying.  My registrars (training doctors under me) were in shock and stunned.  I COULDN'T cry because everyone was looking to me to debrief them.  I cried all the way home.
  • The 50 year old man, who somehow survived his massive stroke by removing half his skull to relieve the pressure on his brain, suddenly had a blockage of his breathing tube.  He suffocated in front of my eyes, even though we tried to replace the tube, but we couldn't push the air in.  There was a blockage somewhere and the air wouldn't go in.  What a HORRIBLE way to die, suffocating to death... :(  I cried for 2 days.
  • The 65 year old man with terrible heart disease who was warned that he could die from the operation on his blocked arteries in his leg.  Sailed through the operation, made it to the recovery room, had a heart attack, lungs filled with fluid from heart failure and shock, and he died.  I was devastated.  I was the last person he saw, he spoke to, before he went to sleep.  I had to go tell the family, and my eyes were red and swollen from crying.  Talk about unprofessional.  They were shocked, but prepared because they knew about his heart.  But it doesn't mean I was OK with him dying on me.  I felt like a failure.
Death, unexpected, sudden, can come at any moment.  You can do one of two things.  You can live your life in terror, seeing death around every corner, never knowing when it will come for you.  But I choose to live my life, and never wishing I didn't do something, never putting off what I really wanted to do, until tomorrow.  Before I go to work, I look at each of my children before I leave, so at least I can see them once in case something happens.  I let everyone I love know that I love them, so I'll never feel like I never told them.  I leave comments on every good post I read, because I may not be able to tell them again, and the moment and what I wanted to say will be lost.

I don't want to be afraid of death, because it will come to all of us eventually.  But I don't want to dwell on death or dying.  Life is what we have now, and I will live it, love it, and be thankful for it.  Because once it's gone, I can never have it back again.

Sept 25 - reality sinks in

Last night Twitter was all abuzz with the release date of Mists of Pandaria - confirmed now to be on 25 September as announced by Blizzard.

So now, I have 2 months to do all those "things I wanted to catch up on".  All my PvP things, all my achievements and raids...

... and thinking about trying to get Heroic Dragon Soul cleared.  Maybe that's another wish I'll give a miss.

Now there are a number of decisions I have to make:
  • Do I buy the Collector's Edition or do I buy the Digital Deluxe Edition?
  • Should I take a week off work to play like I did every other expansion release?
  • What should I be doing in the next 2 months leading up to the expansion? 
I'll start with my first decision: Collectors vs Digital Deluxe edition.

What do I really want from the Collector's Edition.  Is it the art?  The cards?  The in game pet?  Sadly, I have to say that it is the in-game pet/mount/whatever vanity item that is biggest drawcard for me.  The box itself has been put somewhere with all the gallimaufry collecting dust, the same with the book from the previous CEs.

The Collector's Edition comes with:
  • A behind the scenes DVD and Blu-ray about the creation of Pandaria
  • Collector's Edition Soundtrack CD
  • Art of Mists of Pandaria Book
  • Chen Stormstout Mouse pad
The Deluxe and the Collector's Edition come with:
  • Imperial Quilien flying mount
  • Lucky Quilien cub
  • SC2 battlenet portraits and D3 banner sigil's and accents
 So, looking at it like this... I think I'll be going the Deluxe edition.

Should I take a week off work?

I don't think I can do that this time.  Back in my younger days with no kids, I could do that, but with more work responsibilities, I just can't.  Besides, no hurry to level now, I can play all evening and stay up late at night to level.  Maybe I could squeeze one or two days off....

What should I be doing in the next 2 months till the expansion?

Deathwing cake from thedomesticscientist.com - OMG I want to eat Deathwing cake
I really want to finish Dragon Soul.  I was considering paying my friend, whose guild has gone awol until Mists, to come here and help me do it.  But what I really need, is tanks.  All our tanks disappeared.  Is it possible, if I do my pretty pleases and flutter eyelashes nicely and throw in something to make it worth their while... like.... oh...  I don't know, something!... that I could scrape up some tanks?  It's always worth a shot :)  I'll  make that my project for the next 2 months :)

So what is everyone else doing?  Which edition are you getting, and are you taking time off work?  Have you got your bucket list to do before Mists?  Let me know what your plans are!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cynwise in Disguise!

Cynwise seemed so normal, so non-plussed by fame and admiration, that I wondered, is he is as approachable as he seems? After all, he DID say he wanted more Navispam... was he joking or was he serious?  So, I swallowed my fear of rejection and asked him if he would mind if I took a pic with him for my wall.

I must have caught him as he woke up, for his response made me laugh as he thought I was nearby in real life!  Oh no, I may be bold online but I'm not that bold in real life!  Well.. actually I am.  But this is Cynwise, and I can't imagine meeting him in real life, I might do something stupid like squeal.

Graciously, he said he would oblige!  And so off to his server I went, and I took Azadelta along, for he is a massive Cynwise fan - being a lock and all.

Cyn came to meet us in Elwynn Forest, and picked us up and took us to Stormwind for a nice photo.  I have had very little opportunity to explore Stormwind except to hide from alliance so going to the Slaughtered Lamb was an interesting experience, and also going to the Warlock training grounds of old as well.

Aza and Cynwise talked warlock talk - Az was thrilled to meet his lock hero in the pixel!  Cyn was dressed like an NPC, a ruse so as to avoid attracting attention in a battleground.  I'm not so sure about that.  I think people would just see his name and run screaming from him.  But as I have said before, I never look at what people are wearing, I look at their health bars and have notice them running around on the field, I have little time to notice what gear they've got on.

Oh, and as we stood around while Cyn was trying to find something to wear, I realised something embarrassing.  My toon, looked almost EXACTLY like Cynwise.  Hair, face... thank god I didn't choose a warlock.  That would have been really embarrassing!  Cyn noticed and said I had the best hairstyle! :P

Cynwise changed into his raiding gear... ah... yes very sexy.  Boys.  Why must they dress their girl toons like that? LOL.

He was such a normal, easy going guy :)  I mean, what else did I expect, right?  I don't admire someone who is, deep down, an absolute tool.  And if someone came up to me and was like that, I would be thrilled and flattered, so I just tried to pretend he felt the same way.  A true gentleman, he said it was nice to "meet in the flesh" or so to speak.  Aza was so happy, he said that it was the best Christmas present ever :)  I bet Cynwise is pleased that a little thing like a few words and a photo could make people so thrilled :)  Coz he genuinely seems nice like that.

And then... I couldn't sleep.  Lesson learned: Never do stuff that makes you SQUEEEEE right before you want to go to bed.

Frostwolves Fashionistas

It's one of those weeks where Transmog and fashion seem to be pointed out a lot!  Earlier in the week, Braish (whom you might recall from the Rojak's Dath'remar Transmog competition as the warrior who was levelling and won 5k) asked me politely about our guild.  He was looking for somewhere to live, and he remembered our guild from the Transmog competition and thought that we all seemed like really nice, cool people.  What a lovely compliment!  However, I can't recruit socials unless they know someone in the guild so I had to apologetically decline his social application, and he told me that his wife (whom also won 5k in the competition - Hazal, the scary faced female orc in skimpy gear) was in The Family, and hopefully he would get into her guild.  I wished him luck and told him that his mog for the competition was really cool.

Souglyy wanted to show me her new mogs for her alts, and they are quite flashy and fashionable!  Flike, her rogue, looks dark and dangerous, yet glitteringly awesome.

And her paladin is the epitome of style and sexy with a perfectly matching shield (crappy angle, sorry!) and weapon.

I really love Aza's little mage, she looks absolutely brilliant!  That hat is just perfection :)  Orko!

And last night Akabeko said in her post that the Frosties were fashionable!  So you see, it's just one of those funny weeks where you hear about something a lot :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

All rise for the Red cow!

I finally did it! I went to visit my friend Akabeko of Red Cow Rise on her home server! I didn't realise that she was on that server, I already have toons there, so that made it super easy!

She was kind enough to give me a ride to Thunderbluff. I had died earlier on my pilgrimage across Mulgore....

And then she came to visit me on my server!  She already had toons here, and when I told my guildies she was here, they all came to meet her.  Aza was excited because he loves her writing and he told her so and Aka was so humbled she was shocked!  It was cute!