And the last Chibi Cuteness - Lushnek Tauren Druid

Here is the final Sleepingfox's guild commission for us!  Lushnek, our Tarecgosa toting Boomkin is the only male Chibi Sleepingfox did for us, and he looks just as amazing as all of our other ones have!  The cute factor is not the same as a girl, but it's definitely cute!  A huge thank you to her for all the hard work and fantastic commissions she has done for us, and for all my readers who have messaged her and told her how great her work is!
The staff and tier look so good don't you think?  And the hooves - well Navi had the same hooves, but they look really good.  And who knew Lushnek was such a white cow?


  1. That is amazing. That is some absolutely sick talent. I love it!!!

  2. Aieeee!!! I am getting excited! Coolidge then me! About 1 or 2 weeks left! :-) Mine might be the first draenei female hehe! Lush looks so cute but ferocious! Rock on buddy!

  3. That's super cute. I'm really tempted to get one of my two mains!

  4. OMG gorgeous!!! Just gorgeous!!!

    I requested a spot on the list....fingers crossed I got one!!

  5. @Euphy - Glad you like it too!
    @Classy - YAY! Bet you can't wait!!!
    @Faye - You should get some done the're so cute!
    @McTacky - make sure you tell HK
    @dragonray - Hope you get a spot soon :)
    @Cate - :D

  6. How cool is that! Even males are so cute :)


  7. Thats awesome, thank you so much Nav <3

  8. Awesome chibi again! Grats Lushnek!

  9. Lushnek still looks cute but incredibly naughty cute, lol!

  10. @souglyy - I am glad even the boys look cute. I admit I was worried.
    @hk - yw, glad you like it
    @arv - :)
    @TotA - he looks a little bit fearsome to me!

  11. He looks awesome -- a perfect combination of powerful and snuggly! Sleepingfox really did a bang-up job for all of you :D

  12. The taurens make the absolutely cutest chibis!!

  13. @kamalia - indeed she did! I feel so lucky!
    @pando - would I sound bad if I agreed with you? Lol


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