Highlights from my Blogroll July 15, 2012

This week has been one of those funny weeks.  And it's been funny because I've been a bit embarrassed.  I'm not used to lots of attention, but there has been a lot of me, me, me this week around the blogosphere, and I'm not sure what to make of it.  I feel like... I'm pretending to be famous, and it can't really be happening.  So if you don't want to read about me talking about myself, because I'm still trying to come to terms with the whole thing, skip over from this embarrassed bear to the pic of the bear getting snowballed as I try to wake up from this strange alternate reality.

So the week started off with me being on Twisted Nether blogcast.  I remember thinking OMG I can't believe I'm going to be on that, only famous people get to be on that!  Does this mean I'm now famous?  My friends said yes.  I didn't know if I could believe it.  I mean, I'm still me.  I refuse to think I'm famous.  Because I don't feel any different.

And this week's shared topic on Blog Azeroth was about being StarstruckDragonray suggested it, and she listed ME as one of the 7 major people she gets a bit Starstruck about.  Me!  How can that be?  I talk to her on Vent!  She listens to me whinging!  She's heard me go all Effing F in arenas and BGs.  She's heard me being nervous about tanking.  Kamalia laughed at me being Starstruck when she wanted to swap realIDs and she said she felt the same way in me accepting!  Amateur Azerothian and Mabaho were much more what I thought it should be like - both of them thought it was kinda weird thinking that I'm famous (I still swear I can't be, it's some kind of hoax) because they've known me for so long and they can't look at me like that - and that's how I want everyone to be.  Mr Amateur said exactly what I want everyone else to think when they talk to me:
I think it’s because to me she’s simply “Navi.”  We’re friends.  We chat so much and have done so for a while...  We’ve done laid back raids a few times...  Like I said, we’re friends.  I guess it’s just hard for me to look at her as anything else…
- JD (Amateur Azerothian)

...but come on, I’ve known her since high school! I’m hardly going to OMG it’s Navi! I might go OMG Navi what are you thinking!
- Mabaho (bikesbabesbytes)
Ok, so if that wasn't enough to boggle my mind, one of my great blogging heroes, Mr Big Bear Butt, wrote THIS about me in his post Time Lost Opportunities this week, after reading my "Minding your Ps and Qs" post.
...Great post as usual, but I don’t have to tell you that, I’m sure you already read her wonderful blog...
- Big Bear Butt
I am speechless.  I am flattered.  And starstruck, of course!  Embarrassingly, he also said something that I myself wonder a lot about lately...
You might ask why it’s called the Druid edition when there aren’t a lot of Druid specific articles there lately.
- Big Bear Butt
I said as much in my TNB interview.  I did START out writing druid things but my blog evolved into something different.  And it's as if this shoe fits better, than the "writing about druid stuff" shoe. But back to Bear's post, what I LOVE about that post, is because he feels about WoW how I feel about it - there is so much to do, and you shouldn't just complain it's all too hard, because you'll never know until you try.  So don't tell me you're bored of WoW and then lament you haven't got Pebble, because if you want something, you have to go and get it.  And that Bear, he's full of quotable quotes, and this one is a gem as always:
If I tell myself it would be too much of a pain in the ass to do something without even trying, just, what a waste. What a complete waste.
- Big Bear Butt
OK, so if that wasn't enough to make me starstruck, one of my PvP blogging heroes visited me after my post about being StarstruckCynwise wrote THIS:
Does this mean I get Navispam now? I love me some Navispam! :D
- Cynwise
I had to wonder what Cynwise was feeling this week!  He was probably as bemused by all the attention on him this week, much like I was (except the difference is that he IS famous!  And has to deal with this ALL THE TIME!).  So many of the people participating in the Starstruck shared topic listed him as one of the people that amazes them, and he took the time to visit them all!  I thought that was so cool, that he found time to reply all his fans :)  I tried to put myself in his shoes - if everyone was all OMG SQUEEE about me, and they all said they were fans of me, I would also want to visit every single one, humbled by the amazing and undeserved respect that they had for me.  And then I realised - that Cyn is just a normal person after all, he doesn't think he's any better than anyone just because people all know him.  And I want to be like that.  If I ever turn into a nitwit and get too big for my boots I want my friends to slap me upside in the head so I will come back down to earth again.

OK, enough talking about me.  I think I've got the whole thing out of my system now.  Onto some REAL good reading gems I've picked up :)

This is not a new post, but an old post that was linked to me, and I found it a really great read.  Zellviren from Unwavering Sentinel wrote a post titled A potentially touchy subject, about dealing with guildies/raiders with autistic spectrum disorders.   I found this post extremely touching, and I love the understanding that went into it rather than writing off a player who wasn't playing that well, and moulding them into something better.

Akabeko of Red Cow Rise won 2nd prize in the Movellas WoW Fiction Contest!!!  Her story, The Innkeeper's Daughter, was brilliant, and I remember it from when I read it on her blog last year.  Aka writes amazing WoW fiction :)  I know she is thrilled to have won it, but I'll have to ask her, was she disappointed she didn't get 6th place (PET LOOT CARDS!!!)?

Oh and for total nerdness, check out these Warfare Theatre pics from Arvash of The Crimson Hammer.  I wish I was that cool!

 Oh my, Arv, I just noticed your nice sheets.  Sexy.


  1. Love the /facepalm-ing bear :D

    Akabeko needs to make a post about winning a prize in the Movellas competition so that I can grats her "in person" (as it were)... or maybe I should just sent her an email :P

    I think one of the fun things about the Starstruck topic is how looking around and seeing all the people you think are awesome, and seeing how they think of themselves as "gosh, I'm just me, you know?" just the way you think of yourself leads to realizing that "hey, we're all just folk, but we are ALL AWESOME!"

    1. I know! I'm hoping that this post will prompt her to do one, but she is a modest little thing and is shy of all the attention :P
      I agree Kam, I don't think I'm famous, you don't think you're famous and you're right... EVERYONE IS AWESOME!

  2. Sheets? That is the rugged and barren terrain of Orgrimmar!

    1. If you ask me Orgrimmar is looking a bit too soft and sexy and satiny.

    2. Fine, the next set piece will be staged in my cats' litter box =P

  3. Oh I missed that second Arv pic, good you posted it here. I admit I don't feel the way I did about most of the people I mentioned in my Blog post as I've spoken to them all in some way or another now.

    Don't worry, I'll bring you back down to earth if you need it... and they're right, you're just Navi...

    1. Thank goodness for friends who are comfortable enough to bonk me on the head with a book :)

  4. Oh man, I wish I had seen this before I met Arv this morning. Those are pure gold.

    Personally, I refused to buy the Garrosh fig (still need a couple of the other ones though)...but I'm happy someone besides me bought the minis.

    1. @ JD - Oooooo, a fellow collector! Yay!
      @ Navi - It takes one to know one =)

  5. OMG! I thought those were sexy sheet too! How could I have mistaken the rugged barreness of Orgrimmar for sheets.

    That was a great story by Akabeko. I should go back and read all the winners. I only read the ones by people I knew. Maybe she can switch prizes with the 6th place winner!

    1. I was bad, I also only read the ones I knew. Now I must go read that winner!

  6. OMG you guys!! It's true, I am le shy. But I made the post for you!! :P

    The starstruck topic was so interesting to read! I love knowing that even the super famous bloggers are so humble and bemused by all the attention they get. It would be so great if we could all just have a big dinner party, or maybe go to a pub together and just...be cool. Yeah. *sunglasses*


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