Meeting the Non-Squishy Paladin

Saund was online when I logged in and I thought it was the perfect time to grab a pic of him!  So I after I said hello I launched into my papparazzi mode and asked if I could take a pic with him.  He said of course!  So off I went.  The first person to realID me so I could find them in game - wheeee!

This was my first human I think!  No wait, I lie, I might have made one to take a pic with Ancient once. A sexy human male of some sort.  But I've never LEVELLED one.

So Saund said he'd come visit me too, which was lovely!  So here he is with me in Mulgore and I'm looking thrilled and he's looking... stoic.  LOL!  Oh and the dear boy also made a post about me being all papparazzi too :)  Another one to add to my wall of fame woot!  Thank you Ancient for the use of that awesome sticker!


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    1. I should beg you for the use of your sticker! It's so awesome!

    2. Just let me find it, lol, and I'll send you one!

  2. Well at least my totally unchosen title was a decent one, rather than something I wore as a joke :D

    1. I think sitting down to hide your skirt was a great idea /grin

  3. I love this so much, especially the top photo...absolutely love it!

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    1. Coming for you soon Zwingli! Get ready to be Navispammed!


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