Wednesday night - Dungeons, WG, VoA and PvP

I logged on last night with a spring in my step, all excited because it was Wednesday, wondering what to do.  Not many were on, and Aza was helping Shumii (on Song) with Oculus achievements so he could get his mount.  Ok, well not many are on but that's not going to stop me!  I want to do Earth, Wind and Fire (10 man) so I better get a WG win happening.  Oh man, it's like 1 hour 40 minutes till the WG battle... what to do what to do...

So since Sev was on I said we should do some achievements for Sev.  So off we went to End Time to see if we could get Sylvanas - no luck again! - and I stuffed up the Moon Guard achievement for the others by getting hit (/cry).  But we went to do Hour of Twilight and did Eclipse for McTacky and Sev.  This time I remembered to dispel that debuff!

Then on to ZG to help them get a few more achievements, and then it was almost time for Wintersgrasp.  Gutsy was raiding on his priest but he was keen to PvP afterwards, and even joined us in WG.  I roped Jinjersnaps and her friend Arashikage to come as well, and so we had a nice solid group going - those poor Alliance didn't stand a chance.

The annoying thing about WG is that the vehicles have less than HALF my health, so they die really quickly.  It's almost impossible to duo WG now because a few hits from the enemy and your vehicle is dead!

But us squishy healers took the vehicles and the big gun DPSers were taking out the poor Alliance - none of whom were very geared.  Az was moaning in disgust at me when I was running out and I said "Uh oh, I've got Alli's on me!" and he replied "Navi... that DK had half health and that mage has 100k health.  What are you whinging about..."

Yeah OK.  But hey, I was still outnumbered =/ but Lush turned up and demolished the poor guys.

So it was a nice easy win, and then we formed our group for VoA.  We had 9 people turn up - Aza, Sev, Lushnek, Gutsy, Jinjersnaps, McTacky, Souglyy, Arashikage and myself.  So Aza, me and Lush tanked up to drag the bosses back, with Gutsy, Jinj and Mctacky healing.  It was nice and easy and great to get an achievement that had eluded us for so long.

Then onto BGs.  It was hard because we had 6 to go and we stuffed up a few times with the synchronised queueing, leaving poor Aza stuck in some bad battles.  Fortunately for us though, we won all of ours - it was incredibly nice to faceroll some BGs with geared people.

But, we had the usual whingers again in BGs.  A hunter, with 120k health, was the leader of our AB, and was saying "OK, everyone go LM, BS and farm.  Zerg LM."  Yeah right.  LM is the "traditional" alliance Zerg, and so we all ignored him and went to Gold Mine, like we normally do.  Then he started to rant about how Horde always loses and people never listen... he ended up LEAVING the battleground rather than stay and see us win it with our strategy!  I think that was a 5 cap game too.  However, the problem is that everyone is always rushing off to get more HKs and abandon our nodes, so more often than not I'm the one stuck defending GM - not ideal for a healer, but hey, what can you do right?  It IS boring, but someone has to do it.

Then we did a WSG.  I don't know what happened, but they weren't trying.  I raced Arashikage for the flag, but I got there first and then I sprinted away with the flag, and poor Jinj got left behind (I did ask her permission to take boots first!).  Everyone was busy engaging the Alliance in the middle and nobody was getting our flag, so I capped one, went back for the second one, and this time had Sev escort me so that Jinj and Gutsi could heal the fun and games in the middle.  I had someone appear and start attacking me as I ran towards the tunnel, so I turned back and kited him back to my friends so they could finish it off for me and ran off and capped again.  The third time the only slight difference was that Alliance was trying to pick up the flag this time but they didn't get far.  A third cap for me and I got the Ironman achievement!  Woooo!  But I have to admit, I don't like carrying the flag, I much prefer to heal the flag carrier because I have the mobility to do it and I get scared nobody is going to heal me!  But with Guts and Jinj there, there were no dramas.  Gotta LOVE not being the only healer in a BG :D

Yeah... I didn't do much healing.  And that poor Alliance hunter... was getting bugsquashed

A Twin Peaks went similarly well except that time Az didn't make it into the same one, and while we were 3 capping Alliance, Az was grumbling that his was a 3 cap as well but it was the converse.  Some good healing in that BG, and yes, those pesky rogues were annoying me AGAIN and not leaving me alone, which Sev seems to love ribbing me about.  Then those cowardly little shits run away as soon as I put up a bit of a fight!  Grrr.

Gilneas was also a lovely quick game, with a 3 cap and a Newbs to Plowshares for those who didn't have it.  I remember when our group went straight to Lighthouse it was as if their entire team was waiting there for us.  Was a good fight at that node though, and that poor lock who kept putting curse of tongues on everyone... well, he was wasting his time doing that, since I was dispelling it.  Sev got Full Coverage as well, so that was pretty neat.

We finished the night off with another AB, this one was a little bit more challenging than the last.  As usual, another lowish health player yelling abuse at all of us, and it was a struggle to win but we did win in the end, so at least that was a good finish for the night.

With so much fun PvPing, I am thinking that come Mists, we will definitely have to push for the 3 day raid week and one day PvP.  If we have enough people interested and geared enough, we might even have a rated BG day.  How exciting would that be!


  1. That achievement pic looks familar... I can't quite place it...

  2. Oh you busted me using it as my placeholder!

  3. I wish I could have joined you, but I'm under doctors orders to avoid any excess computer usage. I've got a severe RSI to my left elbow and I'm left handed, so I haven't been able to do anything fun or for work. The doctors reckons I'll be out of action for a few more weeks, then it'll only be a gradual return. At least I can type a few words here and there and I can keep up to date with your blog Navi.


    1. Get well soon Aye!
      - Aza

    2. I have been wondering where you've been Ayel. Hope you get better soon! Get Corael to log you on for Sunday...

  4. A good Battle of Failneas?

    But grats on the cheevs!

    1. LOL why do you SR guys hate Gilneas so...? :P

  5. It's funny that both sides, horde and alliance say the same things to each other when greifing about why they lose,

    1. And here I thought Alliance were much more civilised than the grumpy Hordies!

  6. Uh, replace "horde" with "ally" and I have seen that same battlerage many, many times.


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