First raid post patch 5.0.4 - OMG LOL!

Everyone was logging on and trying out their talents and complaining!  I couldn't wait to get home to look at my toon and see all these new things.  So I went to reforge some extra haste and more spirit (didn't actually have to forge that much spirit - I was already on 2500) and then look sadly at this tiny mana pool.  Gutsy's computer wasn't letting him download the game, so he couldn't login and Shab didn't want to raid because he was playing around with his talents.  So Fue said let's go do Firelands to test out our new talents.

Meanwhile in guild chat...

There was something really weird about achievements... Falln kept getting Koralon the Flame Watcher achievement over and over... and Souglyy kept getting 5000 Daily Quests Complete.  Every time she zoned into something.  It started to get a bit old by about the 20th time...

I felt so gimpy!  Healing my usual style stripped my mana away so I was being a little more conservative.  We tried to do Beth'tilac heroic but that wasn't a go, so we just knocked it off on normal.  I was happy because we did Alsyrazor so fast that she didn't even get the cyclones out so I just have to have a raid where nobody gets hit by brushfires or the worm fires.  Then I can get THAT achievement, wooo!  We did everything on normal except for Majordomo Staghelm which was good because not only did Aza finally get his neck (which will be obsolete in less than a month) but we also did the Only the Penitent... achievement.  Yay!

We did Rag, and we wiped on it, and Fue said did we really need to do it, because he didn't want people to get stroppy at wiping on stuff.  I said it's kinda embarrassing to be wiping on Rag, and I felt like because of that we HAD to kill it.  So we did, and we had a few more wipes and by golly those adds were getting to the hammer WHAT THE HELL!  Anyway, we managed to kill it and when we looted... we found a Smoldering Egg of Millagazor!  We all rolled and guess who won it with a roll of 100!!!  Fueghan!  So here he is on his gorgeous new mount - /whistles my that's a nice one!  Seven says that the drop rate is higher the less meteors you have out.  We only had one so that apparently gives you a drop rate of about 50%!  Wow, why haven't we been farming Firelands eh?


I have to admit, healing was hard.  I didn't feel like my usual slick self.  My heals are bigger, but my mana seems to drop really fast.  Though it does regenerate quickly, which is good.  I don't know how tomorrow is going to be but I'll be late home, so unless Gutsy gets on, we won't be doing Dragon Soul any time soon.


  1. o.o a shiny mount!

    But hmmmm....healing sounds scary now!

    1. You'll be pleased to know that our priest outhealed me on rhyolith...

  2. Glad to know my guild wasn't the only one who needed tissues to dry big tears on the changes - I, however, am very happy! Grats to your mate on the mount! Big fun!

    1. I just needs to get used to it. I do like a change and a challenge.

  3. I didn't know the mount drop was tied to meteors/how fast you killed it. I thought it was just a flat low drop chance on normal.


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