Monday, December 31, 2012

Navispam: Press PrtScr to capture Ratshag

Getting a lift

Ratshag is one of those people that for a long time, I'd never spoken to, but I knew about.  He was a long time blogger, writing over at Need More Rage,  and though I was never an avid reader of his blog, I had popped over once or twice to look at a post which I thought was particularly moving.  Most of the time he writes bits and bots about everything, from stories to a bit of RP, achievements, and basically all fun things in game.

He decided to quit writing at Need More Rage in August this year, and I particularly liked one thing he wrote in his last post, which is just the soppy person in me I suppose:
Over the years, much has changed. Other characters in game have taken over much of my playing time; some of these developed into characters in their own right, and some did not. Guilds have come and gone. Other blogs I read have come and gone. Readers of this blog have come and gone. One day a reader sent me a short letter thanking me for cheering her up on days when she felt down and a month later, because she is the most awesomest person in the world, I asked her to marry me. And, because she is also the insanest person in the world, she said yes.
/sighs dreamily.  Anyway, I thought that was one of the coolest things I'd read for ages.  Sad for the blogging community to lose such a fun voice, but he still played WoW, he said so he's not totally gone.

Turns out Ratshag came to a few LBR with JD and one of my blogging heroes, Repgrind, was totally starstruck by that old Ratshag.  In fact she was so blinded by his starriness that she didn't see anyone else...
(I apologize for not really knowing who some of the others were, I was kinda starstruck by Ratshag’s presence. Sorries! >.< )
- Repgrind


So one day, Iwith Cross Realm Zones, I was wondering if anyone needed a pet on twitter, and I got a tweet from Ratshag.  I was both stunned, and starstruck and... what do I say to the famous one himself?  I just played it cool, tried not to act like too much of an idiot, and chatted back and we swapped battletags so I could help him get pets since he has alts galore.  CRZ is cool sometimes.

It turned out one of the only things he needed was a Minfernal, and you know how hard they are to find.  I rarely go that way but when Ratters was on, I would fly by and have a look just in case.  He seemed to be on a lot!  He had an arctic fox kit, and a scourged whelpling, so he didn't need those when I found spares.

So when 5.1 hit, the only person online when I found some extra nexus whelplings was Ratshag, and that was the only time he needed something.  And I met him for the first time then.

One day, I thought I would get on and see if I could see navispam Narci or say hi to StoppableForce and Rades and only one person was online in their guild.  I whispered that person but he was AFK.  I waited a bit then logged back to my server.

Ratshag whispered me when I got on Navimie, "Were you trying to visit someone in TTGF?"  How did he know that?  Oh of course, he can see me on real ID.  I went to see what toon he was on and... wouldn't you know it, he was on the toon that I had whispered who didn't reply me.

"Hey, that was you?  Why didn't you say something?"

"I was AFK.  Getting ready for work."

I had a good old giggle that I had whispered a toon of someone I had already on battletag, not realising it was them.  Come on, when one of your battletag friends gets on, do you really look at what toon they're on?  

He switched to the toon I'm more familiar with, not that he has a main, as such, and I wandered over to take a pic and hang out for a few minutes before he had to go to work.  He pulled out a few of his favourite pets, but my daughter's favourite pet is the sunflower, because she likes the game Plants vs Zombies.  So I put this pic here for her so she can point and it and tell me how wonderful it is.

One funny thing too.  I was used to the style that Ratshag writes his blog but when I chat to him he doesn't talk like that.  In fact, he is super polite, though I suspect it's because he doesn't know me well enough to act like he does on his old blog.  Unfortunately for him, because I also like pets, I spend most of my time talking and pestering him with pet talk.  In fact, a lot of my friends will find that my chatter is mostly about pets.... (don't think I can see those yawns!)

Ratshag is writing again about World of Warcraft, this time on a pet battling blog, Press 5 to capture.  It's different from his old blog.  This one is more of an info hub rather than a creative outlet and Ratshag's news.  He tells us little tips, which pets are good against what, changes that have come with hotfixes and patches which have all been really useful.  The burning question now that I have is... why does he not use capital letters?  The whole blog is written in lower case.  I must ask him that when I see him online next.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm in Your Base, Killing your Dudes!

I was pet battling in Shadowmoon Valley this morning when Ayelena told me he found a rare in Krasarang.  I didn't realise it was one of the Dominance Offensive ones, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it was one - I haven't done any of them yet. In truth, I haven't done much Dominance Offensive stuff at all.

Lushnek was on too so together we went and killed it.

So back I went to Shadowmoon Valley.  I was trying to slowly make my way towards the master trainer but  Fel Flames were distracting me - I don't have a rare of that yet.  So I was battling every single one I came across.  Then Ayelena found another rare...back I went to Krasarang.  Lushnek was doing some Cloud Serpent stuff so he was a bit slower coming over.  However, I was trying to take a pic and then that pesky Azgorod (Ayelena's minion) pulled it and it scared the bejesus outta me.  And being on my laptop which is not built for gaming or speed, I was 1/3 dead before I figured out what was going on.  We died, and Lushnek flew back just in time to miss the carnage but cast some rezzes.  Take 2.  We got it this time and he dropped a Blood Soaked Invitation! I really wanted it but so did Ayelena, so we rolled on it and I won (however, by the end of it, I thought about it and gave it to Ayelena instead.  Maybe one of my friends *pokes Sev* will send me one).  There was an alliance rogue watching us.  He beckoned Ayelena over.

"Why is that Alliance dude asking you to go over?" asked Lushnek.
"Maybe he wants to show Ayelena something," I said, as I walked over to him
"Watch out, you get PvPed somewhere over there," said Ayelena.
"It could be some kind of trap," said Lushnek.
I clicked on the rogue, and he was targeting another rare spawn.
"Look he's showing us another rare!" I said.
"He might be up to no good," said Lushnek.
But the guy wasn't flagged.  And there were mobs to clear.
So we started clearing.  And that bloody Azgorod did it again when I was trying to take a pic...

This one heals!  And on a laggy laptop I wasn't getting out of her attacks fast enough so I died.  I hate melee =/  But after killing it we got the achievement!

The Alliance Rogue, Poisoneus, cheered us, and I emoted a thanks.  I logged over to alliance to thank him personally and take some pics with him.

The hard part was finding him.  He had just gone into a BG but was kind enough to AFK out so I could take a pic.  Then when I managed to get in I was attacked.  I was petrified that I would hit him in my aoe attacks so I backed away from him but that only pulled more mobs.... grrrr.

We paid our mutual respects, I wish I was able to reciprocate the kind deed. Who says we have to be enemies? :)  He even wished me a happy new year, what an amiable fellow :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Random Battle pet Chit Chat

Thank goodness I have a blog.  Even if nobody wants to listen to me yapping about pets and pet battles, at least my blog is happy for me to dump on it.  So here is my brain dump on pet battles for the week.

On Saunder's advice, I have decided to level my Fluxfire Feline, even though it's a green.  I look forward to one day getting an upgrade stone or even a rare!  I guess I should go back and do more pet battle dailies.

I am not a fast pet leveller.  People like Souglyy power level their pets (she told me she can do it in 8 battles! Which means she must be battling trainers or something), but I admit since the new levelling pet xp, it's gone a little easier.

I am so obsessed by pet collecting that I am SERIOUSLY thinking of buying all 3 Collector's Editions  (Vanilla, BC and Wrath) just for the pets.  But OMG have you seen the price of the Vanilla unopened collector's edition??  But here are some of the pets you CAN buy still - the Blizzcon ones!

And I managed to level 30 to Level 10. I find it funny that I did 30 to level 25 before I did this one.

Today I was battling Jungle Grubs in Krasarang Wilds and I got my first battle stone from a battle!  And my first Beast one too!  What a shame it wasn't a Mechanical...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Furtive Father Winter with Guest Post by Dahakha

Now how cool is it that someone whose writing I so admire, is the person who is my Furtive Father Winter (that's blogger talk for Secret Santa by the way, which Akabeko of Red Cow Rise organised this year again!).  So without further ado, I present Dahakha, a guildie of Akabeko's, and a master storyteller :)


Hey Navi!

So I was the one lucky enough to be preparing a gift for you....and I really hope I haven't taken too many liberties with it! It was a struggle to come up with something that would fit your blog....I was going to write a pet story for you but you got in first! :P So I fell back on what I know. I am pretty nervous about this story, I really really hope you like it!

Feel free to play with the formatting to suit your blog.

Merry Winter Veil to you, my friend!

- Dahakha


"So are you doing anything for the Feast of Winter Veil, Aka?" Navimie watched as her friend tinkered with some mechanical toy on her workbench. Seeing that she would not get an answer until the delicate work was done, she wandered around Akabeko's workshop, looking with mild interest at the various parts and tools stacked on the shelves.

"Hmm? Oh, not really. At least, I haven't made any plans yet. Got any ideas?"

"Well I'm organising a celebration at our guild's local tavern, why don't you come along? Plenty of people are coming, it'll be great!"

Akabeko put aside the toy and reached for a box of parts. "Mmmm sounds good. Just write the address down for me, could you?" She waved towards a mess of blueprints and notepads. Navimie found a quill and inkpot and started writing directions. "You should bring a partner, Aka."

The engineer pulled out bits from her parts box, laying them out on the bench in front of her. "Like who?"

Navimie smirked at her. "That druid friend of yours....Dahakha?"


Navimie grinned, though her friend was too focused on her work to notice. "He's pretty cute, don't you think?"


"And smart, too, from what you told me."


"Didn't he help you get into the good books of those Ravenholdt people? That was very generous!"


Navimie was enjoying herself. With a significant look at Akabeko, she continued. "It's not often that such a great catch comes along. It'd be a shame if some other woman caught his eye...."

Akabeko glanced over at her friend in confusion, then bent back to her work. "Yes, Navi, I'll bring him along. He's been stressed out lately anyway, with all the stuff going on in Hyjal and dealing with the Firelands threat. It'll do him good to get out and relax."

"Great! I'll just put a reminder on here with the directions, ok? Then I'd better get going, got lots of things to organise!"

Navimie gave her a quick hug from behind as Akabeko nodded absently, then left the workshop, grinning again as she heard a belated "Oh, bye Navi!" float after her.

Akabeko continued to work on her project, and it wasn't until half an hour later that her head shot up as the conversation sunk in. Navi and Dah? Her eyes narrowed in thought. Hmmmmm.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"You were right, Beko. I did need to relax a bit." Dahakha sat back in his chair, raising his mug of hot apple cider in greeting as more people entered the tavern. "You seem a bit distracted. What's up?"

Akabeko visibly collected herself, turning back to him with a smile. "Oh, nothing. Just wondering where Navi is. She said she was going to join us when she found time." She glanced around the room again. "I think you'll like her, Dah."

"Haven't I met her before?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe once or twice? I don't know if you've been properly introduced though. You'll love her, I know it."

"You said that already." He grinned at her. "Ok, I'll bite. What is she like?"

"Oh Dah, she is wonderful! Smart, funny, a reeeeeeally great healer. So friendly. She's very giving, loves to make people feel special. We were in the same groups for a lot of early druid training. I remember she was the only one who made me feel welcome when I first arrived. She even helped me with my orcish!"

"Oh, so she's the one to blame for your weird accent, eh?"

She snorted, then stuck her tongue out at him. "Says you! Unlike some people, she never laughed at my silly questions."

Dahakha put his his hands up in defence. "Hey I laugh with you, not at you!"

"Yeah, right. She's always willing to give me a hand with an engineering project, even though it has caused a few...uh....mishaps."

A new voice chimed in from behind Akabeko. "Like the time you singed the fur off my forehead?" Her eyes widened in horror as she turned to face Navimie. " was an accident!"

Navimie came around and sat across from Dahakha as Akabeko introduced them. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Akabeko drained her mug and looked pointedly over at Navimie. "I'm going to get another drink. You guys want anything?" As they shook their heads, she got up and with a wink at Navimie, said "Right, you two get to know each other then, I'll be back soon."

Dahakha watched Akabeko as she walked off, then looked at Navimie with a slight frown. "What was that all about?" Navimie was grinning broadly, and at his clear confusion she broke into giggles. "What!?" That only set her off even more. Finally, she got herself under control again.

"Aka is playing matchmaker." As Dahakha's eyebrows shot up in panic, Navimie reached over and patted his hand. "She obviously thinks I am interested in you." He squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. "Look, Navimie, I am flattered, but we've only just met, and I don't really think - "

"I know." She grinned at him impishly. "It's pretty obvious your heart belongs to another, Dahakha. I shouldn't be surprised at her misconstruing my intentions, she isn't the best listener when she is working on her toys. Besides, I already have a man I am working on." She giggled again as Dahakha's shoulders sagged in relief. Then she leaned forward, eyes sparkling mischeviously. "How would you like to have a bit of fun?"

"What kind of fun?"

"A bit of a prank, on Akabeko. All we need to do is....."

By the time Akabeko returned, the plan was set. As she reached the table, Navimie and Dahakha were laughing together, having moved in closer to each other. Looking from face to face, her expression was cautiously pleased. "So what have I missed? You two are clearly hitting it off." She sat down and slurped the head off her beer. Dahakha leaned forward excitedly.

"You were right, Beko! Navi is great! I have never met anyone so, so....perfect for me! I'm so glad you brought me along tonight."

Navimie chimed in. "We just talked and talked while you were gone! There is so much we have in common...." she laid her hand on Dahakha's, ".....and I can't wait to meet his parents!"

Akabeko blinked at her as Dahakha continued. "We decided that, since we were getting along so well, we might as well make plans to move in together. We're going back to Mulgore to see our families next week, so we'll try and find somewhere we can, er, get to know each other better, if you know what I mean." He winked slyly at Navimie, who smiled wickedly.

Akabeko looked stunned. A range of emotions swept across her face, before she finally forced a smile. "That's, uh, that's great! I am so happy for you...." She raised her mug in salute, but as she drank deeply her eyes remained on Dahakha.

Dahakha slapped his hands down on the table. "I think I need another drink after all. Would you like one, babytree?" Navimie fluttered her eyelashes at him. "I'll have what you're having, honeybear." As Akabeko looked on in consternation, Navimie grabbed Dahakha's hand and pulled him back to her. "A kiss before you go?" Dahakha leaned in.....and they both dissolved into laughter. Akabeko looked back and forth, trying to figure out what the hell was going on as her two friends doubled over in hysterics.

"Oh, Aka, you are too easy!" Navimie managed to choke out between gales of laughter. Dahakha calmed down enough to add, "Sorry Beko, it was too great an opportunity to pass up. It was Navi's idea!" Then he looked at Navi again, muttered "honeybear?" and collapsed into hysterics again. Akabeko's jaw dropped, setting Navimie off again.

" smarmy bastards!" She shook her head in disgust. "I am way too gullible." Still shaking her head, she started giggling to herself as she replayed the conversation in her mind. "You buttwads owe me a drink for that!"

Dahakha stood, wiping his eyes. "What'll you have?"

"The most expensive thing they have! In fact, make it a double!" He nodded as he walked off. Akabeko turned a mock glare on her friend. "I thought you wanted to meet him?!"

Navimie sighed, and gave Akabeko a wry smile. "You should pay more attention sometimes, Aka. I had someone else in mind...."

When Dahakha returned with the drinks, Akabeko was still pressing Navimie for an explanation. Deciding to not get involved in that conversation, he broke in with a raised mug. "To good friends and great company. Merry Winter Veil!"


Navimie's comment: I love it!  I had my hand to my mouth covering my grin and even my family came up to me asking what I was smiling about.  And a story with mischief in it?  Perfecto!!  Thank you Dahakha!!  Oh, and I forgot, if you'd like to see what I did for my FFW, wander over to Herculano's blog!

Minipost: Handsome Dwarves? What blasphemy is this!

I watched The Hobbit Part 1 - An Unexpected Journey today and I was blown away.  I loved it. Rewatching Peter Jackson's Middle Earth world reminded me (though of course I already knew) of how Tolkein really was the forefather of all fantasy - including this game we love so much.

Look at the Alliance allies in Tolkein's world - Humans, Elves and Dwarves. And a Hobbit, who is a bit gnome like, don't you think??  And Orcs, Trolls and Necromancy (Undead)  are all the classic evils.  Orcs riding Warg/Worgs, Dwarves and their treasures... and here is my dirty confession.  I mean honestly, as a hordie, how can I find a Dwarf attractive?  I blame Matty.  But Thorin is damn hot.  And a warrior.  Oh my...

And though the Hobbit was full of excitement, and action, it was the moments of heroism that moved me the most.  Bilbo was no warrior, he was just an ordinary hobbit, who had admirable traits of courage, friendship and ingenuity - things that we all have inside us.  And it reminds me that all of us can be heroes. It makes me wonder if that was the message Tolkein and Jackson are trying to project.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Overpowered Pets Will get their Upcommance!

Mumper said that pets were made to be balanced, that there is no one pet that is awesome against heaps of others.  However, pets do change over with patches and I am wondering if some pets may get a smack with the nerfbat.  All images here are from

Look at L'il Tyragosa. Sev swears there were nerfs to her but I can't seem to find information on that anywhere.  He is adamant that Surge of Power had been nerfed!

As with most dragonkin she does pretty decent damage, but I tend to prefer dragonkin with a Tail Sweep, and I like my Dragons to have more attack power and less speed so they can get that extra hit in.

She does have a lot of magic damage spells, so great for those annoying flyers, with the strength of the dragonkin class.
The Fluxfire Feline also does an amazing amount of damage.  I came across one in a PvP battle the other day.  It one shot my Dark Whelpling and then one shot my Amethyst Spider, probably using Windup and Supercharge with Pounce.  But damn!  So I would recommend these for pet battles, if you have a rare!

I haven't managed to catch a rare one, I was hoping for a Battle Stone.  However, I have never had a mechanical stone drop for me, but when I do, this will be the first little fella that I upgrade!

Chrominius is also a very powerful pet.  With a Howl and Surge of Power, that would hurt.  However, with a well timed avoidance move, you might be ok.  Aza was showing it to me but I think I'll have to level it myself to see what kind of damage it does.

A hear a lot about what people's favourite pets are.  Some pets which are really popular include Crabs and Snails - those snails are critters but have strong water attacks.  And I've been surprised how much I use my moth.  Pretty good with the Moth Dust and Cocoon Strike.

My favourite pets that I seem to always use are:
Beast: Spiders - Brittle webbing + Leech Life is awesome
Critter: Snail - Ooze touch and Dive are great attacks for a critter!
Dragonkin: Dark Whelpling because I like the combination of Call Darkness to reduce healing, Tail Sweep and Lift Off.  I do also use my Nexus Whelpling a bit because Mana Surge is a really great spell (and it has a Tail Sweep)
Humanoid: Flayer hatchling and Gregarious Grell are my favourites.  The Grell has an avoidance and a heal which is useful.  I hardly use humanoids though these days.
Magic: Nordrassil Wisp and Ooze Slimeling.  The Wisp is not strong but its avoidance is awesome. The Ooze does lots of damage.
Elemental: Venus because I like its heal (Plant) and its Stun Seed.  I'm also liking the Water Waveling.
Mechanical: I only have my Clockwork Gnome but you can guess what's the next one I want levelled!
Aquatic: Eternal strider because of Pump and heal, and I like my crabs too with their whirlpool and heal.
Flying: Blue Moth, with Moth Dust and Cocoon Strike.
Undead: Scourged Whelpling for its Dreadful Breath, Call Darkness and Tail Swipe.

So what does everyone else like best?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

You better not pout, I'm telling you why!

Naviclaus is coming to town!

Mists of Pandaria has been great for Winter Veil. The vanity/battle pet trade has opened up a whole new world of gift giving and I started early-ish because some of the pets I had acquired were things that people were lacking at that time.

I was very lucky when it came to getting pets to drop from those Pandarian Elemental tamers, so I looked through a lot of friends who were avid pet battlers to see who would like all the extras I had. I also had a few Silkworms from tailoring, and anyone who didn't have a Horde Enchanted lantern was going to get one. And 5.1 brought all those lovely raid boss drops which are sellable and tradeable so any extras of those became gifts. And, of course, Blizzard purposely put things on sale so I used those to prop up my pet gift inventory too. TCGs from someone I regularly buy things from (gosh that sounds terrible! I buy too much stuff!) also helped fill up my Gift sack.

I started on my own server.

I knew Cymre was missing a Pandaren Fire spirit, so I gave one to her - and I hopefully rubbed off some luck on her because not long after she got the Earth spirit as well!

Moogyver and Natanie (Mrs Moogyver) got matching L'il Ragnaros'.  Those gifts were actually quite funny when you look at the Twitter conversation

To which I then replied

Then I had my to go bring some Winter Veil cheer to my lovely guildies, whose support, help and friendship are surely gifts without measure!

Lushnek got a Cinder Kitten, and lovely companion for Kitteh form.  Sevros got an Imperial Silkworm, because I wanted to show him tailoring does have fun stuff, look what he's missing out on! (Sev dumped tailoring for inscription a few expansions ago).  However, in return he gave me not only a Gilnean raven, but a Shore Crawler as well!  So I need to get him something a little more exciting than a worm!

Roshii and Souglyy both got Pink Puffers, a pet which I remember fondly because I got one for myself when the Sea Pony was being an ass and refusing to be fished up.  That left me with a Pandaren Fire spirit - who would really like that?  I chose Aza because he loves his fire stuff!  (And OMG he gave me his own  Anubisath Idol in return!!) Moo got a Moonkin Hatchling - it was as druid as I could get and cute to boot! What to get Tout... I gave him a Dun Morogh Cub (the one I had named Tout - why, I chose that I'll explain later) as it reminded him of his bear tanking.  For the lovely couple Balinar and Pel.. Pel loves all things pets so I got her a Moonkin Hatchling and sent it to her druid.  I knew Balinar would get stroppy with me if I bought him something because he can buy it himself, so I made him an enchanted Lantern instead.  For Faith and Ayelena, I bought them both a L'il Ragnaros, because Faith used to have the task of slow falling after exploding the fiery circle things, and Ayelena likes all things fire.

Now it was off to my other guilds!

The Shadow Rising crew have been so helpful and supportive and great company!  Especially that Arvash - what do you get the person who is #1 on the server for unique pets??  Luckily for me, Arvash was still missing a Pandaren Fire Spirit, so I gave him one, which brought him to 500 pets!  It seems every time I give one away, another drops!  For that other pet battler, Repgrind, I gave her a Pandaren water spirit, so she has one less to get for the daily (she's not up to them yet, but she will be soon)!

For the cute couple (heh) Slice and Lyss, I got them matching Pink Puffers.  I told Lyss a hint - Roshii and Souglyy had to go through the ENTIRE TCG loot set to figure out which code I got them - but I told Lyss Throne of Tides as a hint so they could find it.  Slice, who had been home all day pet battling hadn't even realised I had sent something but he found out soon enough when Lyss got home.  Those two lovelies gave me a Dun Morogh Cub in return for Winter Veil (so I kept theirs and named it OrangeLyss and gave away my old one).

So now, my Alliance guild!  Typhoon Andrew isn't much of a pet person, so I thought I'd spread some horde cheer and give him an Enchanted Lantern (which is the horde version of that pet).  I got Sal a L'il XT because he's noisy (and Sal is so chatty!) and she seemed to like her surprise :) I love it when people are happy!

As for Gen, whom I'm not sure likes pets, I got her a L'il Ragnaros because he's cool, and he's a raid boss, and I'm sure Rag has some nice memories for her :P

Now onto my blog friends...

I was actually planning to give Ancient an Earth Spirit but I didn't have a spare one yet.  And she was so miserable one day with her sinuses that I thought I would just give her a present straight away so I gave her an Untamed Hatchling, which she levelled in one day! (And she gave me her fox kit... that was... /wipes tear)

To Mataoka I gave her a Mini Mindslayer, because she's always easing my mind when I'm troubled. She gave me a Cinder Kitten in return - I already had one, but the proceeds going to the Hurricane Sandy Red Cross appeal was gift enough for me!

Effraeti, that die hard Alliance chick, I got her the horde Enchanting Lantern (which she took out and is on a guild video of hers somewhere!  I must find it!), which I also gave to Chris, Angelya and Kallixta as well.  Every Alliance person needs a little Horde don't you think?  Thunderspank, however, is not into pets, and is a die hard Hordie but doesn't have a Lantern so he got one too.

JD was new to Pandaria so I knew he wouldn't have an Imperial Silkworm so I snuck that over to him.   

Kamalia and Euphyley both didn't have Pandaren monks so I thought they had to have one so they would remember the year that Mists of Pandaria was released.  Kam even came to visit me on my server to thank me in person!  We had a hilarious conversation as she couldn't find Dath'remar on the realm page and I had to quietly tell her that you had to click on the Oceanic tab at the bottom first...

Ratshag and Stubborn are both pet battlers, so I wanted them to give them both a Pandaren Spirit that they didn't have.  Ratshag accepted his Air Elemental graciously but Stubborn was living up to his name and refusing my gift so I sent it to Mrs Stubborn instead who was thrilled to receive her cute little Water Elemental spirit.

To my fellow story writers, Akabeko and Dahakha, I sent them both a cooking fire... hahaha, yes, that is L'il Ragnaros (who is awesome that he doubles as a cooking fire).

And Shoryl's earthy dwarf ended up with my Pandaren Earth Spirit that I got just the day before - I wonder if she knew how difficult that Elemental was for me to kill before I levelled my Nordrassil Wisp!  But I was happy that all of my extra pets had found loving homes - I think that giving really does bring you good luck, because every time I gave away an Elemental pet, another one would drop!  Except.. drama!  Poor thing, she was so excited she accidentally DELETED the mail in her excitement to open it.  She sent a ticket and the GMs told her the item would be sent back to me but it WASN'T so another ticket has been opened.  I told her not to worry too much, I could try and get another one (though maybe my luck may be running out) but I could imagine how distressed she was!  But even if she doesn't get it back, it was the thought that counts, and will remain, she said.  Awww :)

Finally my sack was empty.  All my gifts had been delivered.  And who needs exercise to give you endorphins??  Giving out presents gives you just as much of high.  No wonder Greatfather Winter looks so damn happy all the time :P

Minipost: Merry Christmas Everyone!

To all my readers and friends, I hope you all have a safe and joyous Christmas, and for those of you who don't celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

For those of you who are at work, I hope it's an easy day and that everything goes well for you.

Yawn time to get to bed, kids will be up in 6 hours to make a mess and fill up my recycle bin.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Tale of the little Fox Kit

The little fox kit could not read, nor could he know the stories of other foxes in the world, but all he knew was that his world was changed, that fateful day he was learning to dig in the grasslands of the contested Tol Barad Peninsula.  The area was often full of warring humanoids who would fight and slaughter each other as they swept like a plague through the spiders in the Darkwood, or through the foul smelling undead of the Forgotten Hill.   He had learned from his mother long ago, to hide when he heard the sound of human horses, weapons and the clinking of mail armour.

They had seen many of his aunts and uncles, cousins, killed by these humanoids who had come to their peninsula, hunting riches, glory and fame.

"There are many of them," his mother had said.  "And they are all looking for one thing."
"What is that, mother?" asked the little fox kit.
"They are looking for YOU, little one."
"Me?  But why?"
"Because you are a treasure, a rarity.  Humans always prize and covet things which are rare."
The little fox kit was frightened.  "I don't want to die, mother,"
His mother hushed him, and licked his head affectionately.  "You will not die, my dear one.  For that is not your fate."

But death felt like his fate that day.  A black shadow, out in broad daylight, descended upon his dam.  His mother snarled and bit at the black creature, who was every bit as fast as her attacker.  She fought with all her strength, though she knew she was outmatched.  As the black beast delivered a killing blow to his mother's throat, and she fell, lifeless to the ground, the fox kit looked up into the eyes of his would be killer, her eyes blazing with bloodlust and the heat of battle.  But as soon as the panther laid eyes on him, cowering behind his mother's still body, her expression changed from fearsome to excitement and wonder.  As he stared into her eyes, the fierceness in them faded, and was replaced by something he had seen in his mother's own eyes.  The look of a parent looking down at a child.  And his fear subsided, and it was with mixed wariness and curiosity, he stared into the glowing gaze of the Kaldorei female who gently picked him up, and told him that she would look after him.

Catwynn could not believe her luck.  At last, a Baradin Fox Kit!  She had killed hundreds, maybe thousands of foxes in the Peninsula, looking for one of these elusive creatures, and here at last she beheld one.  As she lifted the frightened youngling in her cool, pale hands, she spoke to him, stroking him, and his trembling subsided as he listened to her musical lilted voice.  Catwynn took her prize and headed back to the mainland.

Such adventures she took him on!  He saw the snows of Storm Peaks, and the deserts of Uldum.  He panted in the heat of Mount Hyjal and swam in the seas of Vashj'ir.  But he was sad.  Though the elf was kind, she smelled of stars and moons and magic, a tangy metallic scent, and he missed the aroma of freshly dug dirt and grass in the summer.  The Night Elf could sense that he wasn't happy, and though she took him to the far south of the world, a land of cloud serpents and stone lions, wonders like he had never seen, she would still see him at night, gazing at the moon, thoughts of a land and a home far, far away.  The Night Elf knew what she should do, but she could not bring herself to do it.  She had searched high and low for a little fox kit, had the blood of thousands of Baradin foxes on her hands, but the initial exultation of finding one had dwindled into a regret.

A year and half had passed, and one day, the Elf summoned him and he could smell wistfullness and sadness in her countenance. He looked at her, his head cocked to one side, questioningly.

"Little fox, I know you haven't been happy here.  And I'm sorry, but I cannot return you to your home, but I have a friend, a very good friend, that would love you like I do.  She can help bring out the best in you, and I am going to pass you over into her care."

Passed around?  Like a piece of chattel?  The fox kit's shackles raised with a little growl.  He felt helpless, shackled to the misfortune of his fate.

The Night Elf went to the Valley of the Four Winds, and waited.  The fox kit was beside her and he looked around curiously at the passers by.  The sweaty iron smell of orc filled his nostrils, mixed with the smell of cooked food and beer that heralded a Pandaren.  But another, familiar scent caught him.  The little fox closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of summer grass and ploughed earth.  And for the first time, in a long time, he felt like he was at home.  He looked up and found a Tauren standing beside the Night Elf, her green eyes taking him in with interest.

The Night Elf spoke to the Tauren, in words that the fox kit could not understand.  And he was confused as the Tauren knelt down to rub his ears, as the Night Elf stood and backed away.  He turned and looked at the Night Elf, an unspoken question in his eyes, which she answered with a wave and a look of regret mixed with happiness.

"Go on, litle fox," said the Night Elf.  "A new life awaits you."

The Tauren bowed deeply to the Night Elf.  "This is a gift beyond measure, Catwynn," she said in her low voice.  "I don't know what to say."

"Take good care of him, Navimie," said Catwynn as she looked at the Fox Kit she had raised, who had been with her for so long.  He was her first, and as yet, her only, but she would find another.

"I will.  I promise."  Tears gathered in Navimie's eyes, as she realised how much this gift meant.

And the Tauren named the fox kit Wily, for his cunning, and his speed, and for the amazing gift of generosity that her friend Catwynn had bestowed upon her.


This story is for Tome of the Ancient, who gave to me her very own Fox Kit, a pet that she farmed for hours for and tirelessly.  I nearly cried when I found him in my mailbox, because I remember her telling me how long it took for her to get him (in the days before you could buy him with tokens).  Thank you, Ancient, for your amazing generosity, and that you consider me that good a friend you would give such a grand gift to me.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Conquering my tanking fears, one small step at a time

Before Mists came, I said I was going to try Guardian. Then Mists came and I levelled as Guardian, but I raided, dungeoned and PvPed as resto.

I tried reading up. I looked at Sunnier's site, but realised she is a tank who WAY outclasses me - I need more like a dummies guide to tanking, tanking for the tanking noob.

However, my Guardian spec didn't go to waste. There were no people needing agility leather gear so when we had 2 groups, I picked up all the offspec loots. And there were a lot. I went from crappy greens to 489 purples without much effort, and it made doing my dailies a whole lot easier. In fact, doing my dailies, especially Golden Lotus and Klaxxi, made me start thinking like a tank.

A week or two ago, I decided to start trying to queue random heroics as a tank. I told everyone as I entered that I hadn't tanked this before, and had to push thoughts of "Never tanked but wearing epic gear? Did she eBay her toon?" and "OMG they are going to kick me for being an idiot" because I realised I did vaguely know the bosses from a resto point of view, but Dungeon Journal is helpful. And I managed to survive to the end without too many wipes.

Now when I go and do dungeons with my friends, I no longer balk at being the tank. It's easy tanking with your friends. I can even tank for achievements!  However, tanking with people who are more acquaintances than friends can still be stressful, PuGs are easier.

So I feel like I have gotten to my first tanking milestone! However, I am yet to gather the courage to queue as a tank for LFR. What I would really like to be able to do is to tank Dogs and Feng and not look like a complete idiot. I want to practice in LFR but you know how that is - nobody does it properly and I want to practice before I try it for a real deal, just for fun. But hey, I'll leave that for a little while yet. Gotta leave some goals for the new year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Navispam: An Apple Cider a Day Brings the Mage out to play

You know, you think you read someone's blog and you know a little about them.  Apple Cider Mage is known for her strong opinions for female rights and equality, for starting conversations, sometimes heated ones on controversial topics.  She won a Piggie Award in 2011 for Most Noticed Blogger breakthrough with posts such as "Then and Now" which was one of my faves.

She has had some difficulties with harrassment and stalking in game, and wrote a guide on how to handle it.  I had a great deal of admiration for her, but mixed in with I felt a little intimidated by her.  What would she think if silly old me came to ask if I could take a picture with her?  Would she think "Who is that, and why is she harrassing me?"  We may not always agree on certain viewpoints but that doesn't make me think less or any differently of her, and I hoped she was the same towards me.

But surely she couldn't be like that.  She even visited my blog once, when Dragonray brought Rades to meet me, and I had the hugest squeeee ever, and left a comment.  Since then I had been building up my courage to go meet her.

I was back in my Navispamming mode after the frantic race and exhaustion that Mists brought with dailies and pet battles, and so I sent her a tweet to ask her if she would mind terribly if I came to visit her and take a picture with her.

4 days later I got a reply and I was excited, she seemed to be happy to be Navispammed!  So I got her details and over I went.

There were quite a few of her guildies when I logged on and I asked one politely if Apple Cider Mage was on.  There was a long pause.  Really long.  I was contemplating whether to try another guildie, when the person replied me and said she was on an alt, but she was getting on her main to speak to me.


It wasn't long before ACM sent me an excited whisper saying she was coming to get me!  And boy did she make a grand entrance on one of the gorgeous Cloud Serpents!

ACM told me she was REALLY excited that I had come to visit, and she had been waiting for this day!  Wow, if I had known that, I would have plucked up the courage sooner!

She loves mounts and pets, and she was thrilled to be able to showcase them to me, a most willing and avid admirer of all things collectable.

I told her how much I admired her writing and how she stood by her opinions no matter what the lashback, and about how polite and helpful her guildies were.  She said to me that her guild has been really excellent, and is really good with fending off unwanted attention to her and that's why she had been there for years.  In fact, she said, she was the guild leader.

Well!  I didn't know that! I was surprised at first, as I had assumed she had always wanted a less spotlight sort of role in the game and avoid unwanted attention, but when I thought about it, does that really surprise me?  She sounds like someone who likes to steer things in the right direction if things go awry, so being a leader seems natural, really.

So she took me for a ride and we had the usual Cross-Realm Zone dismount which led to my demise.  ACM was horrified but I reassured her that it was a very common occurrence in my Navispams, especially when I was being taken places.

This is where she took me - it was her favourite spot to see the sunset behind Ironforge.  She said she had found this place by accident - jumping as a low level in Vanilla!  I was a little distraught that I couldn't capture it very well on my crappy laptop (I was at work on a lunchbreak) but this is the best I could get.

She pulled out one of the awesome trinkets that drops from the rares in Pandaria - Crate of Kidnapped Puppies.  When I saw this, I thought OMG Ancient must get this, it's so cute!

She told me how one day she'd like to write for a popular online publication, and she told me a little about her partner (another thing I didn't realise, and was a little agog) as well as a bit about some people on the server.  Talk about rubbing shoulders with the WoW famous!  She even told me about one time she met Ghostcrawler and then she was passing him on an escalator or stairs and she yelled out "Hi Greg!" and he looked at her a little surprised, and did not recognise her.

I can't show it here for privacy reasons, but the kitten in the picture above was named after her real life kitty :)  I then showed her my pride and joy of my collection (Mini Tyrael) and she loved him!  I had nothing else cool to show her because she had every other pet I had :)  She even had a spectral cub pet!  /drool

For fear of sounding ignorant, but I had no idea what a sweet and lovely person ACM was!  I guess I was expecting someone a bit hardass who was a little wary of the unknown, who was guarded of her privacy especially around strangers.  But what I found was someone who was not only warm and enchanting, but who had come through a difficult time in life to be friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming to another blogger, and happy to share a little of herself with me as I shared a little of myself with her.  So THANK YOU, Apple Cider Mage, for allowing me to visit and take a pic with you :)  And for being totally understanding of my SQUEEE for meeting someone that I find so inspirational.

Wednesday and Thursday raiding - My first clear of MSV

I was worried that I would stuff something up on Elegon on Wednesday, but it turned out I was stressing out about nothing!

I was late to raid, and so when I logged in after putting the kids to bed, they were killing dogs.  A shame, as that boss has something I need still!  Anyway, I went off to pet battle and then Shab asked me to PvP so we started an AB but the guys were mowing through the fights so fast I had to /afk from the game so I could go raid - Bladewind offered to sit out for me.

So Elegon went smoothly, I don't think I stuffed up too much!  I even got an achievement!

And I also managed to loot my 100k gold!

Will of the Emperor was a lot easier than I thought.  The biggest issue was tanks getting out of range and avoiding that cone attack they do, but it was actually relaxing.

On Thursday we tackled Heart of Fear, and having not seen the group do it last week, I was surprised at the setup they did it.  3 healers (really??) and the DPS was better than when we first killed it, I think.  One thing that was different - Vizier always starts on the Force and Verve platform first now.  It's actually to our advantage if he does 2 Force and Verves because during that phase could probably get his health down another 8-10 million.

Poor Raked.  He was like Balinar was in our first few attempts - he died a lot to Attenuation!  Mind controls were our usual problem - had to laugh at Aza making portals when MC'd.  Xar did his usual complaint of his seals getting mucked up, and of course, all the dotters would kill the MC'd people "by accident".  Bleh.  But we got it in the end, with 2 healing.  Fue seemed surprised we had been 2 healing it.

Then we did Blade Lord, and that seemed easier.  I was a bit hopeless with the cyclones and got hit by them a few times, and I was happy to use my Leap of Faith (Symbiosis from Priest) on Raked, coz he was having a bad time with the cyclones.  Usually he's quite good at them.

Anyway, that was a decent 2 nights of raiding.  Christmas is coming up so there won't be much raiding next week.  Now, does it sound bad if I want to come home from my parent's place so I can raid earlier?? :P

Friday, December 21, 2012

OMG a Lumpy!!! - have I used up all my pet luck now?

It was just before raid time and I quickly went to do my Greench before raid.  I actually learned something new!

I thought I was so smart, saving time by going straight to Undercity and then flying to Hillsbrad but when I got there I realised... crap, I forgot to pick up the quest!

Maybe one of these nice people who are standing around the Greench can party with me and share the quest.  Actually, I'm not even sure you can do that over Cross realm zones.

So I whispered someone from another server who was standing there waiting, wondering if they would mind partying with me and sharing the quest.  No response, for a long while.  So I went to ask Faithy if she could get to Org and party with me to share the quest, when the CRZ person replied me and said "You can go get it from the snowman in the trees."

Snowman in the trees?

OH WOW, there was a Strange snowman here who gave the quest!  Now that makes it a whole heap easier!  He's off hiding in the trees within view of the cave.

Then I killed the Greench and went back to hand in, and I got distracted by something and forgot all about my present.

Then it was during raid when I looked in my bag, I realised I had a gift there, and I opened it and found my Lump of Coal!

That was way cool.  Or maybe it was way hot.  Either way it was way awesome.

Can you believe it?  I couldn't believe it.  How lucky have I been so far?  And wouldn't you know, I went out to do my pet battles and landed yet ANOTHER fire elemental.  3 so far!  So I gifted that to another friend.

So yay!  Another pet down.

Edit:  And tonight?  Another Earth elemental. What. the. hell.

Minipost: Sneaky way to get Raiding with Leashes

I did this as an experiment last night with Aza.  Aza gave me the last pet I needed for my Raiding with Leashes (which was an Anubisath Idol), which was one of his own ones.  So I got the achievement!  Thank you Az!

So then Az said "Hey, I wonder if..."
"If you cage all the pets for the Raiding with Leashes and trade them to me, I learn them and then pass them back, would that work?"
"Hmm.  I don't know but it SHOULD work?"

So we tried it.  And it worked.  Now Aza has a Mr Bigglesworth, just like me.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Navispam - Oh Sil, there you are!

I asked Sil (of Girls Gone WoW) if I could come visit, and she said she was off all Monday.  Fantastic!!!  So I went to where all the other GGW cast was and waited for her.  I asked one of EJ's guildies if Sil was online, and they politely said she wasn't and she's not on their Real ID so they couldn't see if she was on an alt.  I thanked them and off I went to Twitter to find Sil who was busy tweeting about Vampires on TV or something.  In the meantime I went looking for another elusive person I wanted to Navispam.

I asked where she was, she tweeted she was here.  So I went to get a drink and came back and sat down again.  I logged in again, and I checked EJ's guild and whispered the same person again by accident, who started to get a little suspicious of my stalker like activity and politely told me that I had already asked them and that I was acting like a stalker and that they could not give me any more information, sorry.  I thought that was really good of them - what a great protective guild who protects from unwarranted attention!  However, it was a bit embarrassing to me as I was acting like a stalker and now I was wondering what to do.

So back onto Twitter and that bloody Sil..

So she came and rescued me from the unwanted stalker status and now we can take some piccies!

I was still up above Ironforge where EJ and Rob left me.  I scolded her for letting everyone think I wa a stalker and then we talked about unwelcome guests.  She wasn't in the same guild as the others, but she had alts there.  I even told her why I made a gnome - the pink hair is awesome and NO, I still don't think a gnome druid would be awesome..

I mean honestly, it would be kitten form, sapling form, cub form and sparrow form....

Oh, and Sil didn't have a flying mount to get me down, so I took the only route left...

Goodbye cruel world....

That mistiness makes for lousy screenshots.  But Sil was sad but thank god she can Rez :)

That cheeky sleazy night elf woman was rubbing herself up against Father Winter, showing him just how naughty and nice she can be.  Pictures don't do it justice, you really need a video.

You know, I don't think anyone's taken me for a ride in an Alliance Hogger before!  The horde one is a lot less gold and shiny.

Look we're twins!  Now who wouldn't want cute little gnomes like us for Christmas.

Sil showed me the wonderful gifts she got from her GGW co-hosts.  I asked her my burning silly question: "Why is Rob called Roblin?  Is he some sort of Goblin?" and she told me that it was related to a goblin incident!  Then I said that if I get to go on the show again I will be much more talkative coz I hopefully won't be sick as a dog and I can be my usual charming and engaging self!

It was very late and I was starting to fade a little and Sil chased me off to bed.  That cheeky Dane was going to Ninjalog to make me go to bed!!!  Of all the sneaky things to do! 

Tot ziens Sil!!!  That was fun!