Sunday raiding - Mel'jarak still sucking the wind out of our sails

So Garalon went down really nicely for a change - we killed it BEFORE enrage, for something different, and Bish wasn't even smite healing this time!  And we had no bloodlust.  So, not sure what the difference was but it certainly wasn't my crappy amount of DPS, that's for sure!

As for Wind Lord - I am still a certain amount of fail because I keep clipping Wind Bombs!!!  I look like a complete idiot!  The struggle is getting our heals right on Raked, because he's taking a huge pounding and I think we have got it down now, I just need to stop being FAIL and hitting bad things! /facepalm.  I tried what Lyss said but shapeshifting and Disengaging does not get you out of the amber things, but Falln managed to get out because he was in the middle of one of his warrior attacks.  Anyway, our best shot was 50 million left, and of course that was due to me triggering a bomb, so hopefully tonight goes better.  Raked was feeling a bit dejected because he says Fue should be here for this fight because he's too squishy but poor Fue is only JUST up and about raiding with bluetooth devices so he can recline in a chair with drugs for his back pain.  So I think I'll just stick it out with the cancer stick chugging Druid for now.

In other news, for the past week and a bit, Xynzelle has made an appearance online - not raiding, but just playing casually and it is nice to have one of my favourite dry-witted mages back in the game.  And who else reappeared this week?  Hwired!  He's only playing casually he says, and he's been away and probably only back to stop him spending money so he can go away and see his new friend :)  but it's great to have some of my favourite people back.  Roshii laughs at me because of my excitement of seeing Hwired back, but you know how it is - Druids and DKs can never be more than friends :P

Off topic, it was Air'ka's first day of school and she did very well.  I made a packed lunch - gosh, hope I will be able to do that every day, and not just a one off! - and put my daughter in pigtails and her new uniform and school shoes and told her all about how fun big school will be.  People told me to bring tissues because I would cry and I said don't be ridiculous, I won't be crying!  And not a tear was shed, not by me nor my daughter though I did have a funny feeling in my chest as I walked out of her classroom - whether that was because my baby is all grown up going to school, or because her primary school teacher is kind of good looking, I'm not too sure!  At least my daughter likes him, so that's good.  Hopefully he can encourage her to be a little more outgoing and apply herself this year.


  1. I use to get that same funny feeling im my chest every time i was sent to the principals office for a caining, i think it was called nervousnes. But it was all good fun times :)


    1. I think I have that same feeling about seeing the principal and vice principal!

  2. Awwww I bet she looked absolutely adorable!

  3. Yesterday morning we put my oldest boy on the plane to Korea, where he'll be teaching for the next year. There was a lot of anxiety in getting everything ready, but he's gone now. Either he got everything packed or not.

    Certain plenty of funny feelings all around!

    Includes a pix

    1. Oh look at your family! Your wife should scrapbook that :D And I've never known how to insert a link into a comment. I must look into that.


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