Friday, January 31, 2014

Invisible Mages and Vanishing Rogues - have you seen many lately?

I was talking to Sev and Kyxyn in officer, and Kyxyn was talking about what we want to do in WoD and we were talking about mythic and I said that I was not interested in recruiting specifically for that, as we may or may not get to Mythic (even though we are doing some now, that doesn't mean we will be come WoD).  Kyxyn said we had no rogues or mages - and he even made the comment that there is nothing that a mage can bring to a raid that we don't already have.  Harsh, but really, we haven't raided with a mage since Throne of Thunder and I haven't really missed them, and we haven't had a rogue since Roshii stopped playing.  Aimei/Lushnek said that for mythic we would need to bring all classes.

So I had a think about it, and I feel there really has been a decline in rogues and mages in PvE.  However, there is no shortage of them in PvP - rogues and mages are abundant (well, considering I play with Frost mage Shab, it's not surprising).  But if you have a look at these statistics from World of Wargraphs, you can see that all the mages are hiding over there.

Arms warriors. What a surprise. They have had a good season - I've found warriors extremely difficult for our team comp to get down.  Interestingly rogues don't feature that highly - they're at #10.  Compare these graphs to the PvE ones - what a contrast!

Not suprising really.  Disc priests are the reigning queens of healing in PvE though it is interesting to see that my class is up there too, ahead of holy paladins. Position 10 must be a special rogue number, since Combat rogues occupy the 10th spot again.

Taking a walk down memory lane, it feels like Cataclysm was where I saw lots of mages and rogues. Mages were abundant during Firelands when Tarecgosa's Rest had every caster all atizz.  Then of course in Dragon soul there were rogues all over the place getting their legendary daggers.

I won't deny that Pandaria has felt like a warlock dominated expansion.  I remember Cynwise writing about how there were so few warlocks back in Cataclysm, it's like Blizz tried to entice them back by making them amazing.  And it worked.  I see more warlocks than I can poke a stick at!

It makes me wonder which class is going to be the next "it" class in WoD?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Raiding - No loot from Immerseus

It's a new raid week!  And we spent Wednesday and Thursday working on Immerseus and we got a kill tonight, wooo!

Two people had told me to get everyone to stand in one quadrant but we had lots of issues with that.  We ended up using our moving one section at a time and we got it that way.  I felt like I wasn't healing very many blue blobs - I'm sure I could have done better - but on Wednesday night we hit enrage and we spent a bit of time trying to work out where we could get some extra DPS in.

What we did was have Sev DPSing the boss all the time and we dispelled him, and people were getting adds down better.  We has some terrible moments with adds pouring out and killing everyone, or the adds would stick to the tank like glue and he would die.

We got it down in the last possible transition - if it went one more, we would have hit enrage again.

We were so happy to get it down, but then it was so deflating to see the loot.

Wow.  Could it BE any more disappointing?  They were all sharded.... AND, not a single person managed to coin any loot either!  What a huge disappointment!!!

We did some work on Protectors, and that was pretty hectic.  Keeping up with dispels is hard, and I had just me and Morz doing it because you know how Asys is with dispels (BTW, he changed his name back to Asys from Cranked).  I think we managed to get through ONE full round of them down to 50%... but we didn't do well after that great attempt and we decided to call it a night and see how it goes on Monday.

Well done Frostwolves!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Raiding - Lucky we left one full night for Garrosh!

It actually took us ALL NIGHT to get Garrosh down.  We only made one substitute - and that was swapping Morz in for Cranked - to see how he would go.I don't think his healing was that much different to Cranked's but I think that part of the difficulty was in the last phase, and the hectic it gets.  We ended up swapping in the last half hour to have Cranked heal and we got it down 3 minutes before the end of raid after 3 attempts. It took about 8 goes all up.

So what happened??

We had tanks die a few times.  We had some DPS dying a few times.  Adds killed 2 people in one of the phases.  Kyxyn had eternal flame so that was helping.  DPS had some slow and fast times, so I can say that wasn't a healing issue.  However, I think the bit that is hardest for Morz is Phase 3, where everyone is running their ass off everywhere and getting MC'd and interrupting.

I'm feeling rather useless in Phase 3.  I can't interrupt these casters anymore unless I get Glyph of Fae silence (which means I have to be in bear form) and that's gonna be hard since I'll be healing like crazy during that phase.  A shame that knockbacks don't work, or fears. But, maybe I'll try that Fae Silence, since other resto's are trying it.

I didn't think healing was that bad, so I just pulled up a graph of the healing over the 8-9 attempts.  I think overall healing is the same, but obviously distribution is different when I have Cranked healing as he does snipe some of my heals.

Loot was... ok.  Cranked got the BoA staff, and Sev got his Black Blood of Y'shaarj, and another Vanquisher token dropped so I took that for offspec.  A warforged Xal'atoh dropped which we gave to Aza's felguard... I even have a picture of it...

It's probably the last time we do Garrosh for a while, as there isn't much loot from him that would be of much use to us since we're doing heroics.

That said, we will probably aim to do Garrosh EVERY week at least so people can get some BoAs. If Concur is amenable to us joining up with them on Saturdays for flex 4, then we will do Garrosh on Saturday nights, saving our easy runs on Sunday for 1+2+3 or a combination of either.  I was laughing to myself, thinking that it was highly unlikely that I would care about a BoA but I have kept rolling for it because everyone keeps talking about it!  I think I will stop doing that, and you know what - when I stop caring about it, it will drop.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Being thankful about being able to raid

Yesterday was flex day, and the guild was looking kinda quiet.  In fact, when I logged on at 815pm, there was only 3 or 4 people online.  Kyxyn was one of them - he and Aimei are always there for flex - and I said to him that even though it looks slim, we can always count on Cranked's friends from Concur to turn up and fill up the last few places.

Sure enough, 825pm rolled around I started invites, and people started turning up.  There was Kyxyn (on his DK), myself, McTacky, Yig and Aimei were there.  Cranked was there too, and Ayelena was coming as well.  Kyxyn said that he had been chatting to Ayelena and Ayel didn't realise that he could come to our flex so Kyxyn told him that he should come - after all, he is a Frostwolves member!  Bish too said he would come and switched to his mage.  I was excited, and told Kyxyn... and then as I was trying to sort out the new additions... I forgot to invite him, thinking Kyxyn would get him whilst I chased down wayward people.  It was only when I saw him logoff I thought "Oh, we'd better wait for Bish to log back in before we pull," that I realised he wasn't in the raid and we had killed 2 bosses without him in my absentmindedness.  I was absolutely MORTIFIED and redfaced and apologetic for the rest of the raid - Kyxyn was laughing at me - and I rang Bish but he didn't pick up the phone, further enforcing the fact that he thought I was the most bitch-faced guild leader on the face of the earth.  However, he logged back in and I quickly grabbed him, apologised PROFUSELY and promised to be nice.

Luxy of course was coming and she was bringing Rav, her partner, who was returning to WoW, and in sore need of gear (and heals!) and that made up an almost full raid.

Cranked got his Concur buddies in - Ken, Nova, Riptyde and Mae - and we were set to go. If we have new people then it's always wing 1 and then we move to more experienced people for Wing 3 and 4. People may say it's only Flex, but there is still a DPS requirement for them and a knowledge of mechanics and with too many people unsure of what to do it becomes hard and frustrating for us.

With just me and Tacky healing, Aimei and Kyxyn worried it might be a little hairy but I reassured them it would be ok.  I was secretly itching to see just how far I could push it, and this at least was a good opportunity.  The two of us did the whole first wing (though I am sure there are people out there who say I should have solo-healed it) but it was at least challenging and exciting for me, so I had fun.  There were a few upgrades to be had as well, so grats to all of them.

Kyxyn wanted to do Wing 4 since we had the Concur guys, even though I said they had to go at 10 for their own raid.  But except for Mae, who had to leave so she could go organise her raid, the others stayed so we could finish Garrosh. Exray whispered me as we were doing Paragons trash, asking what we were doing, and I said we were doing Garrosh, so he and Lushen came along.  We were a little short at the start of Wing 4, so we took Tacky along, and he did express some concern that he didn't know the fight, but I reassured him and told him to follow me to avoid the desecrated weapon and to avoid the bad purple on the ground during the Garrosh dream phases.

And we got it down.  Only Ken died, but he had switched to his warrior and those silly melee classes are always dying.  Still no legendary weapons - do they even exist on Flex? (Kyxyn assures me they do - Balinar got one recently)

I saw that Omega was not raiding again. They were 2 members down still, and had to PUG.  That was a real shame - I would be really frustrated after a week with a Garrosh kill to be down 2 people and unable to raid.

The Concur guys left to go raid, and I went off to play my RAF warlock.  Then I noticed they weren't raiding - I asked them, and they said they didn't have enough turnout, which was disappointing.

It touched a note with me - these two guilds are so similar to my own.  At the end of last year, we all were up to Garrosh. We had a period where we were struggling for numbers and attendances, healers were in short supply, and we seemed so close but forced periods of non raiding set us back. It was disheartening.

But things have looked up for us, with Morz improving in leaps and bounds and gearing up and getting the hang of playing Disc and holy, and with all our current raiders being pretty dedicated, we have a nice solid team with spares - Morz and Raked are the spares at the moment and that seems to be ok for now.

But I look at Concur and I see what might have happened to us.  They lost a healer and a DPS and that caused their raid team to fall apart a little, and they did a big recruit to fill their ranks again.  However, their recruits are a little undergeared and so they are doing Flex to help gear them up.

I wanted to help Mae and Concur - I would have been really disappointed if I was trying to get my new team geared up and people didn't turn up to help gear them.  I wish she'd asked me - we still had raid time left, and we could have filled up their raid for them with our raiders who were happy to help out.  I had helped them on Saturday a little - but being on my crappy laptop I wasn't healing at my best ability and they really needed help teaching their new tank and DPS.

Lending Morz to Omega on Wednesday didn't help them much either - but at least they were able to do some learning on Immerseus.  Morz got to look at another guild's raiding regime and hopefully be able to bring back some what he learned to us. His only cryptic criticism was that the raid leader seemed "young" but it was difficult to figure out what he meant by that.  Clearly he thought that he wasn't old and decrepit like my raid leader anything like Kyxyn.  I guess there were no instructions to splash cold water on faces... it's a lot harder to help them out because of our raid lockouts - I guess earlier in the week is ok, for those sitting out, as long as it's only on early bosses.  I still haven't quite understood why Omega split from Illidari Remnants and didn't pull from their raiding pool in Illidari, because gearing up those guys will only help with filling their raids when they're short.  I could never imagine doing something like that in Frostwolves - it's a different mentality I think.  The raid group is not separate from the guild, and progress is 10 mans and relaxed raiding is Flex, which at least gives the opportunity for everyone to learn and play and feel like we're DOING stuff together.

I sent a tell to Mae to say that next time, I would be happy to help with filling their raid if they needed me. Even Kyxyn said he would as well - he did realise that without them we couldn't run our flex either, so it would be in our best interests to help them.  I hope she will take us up on her offer next time - as long as it's a Saturday or Sunday, though.

Either way, I hope things look up for both those guilds. Because what I see happening to them could just as easily been happening to me, and looking at how they solve their problems will hopefully give me insight into solving my own if and when they happen to me.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

What the current female human model says about her new look in WoD

Hey you guys!  This is Navimie, the human paladin here!  I just wanted to tell you how excited I was about these new model changes!

If you haven't seen the previews of the new updated look for us human females, then you must have been living under a rock, because it's all the buzz lately.  I've seen heaps of people talking about it, but you know what?  Nobody has listened to ME talking about it.  After all, it's my face and my body that's the topic of conversation here.

So here's some pics of what everyone's talking about (courtesy of MMO-Champion).

Wow. Don't you get weird a feeling when you are looking at yourself in the future?  I mean most of the time you're imagining your white hairs, wrinkles and sags, am I right?  I mean, take this image from the movie Looper.  Where people from the future are sent back in the past for execution/assassination - great way to hide dead bodies!  In the movie, Bruce Willis is the older version of Joseph Levitt-Gordon - can you imagine what he would be thinking?

Probably something like:
  • "Holy crap I'm going to lose my hair."
  • "Man, did I really have such a crap attitude?"
  • "Well, at least I still get to keep my figure..."
But I digress. So looking at my future self, I feel like I'm having Fix-it Felix moment (from Wreck-it Ralph)
Fix it Felix jr: "Look at that high definition in your face....  it's AMAZING..." /sighs dreamily 

It's great to have a makeover!  What girl doesn't love a makeover?  A decade has gone by and finally I feel like my pixels are catching up to those in say.. Skyrim, Rift, Tera - hell just about any game out there has better pixels than me! Who knew those boys at Blizz were such wizards with mascara, eyeliner and blusher?

It's about time someone gave me a decent push-up bra, don't you think?  Because the one I start with has absolutely NO support (I mean seriously, bikini bras have like ZERO support) and those 10 years of running around questing and killing mobs without a sports bra - do you REALLY think I'd be so perky? And you don't see any plastic surgeons around in WoW - no sirree - so I'm glad that the graphic design department gave me a better bra to boost my cleavage.  What, you didn't think they were REAL did you? Tsk tsk.

Someone has done some nip and tuck work on my waist, I see.  I look athletic, toned... I mean let's face it, most girls would love to have a waist like mine and I am lucky that I'm getting it!   In truth, if I was an undead, I can understand why my waist would be so waspish - have you seen how they twist and turn at the waist ALL the time when they're just standing around?  Talk about way to tone your waist!

Someone commented somewhere I was too skinny because you can now see my ribs.  Those aren't my ribs those are my serratus anterior muscles!  That's from all that punching stuff that I do!

Oh, and I love love that I will now have knees and toes!

Someone ELSE made a comment about the size of my hips at the WoW preview..
"And while you are developing this can you do something about getting rid of the child bearing hips?"
I mean, really?  There's nothing wrong with my hips!  I'm a woman!

But you know what I think would make everyone happy?  Rather than have the one body type, we could have had customizable body types!  Such as a sliding bar like in SW:TOR to make use more or less muscular (and shorter or taller) depending on what you would like your character to be, and maybe a little less muscle definition for us less athletic types - I mean, you would expect a woman wielding a 2handed axe or mace, or a tank taking the big hits from a mob that's 20 times their size (and holding a heavy shield and weapon to match AND wearing plate) to have bigger arms and legs than a wand wielding tinkerbell mage in some colourful robe, am I right?

I guess I'm asking too much, huh.  Well, I'll put that on the wishlist when WoW hits the 20 year mark...


I actually do have a human alt - Navimie, the female human paladin - who is only level 24, and this is spoken from her perspective.  I'd like to thank Amateur Azerothian, and comments by Tome of the Ancient, Khizzara and Draynee for the inspiration :P

Friday, January 24, 2014

Raiding - Lucky loots and ready for Garrosh again!

The plan for today was to clear as far as we can so we can get in a Garrosh kill this week.  The raid started a little early, like we had planned, but I got on just before 9pm and fortunately missed a little bit of the trash for Dark Shaman.  Morz and Raked came along as replacements for Aza and Sabre, and Raked was hoping to pick up some gear.  Every time he doesn't come his stuff drops, which is always the way with RNG.

I wanted to boost my confidence for healing the two tanks up the top, so I went and did that again, and this time I didn't die, phew.  Bad start to the loot night though, with all the loot getting sharded.

On to Nazgrim, and only Aimei got some offspec loot (Tier gloves) and I sharded the sword.  But by Malkorok, things were looking up.  Warforged Halberd of Inner Shadows dropped and Raked nearly wet his pants! He whispered me twice in case I had somehow forgotten that it was the thing he really really wanted, and Owl said that I should have charged him double GP for asking twice LOL.  I got Bracers of Averted Fatality, and I decided to use them over my Castlebreaker bracers for the haste.

Spoils of Pandaria went well and Raked took warforged Mantid Carapace Augments and Morz got Lost Necklace of the Mogu Empress.  Aza swapped with Sev for Thok  The fight was messy (and hard with no hunter), with Raked getting trampled on the first pass, and we had to wipe after that.  Healing was a little heavy as well because I couldn't get the poisons off very well by myself.  The kill was messy and there was only Owl and the two tanks left at the end, but Aza was ecstatic to get his Tier helm, and Kyxyn was thrilled to get Thok's tail tip.

We got to Blackfuse and Aza said "Are we doing the thing?"

Thing? I was confused. What thing?

Kyxyn said "Yep! Go for it!"

"What thing?" I asked.

Apparently, you can bug the trash before Blackfuse to make them go away.  That trash gives me the poops anyway - can't cc them, they just smash the tanks...  So I FRAPSed what Aza did because I had no idea what was about to happen.  So... this is what he did.

Whoops, yeah you can hear us talking. Well, you can't hear me talking, but I did squeal when we all got yanked over to Blackfuse.  So after we were on Blackfuse's then the trash reset on the platform like this, totally freaking me out.

"Don't worry, you can't hit them," said Kyxyn.
"They're FRIENDLY now, Nav!" said Aza.

So I had to go see.  Yep there I am standing next to a damned Sellsword.

Ok, way weird and creepy, I still kept my distance from them for the whole fight.  It did mean that we couldn't wipe because the trash would be up there and aggro us, apparently.  Unfortunately, we did wipe but thank goodness for soulstone and Mass Rez!

Lushen and Morz both managed to roll their trinkets (Ticking Ebon Detonator and Dysmorphic Samophlange of Discontinuity) and Kyxyn got Siegecrafter's Forge Hammer and Aimei took the Tier shoulders.

We cleared all the way to Paragons, so we will get all of Monday for Garrosh. Finally Vanquisher legs dropped for Raked and the ning-nong thought they were gloves and didn't want them, but we forced them on him and he realised his error. Asys was excited to get Korven's Crimson Crescent for offspec and it was a very satisfying loot night indeed!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Raiding - Heroic Norushen was NOT what I thought!

Kyxyn and I were discussing what to do tonight, and we were tossing up whether to do Immerseus or Norushen.  I had heard that Norushen was the easiest, and I watched both videos (though Norushen is different to the video I saw).  Immerseus looked complicated to me, though I am sure with practice I would get the hang of it.

We decided that we would bring to the group some plans for the raid week. Both he and I agreed that we would like to get to Garrosh again.  However, he pointed out that there was very little non 553/561 gear that people still needed, and we were actually sharding most of our drops - so perhaps we should be doing heroics.  Armed with these supporting arguments, we brought our ideas to the raid.

Essentially we were only going to look at 2 heroics - Immerseus and Norushen.  If we wanted to still do Garrosh, we would have to still clear to at least Blackfuse by the end of Thursday night, which left us Wednesday night to do Wing 1.  Xyn and I agreed that Norushen was what we wanted to aim for, but we would like to have a look at Immerseus as well.  Most people were happy to do whatever, but Aza still needed 2 tier pieces which were from late wing 3 and 4.

So off we went to look at Immerseus.  Kyxyn explained the fight and people were itching to try it out.  I had to get Owl to switch to heals so we could sort out how we were going to do it. People get a stack every time they do direct damage to Immerseus, and each hit spawns an add.  And the stacks do exponential damage (but is dispellable)

The first go we died in what felt like 20 seconds.  Sabre blew up (from his murder of crows) and Luxy and Aza were not sure why their stacks kept climbing when they had stopped DPSing. Sev was being smug, as he didn't seem to be having that problem.  We all stood on one pie piece and the tank on another, and then we tried switching pie pieces when the tanks taunted.  It took us a quite a few goes but eventually we made it through one phase 1 and 2 before he popped back up again - in that attempt I was the only idiot who died when he popped back up (I think I got some damage by the pool or something when it grew bigger), but we had a good play for half an hour, and I think Aza was a bit disappointed we didn't persist, but we were determined to go look at Norushen.

I watched the Fatboss video but Kyxyn and Lush/Aimei told me that it is NOT like that at all.  There is no slow corruption creep so people don't need to keep being purified.  So I went in to get purified and so I could help soak balls, and our first go was a little slow on the switches in and out of the other zone and a delay on bloodlust, so we wiped ... at 2%.

OMG, wow, we can SO do this!

So the next go, we did the same things... except Aimei died when he was in the zone but we managed to recover from that and have the healers soaking, and we got it JUST in the nick of time with 15 secs to go. Hell, I even tried to DPS, but I think next time I'm just going to focus on healing.

Now the cool thing is - no loot was sharded! Sabre was a lucky dog again - we already laud how he's got the highest ilvl in the guild with 4 piece normal tier, and warforged helm, neck, bracers, bow, ring and trinket (he doesn't have anything with an ilvl less than 561) and guess what dropped! Warforged heroic Quarantine Shoulderguards!  I don't know if he will use it as it will break his 4 set, but that's still pretty cool. It was mail night, with Cranked/Asys getting Shadow-binder's Kilt. I was lucky too, I managed to roll warforged Confident Grips - though the stats on them are terrible for me, but I think I will use them anyway.

We decided to push as far as we could get, and we up to Iron Juggernaut on normal mode. Sabre had to leave - after all there was no more warforged heroic gear to be had really LOL - so I had to bring Morz in. I had lent Morz to Triarchi so they could raid (they were missing a few peeps), and he spent the whole night wiping on Immerseus.  We picked his brains after, to see if we could learn some tips, but he said he learned more about what NOT to do rather than what to do.

So exciting!  We're actually doing heroic stuff!  I can't believe it!

So, tonight, the plan is to get as far as we can, because we want to get to Garrosh!  Hopefully at least to Blackfuse.  I'm hoping we get Paragons down - maybe I can try for the achievement!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Minipost: Now this pet I'll NEVER see!

Server shutdowns.  What a great way to ruin my Tuesday!  So I decided to pop over to EU to see if I could find some people to Navispam, and neither target was not online (and she is hard to pin down, by the way) but Davidian was online, sporting a new level 90 resto druid!  I told him I highly approved of his choice of noble class.

He pulled out a pet to show me that I'd never seen before, and will never see - Lurky!  Lurky was a bonus from the EU Burning crusade CE, so that's not something I could play with.

We waited for ages trying to get Lurky to dance for us but he wouldn't do it.  I even waited the full half hour! Poor Davidian had to put up with me chattering away for the whole time :D

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Raiding - Ahead of the Curve!

Yay, Frostwolves got Garrosh down!

I always feel like the first few wipes are the warmups.  I felt terrible that when it was my turn to Tranq for the empowered whirl everyone died!  What the hell!  Are my heals that bad?  True, it wasn't a hasted one, but I had used my swiftmend a lot trying to heal - I thought it was probably just because I didn't start my tranq early enough.

It took us 3 goes all up to get it down, and it was really good by the last attempt.  We were doing good on the MCs and we didn't get distracted by tunnelling the boss and it was looking really really positive... I even did my tranq properly... OMG it was 2%... OH NO Aimei died!  But we got it down and there was massive achievement spam!

So a title, a mount, and achieves galore.  What's there NOT to like about defeating Garrosh?  At least we got a guild pic!

And of course, we got the Korkron War Wolf as well.  It is quite different from the Vicious War Wolf, but it is still a cool mount, nonetheless.  Not that I'm ever going to ride it...

What is interesting for us is that it took us 54 attempts total to kill Garrosh on normal - which is less than the 80+ attempts it took us to kill Horridon, or even Garalon.  I find that really strange - does that mean Garrosh is easier than Horridon, I wonder?  Perhaps it's because we do have practice on Flex to fall back on, unlike back in 5.1 where you only had LFR to learn from and that didn't really teach you much.

Luxy and Sev both rolled Hellscream's warstaff which was pretty cool!  A warforged Greathelm of the Warchief dropped which Kyjenn didn't want to use except as a transmog item as it now matched his new transmog very nicely.

Cranked picked up a Cowl of Smoking dreams and is using that now, so I'm pretty pleased that all dropped loot was taken, even if it was just for vanity's sake.

So yay Frostwolves!  Where do we go from now?  It looks like we'll probably start our first heroic look at a boss - probably Immerseus - and have a long hard think about how much time we are going to spend, because at our current raiding momentum, it still takes us 5 hours to clear (we had one spare hour last night) at full steam ahead.  Kyxyn suggested that we extend raids by half an hour for 2 of our raid days to see if we can get some extra time in.  That would be nice except I can't get the kids in bed by then (unless I get hubby to put them to bed, which I probably could do on Thursday).  Either that, or change our raid days... which isn't a great idea as Sabre can't raid Sundays and Aza likes to go out on Sundays.  Anyway, that's something for the raid group to brainstorm on.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Guildleader chores - Guild mergers and joint raiding with other guilds

Guild mergers sometimes sound good on paper, but some experiences in the past have led me to be rather wary of them.  Mergers usually happen because of raiding - the guilds involved are both unable to fill their raid roster and the hope is to combine them to make sure you can fill a raid.  Guild co-op raiding also occurs to help support a full raid.

One of the experiences I had in the past was an influx of raiders who were all friends from armed forces, and formerly part of a guild together.  As they all flowed in, our raiding roster swelled and we were filling our raids comfortably.  Some of the regulars started to become more casual as they found themselves edged out of their raid spots by these keen been new hot shots. However, there was some sort of discontent with the leader of that particular group after a few months and he left, and all his friends left with him, which left us crippled in our raid roster for a while. This was back in WotLK.

In BC, our guild decided to try a joint guild run with another guild.  That worked for a little while but there was a lot of discontent from raiders in both guilds and it eventually stalled. Loot distribution was the hardest part of that. How do you split loot fairly?

One for you one for me, OK?
You would think that it would be easy.  On first look, if 15 members are from one guild and 10 from another, then 3/5 of loot would go to one guild and 2/5 go to another.  But which loots do you allocate? Surely not 3 Tier pieces to one and the 2 rings to another.  And then there are other things to consider - what if one guild is supplying all the tanks and the healers? Is it fair to say that they get one loot and the DPS guild takes 4 loots?

That's why I really like fair loot systems like EPGP.  There can be no argument about loot then. Unfortunately that works for an in guild thing, but its a little harder with a mixed group - it could be done, but boy is it laborious.  There must be a better way.

What I think would work is an EPGP system that works for both groups kept separately on some website - it would mean a lot of work, but it would be fair.  However, many of us are on limited time schedules, with things in real life that we should be doing or attending to, and haven't got hours to spend entering numbers into spreadsheets.  What I don't want to hear is top healers or DPSers feeling like they deserve more loot because they are contributing more to a raid than the guy who is at the bottom of the DPS but brings all the carts and food for the week for the raids.  SOMEONE has to be at the bottom, right?

Communication is always the most important part of this sort of relationship - actually, communication is important to all relationships, really.  What you need is to set the ground rules early, and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth.  There needs to be one, or maybe two representatives from each guild to do the communicating.  You can't have 20 people putting their piece in because there will always be someone stirring the pot and that incites others to do the same.  There also needs to be respect for the chain of command.
  • Don't make any decisions unless everyone in the negotiating party agrees.  If one side is reluctant, then it will always come back to haunt you or lead to a breakdown later, as their doubts will inevitably rise up and lead to a breakdown in the relationship.
  • Don't rush into a relationship. That's when mistakes are made.
  • Document.  Keep a record.  Keep a tally somewhere of who got what loot and in what situation (eg ratios of your guilds) because you will need proof to back your claims if someone's memory is faulty.
  • Keep your side of the guild informed of decisions made.  Nobody likes to be kept in the dark, especially since everyone is part of the raid and plays an important role. Allow the opportunity for objections and questions, but in the end, if they want to raid, they need to follow the lead of the leaders/negotiators.  This may sound like it's opposing the second point, but a nominated leader has to be speaking for the guild, and be strong enough to stand by and support decisions made.  If someone continues to have objections, ask them to offer solutions that are workable - there is no point objecting if you don't have an alternative solution.
One of the things that is against joint raiding is there will be no guild credit or progress recorded as a guild. A guild kill requires at least 7 members of one guild - if you decided to run mythic, then having 10 from each guild would result in nobody getting any progress recorded formally.  Guild progress and ranking does matter to some people - hey, even I like to look at where we are at compared to other guilds, and at the moment there are a lot of guilds where we are at the moment - and there is some pride to see us moving up the rankings as we progress through raids.

Are there people out there who joint raid or who have done well with guild mergers - what I mean by well is that they have survived 2 tiers since the merger.  I see many guilds forming and breaking up or transferring away faster than you can kill a Warbringer, but what I really want to hear or get advice on is from those guilds who have made the decision, stuck with it and how they made their relationship work.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

PvP - 2 new achievements, and a deserved loss

It's not often I get achievements in PvP anymore, but I was surprised to land not one but TWO on Friday night!

I was actually just 33 points short of Grievous Conquest at the end of last week as I hit conquest cap so I was itching to do some sort of PvP to get those last points.  My attempts at random BGs were horrible earlier in the week, so I was looking forward to Friday where I could get some.  Sev, Shab and I were joined by Triarchi and we did one BG - I think it was Battle for Gilneas - and I got my achievement.

We did a few arenas and did quite well for a Friday - maybe it's because we had dropped a bracket and had some easier teams. But then we went back to BGs, and got into Eye of the Storm (wow haven't done that for ages) and I had this warlock whisper me and saying "If you want to win this BG, heal the DK".  I noticed they were from the same server, so I decided to see what he was like.  Wow, that DK could churn out some damage, and then the warlock asked if I would please heal him as well, so I did.  I stayed with the two of them until someone said in the BGchat "Do I cap the flag or hold it?" and the warlock replied "Who the fuck cares dumbass".  I said to the lock that the comment was not cool, and I left them and ran to the middle to get him to cap, but the flag carrier died.  It turned good in the end because that BG won with a 4 cap, and I got the last 4 cap win I needed for my achievement.  Woo!

There was some bugginess as well.  Sev and Shab switched to their healers, and we queued for BGs - always a bad move because we inevitably end up with lousy DPS and losing.  It was a Twin Peaks and I ended up picking up the flag and Shab and Sev took turns healing me - and it was buggy because I never got the stacking debuff.  Unfortunately for us our DPS didn't work on the rogue who was the EFC and so it was a dreadful draw - probably just as well, since we did have an unfair advantage, and I don't particularly like cheating.

I picked up my last Tyrannical item (trinket) and now any extra conquest will be used for... oh I don't know... a feral PvP set perhaps?  I need to learn to play first though!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Raiding - Weather may be hot, but raiding was not!

With the sweltering temperatures that Australia had yesterday, especially in the southern parts, people were hot and bothered.  I feel really sorry for the raiders who didn't have air-conditioning in the rooms where their powerhouse heat generating computers were - Sabre didn't even login, because his computer is in his garage, and even Wednesday was too hot for him to handle.


The warlocks were raiding without pants much to my (mental) chagrin as images of sweaty butts on seats whilst avoiding fire in Thok made me alternate between a cringe and a giggle. So poor Cranked was forced to DPS as my DPS is still way sub-par, and Morz's DPS is somewhere in between the two of us.

It was tragic from the start of the raid - I died in Spoils as I couldn't get rid of my bomb - the icon disappeared!!!  I could hear the timer but I couldn't see the button anymore and I just blew up - Az could see it on me and Sev had to come across and rez me (Aza's rez was on cooldown), and somehow everyone managed to survive.  Then, Kyxyn disconnected... that was bad!  Fortunately, Az was levelheaded and the 4 of us stuck to opening small boxes as we frantically waited for Kyxyn to log back in and the occasional medium box, and the others started to come across as soon as they were done - fortunately Kyxyn wasn't offline for long and we managed to get it done in time.

Then it was onto Blackfuse and as usual the trash owned us.  Blackfuse himself wasn't that terrible though it was a little more hairy than normal.  Kyxyn walked away with a ring.  Thok was ... interesting.  With no hunter, we had a big gimp in DPS, and I don't think Morz had ever healed it with us before, so we tried to 2 heal it.  There was some misunderstanding at the beginning - Cranked asked if we wanted lust at the beginning and Kyxyn said yes. Then we started and he forgot to lust.  Well, that was ok, we said we'll save it for the end.  But we didn't do as well as we normally did and then we ended up wiping as Cranked got killed when the caged guy came out where he was standing and Thok squashed him and then Kyxyn died from I don't know what.  So the next attempt it wasn't made quite clear that they wanted lust from the start - Kyxyn said it but people may not have heard, and so we started and there was no lust. I don't remember what happened and we wiped.  So the third go, Kyxyn put on his Wash-your-face voice and said "no more mistakes please and lust from go". Cranked switched to heals and finally it went down.  Lucky me got Tier helm and Aimei got a neck.

Paragons... was abyssmal! We made a few mistakes - people not getting into the Aim line properly... clumping up in the aim line... not DPSing the amber fast enough... Sev getting kunchonged and dying... tank picking up the scorpion ability... and several wipes later we got it down.  I felt embarrassed in that because I had been teasing Triarchi that they had 2 dead in Paragons and since when do people die in Paragons except by death-by-Kunchong? Just goes to show that I should just keep my mouth shut!

Weather across the board in Australia will be cooler from the weekend, so here's hoping that on Monday we're going to have some decent attempts on Garrosh and maybe even a kill.  And those locks better have their raiding pants on otherwise I'll have mental images of ... well, best left unsaid /grin.  LOL.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Raiding - Our furthest clear in one night!

You can tell stuff must be getting easier as we gear up.  We still did a bit of chopping and changing for healers and we still managed to get Malkorok down with a few minutes to spare!  The RNG gods were not with me today so I still have no shoes, but Morz picked up some gear (chest, shoes), Kyxyn got Tier chest (which Morz had initially picked up but since the warforged cloth chest dropped, I made him give it to Kyxyn), Cranked got the trinket from Nazgrim, Sev got a neck and Lushen got some sidespec shoes.

Raked came and gave DPS kitty a whirl.  We had some bizarre shenanigans happening on Immerseus - Raked pounced onto Immerseus and ended up in the boss and of course died at the beginning.  We were laughing about that for a while. Then Sev somehow died from the spray - HOW does a lock die from the spray?? It turned out that it started on him and knocked him back 3 times and he died.  Aza had a giggle as did the rest of us, much to Sev's disgust.  It was not his night, as not only was he teased about dying in Immerseus, he was stuck doing ML and EPGP for most of the night as well.  But at least he got a neck to replace that lousy 522 he was wearing before.  That put him up a fair bit!

Raked was doing much better DPS than my pathetic attempt!  Which means I should go out and practice more, but I really don't like this melee thing.  But it inspires me to try harder!

Kyxyn had a blonde moment himself on the towers.  I decided to change it up a little and instead of me, Sev and Sabre going up, I had Morz, Lushen and Aza going up.  Kyxyn was so bamboozled by this, that he forgot to go up for the second tower... we had to gently remind him in Vent.

I was cross with myself for dying in Dark Shaman, and I want to keep doing the top end now so that I can practice it and not stuff up.  I still find it a bit stressful, and Kyxyn said that they were going to taunt earlier so that they didn't have all the bad stacks up on the tank as well as the toxic mist thing.  Which would be nice, because that spiky damage gives me a heart attack.  I died, got rezzed, then Kyxyn died and then Aimei was solo tanking until we got it down.  Phew, lucky for tank CDs and good DPS I guess!

So, maybe we will get a Garrosh attempt in tomorrow night if we're quick on these next few bosses, eh? That would be rather cool! I was thinking it would be awesome to get Garrosh this week!  But, if we kill it tomorrow, then what are we going to do on Monday? :D

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Minipost: Raiding - Close! So close!

I was wondering if we'd be rusty, having not run Garrosh for a while.  And the first few attempts.. I would say we were rusty.  It was a bit pathetic!  We had people dying from all sorts of things - standing in Garrosh's bad stuff, taking lots of damage from his stomps.

But we started doing great.  We were in the empowered phase.  OMG, we were killing it... we were so close!  But in our excitement to burn we lost focus on our MC'd people and then we were all controlled.  We got Garrosh down to 2.7 million - that's under 1% - a few more well placed hits might have got it - it would have been goddamn messy, but, it was close.  But no banana.

Anyway, people were nervous about next week.  Understandable.  I tend to like extending a raid when we're close to a kill.  But considering how easy it was to get there, I thought it would be easy to do it again, and with a few chances of loot still... every little bit helps.

So we end the raid week with everyone being thrilled with our progress, and I was pleased that I got back in the swing of healing Garrosh.  I was so bad with my switches of Efflo for those first few attempts... I was so busy trying to remember to roar for when we went to the Terrace dream sequence... and I was trying to focus on knockbacks and interrupts (I managed to do ONE and Aza even said I did good!  Now that made me happy since I can't do any kind of interrupt to save my life when I've got healer tunnel vision) and I have my fingers crossed for next week.  Bring it on, baby!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Minndy - OMG, Navi's levelling an alt! And it's 40 already!

Kyxyn has been levelling with his wife and also his daughter, and he said to me how crazy it was - you do 5 quests and you level with the recruit-a-friend (RAF) and also with heirlooms.  So I thought... maybe I can do this, maybe I can level an alt!

Because there are 4 pets in the RAF as well as a nice mount, I have been doing RAF anyway.  I've done one with Kamalia - she and I RAF'd each other and she got her mount, and I got my Zipao tiger - and the next one I did was with Lushnek.  So since I paid for his RAF, I thought hey, might as well use this bonus and see if I can level an alt whilst WoW is quiet.

But what to choose?  I should have picked a hunter, but the only heirlooms I had already were leather and cloth, so I decided to make a warlock.  Lushnek made a rogue and off we went.  But in retrospect, I should have made a hunter because I like collecting rare pics, so collecting rare pets would have been a natural progression of that.

My usual tolerance for alts is about 10 levels which usually takes me about 5 hours anyway.  I still remember the alliance toon I levelled in Apotheosis which took me in total about 19 hours - and I only got to level 24. I am really the slowest leveller in the world!

So, I decided to level an undead, because I really did like the Silverpine Forest quests.  I liked seeing what was going on with Gilneas and with the Forsaken, and the little interaction between Sylvanas and Garrosh. And dual questing with all those things makes it go so much faster - it's great having someone to tell me where to go.
Putting our guild tabards on
Wow that was quick!
Moorc and Minndy with our faction leader Sylvanas in Silverpine Forest
McTacky took us on a few instance runs - we did Shadowfang Keep and Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery, so that was a good XP boost especially with quests.

Now this was weird.  We decided to pick up the shields in the first boss but Tacky killed it just before we picked it up and so we were stuck the WHOLE INSTANCE carrying them around, and unable to hit anything or drop them, and walking REALLY REALLY slow...
Now I have never seen this tunnel before from Arathi Highlands to the Hinterlands.  Lucky you can ride through it.
I forgot about all those new rares in each zone!  Unfortunately most were dead or we accidentally engaged them in combat so I could never get a good shot...

And I'm liking levelling a little bit as it really is fast.  It REALLY is 4 quests and ding! I played my toon for 6 hours and I'm level 40 already, and that's for a SLOW leveller like me!

So who knows what's going to happen in the next 6 hours? :D  I'll keep you posted.  Oh my goodness, I might have my first max level alt in a few weeks!

Me on the Interwebz this week

Now I can't remember WHY LilPeanut was doing this giveaway but I was lucky enough to have gotten her to make me one - I've love typography and would love to try my hand at it sometime but Lilpeanut's ones always look fab!

So earlier this week I got a tweet saying mine was done!  Chocolate and happy flowers - very cute!  As I am sure my guildies will agree (/cough) I am sweet and cheerful all the time - as well as addictive, prone to melting in the heat, need constant watering (or washing my face with cold water) and sometimes associated with nuts.

Thanks Lilpeanut! :D  It's brilliant and I have a nice new (egocentric) twitter background! :D

On Friday, I made a complete idiot out of myself at work.  I logged in, was going to do some Celestial Tournament and did a quick login /ninjawave to Serrinne and Tikari in Apotheosis (as I went to check my /played on my toon there to figure out how long it took me to level) - couldn't figure out which was Jasyla's hunter - and Serrinne told me they got a new boss down :)

Beruthiel was online so I waved at her and she told me she said something to Sodah about me on the latest Team Waffle Podcast (Resto druid round table #4).  I was like Wut?? So I had a listen... and omg my mouth fell open in surprise, slight embarrassment and didn't know if I wanted to hug or strangle Beru!  LOL!  Even my workmates commented and asked me why I was giggling to myself and looking a little embarrassed!  You can listen to it here if you dont' see the player below.

Anyway, I just had to share that small embarrassing but cute squeeee moment. If only Sodah did remember! I blame Shabahdu for turning me into a goddamn groupie.

God, I still listen to that excerpt and blush.  Thanks Beru! LMAO!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dragonray's Mog the World in 80 days competition

Dragonray is having a competition - Mog the World in 80 days! It sounds challenging but it's not really that hard - for 12 weeks you have to come up with a mog that fits the flag of one of the countries in the list for the week (not all of them like I thought previously!)

The rules:

  • The colours/theme must match the countries current flag.
  • The list on each page may be outdated but it is the official list we are going to base this competition on. (Original source)
  • Transmogs can be submitted in Mogit, ModelViewer or ingame
  • Your event entry must be able to use the outfit as a proper end-game transmog (so no Gnomes in Shaman gear or Goblin Rogues with shields) including cloak and helm. Disqualification of your entry if this not correct.
  • Include the gear you used for each outfit please.
  • Transmogs must be emailed to me by 6pm Friday night (AEST) of each week this allows us time to collate/judge on the weekend and announce winners on Mon/Tues. e.g. the first week cut-off is 31st Jan 6pm. Multiple weeks can be submitted at once, please advise country/week they are for. Consider a file name of [dragonray_Aust_week1.jpg] or something similar. Send the screenshots to my account of onyxiia.
  • The judges for this event are CymreKamalia and me!  Dragonray will be providing the images to us unnamed so we won’t be able to judge on person, just style.
  • Finals will consist of picking the top three outfits over the entire event.
  • Scores will be released during the finals week for all contestants.
  • One of the prizes is a Deluxe Digital Edition of D3 Reaper of Souls!


  • Judging will be based on 2 criteria with a maximum of 15 points.
  • Theme – have you used the correct colours for the flag/country? (5 points)
  • Flavour – Originality/style/combo. (10 points)
The challenges for each week can be found here.

So, what are you waiting for? :D Come and join the fun!

Friday, January 10, 2014

New achievements and pets this week

We got one achievement in raid this week - I didn't even know how we didn't get it before, it seemed so easy... all we had to do was rescue a set of caged prisoners, a group of unwilling combat participants, and Ji Firepaw before we killed Dark Shaman.  I thought we always rescued everyone..

I decided to sign up for an Openraid HoF achievement run which was pretty cool except for the fact that I stuffed up the first achievement!  The owner of the raid was there to do the Ambershaper achievement but he was really nice and helped everyone do all of them.  Triarchi and Luxy came and kept me company (whilst Kyxyn was shocked that I would rather do achievements that go and queue for Ordos) and got some achieves too, but they both had to leave early and missed the Ambershaper one.

I had to leave and do something so I missed them killing Empress, but lucky for me I already had that achievement.

Then later in the afternoon Asys' friends Riptyde and Vinyl took me on another Challenge mode and I managed to get another gold.

I even was inspired to dig!  Slowly getting all these archaeology achievements out of the way...

Woot, cracked 19k on Navimie this week!  Next stop.. 20k!

My Recruit-a-Friend pet finally arrived (thanks Kamalia!) and I chose a Zipao Tiger.

And a big thanks to Matty for giving me a Rotten Helper this Christmas!