Monday, June 30, 2014

Guildleader chores - WoD changes to Guild levels and Perks

Watcher posted in the forums today about some of the changes they're planning in Warlords of Draenor. Here are some excerpts:
...Since the introduction of the guild system in Cataclysm, the nature of guild leveling and guild perks has shifted from being a reward for dedication and collective effort, to effectively being a penalty and barrier to entry for new guilds. We've made it easier to level guilds over the years, allowing low-level quests to count fully towards guild experience, and removing weekly caps on progress. That helps ease the barriers, but it's more of a band-aid than a true solution to the underlying problem.

Our current plan for Warlords is to effectively remove guild leveling (you could also think of it as "all guilds are automatically level 25")... Many perks can just be rolled into default behaviors, since a majority of players already had them and the world was designed and tuned around their existence... For most players, who are in max-level guilds, nothing should perceptibly change.

...we're keeping conveniences like faster mount speed, instant guild mail, Mass Resurrection, etc., as exclusive benefits to all guilded players. The guild achievement system, and unlocked items and other benefits through completion of guild achievements, will remain as-is. We'd like to emphasize that system a bit more as a yardstick for collective accomplishment...
The Cash Flow perk is obviously popular, though in most guilds it actually contributes less gold to the guild bank than something like Guild Challenges, since it only applies to looted coins. However, it also fuels some degenerate player behavior: if you've made an alt lately, you've probably noticed that you can't go more than a minute or two without receiving a guild invite - typically from "leaders" who are looking to recruit armies of often-unwitting players to both level guilds for later sale, and to increase the amount of Cash Flow gold that is siphoned into coffers to which only they have access. It can be a meaningful amount of gold for one player's pockets, but for something like a raiding guild, Cash Flow gold barely makes a dent in something like total repair costs. We're removing the Cash Flow perk in Warlords.

We do recognize that it's essential for guilds to have ways of financing their costs, and we will offer alternative, and more lucrative, options for doing so in Warlords (for example, bringing back some Bind on Equip epic drops in raids).
I actually really like this change and hope they all get implemented.  I've written before about how bad some GMs can be as they use the money generated by cash flow and keep all the gold for themselves as they're using the people in the guild as a guild farm, and that exploit really annoyed the hell out of me.  You should be looking after your guild members!  And I've seen having an alts guild and trying to level it up when there is only one or two people in it can be annoying.  This change will be great for those people.  However the loss of cash flow may be a problem for them - but if it's that small a guild (ie less then 5 people) then really, generating gold for the guild is a bit moot in my opinion as their personal AH or service sales and questing will be what was going to pay for that anyway, and the cash flow would really be very little!  Hopefully scenarios will continue to contribute money because that would be a source of income for those small guilds.

And the return of the sellable BoEs will be awesome for generating guild gold.  At the moment doing the dungeon and raid things has been helping a lot, especially at this time when people have been levelling a lot of alts and I've noticed the guild coffers have been quite steady despite some big repair bills on our new boss attempts.  But you know what this means - I have to spend time on AH selling all that CRAP??  I think it's time for some new officers in WoD!  So... my dear Frostwolves, reading this, anyone interested? I think we have room for 2-3 new officers in WoD!  And one of them will be dumped with guild banker!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New additions to our Frostwolves Family

Though people may beg to differ, I think there are LOTS of benefits of being nice during flex raids.

Dragonray had some friends from Nagrand who had wanted to come to our Flex.  They were work friends and since she asked so nicely, how could I not say yes? They weren't very well geared and at the level they were at, they were not heroic raiders either.  However, they were very pleasant and they listened to what we said and were polite during raid. I always make a point of saying a few whispers to any person in the raid who is new, so they don't feel like so uneasy.

There was a couple - Khaleesi (priest) and Drauka (DK).  They had two friends who came on subsequent weeks - Valiedra (warrior) and Dontmountme (Shaman).  We ran them through flex Garrosh and fortunately didn't have to drop anyone and I think they quite enjoyed themselves because they came back every week after that.  Dragonray, who knows me very well, took great delight in stroking my ego telling me that her friends thought I was a nice person. Nawwwwww :D

Yesterday, Dragonray told me I had made a great impression.  I didn't know what she was talking about this time - but she clarified by saying that her friends had enjoyed themselves so much they had transferred to Saurfang.  She asked if her friends could join, and of course, I said they could because they were such pleasant people - just the kind of people I like to have around!  I am not looking for heroic raiders to fill a mythic group - hell I don't KNOW if I ever will, but I like the

None of them had asked or expected an invite and I think all 4 were happy when I whispered each of them individually asking if they would like to join the guild.  Soon they were all in the guild and welcomes went around, and when Tacky got on, he did the usual Frostwolves guild welcome (at my request).

So a big welcome to Frostwolves to Daeneirys (formerly Khaleesi), Drauka, Dontmountme and Haevela (Valiedra's lock).  I hope you all like it here!

In other guild news, Dragonray began her gold challenge modes journey as we did Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery.  We unfortunately did some stupid things and wiped a lot!  Exray was tanking on his DK, Aza was on his warrior (but had to change to his hunter), and Sev on his lock and Dragonray on her mage.  And me of course.  But we got them in the end, and Dragonray was pretty excited (well as excited as one could be when she was DEAD tired at 1am) and hopefully we can knock off a couple each night when we're free and she'll be there in NO TIME!

Friday, June 27, 2014

The end of innocence


My guildies know I have a bit of a filthy mind.  But, some slang terms are still new to me, and reading blogs tends to .. ah... broaden that knowledge.  I never REALLY thought reading WoW blogs would be enlightening me in THAT way.

And so, I was innocently reading Altacylsmic's post: Big Log, which was about Blizz's failure to police some of the more offensive names.  He had a list.  I looked at that list and didn't understand why some names were offensive.  Naturally once I pronounced them out loud (like Mike Hunt) I realised that they were actually rather rude.  But one stumped me.  So I decided to ask in guild.

"Hey," I said.  "I don't understand this name.  It's supposed to be rude, but I don't get it."
"What is it?" asked someone in guild chat.
There was a slight pause, and Nath and Jazz were laughing.  I think Aza was too?  And Dragon and Lom as well.
I was still bewildered.  OK, so it is something rude.
Dragonray took pity on me and whispered to me that it was a rude way of talking about unattractive labia. OHHH.  I get it now.  Gee, the weird names people come up with.

I also noticed that Pillock was on the bad list.  I thought that just meant an idiot.  I even looked it up in the dictionary.  But it apparently is a variant on penis, I guess penises are stupid people.

Anyway, so bewildered was I by this Beef curtains thing that I went to work and told the surgeon I work with about it.  Now you may find this rather odd, but it stems from his cultural background that Western slang terms are often lost upon him.  And rude words too.  For example, the C word which I find highly offensive, he had been USING it because he thought it was just another word for vagina.  And I was horrified because he just dropped the C bomb in conversation whilst we were doing an operation on that part of the body and I told him he couldn't say that an dhe asked why and when I told him he was embarrassed because nobody had ever told him that it was that offensive, he thought it was like saying willy or some other colloquial word.  So when I told him about this Beef curtains he was like "REALLY? People talk about that?"  and my nurses who were middle aged were equally surprised.  Anyway, you learn something new every day I suppose.

However, I disagreed with Altaclysmic about the kinds of people using these names.  Sabrehawk, for example, who is a working professional (well I think bank managers are professional people!) with a wife and teenage kids who NEVER speaks any kind of sexist language or acts misogynistic in any way, has pets with the most dreadful names. I just thought it was because he's a man and he likes women private parts, like most males do.  And probably because it was funny to name his big cats after female genitalia because of the irony of the name.

I think people find genitalia and sex fascinating because it's a bit taboo.  Not many people get to see naked parts of others except in pornography or their partners. And probably because I see MANY naked people every day, that genitalia does not offend, nor does it fascinate me.  BUT WHY is it taboo.  You have to have genitalia to reproduce.  That's how we all got here.  That's how every animal on the earth gets here.

But I digress.  I think I actually don't want these people to get banned or forced to hange their name.  You can kind of tell by people who name their toons stupid names like that, that they are people you don't want to associate with anyway.  As one of the commenters on Altaclysmic's post said (which was a quote by Mark Cuban) "I'm the one guy who says don't force the stupid people to be quiet.  I want to know who the morons are."  And I think that is a very good way of looking at it.  If the morons were hiding behind normal names, how am I supposed to know who I don't want to play with?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thela's ROYGBiV Tmog challenge - Blue

In Thela's ROYGBiV Tmog challenge, June is blue, so here is my blue entry! The problem is that it looks suspiciously like Ut's transmog from that Rojak transmog competition - but that's what happens when you are using Mogit and leather!  Not that many blue sets that appeal to me.

Helm of the Blind Seer
Tunic of the Dark Hour
Brutal Gladiator's Gloves
Brutal Gladiator's Legguards
Guardian's Leather Belt
Guardian's Leather Boots
Lever of the Megantholithic Apparatus
Frostwolf Tabard

If I ever get Siegemaster Blackfuse on heroic, I would like that staff for transmog!  I was wondering if I should use the Undercity Tabard because that also had quite good blue colouring but Frostwolf has more meaning I think (gee I wonder why LOL)!  The good thing is this set is quite attainable, so I should try and work on it.  Though I may have to work with another weapon for a while - the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune is not a bad choice!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guildies: Lom and his Garrosh kill

Poor Lom has been sick or working so we hadn't seen much of him so when he started coming back online I had to remind him and everyone that it was Lom's turn for a Garrosh kill.  We're slowly getting everyone in the guild through!

After we finished stuffing around with Thok we switched to normal and brought Lom in.  Poor Lom, he knows the fights but he just doesn't have the health to live through some of the heavy damage mechanics. Like Thok in phase 1.  We were trying to see how far we could push and we only got Thok to 30% - was hoping for sub 20%.  But it was too much damage for Lom and he died.

Siegecrafter went relatively smoothly.  Tensai was neck on neck with me for healing if not ahead - I am starting to feel like the redundant healer in our raid composition - and I died more than Lom on Paragons trash, which was embarrassing as I was just telling Lom not to feel bad for dying on trash (and he didn't die on the first trash).

When we reached Garrosh I whispered him to just stay alive during the dream phase, and not to worry about DPSing.  He said ok.  Then Aza piped up in raid and told Lom not to die until phase 3 so that Aza could farm him for embers - our lowest health raid members are often killed by Aza chaos bolting them when they are MC'd in Phase 3 that it's now a running joke (and now fact) that lower geared members are farmed by Az in phase 3 for embers.  And Lom did really well - he lived right till phase 3 and only Luxy died I think because her health got a bit low in dream phase and I was a bit slow on healing her up (and I had my lifebloom ticking on Lom for those dream phases so he could live).  So, phase 3 came around, Lom got MC'd and instantly killed by Aza and then yay achievements all round for Lom! Heh, he even thanked me on Twitter, which was totally unnecessary - we were getting there eventually!

Why he was in shadow when I took this pic I hae no idea.  But Alani photobombed me (I thought about Cymre when I saw this pic).  Grats Lom!

Guild sillies: Transmog Roulette

Exray was asking people to roll 1-20 and I had no idea what he was doing.  He said he was doing a random transmog.  I still didn't understand what he was doing.

So he said that he needed 8-9 random numbers.  Once he had those numbers, he would go to the transmog guy and open up his list of transmogs for each of the 8-9 slot items and use the rolled number to choose which of those he would wear.  If there rolled number was bigger than how many items to transmog in the list then continue counting from the first item.  For example if I only had 10 items in my list and we had rolled a 12, the second item in the list would be the selection.

So after raid we all decided to try it and see what we got.  This is what Lushen, Exray, Jazz, Aza, myself and Nath end up wearing.

Exray's pants go so nicely.. with everything, don't you think? :D  But Aza's gloves and helm surely take the cake!  Though Jazz's gloves with her outfit in general come a close hideous second!

A hilarious waste of gold with some interesting combinations!  Why don't you try it?  You don't have to actually equip it/mog it, you can always go to the vendor and change the items and then take a screenshot - I'd love to see what horrible combinations you come up with!  Chuck a link in the comments or email it to me if you dare take up the silly challenge!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend #FAFF and random WoW thoughts

It's been one of those weeks where I've been fluffing around.  Since I hit full Grievous I haven't really felt like playing arena that much (and Shab decided to stop playing again so I was a bit glum).  However, I should try to aim for a decent 3v3 rating and playing with Memfus and Sev has been good (for Sev's playstyle) and those two are way ahead of me in rating because I did some arenas with Shab and Sars for practice and that killed my rating a bit.  Not that I care that much, but it will be fun to see if I can actually get to 1700 this time!

I decided to try O-Queue again, because last time I had it it didn't work for me and I couldn't figure out why. It was about a  month later when I realised what the problem was - my battletag was full, and that's why I couldn't accept any invites or new friends.  So armed with this knowledge I tried it again, and this time, it was different because OQ made a whole bunch of changes that I needed to clean up!

One of them was that my general chatter was FILLED with OQ chat.  People looking for various things. It was frustrating - I have enough issues trying to read my guild chat and whispers and now it's being pushed off.  I seriously should consider turning the setting on to have separate chat windows so I don't keep losing conversations.  Amongst other noob things I did was trying to queue as a healer for RBGs but was passing time on Timeless Isle in feral PvE killing things.  No wonder I didn't get any invites. Luxy had to point that out to me.

I managed to get the confidence to go into some random BGs

In other news, Navijr my druid alt got to 80 and I've decided to let her be my Heralds toon.  At least I know how to play this toon!

Crooked was kind enough to do 25 man Ulduar with us (we did up to Yogg - I think he and his friend are farming for Mimiron's head so we left it after Vezax) and with both me and Lushnek trying for the same types of gear, I decided I would strictly go for healer loot and he can have the boomkin/healer loot.  I'll pick up the tank stuff, just in case I might have to tank.  I can sorta tank on a druid.
I said I could tank a bit, not drive a tank a bit!
My other alt, Miniices, who is an 80 alliance is off doing Argent Tournament dailies just so I can get some pets.  As my only alliance toon, she has the responsibility of earning my Argent Squire and getting the Guild Page and Herald on Alliance side.  I'm not sure if they count towards pets, but just in case they might... I will get them!  She'll be BEGGING me to let her go back to Major Payne's Pet challenges after a few weeks of this!

I totally forgot that a number of patches ago a whole bunch of new rares came out.  I took a few pics of some I didn't have.  I will have to keep adding them to the blog collection - and also make an effort to go search for a few of them!

And I've finally got my confidence up to play Hearthstone again.  Well that AND I wanted to get the card back. What's NOT to love about rainbows? :D

Monday, June 23, 2014

WoD Alpha (No spoilers here!) - Ironically, NOT meant to be

I was pretty excited the other week when I saw this tweet:

To which I replied I wasn't in the alpha and had no idea how to get into it.  Blizz_ANZ then sent me a DM asking for the email that my account was attached to and they said they would see what they could do.

When I spoke about it to my guildies they all thought it was a scam!  Who says that kind of stuff?  My account was going to be hacked!  But BlizzANZ is a verified account, so I hoped that it was legit.  Though, i felt a bit bad - I can't even level in live, what am I going to do in an ALPHA?  OMG wandering around doing stuff that doesn't count for anything?  EEK!  What a timesink!

I had actually spent very little time reading about the alpha.  I see a lot of podcasters and bloggers in the alpha and had a quick skim so I wouldn't spoil it for myself.  But it was exciting because I had seen one of the dungeons in WoD back at Blizzcon, and I wanted to see some of the new things that were going to happen to my druid.

It was on the 17 June that I got an email from Blizz!  Yay time to start downloading!

So I downloaded it and spent 5 minutes looking around but I had stuff to do, I thought I could do it on some downtime.  I had raids and PvP to do, so I thought Friday night would be a good night, once I finished with my PvP buddies and everyone had gone to bed - time to wander around!

But, it was not meant to be - on Friday there was maintenance and so I couldn't play and now I keep getting errors when I try to run it... Don't tell me I have to download the whole thing again!  Sigh :( But from what I hear, it's on to the next phase of testing which will be the Alliance side. Hopefully I will be able tocheck it out - I can tell you though that the bag organisation thing is BRILLIANT for someone like me! (You can set your bags to consumables, gear, vendor trash etc and hit a button and voila! Bags are instantly sorted and you can even auto vendor all the vendor trash!)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Raiding: And the Spoils go to Frostwolves

Asys was missing again.  I'm not sure where he goes at raid time!  I hope he's ok - wish he would tell me what was happening.

I felt like the biggest wuss, because I was having a hissy about having to heal Dark Shamans with 2 healers. I struggle on the inside when there's 2 of us, how would it be if it was just me?  So Morz said that he would go inside and Aza and Snow could stay outside by themselves.  Wow.  OK, well I was happy with that if the two cowboys (well, one cow-boy and one troll-girl) could look after themselves.  Aza asked for symbiosis so he could throw some rejuvenates out so I did.  So I did that - with Morz on the inside with me I could relax and not worry about the falling ash so much.

And wouldn't you know, we one shot it, and it was EASY.  Now why don't we do THAT all the time??

Nazgrim was fine, Malk was a bit messier with one wipe (but I managed to roll Boots of Perilous Infusion which I wanted), and then it was onto Spoils.  Now I was determined not to be a doofus.  No more spazz dying.  Unfortunately I still did some spazz dying.  One attempt we were so close!  But I had died TWICE so that was a wipe even though we had almost gotten through our room...


We had a few more tries but they all seem to blur for me.  One attempt we didn't make our quota.  Another attempt we got our quota with 20 seconds to spare.  One of the times the other team didn't make their boxes.  Aza drove me nuts because on the Mogu side when the Anima put their red circles out he would run OUT of the circle!  I'm like... OMG GET IN THE RED CIRCLE!  Lucky for me Jazz and Nath are there to run to the circles <3 br="" nbsp="">

(Edit: OMG I had some kind of weird bug error in my post!)

Ok let me rewrite that.  On our good attempt we managed to get our first side down with decent time to spare, and we were running into the next room and sparks were still coming up so had to run back, but Aimei was opening boxes... at least this time I managed to get my tranqs off!  We managed to get our mantid side down faster and Aza jumped over to help - OMG we had 20 seconds left... and then suddenly - BAM we got our achievement!

I rolled Klaxxi Grips of rejuvenation.  I think I have exhausted my loot rolls for a while!  I would like a new neck!  Sha or Spoils.. either will do!  Aza took the Avool's Ancestral bracers, and Luxy took Ancient Mogu Tower shield for possible future transmogs.

So.  Thok?  I'm not sure where Asys is or whether he is around this week. I will have to assume that he's not available and try Thok with 2 healers. And no paladin in raid, unless I can gear Tensai up quickly (I might have to consider that as an emergency backup). OMG it will be ugly.  But... yay 10/14H! Yay Frostwolves!

Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Dagra in Northern Barrens

After my failed attempt at one of the previous challenges, I hoped that the next challenge would be much more doable.

Community Manager
Dagra the Fierce beckons you from Northern Barrens. Assemble a team of three level 2 pets, one Humanoid, one Elemental, and one Flying in that order, and head on over to the mountain where she hangs out. Come on back here to let us know how you did!

As usual, I had very few level 2s to play with.  I initially started with Murkimus, Ashstone Core and Crested Owl.

Murkimus' shield block wasn't very useful because the two critters both used a tranquility type healing spell. Felt like I needed something with a bit more damage.  Anubisath Idol would have been a good one with Sandstorm but I didn't have a level 2 of that so I decided I'd try Curious Wolvar Pup who had  Snap trap as 2nd slot attack which was strong against beasts.

That actually turned out good because it stunned Longneck and Dagra swapped in Springtail.  That was better because now my attacks weren't weak against it.  Snap Trap didn't stun Springtail because it was a critter which was good so Dagra never swapped Longneck back in.  Managed to kill Springtail and Longneck came back in and killed Wolvar Pup.

Ashstone Core couldn't get Longneck down with the tranquility so I decided to change it up and use Tainted Waveling, which had Acidic Goo as it's second attack, so that would help with negating the tranquility. That worked well, and then my Crested Owl took out Ripper who did hurt a lot with Prowl and Rake.

Let's get started!
Trapped and stunned Longneck, then Springtail was swapped in who went down a lot easier against a Humanoid.
Longneck killed off Wolvar pup, so Tainted Waveling got next go.  Dot attacks FTW when Tranquility is up!
Crested Owl to the rescue!  Bye bye Ripper!  Lucky Crested Owl still had the faster attack coz Ripper did have some big hurting attacks.
So that was a much easier challenge! And my little Crested Owl dinged as well LOL!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Raiding and Guildleader Chores: Jumping from Flex raiding to Heroic raiding

I was thinking last week about getting Tensai (our casual holy paladin) in for some raiding - he's always on, and I saw he had managed to help out his old guild with a Heroic Immerseus kill so he could be ready for a bit of heroic raiding!  Also, we seem to be disenchanting a lot of healer gear so I just didn't want it to go to waste!

I asked him about it and he said "Only if you need me."  I was bemused - why didn't he want to do some of our easier farm heroics?  Does he not want gear?  Did he not want the challenge?  I didn't want to push but sometimes if one of the healers weren't here it would help a lot if we could get a healer sub in - even a casual one.  I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he liked playing his alts!  Naturally, that bemused me even more - I can think of nothing worse than playing alts when I'm doing heroic raiding - but everyone is different and I respect and admire that.

"Did you not want any bosses in particular?" I probed, gently.

"I'm not fussed," he replied.

"Are you trying not to be saved in case you need to help out with your brother's guild?"


Tensai was never the very talkative type, even when I was recruiting him.  I don't think it was rudeness on his part, he was just shy.  He doesn't even talk on vent.  I never let it bother me - he just quietly does his job and he doesn't disturb anyone in guild chat.  At least he gave me his btag.

He seemed happy to help, but reluctant to commit, so I decided to take what I could get. I needed him to be geared and to know the fights in case of an emergency, so he was coming, whether he liked it or not.  Morz and I would take turns sitting out to gear him up, it would be fine and Asys could do some healing.

Then I read Stubborn's posts on the flex/normal raider having to suddenly sub into a heroic raid, and his subsequent post.
And that really sums up what I hate about 10 man raiding, particularly heroics. I’ve made jokes about it before, mostly related to healers – that when you’re in a such a zero-margin-for-error environment, every mistake is magnified in a way that it’s not on 25 man. As a result, each mistake someone makes breeds the tiniest amount of resentment in others that, after months of doing these fights, grows into something unhealthy.  

Who's fault is it that we wiped? HUH?
I don't think Tensai was worried about heroics, really.  I just think he didn't really care about them - it wasn't something he had a burning desire to do.
I don’t know how long-term healers do it, really. The druid in our guild is a very positive, upbeat person. She apparently feels none of the ill-will like I did; I don’t know how she does it. The other healer is a much more blunt person who’ll call people out for their mistakes. She’s not wrong about it, mind you; just blunt. Perhaps that’s how you prevent letting the hostility grow; you just tell it like it is... the hostility that was bred was often at myself (since I personally made several mistakes during a lot of the encounters)... It was clear that there were 8 heroic raiders in there plus my wife and I.  Some of the pugs were less than kind... though all our guildies were positive and encouraging.
I didn't think that Tensai would receive any hostility from any of us - well there wouldn't be any if I was in the raid.  Everyone would (and SHOULD) realise that we would be unable to raid if he wasn't there, and he hadn't been asking to come, he was being dragged in as a sub, so I wouldn't have expected him to read up about any of the fights.  Besides, we knew them well enough to explain the basics and be able to carry him a little bit, as long as he had some decent output as a healer and didn't die non stop.  If he did just die constantly to poor raid awareness then I would rethink having him sub in.  I thought a lot about Stubborn's post and Tensai's raiding and hoped that the experience would be overall positive for him.  The difference though is that for us it was 9 heroic raiders and 1 normal raider, so the error margin would be a lot lower.

Anyway, back to raiding. It was first raid of the week lsat night, and I was late, because my son wouldn't go to sleep.

I rushed on a little after 9pm to find that the lazy buggers hadn't formed the raid yet. One small hiccup - Asys wasn't on, not even in D3.  Which meant we really DID need Tensai to come.  Fortunately he was on.  I asked him to come and he jumped on Vent and was ready straight away.  I wondered where Asys was - he might have been working late.  Perhaps its time for me to get his Viber details.

Our team moved through our heroics fairly easily.  Tensai died in Immerseus and he was there for every boss that night and we gave him the brief rundown on how the fights were healed.  Morz and I swapped out for the 2 healer fights (I went out for Norushen, and he went out for Sha and Galakras) and Aza went out for the 3 healer fights.  Gala was a little big ugly because Tensai took the tower team side and towards the end, the healing was just too much for him and his whole side died in the last 6%. But my side survived at least, and Gala went down.  Tensai at least got some upgrades during those heroics, including a ring, helm and shield.

Iron Juggernaut was the killer.  It's a heavy healing fight, and it's a fair bit different to normal with a whole heap of stuff that you need to watch out for.  We died a lot to that, and Sev suggested that perhaps Tensai should have jumped out to gem and enchant his new gear.  I said that it was too late for that now (15 minutes left to raid) and we might as well just go one more before we call it.  Luckily, the next attempt we got it, but I wasn't going to be fussed if we didn't. Tensai wasn't really geared for it yet.

Amazingly, a TON of heroic warforged gear dropped in last night's raid.  Chestplate of Congealed Corrosion, Bolt-Burster Grips, Xifeng Longblade of the Titanic Guardian, Cannoneer's Multipocket Gunbelt, and Extinguished Ember of Galakras. It made Exray, Morzierz, Nathamanz and Sevrus very happy!  Tensai got a ton of achievements as well (new heroic kills).  Jazz caught Sev's cloak disease.  I wonder if that's a sign.

Tensai declined my offer to enchant his new stuff (he seems determined not to be a nuisance to anyone), but overall I thought we did pretty well.  Dark Shamans would have been ugly!  I asked him if he was ok and he said he was fine - he was being carried, after all, and so wasn't stressed, he told me.  Funny, because I would have felt the opposite!  His healing wasn't that bad - I actually thought it was rather good for his gear. To tell you the truth not being able to read someone or their intentions (because I'm usually very good at that) makes it difficult for me to predict their behaviour, and it just makes me even more curious and more determined to find out more.

Which leads me onto what Stubborn talked about in his post today, about how having a blog that one's guild knows about can lead to an awkward strain between facts and delivery, because you have to be careful what you say.
...knowing that the people I’m writing about will be reading what I have to say makes me much more careful about how I write things... It may make me that much more reflective about my messages... Then again, it may make me a small traitor to my own thoughts and feelings, to be writing for another and not myself.
It was good that his opinion on how things were being run/internal politics in the guild did not turn out to be a cause of drama.  Wanting to air one's thoughts on how they viewed certain things is certainly not a crime, but when you don't know the full story then people can get huffy.  As guild leader (and officer before) I had a pretty good grip on all the internal politics of all our guild nitty gritties. Though I do watch what I say because there is certainly bound to be people whose opinions differ to mine, I don't think it's necessary to upset anyone in a mean or hurtful way on my blog - all problems in game are dealt with in game first in whispers fro me.  There have been notable exceptions though and I am not going to discuss them now but I use them as classic examples of what I DON'T want happening in my guild.

But in truth, I would REALLY like to know what Tensai thought of the whole heroic thing. And whether he is here to stay, or whether pushing him into heroic raiding may push him away from our guild.  Maybe I will dig more tonight.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Durotar's Zunta

Community Manager
Well, it's finally here! The newly revamped blog aptly titled, Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battles Training. Based on a lot of the feedback you good tamers shared with me, I've gone ahead and tried to keep it fun and interesting, while including some more detail about pet families.

In your first week of training, Payne's orders are to find Zunta and take his team out using two level 1 pets. The trick is you can only use Flying, Mechanical, or Beast. Give the encounter a go, and then come on back here to tell us about your experience. What worked? What didn't work?

Your job is to defeat Zunta with both pets still alive, scoff at his lack of Payne-ingrained strategy, and then report back here. Each K.O.-ed pet on your team will mean 100 pushups, so don’t screw up!

Did you cheat and use level 25 pets?

I had such fun doing the other challenge I decided I would do them ALL!  My apologies to my blog readers who aren't into pet battles - but I can't help myself, I just wanted to see how much of a challenge this could be!  Zunta is at least on Horde side this time :)

And wow, this is a challenge at level 1.  At first I thought I would try it with green level 1s.  I tried it with Spirit of Summer and Blue Mini Jouster.  OMG TOTALLY SQUASHED.  200 pushups for me.

Then I switched the order... another 200 pushups.

That's it, time to bring out the rares.  I brought Miniwing and Elementium Geode.  Holy crap, another 200 pushups.  Clearly this composition wasn't working for me.

So I decided that it was time to pull out a mechanical so I could beat Spike.  So I had a Lil' XT level 1 that was a good choice (thank goodness it could come back to life) and then I used Miniwing.  Miniwing was being killed by Mumtar.  Damnit another 200 pushups.

So I went through my flying list and saw that Tiny Sporebat had the most health. I decided to give that a shot. Here are screenshots of the battle.

 Yes, Zunta had been killin' me lots.  Major Payne was gonna lay into me big time.

Spike might be dead but Lil' XT was almost dead too!  I managed to get two shots off at Mumtar before I switched Tiny Sporebat in.  OH MY GOD LAST GO DON'T MISS!!

Wooooot!  Dead bug!  And why am I so mean to Zunta?  What about Zunta being mean to me??  Both my pets dinged level 2, so that rules the out for subsequent attempts!

But after reading that post properly, I realised I could have used a beast!  Gosh that would have been way easier against that bug, if only I had done that, I might have saved myself 800 pushups.  Well, Major Payne didn't specify that I had to do all those pushups at once.  Maybe I can get away with 5 a day for the rest of the year....

Frostwolves Bedtime story strats - The Tale of the Two Bad Shamans

"You haven't told me a new story for such a long time, Mama," said my daughter, accusingly.  "When are you going to tell me a new story?  A World of Warcraft one!"

"I've got a few stories I can tell you now," I replied.  "Which one do you want to hear - the one about the two bad Shamans, or the one about the Evil General Nazgrim?"

"Is a shaman like Aunty Luxy?  But a bad one?"

I laughed.  "Yes, like bad Aunty Luxies.  But they do bad things.  Shamans are supposed to ASK the elements nicely to help them, but bad shamans MAKE the elements help them, even if the elements don't want to help."

"What's an element?"

My mouth twisted, squinting my eye as I tried to think of a way to explain it.  "Shamans talk to the wind, fire, earth and water.  They are called elements because people think that everything in the whole wide world is made up of bits of those elements.  And there are spirits of all those elements and those spirits are what Shamans can talk to.  So, what bad shamans do is they MAKE the elements do what they tell them."

My daughter paused as she considered what I told her.  "Does that mean when you say I have to eat my dinner and I don't want to, does that mean you're a bad mama? Because you made me do it?"

Oh great.  What have I started?  "No, I tell you to eat dinner because it's GOOD for you, otherwise you'll be hungry later because there's no food.  I wouldn't make you do it if it's bad for you.  The bad shamans make the elements hurt good people, and that's what makes them bad."  Ok, I needed to get off this topic.  "Now can I tell you this story, or would you like to go to sleep now?"

"Story please."



There were two Dark Shamans, named Earthbreaker Haromm and Wavebinder Kardris.  They used to be good shamans, and they trained lots of shamans over the years.  But they liked the idea of Garrosh's bad army and so they became Dark shamans, riding their wolves Darkfang and Bloodclaw.

The two of them shared their lives with a Spirit Link - meaning that if you hit one, you also hit the other, so when they died, they died together at the same time.  They both had 4 totems, which are those magic sticks in the ground.  But though they used the same totems, they did different magic with it.  The four totems were poisonmist, foulstream, ashfire and rusted iron, all very yucky and dirty names.

They were hiding inside Garrosh's old house, and we didn't like going and fighting them both inside there, so we'd get someone's pet to run inside and make them chase the pet till they were outside the house.

Now for this fight we did it a little bit differently, because we had THREE tanks!  Two of the tanks would fight Haromm, and the other one would fight Kardris.  We made 2 teams!  The Haromm team had Uncle HK, Uncle Lushen, Aunty Luxy, Aunty Jazz, Uncle Asys and Mama (and Uncle Sev or Uncle Nath depending on who wanted to have a turn), and the Kardris team had Uncle Exray, Uncle Morz and Uncle Aza.

"Why are there so many people in the Haromm team?" my daughter asked.

"Haromm had special things which needed lots of people to help sort out.  And Kardris does bad things and having less people out there made it easier to control those things."

Haromm hits the tank with Froststorm Strike, which means that tank will get hit so much harder the next time. So Uncle Lushen would go first, and when he got Froststorm Strike, Uncle HK would make Haromm hit him instead, so Uncle Lushen could have a rest and wait for the Froststorm strike magic to go away. Then they would swap again when Uncle HK got the Froststorm strike.

But as we keep killing Haromm he does MORE bad things.  When his health goes down to 85% he puts a poison mist on 2 people and they will need healing all the time and it means they will take more damage from bad things.  When he gets down to 65% he starts doing Foul Stream - where he looks at someone and puts a big yukky green on the ground which will hurt you if you stand in it, but it will hurt 10 times more if you have Poison mist on you so poisoned people have to run away really fast!  When he's half dead, he starts making lines of Ash elementals who are like soldiers in a line who hit you when you come close to them.  We have to stay away from those elementals and Uncle HK and Uncle Lushen have to make the elementals go into the wall and not out into the room otherwise those elementals will be in our way hitting us all the time!

Kardris has her own bad things too!  She shoots Froststorm bolts at Uncle Exray which are ice spells that hurt a lot!  Then at 85% she casts Toxic Storm, which makes a swirling purple cloud that stings you and it makes little tornadoes around the cloud that you have to stay away from or they throw you up HIGH into the air and hurt you too!  Then at 65% she makes Foul Geyser, which is a stinky fountain that makes lots of DISGUSTING blobs and you have to kill the blobs because they follow you around and put acid on you that burns you.  Then when she's half dead she casts Falling Ash, which makes a HUGE red circle on the ground.  You can't stand in the red circle because a big bomb is going to fall out of the sky and land on your head and you'll DIE!  But when the bomb falls on the ground, everyone gets hurt from the explosion a bit, but if you're health is all full, you won't die.
"OH MY GOSH!" said my daughter.  "That's SO MANY bad things!"

"Heaps and heaps!" I said.  "But there's one more bad thing that they do as well!"

"More bad things?"

Yes!  Kardris puts a spell on you called Iron Prison and after one minute it pops and it kills you for ALL your health!  And Haromm puts zombie stones underneath someone (Navi's note: Zombie stones are what my daughter and I call gravestones because zombies come out of them in the game Plants vs Zombies).  You can tell if a zombie stone is coming because a little cloud comes out under your feet and you have to move away or it bangs into your foot for a BIG ouchie!  And you can't get rid of the zombie stones, they're stuck there forever and they get in your way, so you have to make sure you stand next to the old zombie stone otherwise you'll get them EVERYWHERE!

"But you can put that thing that eats the zombie stones! Then they won't be in your way!" said my daughter.

"Wrong game," I said.  "You can only put Grave Busters in the Plants vs Zombies game, but they don't have them in World of Warcraft."

"They should make it, then you can have lots of room again! Don't you think they should?"

"I think it would make it TOO EASY!! They just want to make things a little bit hard in World of Warcraft."

So the two dogs and the two shamans were outside now and we were ready to start fighting!  We all stood next to the cages that had some prisoners in them and the tanks rushed in to start fighting.  The dogs had to die first because they bite you quite hard!  Then Uncle Lushen took Haromm inside the house, and Uncle Exray took Kardris away into the big courtyard outside the house.

Inside the house there was a round room with a big throne on one end and lots of little alcoves which are like cupboards but without doors.  Uncle Lushen and Uncle HK stood inside the alcove, and made sure that Haromm wasn't looking at any of us.  Aunty Luxy, Uncle Asys and Mama stood just behind Haromm, and Aunty Jazz and Uncle Nath (or Uncle Sev) had to stay far back and make sure they moved when they get the zombie stones.  Haromm only gives Zombie Stones to two people who are really far away from him. Aunty Jazz was very good with zombie stones, she'd have them all stuck in one spot.  Uncle Nath was like Uncle Sev - they liked putting Zombie stones in funny spots sometimes and it would make Uncle HK grumpy because he would get stuck on them as he tried to move from one alcove to another.

People were getting poisoned, but Mama and Uncle Asys healed people so they wouldn't die from it.  And then Haromm started the Foul stream.  Haromm picked one person and would look at them, and the foul stream would go right on top of them.  It hurt a little bit, but not very much.  The person he looked at had to stay very still so everyone else could run away, and Haromm would NEVER look at someone who already had the poison on them so people knew if they had the poison they would have to move when the Foul stream came.

After he did that a few times, then Uncle Morz would yell out to us from outside that Falling Ash was coming, which was the one that damage everyone because a bomb was going to fall into the big red circle. Mama and Uncle Asys had to make sure that everyone's health was ok otherwise they would die!  Mama used her healing stars then to keep people topped up but it was probably not needed or Uncle Asys would use his spirit link totem which means we took less damage.  Then after that Haromm would put out the wall and then Uncle HK and Uncle Lushen had to move it to the next alcove.

We kept doing the same thing for a while, over and over, and then when they got to 30% of their health they cast bloodlust and hit us harder and faster.  We cast our bloodlust then too, and made us go faster.  By now healing was so hard, and we had to make sure we kept everyone alive, and we were fast running out of alcoves to put Haromm in!

It was just as busy on the outside!  After we ran into the house with Haromm, Uncle Exray made Kardris follow him around the outside, going anticlockwise.

"What's anticlockwise?"

"You know how a clock the hands go this way," I traced a circle in the air, clockwise.  "That direction is called clockwise, because it's the same as a clock. Anticlockwise is when it goes the other way, like as if time went BACKWARDS."

"So Uncle Exray went backwards in time?  How?"

I shook my head.  "No, I mean he was going this way, around a circle." And I traced a circle in the air, anticlockwise.

Uncle Exray wanted to make sure all the clouds and whirlwinds didn't get in his way, so he went first, with Kardris following him, and Uncle Aza and Uncle Morz behind Kardris.  The Iron Prisons didn't bother them because Uncle Morz would put his magic bubble on them and it wouldn't damage their health much at all! Which was much cleverer than Mama could do, she couldn't do that.  Uncle Aza was busy because when Kardris made Foul Geyser, he had to kill all the little blobs from the disgusting fountain so they didn't hurt everyone else.  Then Kardris started making the big red circle and everyone was running so they weren't standing in it when the bomb came down - BOOM!

All of us were fighting now to kill Haromm and Kardris before they killed us.  And those last few seconds saw us making their health go down down down and then..

.. we won!

"Yay!" my daughter clapped.  "What did you get?"

"There were lots of nice treasures from Dark Shamans!  There was a weapon that Aunty Luxy and Mama both use now, there was a trinket that Uncle Nath and Uncle Lushen could use... and another trinket that Aunty Luxy and Uncle Aza could use."

"What's a trinket?"

"It's like a toy you put in your pocket and it gives you extra special abilities.  It helped them hit harder.  And there were lots of other pieces people could use too.  But that was a tough fight!  So much happening!"

"I think it sounded easy, Mama," said my daughter.

"Oh really?" I said, as I bent to tickle her and she squealed loudly.  "For someone who can't even remember to put their bowl in the sink..."

"Stop stop!" she laughed.

"Or can't remember to pick your clothes up off the floor!"

"Mama stop!!!"

"How do you think you can remember all those things that Haromm and Kardris do, huh?  Mummy has difficulty remembering them sometimes!" I stopped tickling her and tucked the blankets around her.

"OK enough playing, let's go to sleep.  I'm cold.  Goodnight!  We'll have another story next week."

"Next week?" wailed my daughter.  "That's SOOO far away!"

"Next week will come faster if you go to sleep! Because, when you wake up, it will be one day closer to next week!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Raiding - Progressing on Spoils

We were ready for Spoils again, and this time we had 6 mainspec DPS (though Asys did a good job last time). So we had Aimei, myself, Sev, Nath and Jazz on one side, and Exray, Lushen, Aza, Luxy and Morz on the other.  I was pretty excited to have a whole day to try it.

It was NOT happening.  My side weren't getting the stuff down in time!  We had managed to do it once on Thursday, and then died as we ran into the Mantid room.  But this time round, a few of our attempts I didn't have that beautiful water buff to kill statues and sparks with, much to my disappointment.  In the end we had to do some team shuffling and swapped warlocks.

It didn't really go that much better - Nath died and we were overrun with statues!  Aza said we should cleave the adds down, but I had no idea how that was going to happen - the statues run away from melee (which is only Aimei) and you're supposed to get away from them but when I'm trying to hit them with water I have to stand a bit close because otherwise I'm out of range of Aimei!  And he did die a few times because of my lack of heals from being too far away.

Then one go we had it was great and we got it down - no idea what was different except that I had the water buff that time.  Then I had a go at Mantid where I promptly killed myself by running straight into bombs and I didn't realise that having the bombs actually hurts!  I really need to focus on getting my butt hard up against the wall for bomb placement.

So we did a swapsies so my team could start on Mantid for practice, and after a few goes we managed to get it, but OMG we died on the mogu side from healing issues!  UGH!  I should have used my Tranq earlier!

I bristled when Aza started saying I should use my healing cooldowns (which I knew already and having done Mogu side MANY times, I hadn't used them because I hadn't needed to) but I had said that I would not snap at people telling me what to do so I just gritted my teeth and plodded on.

Hopefully next week I will be better and we will have a new kill!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Geek stuff: Supernova Sydney 2014 - and yes, a bit of WoW in there too!

I had not been to a Supernova, an Australian Pop Culture Expo, and this year Lushnek told me that Stan Lee was coming.  OMG I really wanted to go!  My sister wanted to go as well, so together we made our way out on Saturday to see not only Stan Lee, but she wanted to see John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy and Manu Bennett (Malcolm Merlyn, Laurel Lance and Deathstroke from Arrow), as well as Ming Na Wen (Mulan, Melinda May in Marvel Agents of Shield) and Nikolaj Coster- Waldau (Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones).

Stan Lee had come in earlier in the week.  Image from the Daily Telegraph.
While Lee might have met his fans by the thousands over the years, he never gets sick of it.  "So many grown-up people have said to me they felt very much like Peter Parker when they were young and they read the stories and it made them feel better that despite all his problems he still managed to win in the end and they felt that maybe they could too.  It always touches me when somebody says something like that to me."
My sister brought snacks, some takeaway lunch, and we got ready for a long day of queuing.  We bought online normal tickets and queued up with the rest of the crowds for tokens for signatures and photos.

My sister only wanted photos but my cousins wanted autographs so we had to get those as well.  In hindsight, I will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

It was PACKED!

And we really did not do anything except wait in queues for photos!  Our first photo was with Nikolaj, then we tried to line up for some autographs but we had to get out of the queue for our next lot of photos which was with Ming Na and then it was our "Starling City" shoot.  Each queue was 45-1 hour and we spent a lot of time just looking around at the cosplay around us.  I didn't take any pics but I'm trying to search hard on the net for some pics to show!

Akansha's instagram pics
Ming Na's Instagram pic from yesterday
In the few hours between photos we lined up for the autographs for our cousin.  And I still had difficulty getting my Stan Lee autograph - I was thinking that it was a huge mistake and that I should have just stuck with the photo.  The line for his autograph had closed due to too many people and there were even MORE after that!  So I could only head back to line up again after we had our Stan Lee photo.

There was a MASSIVE crush of people around the photo area as people milled around trying to get in line for it.  But eventually the seething mass settled and my sister and I progressed through the queue got our few seconds with Stan the Man (even managed to get a pose!) and I went to line up for the autograph.

I borrowed Roshii's avatar for my sister - I'm sure he doesn't mind!
You can see that I eventually got my autograph!  But it was 3.5 hours of sitting in line and Stan said he was going to stay and sign EVERYONE'S stuff - OMG he was such a trooper, his hand was going to be damned sore after that!  Can you believe he's 91??

I am sure I've said this before, but Spiderman has been my favourite superhero since I was young.  I feel like one of those cliched people who say to Stan Lee that the character he created made a big difference to my life - all my life I wish I could be a superhero like Spiderman!  Being smart and nerdy and not fitting into the popular crowd at school, but secretly being able to be awesome!  I am sure he realises what a difference he's made to people - why would he keep going to every convention and meeting people and signing and taking photos?  He doesn't need the money, I really do think he'd like to meet the people whose lives he's touched.

Supernova officially closed at 6pm but we were there till 730pm and a fair few people left the line by then - maybe they were going to come back on Sunday for their autographs.  But it was worth the wait.  Whilst I was waiting in line, I chatted to people around me - one behind me was talking about Marvel comics and movies and he said to me that there was a short scene after the credits in XMen Origins: Wolverine - I know I normally stay for the end credits but I don't remember that scene!  So there you go, learned something at Supernova!  Later, I sat on the floor and the guy next to me pulled out an iPad and started playing Hearthstone and we started chatting!  He was worried because he had to go take a pic with Stan and I said I would mind his spot in the queue for him - though as his wife was there, it was not necessary but I think they appreciated the offer!  They ended up giving my sister and I one of his 10 packets of chips they had stored in their backpack as we had gone through our nuts, peas, chocolate, biscuits, lunch, slushy and lollies by 630pm!  He even left me the iPad to finish his hearthstone game as he ducked out for his photo.. bad move, because I LOST his game (and his wife refused to play it)!  The girl sitting a few along from me in an elfy cosplay had the Alliance Gryphon plushie sitting on top of her bag - WoW was everywhere!

So my sister and his wife had plenty to chat about with french bulldogs, bull mastiffs and doggies in general, and he and I chatted about WoW and Hearthstone.  At the end of the day, we had a pic together (my only free picture of the day) and swapped battletags and phone numbers - though as he was an Alliance player, we probably wouldn't interact much!  But it was kinda cute that by the end of that day there was a bit of WoW in it :P

And I got my signature.  I thanked Stan for waiting so late and staying back for us and he said "I should hope so!" as he furiously signed another item shoved in front of him.  "We love you Stan!" I yelled as I walked away and he said back "Now that's a great attitude! Glad you had fun!" and I thought gosh, I wonder how he can still be making jokes after signing all day long!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Julia Stevens in Elwynn Forest

Community Manager
Now that Zunta's team has been dispatched, it's time to take another step toward mastering your Pet Battles skills. Julia Stevens is up next, and she's located in Elwynn Forest. Similar situation: her team of two pets needs to be vanquished, and like the Zunta encounter, you're limited on what pets you can use.

For this encounter, you'll need two level-1 Critters on your team. They aren't hard to find so if you need a couple, has a great list you can choose from. Assemble your team, send those icky snakes to their graves, and then come back here and let us know how you did!

In this challenge, Crithto has made it super hard compared to the last challenge. I have to use critters against two beasts?  That's just crazy!  I'll have to find high health hard hitting pets to be able to beat them, and I don't know how many good level 1 critters I have in my team.

I had a look at all my critters.  No attack is strong against a beast on a level 1 critter, and both Julia's snakes have a speed of 19 so even my fast critters aren't fast enough to beat one snake!  Even my 2 hardest hitting pets I can possibly kill one snake with both pets, but not two.

I had to admit defeat.  Short of every snake missing their attack and my pets critting every attack, this wasn't going to happen no matter what permutations I chose!  So I will have to do as Major Payne said:

If anyone was successful with this challenge, I'd like to know because I'm pretty sure it's just about IMPOSSIBLE!

Where Navimie is corrupted by the Sha of Pride

Of all my faults, I know that I am really resistant to people offering me help when I didn't ask for it.  The classic example would be Proving Grounds.

There are many Proven Healers out there, and I really want to be part of that club, and I am always failing at round 29.  I have failed at round 29 since my 3rd attempt at Endless and it's the bleed from the digger bunnies + the Mantid Hive singer that I'm not doing very well.  Medio offered to help me with it - in that he would do them at the same time I was doing it, and I refused.

"I can do it by myself," I said.
"Obviously you can't," he replied, which only made me bristle more.  "I want to help."
"I don't need help.  I just need to stop being a dumbass, but thanks anyway."

I don't want someone to help me do it and then be constantly reminded that I needed help to do it.

Another example of me being stupid is doing Challenge Modes.  I have done a fair few, but with some of the group I hadn't done it as often (maybe twice - times don't match up) and I remember when we were at Sha in Shado-pan Monastery, and CTwin said to me "Now Navi, don't dispel the debuff from Sha because we need it to DPS boss."  Really.  Gee do you think I had never done this dungeon before, let alone done it more than 10 times already on Challenge Mode, that I hadn't figured that out yet?  And I had HEALED all those challenge modes!  I mean, that was what was going on in my head, I shouldn't have been so narky about it because I just said "Are you REALLY telling me what to do.  I mean REALLY.  Like I haven't healed this before like... 10 times... F***..."  I know that was unreasonable.  He was trying to make sure the run goes smoothly, I shouldn't have just said it like that.  Maybe I would have responded better to "I haven't run this with you healing before Navi, you know what to do?"  but that was just my own stupid pride and I regretted saying it as soon as it came out of my mouth.  But now I've just decided to make light of it and make it a running joke about him bossing me around, because CTwin can't help himself, he still tells us what to do on our Frostwolves Garrosh Flex runs.  Like we hadn't got it down pat already.

Reading this people may think "Gee, if Navi's going to be like that I'm not going to offer any advice!" but that's not what I'm trying to make a point of here.  What I'm saying is that I need to learn to take advice, and accept it without letting my pride prickle me into sharp retorts.  I KNOW that people are only trying to help, and I just need to say that to myself everytime someone says something rather than me thinking "I know I know stop telling me," because someone will tell me something new that I would have overlooked because I was being too prideful.

The other week I decided to do an LFR because I wanted to have a go at the belts on Blackfuse.  I ended up entering the LFR at Paragons, which was rather disappointing and I had to heal it.  It was messy but the other druid was kicking my butt.  I noticed him before because he had my shoulders, but in blue, and he had a name like a David Eddings book, Belgarad.  So I put more effort into healing but he still outhealed me and when I looked at him later he was fully heroic with 13/14H kills - gee no wonder!  Then I was surprised when he whispered me at the end "Do you use any healing addons?"

I replied that I did, I used healbot. He was using Grid for the first time, and he found it difficult.  He said he only uses standard UI and keybound all his heals, which I admit I can't do anymore - healing addons have made me spoilt.  He told me that he couldn't see what was happening with people's health with Grid and he was told to try it out but he prefers his normal method, and then we had a long discussion about what buttons he uses to keybind and he ended up sending me pictures of his keybinds.  He seemed really pleasant, not condescending at all and happy to chat, and we swapped Btags because I didn't want to stand around in LFR talking to him all day because I had pet battles to do.  It was interesting, and I was tempted to try it... but why should I change something that isn't broken, right?  My healing works for me so I'll just leave it.  And the whole encounter was pleasant because he never told me that I should do it his way, it was just a nice chat.

So I am going to make a huge effort not to be a tool and listen politely to everything everyone says because they're only trying to help, they are not talking down to me like I'm stupid. And because I am listening, every now and then I am going to learn something really cool.  So if I am ever not listening to advice, I want you to tell me that I PROMISED I was going to listen to all advice given!  (Whether I take it, is another matter!)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Warforged Nightmare Ponies for everyone!

I logged into Battle net and saw this Warforged Nightmare - I think it looks really cool!  And you can get a hitching post with it as well so everyone can ride one.  That would be cool for raid!

Not that we can ride much after we finish Dark Shamans...

But here it is, and it's rather spesh, don't you think?

I got Sars to party up with me to demonstrate the hitching post function.

And the /mountspecial is a dance on hind legs spinning in a circle. I must make a gif of that!

And it has a poser look with one foot forward with its head bent.

And it flies!  No mount specials when flying though. Poo.

Can't wait to try it out at raid tonight.  DAMN IT MORE BAG SPACE WASTED!  I wish that hitching post was stuck in the mount tab too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Booty Bay's Bill Buckler

I saw this and thought I might give it a go:

Community Manager
Who doesn't love Booty Bay this time of year?

Well, perhaps after this challenge, Bill Buckler won't like it much. He's your target, folks, and we'd love to hear about how you do against him. Buckler’s minions are Burgle, a level-11 Humanoid; Eyegouger, a level-11 Flying; and Young Beaky, another level-11 Flying. To properly take him down according to Payne's instructions, your team will consist of a level-10 Dragonkin, a level-10 Beast, and a level-10 Aquatic in that order.

Give this scallywag the what-for, will ya?

So I had a look at my pet collection... lucky I'm not one of those people who level EVERY pet to 25!  Fortunately I still had a few low ones to play with!

I didn't have a level 10 dragonkin. I had a level 11... so I set off to level one random dragon to 10.  I decided to choose Emerald Whelpling.  For my beast, I picked one of my random level 10s - Darkshore Cub.  And for my aquatic I only had one level 10 to choose from which was my Aqua strider.

So my take on the rules was, start with the dragonkin, and when it dies, move to the beast, then the aquatic. But I had a few hiccups..

When I moved Navimie there, I couldn't battle him - there was no quest!  So I tried to go back to Orgrimmar to see if I could get an Eastern Kingdoms pet battle quest... no luck.

So I decided to try my alliance mage to see if she could do it, and fortunately, she could.  Phew.

I'm ready to face your challenge, you Scurvy Sea Scum!

Ugh blurry laptop lowest resolution setting pictures FTL.  But time to fight!

Burgle decided to start with Cleansing Rain, which healed him for 0, so I went and put Moonfire on.  Burgle then did Lucky Dance, and I did Tranquility. NOW he started to punch me.  So I bit him back with Emerald Bite.  He went down very nicely, and the extra damage from Moonfire for  my Emerald bite helped (and the dragonkin buff when Burgle was below 25%).  One down.  Next up, Eyegouger.

I felt like I was cheating a bit here.  Flying is weak against Dragonkin, so damage to Emerald Whelpling was minimal.  Eyegouger started with Hawkeye and I used the same round of attacks as last time.  That worked well.  Bye bye Eyegouger.  One hiccup though, Eyegouger used Cyclone and that was RAPIDLY taking out my other pets in the backline, especially my poor aquatic, Aqua Strider.

So next up was Young Beaky, another flying.  Didn't stand a chance.  Beaky started with Adrenaline rush when I did a bite, then I did a tranquility which was lucky because Young Beaky decided to Lift-off.  Emerald Bite some more and then we were down to this picture. One more bite, and then Young Beaky would have been dead.  So I thought to myself, OK, challenge completed!

Then, I realised, maybe that was NOT how the challenge was supposed to work.  Maybe I was supposed to have each pet battle each enemy!  So I forfeited the fight so I could try again, and this time I had Emerald Whelpling beat Burgle, then swapped to Darkshore Cub to beat Eyegouger.  Then I realised I had a problem.

Cyclone had just about killed my Aqua strider! Which wasn't surprising considering having Darkshore cub trying to hit Eyegouger with weak attacks meant it was a long fight and so cyclone had heaps of time to damage my Aquatic.  I don't think I could do this challenge, so I decided to ask Crithto what the rules were:

And hey!  He replied me!

So yay!  I did the challenge successfully!  Perhaps I should try more of these Major Payne challenges!  But damn, will I have enough low level pets to do them?