Sunday, November 30, 2014

Raiding - Guild Molten Core as the first raid of the expansion

I was pretty excited - it was the first time our guild would do a raid this expansion and it would be a good starting point to see what raids would be like with all these new people.

I wasn't sure we could fill a 40 man and I was right - we were a few short and we even had friends of friends come as well as a few guildies who were just AFK fillers.  However, we had a number of raiders missing including Jazz, Nath, Morz, Una, Alca, Dragonray, Souglyy and Vexil so the raid was filled more with some of our social and casual players which was fine since it was a Saturday and Saturday is social raid day.

I started invites and suddenly everyone realised they could come and hang out in MY Garrison...

... and kill my followers!  Apparently if you speak to my followers and get them to pat with you and then you duel that person, you can kill the follower.  Sheesh.  And then there was some weird trippy thing going on with the sky turning red all the time. Typical, people just come along and gatecrash my garrison and leave a mess everywhere!!!

Can you believe it, looking at this group there was not a single mage in all of these 40 people. Not ONE!  We queued with 4 tanks and 7 or 8 healers and we probably didn't need that many. The run itself went very smoothly, the biggest problem was dispels.  Decursing 40 people with only 3 druids and 3 shamans was a horrible task.  Sharne and Neri were our AFK fillers to help make us up to 40.

There were a few hiccups as people got disconnected as we first zoned in.  40 man was always a little heavy on the slow computers.

I didn't know how loot worked but everyone told me there was just trash mob loot and loot from Ragnaros.  I just wanted to get my achievement and my mount, I would have liked the pet Hatespark the Tiny or the transmog weapon enchant Flames of Ragnaros, but I figured I can just keep running it every week and see how we go.  Hopefully we will have people turning up every Saturday - would have to be PuGging a whole bunch of randoms - though I suspect that into December that may happen!

Mechanics were still the same, and it was rather fun to be doing it together. I had a few minor hiccups with guildies doing things they weren't supposed to be doing or saying but that was dealt with rather swiftly but overall it was a good start to raiding, I thought.  I can't believe that in a few days we will be hitting Highmaul!  I wonder how that will go. 

Here are a screenshots of us of our guild doing the instance - I even took a video of the Ragnaros kill, but with the way I was positioned at the rock, it was very hard to get a decent view of anything and all you see is me getting knocked around and trying to heal people who were out of range!

Ragnaros 40 man kill - happy 10th anniversary WoW!

And afterwards, everyone went to my garrison so we could take a corehound mount pic but it stuffed me up so I couldn't get into my garrison for at least 10 minutes!  Killing my world server LOL!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

How my 6yo daughter has fun in the Garrison

Garrisons really ARE the central hub for everything in WoD.  When you can get into them, that is. It feels like every 4th attempt to hearth to your garrison or log into the game you can't get to your garrison (and then your garrison hearthstone is on CD) or World Server Down messages come up. My guildies tell me it's because oceanic garrison instances are full and just keep trying, you may get in as someone else goes out of it.

Listening to people talk about the "best" order to do stuff gives me a headache.  Want to raid?  You should get a war mill.  Short on garrison resources?  Well you should have started with a lumber mill.  However, I have this ridiculous notion that as a druid who has a tree form, it's kinda wrong to be out there chopping down trees so I can trade lumber for garrison resources and Apexis crystals. Yes it's just pixels but it's the THOUGHT of it.  So there will never be a lumber mill for Navimie.  But I made a trading post instead, and hope that I can trade away all those useless ores that accumulate indefinitely.  Except that they're always asking for herbs.  Why can't they ask for fish or ore? (I take that back - they asked for ore today, yay!)

Some of my guildies are already talking about how they've outgrown the usefulness of some of the buildings and they switched over now that they're good for resources and all their followers are 100. I am very lazy with missions, I must admit.  I should be doing them, but I am not as vigilant with it as I should be.  And I haven't been taking my bodyguard out much.

I'd much rather be fishing.  I've been enjoying that a LOT.

Fishing in my garrison is fun. There are even little stools for me to sit on whilst I fish!  I have my level 3 Fishing hut and Nat Pagle is in it, I can catch all the Enormous fish in my own garrison as well as have a chance to catch the Frostdeep Minnow which you can use to summon the Frostdeep Cavedweller, who drops lots of play fish like Awesomefish and Grieferfish but also worms and maybe even a chance to drop Nat's Lucky Coins too.  And, I can even invite friends over when I'm fishing to come and they can come and kill the murloc and loot his stuff too!  I've been giving away awesomefish to people who don't fish so they can get the Everything is Awesome achievement.

But, surprisingly, there are a lot of fun things that you can do just bumming around in your garrison. And it was my 6 year old daughter who found all the fun things you can do.

Pepe is a bird who sits in a tree near the main building.  I had seen guildies talking about it, so I knew it was there, but my daughter was IMMENSELY excited the first time she saw it.  She is now an expert at jumping and clicking on it so we can have Pepe sit on our head, and even though she has done it many times, she still loves doing it, and even made Uncle HK come and take a picture with her when she had the bird on her head, insisting he do it too.

She also loved sitting around the campfire, as some of my followers are sitting there, and you can chat to them - their repertoire is limited but my daughter thinks they're having conversations with her so she loves telling me how all our follower friends are sitting around the campfire.

All your favourite pets wander around the Garrison as well.  My daughter knows some of her favourites and when she sees them walking she loves to follow them and show me what adventures they are exploring.  My Kun-Lai runt, named Jojo (after Jojo from Admiring Azeroth), is one of the pets tagged as a favourite and I swear, everytime I am in the garrison doing something and she sees Jojo walk past, she will squeal and insist that I go look at Jojo and give her a hug.

There is also the wolf in the garrison, and you can pet him and he will follow you around the garrison.  Another favourite thing of my daughter's to do. See, it's nice to pat friendly dogs and wolves. If you're nice to them you can be friends.  She likes taking him for a walk around the garrison, like walking a real dog, and she even RP walks nice and slow so he can keep up.

She also likes having one of the followers patrolling with her around the Garrison.  Personally, I like having one of the orcs to hang out with but she seems to enjoy having Blook around, even though, like Tome of the Ancient, that big guy just gets in my way, he's so damned huge.

I mentioned before I like fishing, but she likes to sit on the little stools to fish, and also likes to take my toon for swim in the lake.  I showed her the cave that was down there and she thinks it's really neat, and that I should hide treasure down there.

I've shown her how to pick herbs and mine ore as those gathering profession things she's always enjoyed doing, but I've never really got to do those things on Navimie because Navi has no gathering professions. Personally, I find the mine rather tedious but she thinks it's a great treasure hunt, finding the yellow dots and mining them.  She thinks picking flowers is a great thing to do as well, especially since they're all sitting there nicely in flower pots, ready to be picked.  Even the creatures that spawn are good to kill, I told her, because they drop even more flowers, and she knows just to hit 1 and 2 until they die.  She also likes to look in the "treasure box" where the Garrison resources are, to see if there are any more resource treasures inside.

She doesn't know how to do follower missions, or make work orders or buy transmog items, but I bet if I make a second garrison, with a stables or a barn, she would have great fun in there too!  So you see, if you get bored, you just have to look at the Garrison through a child's eyes, and you'll find all manner of wondrous things there!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

An unrecoverable error :(

I have been so excited about fishing lately that I have gone back to carrying my tacklebox around with me to hold all my fishing stuff and everything fishing goes into that bag.

I fish up a lot of other stuff, including low level fishing rods, waterwalking potions, various baubles and lures to increase my fishing skill.  I also keep all my fishing hats, boots and rods in there as well. The problem is that at the end of the day I have to remind myself to vendor all the other junk that I pickup that fills up the bag like stranglekelp, various weeds and skulls.

So I went to fish a few days ago, and realised I couldn't find my Arcanite Fishing Rod.  I checked in my bank.... not there.  Uh oh... I know exactly what happened to it.  I must have vendored it with all the low level fishing poles the night before when I was cleaning up my fishing bag.

Unfortunately, since we moved to Australian servers, armory doesn't work the the battlenet restore items doesn't work either.  I was frantic, upset, teary even!  I love my fishing rod - it is the best rod in the game!  So I sent a ticket in and a few days later I got a response
What's up, Navimie! 
I'm Game Master Sprengloe and I want to thank you for reaching out for help with your missing Arcanite Fishing Pole issue. I hope your day is going well and thank you for being patient while waiting for us to get to your ticket. ^(O.O)^ 
As requested, I pulled your account records and spent time digging through them to find your Arcanite Fishing Pole. It appears the item information has been erased from the records because I was not able to locate any records for them =( I understand the fishing pole is extremely difficult to obtain which is why I know this loss is huge. 
I'm sure you're familiar with this already, but in a general sense our logs hold deleted item and character information for a certain amount of time before that information is purged. When information has been purged from the records, we no longer have a means of verifying what happened to it. This is also true for characters that have been deleted. After a period of time, characters are wiped from the account and our records. We no longer have a means of verifying what happened to it so we are unable to restore it.
I know this isn't the best of news but I really hope this information helps out even if just a bit and I hope you have a great rest of the day. Take care now and stay awesome! /wave
- Sprengloe
I was so sad.  Luxy said to me I can go and get it again which is true, it's not like some limited edition thing that I lost that I can't ever get again.  But in the meantime I will use the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole and mourn the loss of my dear fishing rod, a momento of my carelessness!  Here are some pics of me with my beloved fishing rod... forever may you rest in the nether.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Garrison Pet Battles - Their Majesties, King and Queen Floret

This Royal Duo are typical Draenor Sproutlings that pack a BIG PUNCH!

I admit, I did think initially that a couple of water attacks would do it, but their hits can be really huge, especially once Righteous Inspiration goes out (and they do a bit of Righteous Inspiration trading between the two of them).  I had tried the Pandaren Water Spirit + Chrominius combo but I couldn't quite get that to work, then I tried some magic pets so that I wouldn't get 1 hit with an Inspired attack, but that didn't quite work for me either and and went another tack.

These are their attacks:

The team I beat with consisted of Ruby Droplet and a S/S Death Adder Hatchling.  I had another pet in the team but it never got used.

Ruby Droplet: Acid Touch, Bubble, Drain Blood
Death Adder Hatchling: Poison Fang, Puncture Wound, Blinding Poison

I started with Acid Touch, and then used Bubble and then Drain Blood.  That got my health back up by about 750 and by that stage they had used Righteous Inspiration and the Inspired attack was still blocked by bubble.  I then switched to Death Adder Hatchling and Blinding Poison, then followed that with Puncture Wound and then used Poison Fang and then switched back to Ruby Droplet, who fortunately still had a block up and the next attack was blocked and I put another Acid Touch, followed with Bubble and the Drain Blood again.  By this time one of the royal duo had died and I applied another Acid Touch to the other and switched back to my Death Adder Hatchling and Blinding Poison, Puncture wound and then Poison Fang and they royal pair were defeated! Fortunately for me, the Floret had used a Righteous Inspiration when I applied Blinding Poison so I was not killed with the next hit - phew!

The beauty of the Garrison pet battle daily is that I can try it again - but I still couldn't get success with my Pandaren water spirit and Chrominius.  I look forward to reading other people's strats and trying them out!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Guildleader chores - Raid planning

Wowhead and MMO-Champion are telling us that raids will open on the 2nd December, which means that the first raid of WoD for Frostwolves will be on the 3rd December.

That's only 9 days away!

Gearing up for me hasn't been a huge issue, though I have been impressed with how fast some of the Frostwolves have geared up.  I think a lot of them are raid ready, and I see lots of people doing heroics, even the more social players.

Within Frostwolves there are two tiers of raiding - the serious raiders, who are keen for progress and want to raid 3 days a week, and the more relaxed ones, the ones who have told me they're happy to be subs, but would like to raid more casually. And a lot of people seem to be afraid of being the "casual" group though I can't imagine why - it doesn't mean that there won't be good players there, it just means they haven't got the time commitment to play 3 days a week and once a week is very doable!.

Kyjenn has been very keen to play lately, so I thought I would harnass some of that energy (whilst he still plays!) and put him to work.  I asked him specifically if he would mind running the once a week raid on Sundays.  I brought it up at an opportune time because Hwired asked me to put him as a backup tank, and I didn't want him to be on the subs list because he's at the bottom of the list for subbing into main raid and I know if I don't give him some raid time he'll just stop playing and Hwired is good value and fun.  So I asked Hwired if he'd like to tank with Kyjenn on Sundays once a week raiding and he seemed keen for that.  Hwired also asked if Roshii could raid with them - and I think that it would be great except Roshii didn't think he could raid because of work.  But maybe he could make it once a week - and I think that the Sunday casual raid could be a really fun thing if it gets going and serious but casual Frosties want to raid!  I have great hopes that the Frostwolves raiding feeling will be really strong in the Sunday raid - I might go and give them a hand too just to get in on the fun raiding if there's room!

I have seen some really good numbers coming out of players who I thought were a little less serious about raiding, and I am looking forward to seeing how that translates in the raid environment.  There is still a lot of concern about meshing together as a team, and I hope with all my heart that all our raiders will bring a sense of fun and excitement to the raid, and hopefully leave behind elitist and finger-pointing - because that is NOT what this guild is about.  I have been rehearsing to myself what I will say on the first raid night and what I expect from our raiders and I hope that the relaxed feelings we had whilst doing Siege of Orgrimmar will continue into the current raid team.  It's so hard to explain what I mean, but for me, raiding is not just a bunch of people thrown together to kill a boss - I REALLY want to foster that team feeling, that everyone is having fun, that nobody is looking down on other raiders or making it unpleasant by harping on about their mistakes or their damage.  Yet at the same time I want everyone to be doing their best because that's how we succeed!  It sounds so idealistic and I am really worried that my ideals will not translate well and the great raiding we had in the last expansion will not be here in this one because people are not on the same page.  But I am going to try my best to force the issue and MAKE it happen!

In other raiding news, a lot of people have been complaining about LFR Molten core and I have not stepped foot in there yet - I have scheduled a guild run next weekend and hopefully that will be ok - I am sure I can drag up 40 Frostwolves!  I wonder if we have to queue it as LFR?  The complaints have been that it's very LONG and that people don't know what they're doing, but I am hoping that having it as a guild run will remove a lot of those issues.  And it's a good opportunity to see what some of these raiders will be like before the real raids on the 3rd.

A couple more pieces to go (ring and hat) and I will be fully 630.  Only a few more heroic dungeons to go!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Guildleader chores - From a Pack to a Horde and how we are going to raid

This past week has seen a massive increase in our guild numbers.  There has been a lot of concern flying around in the guild - many people don't know who all the others are, and how they are related to whom. In fact, the only person who knows who everyone in the guild is me.

Obviously there has been a lot of concern about who is going to raid and what is happening with raids.  I tried to reassure most people but they are still concerned - so I thought I would make a blog post to reassure them (and myself).

So here is a little flowchart of how everyone is related to whom.  Doesn't it look pretty!

When I look at it this way, it doesn't seem like we have that many people.  I look and I think, most of these people are not intending to be 3 day a week raiders.  Maybe some casual raiding which is very easily catered for on the weekend for those who are inclined.

So, how am I going to sort raiding?  There have been a number of queries.

Are we going to have two raiding teams?
What we are going to have is one serious raiding team, which does our usual Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, from 9pm-11pm.  I do not want to run a second raiding team at the same time as I believe that it causes division within the team.  There will be feeling of one team is better than another and inevitably leads to guild splits.  I told everyone who joined in 6.0 and WoD that we don't have raiding spots and there may be some sub spots and more casual stuff on the weekend and if they weren't ok with that, then they shouldn't have joined!  I wonder if our ranks will think a little after that, but in reality, I don't think so.

As it stands, these are the raiders:
Tanks: Aimei, Exray
Healers: Navimie, Morzierz, Ravzz, Koda, Baconofswag
DPS: Sevrus, Azadelta, Luxygaga, Jazzbangers, Nathamanz, Lushen, Dragonray, Crooked, Kahrax, Eq, Tenshi, Souglyy, Vexil, Haevela, Sars, Shoushiro, Duck, Alca, Una

Subs and keen to raid: Brahski (DPS), Amayeti (Heals), James (Tank), Moopiex (DPS), Biship (Heals), McTacky, Kelthal, Disco (DPS)

Are we still doing Flex/Normal on the weekends?
We probably won't be starting that until we are solidly doing weekday raiding for 2 weeks so I everyone can have a feel for what raiding as a group is like.  I did like how we had a casual once a week normal/heroic raiding, so I think that would be great for those who are more serious about raiding.

There are a few people who are tagged as purely social and I think that Saturday "social" normal raids when we are well established will be fun for them but as I said, I don't think we will do that until we are into doing heroics.

What happens when it gets to Mythic?
It will be a long time before we get there. Our guild has never been a Mythic guild and by the time the next tier comes we will be still doing heroics, I suspect.  But we may be surprised!  If we do get there then those with the best attendance, performance and good team attitude will come for progression.  As stuff becomes farm then we will substitute the rest of the raid team members in.

Can I raid with my friends in other guilds/servers?
Yes, of course you can!  Since we can do it as many times as you like, you can do the same raid a few times (except Mythic of course).  However, if you are constantly unavailable for our raid times because you're with others then your priority for a raiding spot will probably be downgraded.

What about those who are underperforming in raid?
Raiding is supposed to be fun, and I wholeheartedly believe this. However, I expect that everyone should have some insight into their own abilities and capability to raid at our best raiding level.  Raw DPS/healing numbers is one way to look at a fight, but I also look at ability to follow instructions or handle mechanics.  Even I have difficulty the first few times, but I try my best and strive to improve with often amusing results. If someone is woefully unaware of their abilities then one of the officers will speak to them about the concerns and offer tips for improvement and I expect people to be mature enough to accept constructive criticism.

What about EPGP?
EPGP is reset.  It will start again in the new raid week. EP donations will be accepted on Monday night and the Tuesday before raids on Wednesday.  Donations will close at the start of raid.

Well, hopefuly that allays some of the fears and answers some of the questions.  Any further questions put them in as comments to this post guys!  And of course, if you love my flow diagram, feel free to post a comment or even something funny about it :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Regrets on rapidly levelling to 100 and some fishy tales

The start of this post is probably a bit of a misnomer.  I wasn't lightning fast, hitting 100 in a day, but I managed to get to 100 by Sunday evening. Considering that 6 hours of playtime was lost because of launch server and instance crashes, as well as the whole server queues debacles, I think that it was much faster than any other expansion I had levelled in.

I have levelled with HK/Aimei every single expansion. The first time I happened to have had a week off work and he had a lot of free time so I had someone to play with.  In Lich King, we just continued the same. By Cataclysm I was getting really lazy and he was driving me around on the bike (yay for 2 player mounts that came out in Lich King) and in Pandaria I was just blindly following and killing whatever he told me to kill. In reality I am a really frustrating person to level with because I often forget to pick up the quest item, or haven't finished the quest and we're back at the quest giver and HK will be like "YOU said you were finished??"  and I'll sheepishly reply "I was finished - with that pet battle!"

One thing I regret is not reading the quest text.  I skimmed it all in my rush to pickup stuff that I feel like levelling was not the immersive lore experience that I've had previously.  Granted, I tended to have a much better feel for the story when I was questing for fun (ie to finish achievements) and not when I was questing to level, so my perception may be skewed somewhat. I wish I had screenshotted more things - including rare spawns, since they are only rare ONCE and then ever after they are not rare ever again.  It was impossible to screenshot them in the launch period with people swarming like starving piranhas over a lone carcass and I think that I might actually enjoy questing with Minndy as she absorbs the zone and the story and screenshot all those little scenes where I missed my moment to screenshot stuff.

Another thing that people have been talking about is what happens at the end of Nagrand. I hit 100 whilst in the Spires of Arak so I stopped questing after that and started hitting the dungeons.  Probably a mistake on my part, as higher level gear drops in Nagrand and I probably wouldn't have to farm so many dungeons if I wasn't lacking so much in my ilvl.

Because I feel this PRESSURE to start hitting heroics, I'm not really doing the things I want to be doing.  I want to explore Ashran more. I want to do BGs - I hear that if you do well in a BG you get a box of loot or something that can contain PvP gear.  I want to go out and pet battle and collect all the pet things! Fortunately I can still use my spare moments to do things like fish and cook, and doing those has made me feel like I'm achieving something.  Fishing for these 100 enormous fish species achievements has been rather relaxing IMO.

And look at the hilarious things that you can get whilst fishing.  These two hats have a 7 day duration and look hilarious when you put them on!

Tentacled Hat (left) and Hightfish hat (right) were fished up by me when fishing inland water. The Tentacled hat was caught in Frostfire ridge as I was fishing for Fire ammonites, and the Hightfish hat in Nagrand.  These hats are GREAT for fishing bonus - they only last one week from when they are caught though, so having them is good for fishing for the achievements as having a fishing skill of 900+ means you'll pretty much only catch Enormous fish. And don't forget to put the right bait on too!  The annoying thing about the bait is that it's unique so I can only have one of them in my bag at any one time.  Would be useful to have  a nice stash of bait for those long hours of fishing.  The plus to all this fishing is rapid levelling of cooking.  I have always fished and cooked hand in hand, so after I do the next round of fishing achievements, some lucky person can use all my fish to level their cooking too :D

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Frostwolves first 3 to 100 - big cheers to James, Luxy and Raverager!  I think that deserves a comic, don't you?  If only WoW Model viewer was working properly!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

World of Warcraft Trivia on Quizup

Sars asked me to come and play this trivia game with him on my phone, called Quizup.  They had a bunch of categories on it and World of Warcraft was one of them!  So I downloaded it on my phone and we had a play.

Yeah I lost.  Twice.

The questions weren't as hard as Evelyna's Timeless Question - and it does tell you the answer at the end.  I ended up playing against a few random people and came across someone

Quizup is available to play on PC, Google Play and the Appstore and it is disgustingly addictive.  You even get rankings on it!  There were people who were like "10th in Utah" and even one who was #`1 somewhere in the world (his name was Tyr) and of course that #1 guy kicked my ass.

The questions are quite reasonable and not too hard and cover a wide range of topics from lore, to locations, battlegrounds and even achievements!  It's rather addictive and there are tons of questions! And they even have a ranking system too - something way out of my league! Damn some of these people have played a crazy number of games....

Damn you Sars for giving me more stupid addictive games to play...

Monday, November 17, 2014

A million reasons to thank spammers

To my dear readers,

It has been 5 years since I started this blog...  Who knew that I would one day hit a lot of pageviews?

However, though I know that there are at least 10 people out there who look at my blog on occasion I can't give them all the credit... because those spammers are really my biggest audience of all.  Of course there are also the occasional visitors from Google who have come to my site searching for:
  • Symbiosis list
  • Goldshire Inn ERP
  • angry face
  • sexy leather transmog
But those guys who visit me wanting to visit their dating sites in Canada, the girl from the coconut oil hair products, the cheap designer brands store, and that guy with that weight reduction tips blog - I have to give you a big thumbs up because you must have left more than 1000 comments each - each comment equates to a visit, right?  So, even though you visited for the sake of visiting (not really sure if you REALLY wanted to read about my World of Warcraft adventures) just knowing that you dropped by.. makes me feel loved and read LOL!

But, though I do thank you spammers, it's my current readers I must thank.  Each of you who visits and reads my verbal diarrhoea and crazy thoughts and talks to me through my blog make me immensely happy! So, to all my present readers, I thank you!  All my past readers I thank you too (though you wouldn't see my thanks because, well, you read me in the PAST but not the present), and to all my future readers... ok, I won't even GO there because there are all sorts of space time continuum issues and paradoxes that may occur with me talking to people in the future.

Now, I shall do a Greer Garson and do the longest thank you ever.  I think I may thank more than her 27 people so feel free to skip - I've made it easier for you by making the font small and unreadable.

Ok I tried to write a thank you list, but it was way to long.  There were like... 100 names in there.  I have decided not to individually thank everyone, because it would just be RIDICULOUSLY lengthy, so I shall take the easy way out, and if you are reading this, you'll know which category you fit into!
  • My guildies
  • My Blog Azeroth Buddies
  • My fiction co-writers
  • The well read and famous who dropped by and gave me squee moments
  • Everyone I've navispammed
  • Those who dropped by on my server to personally say hi to me
  • Those amazing podcasters who have read me, mentioned me or invited me to be on their shows
  • Those readers and bloggers who have emailed me
  • Those who are always there when I'm having game related dramas
Thanks everyone for making me feel loved! :D 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Warlords of Draenor and Frostwolves Pride

There has never been a better time to be a member of Frostwolves. Joining up with Durotan and the Frostwolves as they combat the Iron Horde has been amazing. Siding with the GOOD Orcs, and seeing their love of family, their strength and their honour - what TRUE Orcs should be.  I mentioned in my last post about being excited when Khadgar said "To the home of the Frostwolves!"

It was awesome enough to see Durotan and Draka, but I am happy with how Draka has been portrayed - I am unsure if the community uproar about portrayal of females in WoD had something to do with it (a lot of people said it was, but I was hoping to have faith in the writers themselves because maybe they had planned the characters that way all along).

I looked everywhere on the net for a transcript of an amusing exchange between Draka and Thrall and couldn't find it, but fortunately my dear friend Kamalia managed to screenshot it!

In the Battle of Thunder Pass there was another exchange I found amusing

Draka: "This one's mine."
Durotan: "I'll be waiting."
Draka: "Come back me up, Navimie."
Malgrim Stormhand: "Look at this cute little puppy you've sent me Durotan! Does she know any tricks?"
Draka: "Yeah. A few."
Malgrim Stormhand: "Come here puppy... I want to play FETCH."
Draka: "Well if it will make you happy... THEN LET'S PLAY!"
Malgrim Stormhand: "Draka... come join me in the Iron Horde.  Lose that armour and settle down with a REAL man."
Draka: "A real man treats his mate with respect... and he would have caught that axe."

I think that last line was edited - I don't think it was in the beta!  And you know what - Malgrim should have said "with a REAL orc," not man. Just a minor note.

Hearing our guild name constantly throughout Frostfire Ridge was not only making me feel kinda chuffed, but also I felt like how this expansion was OUR expansion - my whole guild's expansion! Look at all this Frostwolves stuff!  The banners! The pets!

But all of the battle cries of the Frostwolves including "For the Frostwolves!" and "Never leave a wolf behind" have all been rather stirring, and I think that I and a number of other guildies will adopt a lot of those quotes into our guild banter and greetings!  Other great lines being said by Durotan include:

  • Frostwolf blood runs thick
  • All I need is a wolf at my side, and the fellow warrior at my back.
  • Run with the pack
  • Stay frosty, friend
But I'll end this post here with a line that sums up pretty well what our guild is about. 

"A family is like a pack of wolves.  When all play their part, the pack succeeds.  When they do not, the pack fails."

Of all the expansions, this one will probably be my favourite - not for the amazing content, the quests or the garrisons, but because of that amazing feeling inside, warm yet goofishly nerdy. I'm sure many of my guildies agree - there is no better time in WoW to be a member of Frostwolves.  FOR THE FROSTWOLVES!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

A very disappointing start to the WoD from the Saurfang perspective

Everyone has been excited all day!  We couldn't wait to get home and knuckle down with some levelling, and I went to go check out the crowds around the Dark Portal at about 640pm (WoD was to go live at 7pm AEST time).  I am sure every server looked like this.

And then about 10 minutes to 7pm, the quest started popping up for people.  Not everyone got it, it seemed to come in dribs and drabs for everyone, and it was rather laggy, which was to be expected.  Everyone tried to get to Khadgar...

But he wasn't there yet.  Or was he?  It was hard to tell with everyone all over him.  Ohhh there he is!

And then off we went through the Dark Portal.  Well, some of us.  There were long delays between people being able to click and hand in and then actually see the cinematic, and then get through the portal.  Many Frostwolves were quick off the starting block, and I wanted till HK got his so we could do our questing together.

It was the usual crush at the launch of every expansion - a billion people hitting mobs, tagging mobs, standing all over the quest guys... and it was annoying and difficult to start, but not immensely frustrating until we got to our Garrison quest.  Then it was stuck.  Apparently it was a known bug. Some people managed to go cross-realm and get their Garrison quest done, but the rest of us were in limbo trying to figure out what we were supposed to click amongst this THRONG of people.

HK and I waited around for 20 minutes and then decided to go exploring a little, doing some of the quests around the zone and looking for rares and having an unfortunate tangle with a level 100 wolf.  But then we heard rumours of the Garrison thing being hotfixed so we only had to be in the proximity of it and it would auto complete.  We started heading back and we were having a lot of lag issues.  And suddenly a whole bunch of people went offline.  And then we went offline.

When we came back on we were in Pandaria and our hearthstones were on CD.  Damnit!  So back we went to the Dark Portal and then...

The big bads began.

We couldn't get through the Dark Portal.  It would go to loading screen, pop me back to the Dark Portal, loading screen, back to Dark Portal... over and over.  I tried to step out of the portal but it wouldn't stop.  Eventually it did as after each loading screen finished I managed to take one step away from the portal and soon I was no longer touching it.  But I couldn't get back.  We tried talking to Khadgar at the shrine, or talking to him in Org, or using the portal in Org.  Nothing was working.  We couldn't go cross realm either - I tried it.  Warlock summons weren't working.  Essentially we were stranded.

But it was worse than that.  Other decided to try with other toons, and found that their alts could not get past the docks to enter Frostwolf lands.

(By the way, it was pretty awesome to Khadgar yelling "To the home of the Frostwolves!" as we left the docks to go to Frostfire ridge!)

So we ran Bloodmaul Slag mines a number of times until I got sick of it and decided to go try with Minndy.  And yes, I got stuck at the docks with everyone else.  It was rather disappointing! It seemed to me like things were broken for about 5 hours (some say it was longer, and it may well have been because I wasn't up to those quests as early as other people).

But at 2am there was finally a blue response on the forums!

Support Forum Agent
Hey guys,

I'm just stepping in this morning but I see that we're already looking in to this issue on Saurfang. It's being worked on. I'll keep you updated as soon as I have further information.

Unfortunately, pet battles wasn't keeping me awake (though the XP was ok) and I had to crash soon afterwards. Hopefully when I wake up, it will all be fixed and we can continue on to 100!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Frostwolves is on Facebook and loving those advanced Combat logs

Ctwin, the GM of Onineko on Barthilas (prev from Blackrock) was nagging me to make a Facebook account so I could comment on his guild Facebook group.  Sars was also trying to lure me to Facebook so that I could see his holiday pics.

I have resisted having Facebook for the longest time and after much reluctance I made a Facebook account with the name, unsurprisingly, Navimie Taurendruid.

One thing led to another and soon I had friends from my battletag, friends from my guild... in fact, I thought this was like an additional battletag since everyone knows my battletag is full and I have to constantly delete people to I can add a new friend to talk to.

Kaye, the GM of Tribo on Barthilas (also prev from Blackrock) was also on Facebook and added me to her guild's Facebook group.  It was actually a really good way to communicate with people instantly, and I thought that perhaps I should make a Frostwolves guild page also, so that I can communicate things with the guild faster - things like changes to raid times, any last minute raid no-shows due to RL stuff, and sharing videos and other cool WoW related things.

So, with Morz helping me because I am a Facebook Noob, he got a Frostwolves group going and we slowly added people to the group.  It's good because I would like somewhere to post combat logs so that guildies can see (and not so everyone in the whole world can see) and we can compare ourselves with our peers.  It's BAD because suddenly I have to learn people's real names and try to associate them with their toons.  And another bad thing is that I am now CONSTANTLY looking at it whenever I see any updates, it's so bad that I almost feel like I should delete it!

Many people had been telling me to go to Warcraft logs for AGES (instead of using World of Logs) but I hadn't really paid attention to it, and when I told HK/Aimei (as he does all our logs) he wasn't really bothered about it until 6.0.  When he did get it started he told me that I HAD to come and look at it, as it was really cool.  He said that the advanced combat logs showed extra things now like raid positioning and you can watch it like a movie - here's a demo from Warcraftlogs on Youtube:

It was totally fascinating watching our Garrosh fight like that! I could sit there poring over those logs all day, they're so interesting!  The difference is that the map shows on the fight (it doesn't show in this demo) and that makes it look way more awesome!

Anyway, feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook if you're on it - now I can add anyone since there's no 99 friends limit like there is on battletag!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Raiding - The Last Raid of the Expansion!

We had a big turnout for raid on Monday night.  I had said that this would be our last raid and that if people wanted to PuG raids on Wednesday.  I already said I was going to sit out, and I wished I could be there for the last raid of the expansion, but it was for a good cause.  The biggest bum was that Tenshi couldn't get into the raid, but he was late, and I didn't know he was coming and also Falln I sat out because he hasn't really been raiding and if he was desperate for a kill I'd let him go, but he wasn't hugely fussed about it.

Anyway, it turned out to be a one shot and the lucky mount winners were Crooked and Nath.  And so we had to take a pic at this last raid...

Farewell Pandaria - good riddance Siege of Orgrimmar!  Can't believe we have been doing you for 14 months!!!  But I am happy we managed to do Garrosh eventually - even if it was after 6.0!

Warlords of Draenor is almost upon us, and the race will be on!  Who will be the first to 100?  I think we should do some guild bets here :D

I think the top three would be Exray, Luxy and Duck!  I think we should have some sort of prize for the winners and their predictions!

Channeling my post Blizzcon excitement - Navi's wrap up

It is still exciting to watch Blizzcon with a virtual ticket, there were just so many things that are amazing that it's hard not to burst with excitement about everything that they talked about and presented.

Obviously, the first thing that was really exciting was Overwatch, as it was the surprise announcement.  I remember watching the trailer and thinking "Wow this looks cool, and it looks so Pixar!  What is this game??" And it was a totally new intellectual property - new characters, nothing to do with any of their previous games and a first person shooter.  Blizz doesn't have an FPS so now they are more represented in that department and I think even my young daughter would like to play!

Once they showed the gameplay, I understood, and I did feel a slight sinking feeling - because I am THE SUCK when it comes to FPS.  Wolf 3D used to make me seasick and dizzy and I struggle playing things like Halo.

I was also happy to see Legacy of the Void, the third chapter of Starcraft 2 being announced, but I didn't catch a release date.

I spent a lot of time watching the Arena Tournament and there were some amazing games.  The semi finals were so close!  And it was good seeing a boomkin in the arena this time - I don't think they were well represented last year.  Shaman healers seem to be the thing, and I think I've decided that I would like to consider levelling a mistweaver (or maybe boosting one) but you know.. that's kinda like a "if I have nothing to do" project that will not be on the books for a while since WoD is hitting next week!  Big grats to Bleached Bones who took out the trophies this year as last year they came in second place.  Vhell, Azael and Josh Allen were great casters, and I laughed when Josh struggled with "that.... that AoE druid healing ability OMG mind blank" during the finals.  Great work guys, the casting was so exciting!

The Hearthstone tournament room was so cool too!  It was this little room like a fireside room (ultimate fireside gathering of... 2 people LOL) and the trophy was awesome too!  Firebat, the guy who won, looked so stunned that he won!

I also was much more excited about the Warcraft movie this time around.  I think last year I wasn't that interested in it because it seemed so far away.  Cymre has always been quite excited about the movie (and she made an excellent post on this year's Blizzcon panel), but only now am I picking up on the steam. It was really cool that the people in key roles in the movie - Duncan Jones the director and Bill Westenhofer the VFX director are both WoW players and were excited to be part of the project, so they WANT the project to be great, as they are like us - fans of the game who want to see that great game's story brought to life.  Robert Kazinsky, the actor who was going to play Orgrim Doomhammer, was on the panel and he was a hardcore WoW player, having 500 days played as well as being in a top 100 guild!  Now that was cool and he was great up on the stage, doing the orc "walk" and muttering "get the fuck outta my way" as he lumbered about which made me laugh. At the end of the presentation they got the audience to scream "For the Horde" and "For the Alliance" and "For Azeroth!" which they said would be going into the movie.  WAY COOL.  Metzen was excited about the movie, which is a great sign, and I don't want to get too excited about it because I HATE being disappointed!

I also really enjoyed the documentary World of Warcraft Looking for Group, that showed how WoW evolved, how it was bigger than what they hoped and how they had evolved it into the multifaced beautiful game we play today.  Those server rooms... wow!  And also seeing those Blizzard guys when they were young... oh man, so funny!  I think Metzen is rather hot in his 40s compared to his 20s though... /cough

The cosplay had a rather dramatic flair as the winner, Py, was a bit upset because she hurt her ankle (or was it broke her costume) as she was about to come on!  However, we got to see the photo of the costume at the closing ceremony but here is a picture from Geeky Red Cosplay:

And that IS a truly magnificent costume indeed!  It looks bloody heavy!  A massive congrats!!

And the closing ceremony was fantastic!  I have no idea why Elite Tauren Chieftain (official name changed to drop the level!!)  didn't play last year - they should play EVERY year, it's BLIZZCON and they are BLIZZARD!  But Metallica was amazing - they performed a lot of their popular songs, and they were engaging and they did encores... I was jumping around the room with my son headbanging and singing "Enter Sandman" - I have no idea how are they going to top Blizzcon next year??  What could be better than Metallica??

It was an amazing weekend and my poor family is probably glad I will stop staring at the computer and playing live stream all over the house as I plonk media devices in every room (and in the car) so I could watch stuff!

And I will put this part at the end of this post because I have no desire to get caught up in any feminist sexist stuff.  Mike Morhaime said at the opening ceremony:
"Over the past couple of months, there's been a small group of people who have been doing really awful things. They have been making some people's lives miserable, and they are tarnishing our reputation as gamers. It's not right. Let's carry the good vibes from this weekend out into the world all year round. There is another person on the other end of the chatscreen. They're our friends, our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters. Let's take a stand to reject hate and harassment. And let's redouble our efforts to be kind and respectful to one another. And let's remind the world what the gaming community is really all about."
And it didn't stop there.  Metzen was discussing a comment his daughter had made, as they watched the Dragon Soul cinematic (after you kill Deathwing).  "You know, Dad, it's cool, but why are they all in bikinis?"

"I don't know," he said, looking helpless and sheepish.  Mental note to self, he hoped that he would look to help address that with Overwatch, and in my opinion, Overwatch has started everything on the RIGHT foot, right from the beginning with the trailer.

"Psst.. what you looking at?"  And yes, Widowmaker was looking at Winston but he's not a man, he's an APE.
The little boy said that his favourite was Tracer - a young boy viewing a female fighter as his hero. And the the trailer DOES pass the Bechdel test - there are two females, they speak to each other, and it's NOT about a man.  Yes, it's only one line, but they spend the rest of the time trying to kill each other!

And there are so many options to choose from when you play Overwatch - you can be guy, a girl, a robot, or a gorilla!  Widowmaker is rather provacatively dressed, but Pharah is fully covered in body armour that is not overtly sexual like Mercy's body armour so I think that this is a game that could appeal to everyone.  I think you can see that Blizz really tried here to address the equality issue that has been plaguing the company for so long.  Metzen himself said that he thought the game was great because of its diversity and its appeal to a wide gaming audience and he actually said that "As we develop characters for Overwatch, we are very sensitive to ensure that people feel they are represented."

However, when you look at esports - how many females did you see competing?  Maybe I blinked and missed it, but I didn't see any. In this day and age, in the Blizzard environment, do you really think that women are overlooked for competitive gameplay?  Look at the number of female Blizzcon attendees and I am sure that they play Blizzard games.  But though many women are good or excellent players, I don't know any who are top of the game players. Maybe those 2900-3000 rated arena girls are out there, hiding?  But why would they?

I think, the reality is that women don't have the time to dedicate to competitive gaming. I am sure if there was someone out there who wanted to be a competitive e-sports player, they would do it.  Though of course, sponsorship may be the thing - it's possible that it could be what stops them there, but I'm hoping that's not the case.

However, there are female e-sports hosts (I'm thinking Kim Phan and Soe Gschwind-Penski)! I suppose In general, women SPEAK better. They're more engaging to the audience.  In a broad overgeneralisation, girls are better at organising things.  I know HEAPS of girls who are guild leaders. The funny thing is that I don't know any GM girls on Saurfang but I certainly have a fair few other female friends who are GMs on other servers.

I was discussing this with my guild and most girls I know who play are so busy with other things that they wouldn't have time to dedicate to competition e-sport.  That stuff is like a full time job itself! Athletes train and practice for hours a day - and I am sure that e-sports is no different. Which is why you need to get sponsored because you really won't have any income. Where do you have time to do all those other things?  And let's face it, girls are busier! We argued this back and forth a lot last night.  Crooked said that one of the problems with a girl gamer who streams is that people would probably be trolling to say "Hey show us your tits" on their stream.  And of course there are other girls who stream where their cam picture seems to be larger than the actual gameplay they're streaming... I mean what is with that?  Honestly, I don't want to SEE the people who are streaming, I just want to see their stream and their gameplay! I guess sexist asshats still exist (and also the people who encourage it!).

But overall, I think that the Blizzard attitude towards girl gamers is positive.  Last year's Blizzcon was tainted with a lot of discontent at how Warlords of Draenor didn't appeal to a wider audience - and this year I haven't heard any complaints about the items presented - so I guess no news is good news, right? :D

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Raiding - D is for Disappointed in myself

What is the best time to rant about stuff that I want to get off my chest, but hope that nobody really reads?  Right in the middle of BLIZZCON :D Nobody will be dropping by my blog because they will be so busy watching Blizzcon stuff... :D :D Time for TLDR!

I was all afluff on Thursday because my main tank and raid leader was lagging badly at 6pm and his internet was all screwy - we had no backup tank and I was already short a healer because Morz said he was out doing something, and Una, Duck and Alca were out watching a movie. In short...

D is for Disaster!

So I scrambled around trying to make a raid. Baconofswag, our new paladin was excited to be doing Garrosh and had had a lousy day at work with abusive customers and had been looking forward to smashing some Garrosh face. I had a solution, though it wasn't a great solution.  My offspec is tank and I could tank- but that would leave us without a healer. Ravz had told me that he didn't mind if I asked him in a pinch to heal if it was an emergency, so I left him a message and he said he would come.  I was immensely grateful!  And Ravz had decent DPS on his offspec so I could get him to DPS as well, which would be useful.

D is for Dragging in other people.

I really had nobody left to fill my raid.  I had even messaged Fallnapart to come and DPS for me.  So I had to resort to my friends in other guilds who told me that they were happy to come along and help, even if it was for one boss.  I had made it clear, that if any guildies turned up that I would get them in and a huge thank you to Boosh from Tribo-Barthilas and Medio from Onineko-Barthilas for subbing in and helping out when they didn't need to.  Alca, Una and Duck turned up later and we got them in for Garrosh.

D is for Derpy Tank

So if I was going to tank then I'd better get my gear in order. I was still running around in half feral tier, and had ungemmed items as well as gems that were not appropriate after 6.0.  Aimei fixed me up with a whole lot of new gems as I fixed my gear as best as I could.  OMG I was going to die.  I had never even tanked Normal or Heroic Garrosh, let alone Mythic Garrosh!  And I just realised what else I forgot to get - the tank cloak!

D is for Dragonray

Aza in his usual voyeurism ways said to me that Dragonray was missing some enchants on her gear. I whispered her saying she was missing some chants and she told me that everything was fully enchanted.  I was a little distracted because I was trying to find people to fill the raid with and I didn't look closely - I looked at her weapon, chest, legs and said that I hadn't noticed it, it was Aza, and then started laughing at Sev because Aza had pointed out to Sev that he should look at his legs, and Sev couldn't see what was wrong and it turned out he was missing a leg chant - courtesy of 6.0 where all our profession related enchants magically disappeared.  Aza said to me to look at her shoulders and cloak and sure enough they weren't chanted.  I was going to chant her cloak for her (I love how professions let you access reagent back now!) and then I forgot to ask her what she wanted and was back to organising raid and DPS for Blackfuse, After we did Blackfuse she left raid and logged off.  I did not realise she was angry about me telling her about the enchants as I was not even angry about them, it was one of those things you just go "OMG whoops how embarrassing!" and go fix it up. The Earthmother knows how many times I've been caught without enchants (for weeks!) and Dalaran ring, Timeless trinket,  PvP gear...  I apologised to her for any accidental insults dealt and it turns out she was a little bit PMS (mild understatement!) and was genuinely sorry and embarrassed for her outburst.  I was 98% sure she would feel bad about her moment by the next day, and I was right, but just in case I was in the 2% chance I was wrong, I had drafted a GM voiced email about what I expect from guildies and raid members.  Turns out I didn't really need to say that stuff anyway, so Navizor went back into the closet.

D is for Disorganised

One thing I was ashamed to say was that I have only the slightest idea of what we do for Paragons and the kill order.  I know when the healer cooldowns need to be used and where I'd like people to be, but I was so stressed out trying to know where do I move the adds, which add do I tank and where do I take it that I had difficulty telling people where to go.  Koda and Bacon had come to the fight before, but Ravz hadn't done it on mythic.  It was hard to call out healer cooldowns when I was frantically trying to find my own targets and also try to live.  It just made the raid look horribly messy and disorganised and I was embarrassed having Boosh there because I often listen to Tribo raids and think how nice and orderly it all sounds.

D is for Dandy

Amazingly Bladewind AND Morz managed to log on and we were able to complete Paragons. It was a big relief!  It was so much better, I was back in my healing comfort zone except I was spazz and I DIED in the first lot of red lines /facepalm.  It was much smoother and Paragons went down.  For anyone who didn't realise Exray does our raid leading... it would have been pretty obvious now.

D is for DOH

However, my joy was short lived as Exray disconnected again and was unable to get on.  My dreaded moment was here.  I was tanking Garrosh. HOLY DUNG PILE.

We had to remember who was where for the Temple phase and also who was in the Malice group and it actually went ok until we went into Big Ugly Garrosh phase and I was trying to pick up all the adds whilst Aimei tanked Garrosh.  Wow that bit hurt.  And how the hell do you pick up all those adds without an AoE taunt or a bloody ox statue??  I had no idea, I just ran in there and swiped everything and ran in circles and splat. Died.  Ouch.

It would have been a good time for that tanking cloak.  Didn't tell my healers that though.

Had one more go at it and called it for the night.  It was WAY to hard for me in my crappy non tank mindset!

I hope that Monday runs smoothly.  It will be my turn to sit out, and I hope everyone gets it down - and just in case nobody realises it... it is STILL a little bit hard for the casual minded raider so don't think you can walk in there and cake walk it - still need to bring your best!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Art Commission - How Coolidge sees me

Coolidge has been making a lot of headway on his artwork over on Palidoodles, and I asked if he could do something for me.  He asked me what I would like and I made a rather odd and difficult request, which is fraught with danger!  I said I would like him to do something that he wants to do - if he was drawing for himself, and he was going to draw something about me... that's what I want him to draw for me.

Of course he was worrying about it, but I assured him that if he liked it, I would like it.

And this is what he came up with.  It was not what I expected and I really REALLY liked what he thought of me.

Who would have thought he would think of me as a mother and in my awesome fishing outfit!  Oh I can't wait to level fishing in Warlords of Draenor!

Thank you, Coolidge, I love my new picture and I showed it to my kids and showed them who they were :D  If you would like to commission a pic from Coolidge, you can check out some info here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New fun at Darkmoon Faire - especially with new ping!

New stuff at Darkmoon Faire - and everyone and their pony is there going for Brood of Alsyrazor and getting their Blazing Wings - one of the toys for the toybox.

I saw the new daily and went over to try it, not really knowing there was an achievement for it.  And I thought how the hell do I get these stupid rings, they're so far apart...

Apparently it was bugged.  Rings are supposed to be individual, not shared, so it was pretty hard to get all the rings and the achievements because people who started before you took the rings and you couldn't get any.  I managed to get 10 in a row, but that was it.

Luxy told me that they were going to hotfix it but in the meantime people were trying it flagged so they didn't have to share, and also doing some funny things with logging out as they're flying up and falling to the ground and somehow spawning more rings... it all seems a little bit too hard for me and I thought I would wait till later to try the Firebird's challenge.  I didn't have to wait long - by Tuesday it was fixed and I could do it.

Even HK came and did it with me.  Here we are showing off our new toy.

And Luxy and Crooked took me out to kill Erinys - I was surprised at first, but my friends reassured me that it was an NPC, not my friend over in the EU.  I had originally thought that this NPC was a tribute to my friend , but Luxy told me that Erinys is a play on Erinyes, the Greek Furies.  It drops a quest item but the mob itself is a level 100.

And I can't hand that item in till I'm 100 but it's cool that I got one anyway! Took ages though 3-manning something that's tuned for a level 100.  So many misses.... :(

OH! With the new latency I can actually do the shooting gallery much faster - I had never done it in one go with one token before but this was the first time!  Yay!  Even hitting the gnolls was better, faster. And I can actually do the Blastenheimer Cannon now!  Wow, so this was what I was missing out on all those years.

And of course, the new pet battler, Cristoph VonFeasel.  He is bugged for me, I can't see him, all I see is the horse!  So I stole a picture from Amanda Meurling's post on Blizzpro about him:

From his bag you can get Syd the Squid (which is his pet you battle first).  His other two pets, Mr Pointy and Otto, are beasts.  They weren't too hard to beat with the right team, and I've seen a lot of suggestions for teams on the interwebz. I used my Mechanical Yeti, did a Lightning storm, switched to Clockwork Gnome and put out a turret, and then punched him till he was dead.  Mr Pointy's shield negates the damage from the turret so I punched with my Clockwork Gnome till he died, then back to Yeti and Lightning stormed the last bit of health off (I used Zap to get him till almost dead).  Then I zapped that damned cow Otto, and didn't use my Ion Cannon till after he healed with feed.  I had my Lil XT ready to hit that cow just in case, but fortunately didn't need to do use it.

Don't forget those toys!  I had a Darkmoon Whistle which I got from a Darkmoon Prize reward previously (and chucked out) when I wasn't collecting for toybox. So I bought a new one. And of course, later that day I got another one in another prize reward box. TYPICAL.  Soulbound crap.... Then you have the Flimsy Yellow Balloon and Haunting memento which can also be bought from vendors.

Moonfang, however is level 100 now and hard to do.  So is the Darkmoon Rabbit, I believe.  So I shall have to leave those things until the next Darkmoon Faire where I SHALL be level 100!