Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Winter Veil-y kind of gift from Realm Maintenance

My dear friend Rho (from Realm Maintenance) gifted me this year with a mount which has a rather Christmasy Winter Veil-y feel to it!

It's like a reindeer, with a bit of an imagination stretch. And at least it flies :) I do like it's little cloud.

Thank you, Rho! Gotta love my perks from being a Realm Maintenance supporter! :D

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Navimie, Warlord of Draenor

The Nemesis quests and achievements from the Gladiator's Sanctum building were something I thought I really should get done whilst WoD, because once Legion hits there will be NOBODY in Ashran and getting those achievements would have to be done the "cheating" way (which I have already admitted to doing). Also, not on a PvP server so the achieves aren't as easy.

In this slowdown period I have been hitting Ashran as often as I could, and I remember lamenting not having done it before the 6.2 changes, but when they announced that long wait till Legion I figured I had plenty of time to get it done.

So, just after Christmas, I got it done!  I looked at the dates that I completed each Nemesis, and it was rather interesting...

I did Night Elf first, and finished that on Valentine's Day.

Then I had a bit of a break from Ashran and got Draenei done on 21 May.

I must have been working pretty hard after that because I got my Dwarves on 30 May. I remember complaining to Crooked about Dwarves not coming out after dark, but since I managed to do it in 9 days I must have had a good run with buddies in my group doing the same Nemesis.

Gnomes were completed 2 weeks after on June 12. I might have had some help with that I think (as in someone made a gnome killing group and I joined in).

Pandas was my "cheating" one, and that was done on 23 August.

Worgen did take me a while, I finished that on Boxing Day.

I had left human till last because I figured it was the easiest one to do, and I was right. Taxar was kind enough to let me kill his human character so I could get my one heart instead of waiting in the 20 minute Ashran queue to get one heart and then jump back out again to hand it in before I came back for another 20 minute queue. There were a few people on humans, so I actually managed to knock of humans in an hour. Someone told me they did it in 20 minutes, but I'm just a healer, not a killing machine.

 And so now I am a Warlord of Draenor. COOOOOL.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Hopefully the last Winter Veil I will spend in my Garrison!

I do admit that decorating my garrison is quite fun. We didn't do that last year.

It's also quite nice that the Winter Veil dailies are done in Frostfire Ridge (because the Hallow's end dailies were done in Shadowmoon Valley). And it makes more sense, really, from a northern hemisphere perspective because there's snow in Frostfire Ridge.

Draenei children are so cute that Grumplings need to kidnap them. They are rather adorable - they should make one of the pets a draenei child - though there would be all sorts of strange implications with that. However they do have Argent gruntlings which are pets, so something along those lines would be good!

I find it a little hard to see the presents that we're supposed to destroy so whenever I see a sack on the ground, I throw things at it to destroy it.

Oh and see that snow pile in the photo where I'm throwing a bomb? I didn't realise but that was where all the Grumplings are found. And here I thought they were in the Savage Gift, but actually that gives you the mount. I haven't got one yet, but I'm doing it every day - maybe I'll have to buy one. There are a lot of different snowballs you can get but the Yellow Snowball is the funniest. But the Savage Snowball is good for critters I suppose.

Thanks Crooked for the Grumpling!
Grumplings seem to swarm all over me - that may be due to starfall procs. But there are no shortage of those for the daily! Oh, and the Greench is still there in Hillsbrad, and people are still killing it. Here is my early morning shot of the Greensh with some early Christmas wakers doing their dailies.

Merry Winter's Veil Everyone! Hope Great-father Winter brings you nice kiddies good things!

Edit: A big Thanks to Lushen for giving me a spare Grumpling mount!

And how could I forget this year's pressies under the Orgrimmar tree - a Crashin' Thrashin' Flamer Controller which netted me two achievements. You can buy the Crashin' Thrashin' Killdozer controller with the Winter Veil Daily currency (and getting all four Crashin' Thrashin' machines gets you the , and a Red Wooden Sled.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Raiding - Highmaul meta-achievements completed and a quick how to do them

Doing Highmaul on Normal made the achievements so easy - I don't think Blackrock Foundry would be as easy! We only had a small group turn up, but we completed all achievements in 1.5 hours (with a slow start). Some of them we had done before.

Flame On! - Kargath Bladefist

Defeat Kargath Bladefist in Highmaul without destroying any Fire Pillars on Normal difficulty or higher.
We overgeared this so I don't even think he got to do a Beserker Rush, but basically don't have anyone standing behind a flame pillar so that if they do get targeted with Beserker Rush, Kargath won't run into the Flame Pillar (which you normally do to make him stop the Rush). A pretty easy achievement to do!

(This achievement is a pop culture reference to Johnny Storm's Human Torch - a member of the Fantastic Four. He says "Flame On!" when he goes into flamey mode)

Hurry Up, Maggot! - The Butcher

Cause the Butcher in Highmaul to slay 6 Maggots before defeating him on Normal difficulty or higher.
Crooked still had his macro from last time:
/target Maggot
/script SetRaidTarget("target",8);

Which put a skull on the maggot. When we found the maggot, the tank just dragged Butcher over to it and when Butcher did his cleave, the maggot died. Keep spamming the macro until all 6 are dead. The maggots spawn in the water pools around the Butcher's area - there are 3 areas where they spawn. The picture above shows the maggot after it died - it did have a nice skull on it before. It's good to have extra heals for this fight since DPS isn't really an issue here, and you spend a lot of time healing as people move around from place to place.

More Like Wrecked-Us - Tectus

Defeat Tectus in Highmaul by destroying all eight Motes of Tectus within 10 seconds of each other on Normal difficulty or higher.
This is a horrible achievement at level, but when you outgear it and it doesn't damage you much, you can be a bit more relaxed.  It was semi important to bring them all down together, but damage output is so high by the raid, you can hit bloodlust and burn them all down quickly.

A Fungus Among Us - Brackenspore

Gain 15 stacks of Burning Infusion and then defeat Brackenspore in Highmaul on Normal difficulty or higher.
It was actually not that easy to do this achievement. You get a stack of burning infusion when you burn the green stuff on the ground, but you have to have enough around to be able to burn. And then you have to do it in a controlled way so you don't overheat the gun because then it takes time for the gun to cool down and then your Burning Infusion stacks fall off (you lose a stack every 2 seconds). So it took us a while (and it was just as well that standing on the green stuff healed Brackenspore too so we didn't kill him too early). Easiest thing to do was let the green get out of control a bit, and then there was enough to burn (and try to let just one person do it, otherwise you will run out of green stuff, and you can burn 3 clusters of green in one flame to get stacks faster). Hit escape to turn the gun off after a second or so. This is a raid-wide achievement now - it used to be a personal achievement.

Brothers in Arms - Twin Ogron

Defeat the Twin Ogron in Highmaul without their Disposition ever exceeding 30% on Normal difficulty or higher.
Simple translation: Don't separate them.

It doesn't sound hard when you think, ok, I just have to tank them together. It's when one does their charge and runs away from the other, that's the problem. We failed it when that happened, because someone was at range and one of the Twins ran out to them.

Solution: everyone get their back to the wall and the tank tanks it pretty much on top of us so that they charge into the wall. Healing is shitty and the there isn't much room to get away from fire so healers will have a heavy time. Glad I wasn't doing this achievement when I was in 670 gear, would have been horrible to heal.

Pair Annihilation - Ko'ragh
Defeat Ko'ragh in Highmaul with fewer than 15 Overflowing Energy orbs touching the ground or players without Nullification Barrier, on Normal difficulty or higher.
I think we did this achievement a long time ago because I can't find any record of it in my blog, but with the current gear level it's pretty easy. Just lusting and burning the boss got us the achievement, but essentially you have to not let 15 balls touch the ground or hit anyone who hasn't got Nullification barrier (so you can't cheese it by sacrificing people under balls for the achievement who haven't got the Nullification barrer). I think you can just ignore the mechanics and burn the boss and have two balls hit the ground - BOOM achievement!

Lineage of Power - Imperator Mar'gok

Empower and defeat a Fortified Replicating Gorian Warmage and then defeat Imperator Mar'gok in Highmaul on Normal difficulty or higher.
This one is best done with a DK or two. Essentially two Gorian Warmages come out during the second intermission and you need to get one of them to become empowered and then kill it and then kill Mar'gok. To empower them, you have to place them in a purple cloud and a white cloud. So look at this picture (from our mythic kill the other week):

Those weird things on the side inside a ring of four stones - there's a purple cloud and a white cloud. In the second intermission, a Gorian Warmage spawns on each side on the opposite side of the room, and they just stand around casting. Your DK needs to deathgrip one into the purple cloud until it gets the buff (safer just to leave it in there until the cloud is gone) and then get it to the white cloud to get the other buff with more death grips and Gorefiend's.

Here is the Warmage standing in the white cloud.

And here is the Warmage with the two buffs. Dominance Aura (the first buff) is his normal buff, so that's not one of the buffs you're looking for. The mages are the ones that do fixate on players and blast them with some small radius AOE stuff, so keep away from fixated players. Kill him then win! When you're overgeared the mechanics are healable but still need to watch out for the Mark of Chaos: Replication because it does still hurt a bit when those damn balls go off everywhere.

We did it with 2 DKs just to be sure (Peggy went on his DK, and we had a new guildie, Fynol, come along). The first time we had an error with the buff because we thought Dominance Aura was the buff, so we wiped it and started again, this time, leaving the Warmage in the cloud for the whole time, just to be sure.

Good luck getting your achievements done, it won't be long before this stuff is soloable and nobody will need this guide anymore LOL.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Raiding - Stomping that Iron Reaver!

It was Wednesday and we had our best Mythic turnout ever from the Frostwolves side - as in we actually got at least 10 people! We actually had more than enough, and even Aza came as well and got on Discord. So we had Aimei, Kyxyn, myself, Sevrus, Lushen, Yuuda, Crooked, Danleet, Azadelta, Biship and Rag.

I was hoping we could have 11 from our side in the raid for once, but Onineko had 10 people they wanted to bring so I asked Crooked to sit out, since he was our most reluctant raider. I did feel bad though, because he would have liked to stay since we almost had Iron Reaver down last time with that 2% wipe. So Onineko brought Peggy, Ctwin, Stormshot, Anghelz, Nez, Angry, Pharo, Yog, Malk and Sonuku.

We started doing Hellfire Assault and we were doing TERRIBLY. I was like, what is going on? Aza is here, you'd think our damage would be better, is it because Crooked wasn't here? And do you know what it was.... we were 5 healing and 3 of those heals were on the Frostwolves side. I had forgotten Rag was there and we had to get him to switch to ret and it was heaps better. The kill itself was really shitty though, most of us were dead and we were at the last few % and hoping that someone got the damn artillery to the Fel cannons so we could bash down that door, and so it went down and there were only 5 or 6 alive at the end - if that!

Then it was Iron Reaver. Secretly I was dreading Aza doing it because he has little care for avoiding mechanics in Iron Reaver on heroic and normal because of his warlock abilities to survive them. However, being one shot by barrage was new for him and he died a lot - he rivalled Kyxyn for deaths (though to his credit, Xyn hardly died this time except when he was looking for a bloodlust buff and stood in the barrage because he was looking at his UI and not the boss). I did giggle one time when Aza took Sev's gateway to "safety" but ended up landing in fire and getting 7 stacks and then dying. Yuuda also died a bit - he has been away from game a while and a bit rusty - and I felt bad because he would be heaps better doing healing but we were pretty heavy on the heals already.

It was horrible to heal. Even though I was in my quadrant, my group were still dying. There was fire everywhere, I was trying to distance myself from them and their artillery thing and fire debuffs stacking didn't help at all. We were doing well in the first ground phase before air phase, but after that we seemed to have so many dead that it was just bleh.

Peggy was so focussed on the boss that he scared me standing in the middle a few times with the artillery on him! Bish was better at dodging barrage this time (though last time we tried it, it was late and Bish has this notorious decline in his raiding ability after pumpkin time of 1030pm). Angry switched from his disc priest to his shaman - something that we were a bit hesitant with, because Oni has a very different take on "geared needed alts" to what we do now (as in we don't do the geared alt thing, you take your main toon only).

However, we kept at it, and eventually people were living and we finally got it down!

What a relief! I was so relieved it was over that I forgot to take a picture of the kill :(

Loot was distributed and then we went on to do Archimonde after that. We had 3 carries and that was too much. We took Onineko's carry and had to drop Damasu and get Exray to go back on his boomkin, so I'm hoping that next week we will do our heroic Archi run with our guild carry. Deidrea and Damasu and Faith have all indicated they would like to come so I'm hoping we can get it for them :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Guildleader chores - Slow down and future plans for raiding

Poor Xyn. Sometimes he says stuff and either I'm not listening, or I am too shocked to reply at the time or I'm too scared to say something till later.

What are we going to do when we don't need anymore stuff from heroic Archimonde?

Xyn had asked if anyone needed anything from heroic Archimonde. Only one person said anything. Now, I hadn't replied because I didn't think that rolling on warforged or socketed items counted as "needing" things. So Xyn thought that if nobody needs anything besides ring upgrades, we could just do normal Archimonde.

I didn't say anything at the time. Initially I thought, ok, well that's boring. But then I thought more about it and I didn't really like the idea of doing Archimonde on normal.  Why would we, when people could start bringing alts along and getting heroic Archimonde loot?

So after some discussion with Xyn, we thought we would ask people what they would want to do.

We already have waning interest in Archi - Crooked is onto his last upgrade then he will be done. We don't have very many more guildies who would like the mount, though we could ask them to be online for it. And if we're going to have alts and undergeared people then we have to set a limit on how many we can have. Running Archimonde on my main for others week after week and wiping week after week is not enjoyable. Of course I want everyone to get their mount, but realistically to help everyone we need to make sure we aren't carrying too many and making our good deed too stressful on ourselves.

I think the arbitrary number would be 1 undergeared/carry and 2 geared alts.

We'd also have to have a roster on who is allowed to bring their alts. It would depend on raid composition as well as classes needed, and then we'd look at who has been consistently been helping out in the raid. As officers, I expect officers to continue helping with Archi runs for the good of the guild but I can't ask that of regular raiders. People do need their downtime.

Onineko has still been boosting our numbers in Archi - as long as they are hitting the shadows in the final phase, I'm happy with that. Not sure how long they'll keep coming once rings are upgraded, but I appreciate good help! Low DPS and dead people - not so much, since that makes it harder for the run in general.

So that is a plan for the next month or so. We'll see if that pans out. Who knows, it might turn out like how Mythic did - great plans, but slightly difficult to execute!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Raiding - Fun in Mythic Highmaul on Thursday

Keeping Thursday as a fun and relaxing raid has been a good idea. Guild turnout for our fun Thursday run was pretty good, though I did have to drag some people there kicking and screaming for a bit (and we were missing a few people too).

Last Thursday we had decided to do Highmaul. Due to being rather uninformed (I thought that you needed 14 guildies to make it a guild run but you actually need 16) we had some issues with getting our numbers for the run. However, people started trickling into the raid in dribs and drabs and half an hour into the raid we were full.

Some of the Onineko people have alts in Frostwolves, so CT and Nova got on their Frostwolves hunters (though with gimpy gear). That helped push up the numbers. I also had two trial recruits coming along and though their damage was very low (they did say they only wanted to be casual raiders for the remainder of WoD), once I invited them to guild (talk about an accelerated invite to the guild) they helped boost the numbers. What we were really aiming for was the Guild achievement for killing Imperator, so not having the 16 for the earlier bosses wasn't such a big deal.

It really was a cakewalk at our gear level.

We had already done Mythic Kargath like everyone else, so off we went to Butcher. You still die when you get stacks of that debuff, which everyone had seemed to forget, so with a quick step in and step out it went better.

Brackenspore was a little hairy - I don't think anyone picked up the guns, and we certainly didn't heal up the green mushroom - but we got it in the end. I know I did manage to heal up a blue mushy!

I died on Tectus the first time but I think we got it the second time. OMG red stuff everywhere, poor melee.

Twin Ogron was hilarious in that nobody did any mechanics properly and it still died. Everyone getting sucked into the spinny was not a healing highlight.

Ko'ragh was surprisingly easy though people kept killing the damn ghosts outside of the zones which made healing that much more annoying! And though Dan did soak I couldn't heal him and he died - I can't even remember if people did catch the balls or not, but healing that was slightly more intense!

Imperator was the hardest fight, and even that only took a few goes and only a basic understanding of mechanics (because there seemed to be a whole lot more going on there than heroic and even heroic had a heap of things going on). Firstly we walked in and there were no adds, and Cho'gall is doing something to Imperator with all this flashy red spell stuff. Cho'gall comes down at the end of the fight when Imperator is low health and that was something different too.

I had some birthday cake for courage before the fight. Thanks Tacky!

Not bad for 3 healing! And with the only main healer online being me with heaps of help from Crooked and McTacky, we managed to do it.  Yay we got our guild achievement!

However, Blackrock Foundry on Mythic will be a different story. We'll see how that goes!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

What kind of WoW customer are you?

Two of our guildies the other day were venting their outrage at Blizzard's choice of people who get alpha access. They found it unfair that streamers, bloggers, podcasters and even people who had been banned previously for exploits in game had access to early previews of the game.

I am unsure WHY they were so upset. But it doesn't appear like they are the only ones.

The forums are filled with people who are upset that they have been playing WoW for so long and don't get an invite to see the early stages of the expansion being developed. Comments like:
Many of us stuck around during the 14 month content drought of SoO, as well as the crapfest that has been WoD. We have supported Blizzard , while they have done next to nothing for us. Entitled? Your dang right we are.
Entitlement is a funny thing. You're not entitled to anything just because you're a paying customer. In fact, anyone who actually HAS customers/clients/patients knows that the ones who do the most whinging are the ones you are least likely to want to help. It's the ones who like you and think you are great that you try your best to keep happy. So those people who whinge constantly about the game and lack of content, how Blizzard sucks, how Blizzard is driving away players - does Blizzard really want to keep them as players?

Let's look at the reasoning behind why some have alpha access.

Why do streamers get it? As someone said, they're playing the game, and people are watching. If you have 1000 people watching someone else play the alpha, that one alpha invite got 1000 people looking at it. Give it to one regular person (like most of us) who just plays with nobody except themselves watching then one invite gets one person looking. Advertising, promotion, and these streamers actually LIKE playing WoW. And probably would say nice things about it rather than trash it.

Alpha, as many people had said, is a "friends and family" testing zone. Say you make a new dish at a restaurant, and you're not sure about it. You get your good friends to come and try it out, not your customers. Imagine if your customers came to try your new dish and it was terrible. Those customers would harp on about how standards had gone down or even stop coming to the restaurant. Better to have loyal family and friends who would still come to your restaurant despite one bad dish give this new dish a try.

There are also random lucky people who get alpha access who have opted in for it. They are way down the list obviously. Many people want to be one of those, but there are how many million people playing -

If you think of WoW players like customers, you can apply some of the "customer types" to them, to understand the logic behind how Blizzard caters to different types of players and why.
  1. The Loyalist
  2. The Resentful Addict
  3. The Disillusioned
  4. The Browser
  5. The Bargain Hunter

The Loyalist is the player who still loves the game, and plays for their enjoyment and likes to talk about it. Most bloggers fall into this category, as well as streamers. Sure, they get cheezed off now and then but they still find things in the game to do that they enjoy. Blizzard likes to communicate with these players and find out what they like and tailor the expansion to suit people like them.  Now this may surprise many people but a lot of the people that fall into this category are the casual players aka "Filthy Casuals." They love to explore the world, chase achievements and mounts. They wonder the the lore and the story. Of course there are hard core raiders in there too - those who will keep playing and raiding/PvPing and when they're done bring in another alt to do the same thing again. So you wonder why Blizzard caters to "Filthy Casuals" so much? It's because they are the Loyal customers who are more likely to spend money on the game buying mounts, pets, game time, Collector's editions. Not flying in Draenor giving you the poops? Well, it's the Loyalists who probably got that through as they are the ones who are here for the long run, still playing right until that patch 9 months later when flying in Draenor became live. Loyalists are more likely to engage with the Devs on Twitter and in forums, and that's why they get listened to. Blizzard has done a fair bit to make these people happy - there is heaps more solo play content, mounts and pets and achievements to do, and lots of 5 minute WoW stuff to keep you going (eg archaeology, professions, dailies which save progress like in Tanaan), and lots of catchup things to keep you current if you fall a bit behind on the gear wagon (Timeless Isle, Tanaan). Loyalists may or may not put out real money for Quality of life things like bag space because they spend so much time playing the game, but the time sink they put in makes up for the loss of revenue.

The Resentful addict (that I refer to as The Smoker with Cancer) is the player that plays the game, is addicted to the game, yet can't seem to stop playing it, but will whinge constantly about it. You know the ones - they go on and on about how stupid the game is, how Blizzard should be doing more, yet they are still playing. If you hate it so much, FOR THRALL'S SAKE STOP PLAYING, is what you feel like yelling at them. They whinge that the game was good and now it's gone downhill (like how they first loved smoking and now they can't stop smoking because they are now addicted) and are the kind who would blame Blizzard for their addiction to the game and inability to stop playing. These are the ones who would sue Blizzard if they could for "money invested in wasting my time" yet will keep on playing anyway. It is these types that whinge about not getting into a beta or an alpha. Why would Blizzard listen to these people? You can't make them happy no matter what you do, so they end up not listening to them, which makes these Resentful addicts even more angry. How do you think Blizzard deals with these people? Well, their complaints are usually dealt with in a non-commital way, but Blizzard probably doesn't do anything to address their complaints UNLESS it's something that they Loyalist agree upon. How does Blizzard keep these players happy in game? Well, there isn't anything they can do really, to make them happy, so Blizz just hopes that the stuff they put in for the Loyalists is enough to keep the Smokers happy. In terms of monetary gain, these players are less likely to buy things with real money because they think the money thing is a "rort" or "blatant money grab" but Blizz will just have to settle for their subscription money.

The Disillusioned are those players that used to be Loyalists, but for whatever reason have felt the game has lost it's lustre. They did enjoy the game once, and then stopped playing because they were bored, upset about some changes or the social atmosphere. These players often come back for a quick look at the start of new content to see if anything has changed or gotten better, hoping that it will be good and then disappear again after a short period in game. These are the players that need something new or interesting to hold their interest before they fade off again. So what should Blizzard do with these people? Ideally they would want to keep their interest so these Disillusioned could be Loyalists again, but more likely they would become Browsers. However, it is unlikely that with a Disillusioned that they will get back into the love of the game that they used to have (think trying to have sex with an ex-partner - it's awkward, and you try for a bit and it's good coz you remember the good times, but then after a while you remember why you broke up in the first place), but if Blizzard wants to make some monetary value out of these players then Quality of Life improvements are probably a go - things like paying real money for bank space, flying, cool looking mounts or transmogs. Things that are shiny for a short while before they get bored of them.

The Browser is the person that may have picked up a free 10 days, or been given a gift of WoW, or are just trying out the game for the first time. These players are casual, have a fleeting interest in the game, trying a bit of levelling and questing to get to max level then stop playing and find something else that catches their interest. Like the Disillusioned, to make money out of them you have to do it early - perhaps paying for a boost to max level so they can experience the end game content, or some other item that will ease their gameplay - like an heirloom weapon. These players are binge spenders so they are more likely to spend in the early days of playing.

The Bargain Hunter is the player that is looking for the maximum amount of enjoyment for the minimal amount of cash outlay - and I mean real cash outlay. If there is something free in the game they will get it. If there is free time to be had, they will be playing it. Someone once said that a lot of asians play GW2 because it's free to play and WoW isn't, so that's where all the tight-arse asians go. These people probably would play the game if it was free. So what should Blizz do about these players? Well, they should make the game free to play. Buying game time with gold and tokens is a step in that direction though, and that may bring some of the bargain hunters back. Don't forget that someone has to spend real money to get a time token to sell on the AH (which may happen with the Browsers because they want some money fast to get some play time out of it before they get bored again). These players wouldn't generate much money for Blizzard except in that indirect way by playing the game and putting stuff on the AH that people who do like spending their real life money use tokens to get game gold so they can buy stuff off the AH.

Why am I talking about money so much?

Because WoW is a business, and for the game to be great, it HAS to make money. You have to pay all the people who put time and effort into developing our game, right? I want our game to continue, so I constantly think about how WoW could make money in a way that isn't by charging us $200 per expansion or something. They're already doing away with subs, which saves other players $18 per month or whatever US$15 translates to A$. In this time where subs are dropping (though a few million players are still a lot of players compared to many games, especially when it's retained this long), it still is doing OK, but it would be nice if it could do a little bit better.

I like how iTunes does it, and makes things really cheap and people are happy to pay for it. Like $1 songs. I bet most people wouldn't be fussed paying $1 for flying or something. Imagine if everyone did it. Or you could put in 20 hours of work into it. Think about that, what would you choose?

(I hear the naysayers saying they would just not fly at all, out of principle).

What I'm trying to highlight here is to have a think about why you think Blizzard does or does not listen to you. How to be someone that does make a difference when you say things. In general:

  • Be an active member of the community. If you're out there promoting WoW, enjoying WoW, and find things in WoW that aren't working but feeding it back in a positive way, then you are more likely to be noticed. Twitter, podcasting, blogging, streaming, Youtube - these are ways to get noticed.
  • It's not what you say but HOW you say it. Using the flying in Draenor as an example, if you said "It's stupid that Blizz wouldn't give us flying in Draenor, worst idea ever. If there was ever a reason to unsub it's because of THIS." Or you could say "I understand that Blizz wanted us to see all the content by not letting us fly. But I'm on my 3rd alt, and I've seen the content now - is there a way we could make it so those of us who have experienced the game extensively can fly, perhaps by making it attached to Loremaster?"
  • Rather than complaining loudly, how about complaining and offering a solution.
  • Don't swear at people. If a customer is swearing at you, are you more likely to run to them and do their every bidding or do what they ask but try to avoid them as much as possible? And besides, swearing and being belligerent is a form of bullying. Nobody likes that.
And if you don't believe me, look at me, Neri and Cymre. We even get to pics with game developers for being active bloggers and tweeters (and Cymre gets an ingame NPC).

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Guildleader chores: This Mythic thing is not working out as well as I would have hoped

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with doing some Mythic raiding. Once a week is enough for me, leaving me plenty of time to do other things like hunt achievements and PvP.

However, I really wish others would share my enthusiasm for raiding - which is a hard ask at the end of an expansion.

We have plenty of raiders who would be able to do mythic, just them wanting to do it, is the problem. I don't blame them for not being interested, but I really feel like only 5 of us want to do it. And that poor Onineko has to provide the people ALL the time. So it's usually just Xyn, Aimei, me, Sev, Lushen, Dan and Duck. Bish is back now so he may come more regularly. Voe, Nok, Rag and Yuuda are a busy during the week with RL stuff (and sleep) so are not as reliable as they were. Aza, Exray, Ultra, Darkness and Brutal have said they're not interested, and Crooked said he'd come only if he had to. But at least he said he would consider coming - I hadn't asked him before because I didn't know he would consider saying yes.

I demoted all the non mythic raiders a rank (to the casual raid rank) to make invites for mythics easier. People weren't happy about it, but it was for an organisational point of view, as well as for fixing the repair stuff as well. Some people were upset by that, but if they're not raiding the hardest level the guild is attempting then why should I put them at the highest rank? It totally makes sense to me.

This cross server thing is difficult in that finding a day that suits them and us is hard. Their tank and raid leader can't make every week because of work, and can never make Wednesdays. Wednesdays is our best raid turnout day - though you wouldn't know THAT if you looked at the turnout last Wednesday, though some server issues were partly to blame for that. It was also mildly amusing that we spent a bit of time doing the Archimonde achievement on Thursday, but when we did proper heroic Archi on Monday we got the achievement anyway because our DPS was high enough to get the kill quickly. I think we took another 30 seconds off our previous Archimonde kill. And, that's with no hunters in the raid too. Xyn wants me to keep a consistent day for raiding, but when their best day is Sunday and ours is Wednesday, that doesn't work out. I had thought perhaps we could do alternating weeks our day and then their day but Xyn likes it to be consistent. However, consistent doesn't suit us nor does it suit them so I would like to see a compromise between the two (as in one week our week, next week their week), especially since they are providing the bulk of the raiders at the moment. But I also see Xyn's point - if people can't figure out which day we are supposed to be raiding, they may just stop showing up, which worsens the spiral of apathy.

With Christmas coming up, raiding will wind down to just Archimonde and alt stuff, most likely. It might give me the opportunity to play some Starcraft because I have been neglecting that. Or I could do my arenas. Or finish my Ashran Nemesis. Or find all my pristine artifacts. So many things to do. I wonder if I will be able to do it all before Legion hits.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Raiding - Glory of the Hellfire Raider (Mannoroth and Archimonde)

Our Thursday achievement runs are going great! Peggy from Onineko has been coming along and it's been a great help (as well as the fact that Peggy likes achievements and it behooves him that I am above him in achievements in Onineko on my level 60 alt).

So now I can talk about the achievements on the last two bosses in Hellfire Citadel.

Kill a Doom Lord using Empowered Felseeker, then defeat Mannoroth.

For this achievement you really need 3 tanks.

When you start the Mannoroth encounter,  when the mob at the red Fel Spire is up a Curse of the Legion is put on someone. When the curse wears off or is dispelled, a Doom Lord appears and that is what the third tank needs to tank. The crappy thing about the Doom Lord is that he makes these Marks of Doom on a few people and after 15 seconds if those targets do not take damage or have these Marks dispelled, they will insta-die. If you do take damage, you get a Mark Eruption that deals big damage to all players within 20 yards of you (the purple circle). These Marks of Doom will keep coming the for the whole fight, so just keep away from everyone whilst you wait to get hit by something and make the Mark of Doom go away.

The poor extra tank also takes stacks of Doom Strike which does damage when the stacks fall off, so the tank needs to somehow trigger it at regular intervals to avoid taking a whopping big damage. Keep heals on that tank because they will be taking more damage than the other tanks. Probably a good idea to have one extra healer than normal to help deal with the extra damage going out by having the Doom Lord up.

In Phase 4, Mannoroth will cast an Empowered Felseeker and that is the Felseeker you have to place the Doom Lord in the Felseeker and hope he dies, and then kill Mannoroth. Win!

Echoes of Doomfire
Defeat Archimonde in Hellfire Citadel with Doomfire still active on Normal difficulty or higher.
This achievement can be done by burning the boss as fast as you can, because you have 2 minutes after the last Allure is cast (which isn't cast when the boss falls below 45%) to kill Archimonde. So if you DPS the boss to 45%, wait till Allure is cast then bloodlust and burn the boss super quick, then you'll get the achievement, because all you need for the achievement is to have some fire on the ground.  However, our DPS wasn't that great, so we had to keep the Doomfire Spirit up for the whole fight to make sure we still had fire.

What we did was try to keep the fire to one side of the room (we chose the right side) by making sure everyone targetted by Doomfire was running to that side. It was a bit of a rough trot, as we had move the boss in an anticlockwise manner to keep away from the fire but we got it!

(I wonder if this achievement was a pun on "Echoes of Doom", which was the name of the last content patch before Wrath of the Lich King - patch 3.0.2)

So here we are (some of us anyway) who got our Infernal Direwolves, and we do look rather cool on them! Good luck to you trying to get yours, hope this noob's guide to getting the achievement helped!