Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My water strider is broken!

For a while now I have been unable to mount on water with my strider. It works if I walk from land onto the water, but if I'm already in the water it will not jump up on top of the water. Since the patch, I think, when Karazhan came out.

I have tried changing my camera angles, looking up and down, zooming in and out to no avail. I thought it was just me being a bit silly or not doing it properly but now having tried to fix it, I still can't. I tried my red strider and blue strider - still the same!

It just seems to be the water strider. I can get on my fishing raft just fine, and also the walking on water with the fishing pole (most of the time), it just seems to be the water strider.

I have a few theories:

- Navimie has put on weight and is too fat and so the strider cannot skeet on water with that much prime beef

- Navimie's armour is too heavy and the strider cannot skeet on water with all that awesome gear

- Navimie's bags are too full and the strider cannot skeet on water with so many shinies

What would be really cool is if a swimming mount underwater would go as fast as a ground mount on land! That would solve all my problems!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Power Realised

Phew! I did it, all artifact traits for one weapon unlocked!

I must admit that the hidden appearance for it is rather lacklustre, in fact so much so that I am almost embarrassed to show it.

It's ok, I suppose. But at least that's one thing unlocked!

The next question is where should I direct my artifact power now? Should I go for that 4th golden talent with increased 5% healing, or should I go and start putting it into moonkin so I play a little bit better?

Well, I've decided to do a bit of both, depending on how I feel! But I think once I get that 4th golden I will definitely concentrate on boomy, and see if I can learn to play it proper-like :D

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Did you see one of the Orbs from the Kosumoth attunement in this week's Suramar quest?

If you've not finished the Suramar main quest line and getting those weekly storyline releases from Thalyssra then don't read on because there are some spoilers!

This week one of the quests, Unbeleyvable, was to assist Arcanist Voltrois with placing ley line taps. Oculeth teleports us to a hidden place in Azsuna to start tapping. If you recall, she is the one who helps you tap ley lines in Suramar, and has always had a bit of a snobby atttitude towards us.

Stellagosa appears and starts "back seat ley-line tapping" though some of her suggestions are good and the conversation is quite amusing. In fact, you see them moving the tap as each one talks, in a little by play.

Arcanist Valtrois: The next tap should go here.
Stellagosa: Are you sure about that placement? It would be better here.
Arcanist Valtrois: I have spent millenia studying ley lines. I am certainly capable of finding one right beneath my feet!
Stellagosa: But I can see the line and the focus of the conduit. You want to put it there.
Arcanist Valtrois: Fine! We can do it your way. But if this entire cave ends up exploding with arcane energy, it will be on your head.

However, look at the cave we are in! If you have done the Kosumoth attunement, it's one of the caves with an orb in it. If you look in the picture above, just above the word "poking" - above the second quotation marks is the orb!

In this picture you can see it close to my feet on the ground. And also the little taps Valtrois is placing on the ground.

Stellagosa kindly takes us back and it appears that Valtrois and Stellagosa may start to strike up a friendship...

Stellagosa: You have done enough, arcanist. I shall take you both to Shal'Aran. Come with me. Your control over such vast energies is impressive. That was no small task.
Arcanist Valtrois: You made an excellent assistant. Your inherent knowledge of ley lines is almost as expansive as mine.
Stellagosa: Yes, and I know the convergence of ley lines feeds great power to the Nightwell. Harnessing that much power is perilous, but if she could...
Arcanist Valtrois: I konw what she would be capable of. That is why we must stop her.

Arcanist Valtrois to me: You go on ahead and inform Thalyssra. I have a few questions for our friend here.
Stellagosa: Yes? What do you want to know?
Arcanist Valtrois: Do you actually visualise the lines or is it more than you can sense them? Is it a constant sensation or can you turn it on and off?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Guildleader chores - We are NOT a mythic guild!

I look back at my blog and think wow, did I really think that we could be?

I said mythic was fun, it was challenging and it has good loot. Yeah, it has all that.

But it is also one big MASSIVE headache that I have decided I can do without. Forever.

What's funny is that Crooked said in WoD that he wasn't interested in mythic but time and time again we had to drag him in to fill numbers. I would try not to ask him because I know he didn't want to, but still we did it. And when we did mythic in Legion after one night he said he doesn't want to do it.

I thought he was being a stick in the mud, but really, it's like he was on to something.

The unpleasant Wednesday raid has just shown me that we can't have our casual cake and eat mythic too. People have to suddenly go. People have to work. Family stuff making people afk. Bio breaks that can't be helped. These things just can't happen in mythic or it just stuffs up the whole raid and wastes people's time. And raiding time is now cut by a third to only 2 nights a week so we really want to get bang for our buck when it comes to time.

I didn't say it then because Xyn said it would sound like I was being bitter about the events on Wednesday raid, but I thought (and so did he) that we are NEVER doing mythic again. What do we love about raiding in our guild? We love that we are efficient with time, we love that the raid size is flexible so we can bring everyone along and not have to sit people out - and when times are dry we can run a smaller raid doing the same content with no hassles - and we love that we can AFK suddenly for family things, drop from raid and rejoin when we're done with the incident with minimal disruption to the raid. Oh and we love that we are allowed to play whatever class we choose, because I've always told people to play what you enjoy and not what the guild needs because ultimately it's your enjoyment that makes you happy when you play this game. And we can't do those things with mythic raiding - especially not with the values that makes the guild so great for us in terms of time, flexibility and inclusiveness.

I mentioned this to another guildie and he was worried about a fallout - are there those raiding with us currently that would be really dissatisfied with not doing mythic raiding? I stressed to him that I told EVERYONE when they joined that we are not a mythic guild, and we only ever do mythic when we run out of heroic things to do. I am TOTALLY fine with someone wanting to go to a mythic guild, because I never want to hold people back from what they aspire to in game. We aren't going to change our core values, it's the special thing about our guild that makes it great for people with family commitments and there are plenty of other places people can go to get their raid needs. And we're also happy that if people leave to try something and it doesn't work out, they can come back, no dramas!

I'm going to use one of my guildies, Neuro as an example.  End of WoD, thanks to Cinder, he joined our guild to play with us and we thought he was absolutely great. A mythic raider, who had decided that he didn't like the crappy behaviour that is inherent to a lot of mythic guilds, was looking for something a bit more relaxed and fun. However, I knew that he loved mythic raiding and that we weren't going to offer that in our guild, at least, not as a main goal - so I was happy to have him helping out and hanging out in the guild, and he got on really well with everyone, chatting and being part of the family. I remember thinking that he fit in so well in the guild, that it was a shame that he would leave eventually.

Then he started moving toons into the guild! Maybe he was going to stay because he liked us so much! I was thrilled and thoughts of him leaving were forgotten. Then one day when I mentioned what he would do with us in Legion he told me that he was going to join a mythic guild and do some raiding with Cinder. I was sad to hear he was going to leave, and probably more so because I had embraced the hope that he liked playing with us more than he liked Mythic raiding. But we wished him well, kept in touch and told him he could come back at any time if it didn't work out. I thought we wouldn't see him again, and I was sad for a week but life goes on!

However, a few weeks ago he came to chat and he said he wanted to come back because he wasn't super pleased with some behaviour in the new guild, and I was thrilled that he would be back! So now he's back on his poor undergeared horde toon, but raiding with the guild and I was pleased as punch to have him back. A great example of someone who went away to try something more than what we could offer, and came back when it didn't quite suit them. And we are totally ok with that - in fact I think people come back as better guildies after going out to try something different.

I'll see if our reinforcement on the stance changes anything. Though, ToV is a lot of work for not that much reward.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Another Frostwolves Chibi - Lokang!

Now this was a surprise! Lokang asked Sleepingfox to make him a chibi and he does look fantastic!

The bombay cat looks so cute also - when I saw it I wondered if Luxy had commented on it and she had LOL!

Lokang/Lakota (don't you hate it when people change mains and you wonder if you have to start calling them a different name) is now loving his monk rather than his shaman but he's still Lakota to me :P

Great work Sleepingfox as always! :D Oh and if you're interested in a commission from her I see in her latest round she has one painting slot left! I might take it up if nobody else wants it LOL

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Raiding - Trial of Valor

After struggling on heroic Trial of Valour we thought it would be good to step back and do normal. And even then it wasn't quite a cake walk and I'm still not sure I understand ALL the mechanics but I'm slowly getting there.

We've attempted Odyn on heroic and still haven't got it down, and I hadn't seen phase 3 before so I was total goof and died in some shiny stuff on the ground that I clearly wasn't supposed to be standing in. In normal it was way easier - in fact the shield thing hardly seemed to hurt anyone - and it was overall a lot more forgiving than heroic, which is as expected.

After that is Guarm who is a 3 headed dog guarding the way to Helya. Clearly, a cross between Garm(r) from Norse mythology who is a wolf/dog that guards the gates to Hel, and Cerberus who is the 3 headed dog from Greek mythology that guards the gates to Hades (the underworld).

Well, it's embarrassing because I didn't watch any videos just read the dungeon journal and I died when Guarm did the trample up and down the room - which is SO easy to avoid by the way - butI felt like an absolute dimwit dying to it. It didn't seem too terrible though, melee stayed at melee and ranged stayed at ranged and that was the end of that.

Helya was a little bit more challenging with so much going on. I like Helya, she looks amazing! I hate to think how it would be on heroic!

There was stuff to take out of raid, and things to dispel on raid members which do a little bit of aoe damage as well (much like the ones you dispel on the Helya fight in Maw of Souls). Then there was a whole lot of adds and everyone was running all over the place and I kept having DBM screaming at me about rot (which we have to take away from the raid) and there was all this toxic seaweed on the ground from adds dying which I didn't quite realise where it came from. And then these waves were shoving us around which was bloody annoying too. I don't know how we did it when it seemed like chaos, but we did it and that was normal ToV done!

There were some loots that were useful to people, but I think the offputting part was that gear from normal ToV was lower ilvl than that of heroic EN and so it didn't feel like it was worth doing for loot. However, the difficulty of ToV seems to be way harder that what you think it should be for the rewards you get! But perhaps it's one of those things where we just have to figure out this one thing that we're doing wrong and we'll get it.

After raid we told everyone that we were considering dropping to two days a week of heroic raiding. There wasn't a huge lot of outcry (and with December approaching and people being busy with holidays and family commitments we will find that we will struggle to make 20, I think) and I think it was accepted overall. We might even put it into effect from this new raid week!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Helldivider and the Lost Hippogryph

Long ago, Helldivider was the first person in the guild to get Aeonaxx. Lost in the server transfer, now he has rejoined us in Legion (and to make it more confusing, he is now playing Galestion, a warrior), he continues picking up rare mounts and telling me about it

What a gorgeous hippogryph! This is a result of patience and clicking in Azsuna! When I landed in Azsuna today I got this:

Apparently that is the signal to start looking for crystals to click. The first person to click 5 crystals gets the mount! There are details on Wowhead and other places about it as well as a few videos. I decided to go try my luck but I saw someone else running around to the spots I was heading to so I gave it up. After all, I had landed in Azsuna to do Murloc PvP and if you're clicking crystals you can't die.

Grats Helldivider/Galestion on the mount! However, I was incorrect in assuming that he was the first - Mysz got his first! Unfortunately I wasn't online at the time but he had plenty of witnesses!

Now, to track him down so I can take a pic of it....

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Raiding - Too much to do! Is it time to cut back?

I felt a bit rusty doing Heroic EN on Thursday night. We had done Myth Nyth on Monday and Wednesday and Wednesday was our first one shot, so it feels good to be slowly getting somewhere. However, I don't enjoy sitting people out! Which is why Heroic ToV is much more fun to do.

Things were a little tense on Wednesday, but hopefully that was a one off, and it will be better on Monday. Officers had a discussion about what we should do and we hopefully have an action plan. I still feel like I'm running around like a headless chook in that fight, being disadvantaged that I haven't seen all phases since the rest of the guild have done it on normal.

Raider attendance has dropped off a lot, and I am hesitant to boost more people up into the heroic sub ranks in case we have more than 30 people attending. At the moment we are sitting on 29, but a few of those have not shown their face since, so I pretty much have wiped them from their heroic spots, even though they still show up on the Flask contribution table. I've got a few more that would like to move up and they will probably get to go in the next Heroic EN.

However, the boost in 5 man content has been making things tight. Karazhan is like doing a raid - it takes longer than a raid night to complete - and I would like to be able to do that more often than ... well ZERO times. I haven't actually had time to finish it!

Then there are the mythic dungeon quests that we keep getting from the mission in the class hall. And also working on mythic plus.

Oh how I wished that we cut it back to 2 days of raiding. But we'll need an efficient schedule if we did that.

It appears that I wasn't the only one thinking this. Kyxyn also mentioned it and when the other officers discussed it we were all in agreement that if we went to 2 days of raiding none of us would be sad.

It is also approaching Christmas and we know that every year at this time the raid numbers dwindle as people have exams, holidays, family things and Christmas trade hours we have lower raid numbers. It may be just the right time to cut back. Though, it may be permanent for this expansion.

Which comes to mythic raiding. With so much to do, there isn't really time to do mythic raiding. We're having fun just doing heroic stuff, and that seems to be challenging enough. And it's nice to have fluid numbers in a raid. I don't have to sit people, I don't have to scrounge for people. We can just play and go. So stress free! I'd much rather just dump all mythic raiding.

So say we do this, what should we do on Sunday?

There were a few thoughts. Heroic EN on Sunday instead so we could do prog on other days. Or perhaps Normal ToV so people can see the raid.

It's something to bring up at raid on Monday night and see what the general raiding populace thinks. I suspect that many of them will feel the same way!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Guildleader Chores - I wasn't gone that long...

Kudos to Kyxyn for looking after the guild when I was away but it isn't surprising that when I got back all questions were redirected back to me. Not that I mind, in fact, I am eager for normality to settle in again, but it does remind me that running a guild is actually WORK and not just a prestigious title or glory.

First job when I come back was to get these flask contributions sorted. I have recorded every contribution and number in Discord, and at the moment have enough cauldrons for 2 raid days. Will be three by Wednesday, I'm sure. I have decided Sev is in charge of sorting that out and he did some token things with formulas and stuff that I am not good with spreadsheets, but he can populate it over the raids to make sure people know if they are up to date. I'm entering what's received and Xyn is entering the attendance so it's at least sorted out that way.

Secondly, I had to do some ruffled feather soothing. There were some misunderstandings when I was away and I had to go calm those down. Nothing major, just maintenance, really.

While I was away there was some moaning about guild repairs not being on for raid. I had it working for the second week of raiding, but on the first week everyone had to pay for their own repairs. Luckily there wasn't much wiping so not much of a repair bill but there were still some... complaints. Interesting.

Kyxyn said on Sunday that he might have to take a break from raiding on Sundays because he needed some down time to do real life stuff (work is busy for him at this time of year). HK was thrilled to be told that he will have to direct the tanking and raid stuff on Sunday. I was hoping we'd get some casual raiders up to scratch so they could get going on it, but I have not seen many turning up reliably. A shame really!

Another thing I have been really pleased with is that the behaviour we try to encourage from the guild seems to be adopted as a whole. An incident with inappropriate language/behaviour popped up from one drunk member (a new member) and it was immediately dealt with in a positive way and the person was contrite and realised their error. In fact, the officer who dealt with it received whispers from guild members in support of the swift intervention. When I have had to deal with issues about guild appropriate behaviour I have gotten positive feedback with guildies about my "intervention". I suppose those who didn't approve would just stay quiet, but it's nice to know what we do to maintain our guild integrity is appreciated.

And now the whispers have started again about invites to the guild. I had better get on top of those and answer them all as promptly as possible and start filtering again!

Z and Cinder's Blog challenge - Favourite Legion Quest

When two of my friends start up a blog challenge, how can I resist?

Zeirah's blog is full of so many things she often spawns things for me to do. Like her post about the Class hall Tier armour, now many of my guildies are out there hunting for their Tier sets to deck out the empty spaces!

Cinder is such a busy person raiding, blogging and podcasting I have no idea where she finds the time to do any quests!

So what is my favourite Legion Quest or Questline?

There are so many to choose from but one that I remember most fondly was Moozy's reunion (and funnily enough, I found out later that Natanie also had part of this quest chain as her fave!)

Is it just me or does she look a little bit like me? Or perhaps, all Tauren look the same???
If you have forgotten, this is the quest where you had to rescue a little baby tauren Moozy and reunite him with his family. The family then ask you to find the grandmother, Ethel Waterwise, and bring her back to them as well.

But the funny part of the quest was Ethel's comments as you find her and then walk her back. Being an old lady tauren, she walks slowly. And if you walk too slowly, she will say a number of things, including:
I guess you'd rather I fall off the edge of Thunder Totem than escort me.
There was a time when young ones were nice to old ladies.
Why is everyone always in such a hurry?
Wait for me!
Slow down, heifer!
I laughed a lot during that time. Gosh she walks slow! And then things keep attacking you and she'll yell "Varmint!" at them which also made me laugh.

And if you walk too slow, she has the hide to say
What are you waiting for? Let's get moving!
If you want to join in on the favourite Legion Quest blog challenge click here to add your name to the list, or visit Z and Cinder's Blog Challenge for more topics to give you things to write about :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

/sit on Druid Travel form is now a THING

I had multiple tells about it and so I had to go see for myself - you know how when you had a cat vanity pet out and you typed /sit it would go and sit on your lap?

Well now in druid travel form it sits on your back!

I tried it at first and it wasn't working but I realised you have to target the pet and then type /sit. It doesn't work when I just sit down with a hotkey either.

And yes, Ancient, that pet is named after you!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

What was it like being an Australian in USA on Election day?

Before I left for the US for Blizzcon, I realised that I would be there for the election, which was on November 8th. It was a historic election, I thought, and I did feel a little nervous as there would be a lot of unrest regardless of which candidate was chosen as there was so much vitriol from supporters on either side. It's a little bit like vaccination vs non vaccinators, the natural deliveries vs the caesarean sections, public school vs private school. People on either side of the argument are so convinced that they are right that they actually can come to blows and violence over the differences in opinion. And, this is America. People there carry guns and stuff. Like, legally. And that is bloody scary already.

However, election day rolled around and I was in Las Vegas. In the city where everyone was too busy partying, doing their tourist thing, gambling, eating, hens and buck's nights - where the election was hardly even noticeable except for the American flag colours on the hotels during election day, and the news coverage in the evenings. I have seen lead ups to the election in Asian countries where cars with massive signs go up and down the streets and people throw "gifts" out into the crowd saying "support our party" with packs of printed facial tissues (you're not allowed to throw red packets - which typically contain money) and there is a lot of noise, lots of posters. Didn't see any of that in the US, and the only cars going up and down the strip advertising where those "Looking for girls? Call this number!" with some scantily clad blonde female eyeing you suggestively on the billboard.

I was thinking I'd take home some "Vote for Trump" or "Vote for Hillary" pins or flyers home as souvenirs, but I actually had to go buy those things, so I bought a magnet of each. I should have brought more home, in hindsight, as people saw them and wanted them.

I feel lucky, after arriving home that I avoided any sort of incident, especially when hearing that there were shootings at polling booths in California, protests in the street of New York, and #notmypresident trending on all social media. People are angry. People are afraid. To some, it feels like the end of the world as they know it. However, the people have spoken and we live in a democratic society. This is the result of a democracy - sometimes there are decisions made that you don't like.

I am not a Trump supporter, but now that he has been elected, there isn't much you can do except to be the better person. Don't become a violent protester! Don't throw hateful language around at those who hold a different opinion to you! If even Anduin Wrynn can give Garrosh the benefit of the doubt and give him a chance, then shouldn't we do the same for President Trump? I won't lie, I am more afraid now of entering the United States (and was anxious when I was departing), but my concerns must be miniscule compared to the muslims, homosexuals and other minority groups who may feel like they are now some sort of open target for abuse and slander. Though, I am wondering if all the brash empty promises he made to get the people to vote for him were all just... hot air, to get heard, get publicity and to get elected.

Be the better person! Be kind, be understanding. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, their vote. Your voice is worth the same as everyone else's no matter your race, gender, religion or educational status. Respect your fellow Americans - and stop the cycle of abuse and hatred, on both sides.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Blizzcon 2016 Trip - Day 4 (BLIZZCON DAY 2)

I had "Backer Breakfast" with Xia and Ceraphus, and also with Foxy and Tullibardine, and we all chatted about how the Con Before the Storm could be better. We mentioned about the art part, but overall it had a really good response. 5000 attendees, they said! Though I wonder who was counting, because I walked in and out about 7 times...

After that I went in to see Rho who was catching up with peeps next to the Tracer statue.

Caught up with my friends at the WoW arena championships, where it was Splyce vs Method NA. Method was the home team so people were cheering for them, but Splyce were last year's champions and had lots of experience.

Splyce's Beast Cleave team of BM hunter/enh shaman/holy pally seemed unstoppable, but Method changed it up after losing to try a Holy Pally/Prot Pally/Enh shaman team. And they won with that twice! The Prot Pally buffed the enh shaman's damage and also did offhealing, as well as the double Hammer of justice which did really well for them. Splyce's healer (Boetar) switched after that from Holy Pally to Resto druid and defeated them twice. Method then switched to an anti-druid team of shadow priest/feral druid/holy pally and beat splyce, leaving them with a 3 all tie. They stayed with that comp and Splyce switched it up with a demo lock/enh shaman/holy pally and it was a really exciting decider. Boetar nearly died but somehow managed to heal back up even though the feral druid (Bean) was on him. The gateway also saved him too! But after a long match, Cdew (Method's pally healer) went down much to fan's disappointment but that was a great game to watch!

We had coffee with Neri afterwards at Hilton's Starbucks, but Neri and Shab were keen to get back to watch the next eSports action (HotS) and I wanted to get my books signed - I brought back my Traveller to get Greg Weisman to sign it, and the author of the WoW cookbook and Christie Golden were also there at the same time so I got her to sign some books for me too! I took a pic with the author of the cookbook and she complimented me on my wolf head :)

Bumped into Medros, and Noxychu (I bought a mini Blizzcon badge from her) and caught up with Imry downstairs too. Also went out to see cosplayers and finally caught up with Draynee!


Then it was time for closing ceremony. And Weird Al Yankovic.

I admit, I was skeptical - even though I knew some of his songs, and they were always funny - but the show started well, then I drifted off then was interested again and then drifted off, but around halfway when I thought I'd leave, the show picked up and I stayed for the whole lot. I had gone to see Yenna at that stage and she gave me some cookies!

His final songs were the Star Wars ones - "The Saga Begins" and the Yoda one - and everyone knew those oness!

Afterwards Aza, Exray, Ultra and Deco (Ultra's Bro), Sev, Shab, HK and I went for dinner at Tony Roma and had ribs. Ugh, so full!

It was a fun Blizzcon but I compared to previous ones, with less WoW news, it wasn't AS good but it was by no means bad. After all, what new thing could they possibly announced with an expansion and a patch released within the last 4 months? It was good to see all my friends, great to have a big bunch of guildies come and fun to dress up a little bit!

Thanks Blizzard for a great Blizzcon! See you again in 3 years!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Blizzcon 2016 Trip - Day 3 (BLIZZCON DAY 1)

It's easy to panic when you see there are crowds and you're not in the line. That is what Exray, Aza and Ultra and Ultra's brother felt when they saw the lines outside Blizzcon and had a bit of a freak out. However, after having done the whole "camp early" experience and still not getting a good seat because it's about how fast you can run not how early you camped, we knew that it didn't matter how close you sat to the main stage but how good a view you had of one of the huge TV screens. And, there are tons of screens around the room so you could get a good view from much further back.

So we wandered over at the leisurely time of 830am in anticipation of the doors opening at 930am. Arvash is also a Blizzcon veteran and he also wasn't worried about the time we get in.

The crowds were impressive but there would be more crowds to come. I even got kitted up with my Frostwolf leader look!

After we secured our seats on the far side, Shab, Sev and I went to go watch some arena games. Talbadar was casting this year with Venruki and Lore, and it was amusing to see Shab fanboying over Venruki.

We watched a couple of games and then we had to high tail it back to the main stage to watch the opening ceremony.

It's always exciting to listen to the opening ceremony and the big news was the announcement of Overwatch League. There were other small announcements too including:
  • Another Hearthstone expansion (there is one EVERY Blizzcon) - The Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Diablo's 20th anniversary announcement was the addition of a Necromancer for Diablo 3 (and also putting Diablo 1 in D3 as a playable dungeon)
  • Heroes of the Storm welcome Varian and Ragnaros to the mix (I did have a laugh and say nobody truly dies in World of Warcraft - they just come back in HoTS)
  • A new hero for Overwatch - Sombra
  • WoW had a new pet coming in December as part of the Make-a-Wish charity - a Fel Kitten!

I didn't think there would be any big new announcements for WoW since we just had a patch, and expansion was released a few months ago, but they didn't leave us hanging in the dark.

In the What's Next WoW panel they talked about patch 7.15 (a small patch) and patch 7.2 (a big patch) which would bring a number of new changes.

In Patch 7.15 we would see

  • Mists of Pandaria timewalking dungeons - more toys to collect!
  • Microholidays (which are like one day silly event things which are more for fun, like easter eggs than full of achievements and loot). I was amused when they said Ahn'Qiraj remembrance day (which @Watcher said jokingly that the servers crashed on Medivh, the first server to open the gates so in celebration they would take all the serves down) as well as Volunteer Guard Day (where you can be a guard in Orgrimmar/Stormwind for a day)
  • Brawler's guild comes back with new bosses!
In Patch 7.2 we will be getting
  • Flying!
  • Class specific mounts! Some of these are cooler than others. I am not so sure about the flat faced owl flight form for druids (or the mage disc), but the rogue raven and the shaman air elemental look really amazing.
  • Tomb of Sargeras raid and the Cathedral of Eternal night dungeon
  • PvP is going to have "brawls" like hearthstone where rules are a little bit different for a week! One example was 15v15 in one of the arena maps, or snow covered Arathi Basin, or no gravity in Eye of the Storm. It sounds wacky but fun! 
  • Solo scenario hidden artifact appearance. The bear one looks rather cool, I must admit!
Watcher also said that in the future we will be heading to Argus! Eradicating demons once and for all? Now that will be interesting!

We had a late lunch grabbing food from the food trucks outside Blizzcon - queues were so terrible that Sev skipped lunch - and then back inside where Shab, Sev, HK and I queued up to play HoTs so that we could try Varian and Ragnaros. We had a random 5th added with us and we battled another team. Sev and I went with our familiar toons - Abathur and Li Li - and Shab went with Li Ming. HK was trying Varian and the random guy played Ragnaros. We were getting smashed early - probably coz HK, Sev and I were super rusty. We saw Sev hearthing a lot instead of mounting, and I kept forgetting to mount and HK had no idea how to play. We thought we were going to lose before we hit level 10!

Wandered upstairs and was just in time to see Samwise and Greg Weisman signing books, but I was bummed that I forgot my Traveller book! Got them both to sign my colouring book (which Sam did do) and took a pic too!

But we managed to turn the game around somehow when we wiped them and also when we captured an objective - they were 39/40 and we wiped them and managed to get it back - and somehow clawed to victory! But it was a long game, and afterwards we went to the Legion What's next, and afterwards headed out to see Xarek who had just arrived. We chatted to him for a bit then headed back for the Contests. The winner of the Talent contest was great - the song was very cute and everyone loved her murloc partner soing goofy things - and the Cosplay was much more impressive this year than the previous time I went.

Afterwards we went to Morton's for dinner and stuffed ourselves full of meat and potatoes! It was a guild dinner and Neri and Disco and Xarek came making a grand total of 10 Frostwolves (and Ultra's brother made 11). It was a bit pricey but it was worth it!

Then it was bedtime. OMG Blizzcon is half over already!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blizzcon 2016 Trip - Day 2 (Day before Con)

Didn't sleep much. But I kinda expect that with the time difference and excitement! Besides, 4 hours is enough for me, but it probably made HK suffer a bit.

Got up a bit late and we went out at about 830 to line up to pick up our Blizzcon tickets. Once the queue got moving at 9, we all got our tickets really quickly! Silly me forgot my passport in the excitement and so HK and I had to head to the special line to get the tickets. There was a bit of a kerfuffle with our tickets because the lady changed the name on the ticket and somehow our Benefit ticket became a normal ticket which we found out when we went to pick up our Goody box as I couldn't get mine but HK could get his. So back we went to fix up our ticket (but it still wasn't fully fixed, as I'll explain later).

Then we got in the line for the store, which was really long! We spent hours in the line for the store, and I walked away with TOO MUCH STUFF. The biggest item was the Illidan statue which was bigger than me!

I'll add an edited pic later :)

Then we went to In and Out, which someone had told me we had to try since we were in California. We ordered animal style double burgers and fries, and a very thick shake! Sev really is a fussy eater and refused to eat his burger because it had tomatoes on it, even though I offered to eat the tomatoes. The asian in me hates seeing food go to waste! And as if more couldn't go wrong with Sev's food, his drink sprung a leak!

It was very heavy and looked extremely unhealthy but I'm glad we got to try it!

Then back to the hotel room for a bit of a breather where the boys had a nap and I did world quests and then we went out and had drinks at a little ANZ get together that MsMiggi had organised. Met Battlepanda (who had a cape of an Australian flag) and then I ducked up to Con before the Storm and saw Ceraphus, Xia, Whammo, Fimlys, Hydra, Rilandune, Shoryl and Mrs Shoryl, Grimmtooth and Mrs Grimmtooth, Artemisha, Zabine and Hawgeye! I was super pleased to be able to see them this trip!

The Benefit dinner was fun! I was worried I was going to be sitting down not talking to anyone and being shy but I put on my bold face and talked to people around me - I think they were like me, feeling shy but happy to talk to anyone who would talk to them! I met @lootgaming who I had met on Twitter when looking for a ticket for Blizzcon and his friend @PhatsuoWoW (who is really intense with his wow chat!) and then plucked up some courage to take photos with Dustin Browder and Ion Hazzikostas. Also chatted to the CHOC neonatologist who gave a speech on behalf of the Children's Hospital.

You know I forgot to get his number - I should have organised a tour of their hospital for CPD points! He did however take my number and email :)

I also chatted to @murlocQueen and I hope I can try one of her biscuits :)

After the benefit we caught up with our friends and chatted till late. Needed our sleep to get up for Blizzcon nice and earlyish the next day!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Blizzcon 2016 Trip - Day (2 days before Con)

Who can sleep when they're about to fly overseas for Blizzcon???

Clearly, Shab can!

HK could hardly sleep and I was up at 530am trying to get all my chores done before I had to leave, so we left at 630ish and caught the train to the airport. Silly me left my OPAL card at home, but fortunately you can still buy paper tickets, and so for the first time ever, I caught a train to the international airport.

Sev was staying at the hotel nearby but Shab was not answering his phone - I thought he was sleeping but it turned out he was in the shower. From his place it takes 1.5 hours to get to the airport, so I was worried he was going to be late!

Hk and I found Sev then went through Passport control and had breakfast on the other side. Big mistake. Better food to be found on the outside than on the inside!

Shab eventually turned up, and we had some snacks, did some shopping and then made our way to our respective gates. Shab and Sev were on the same flight (United) whereas HK and I were on the QANTAS but we ended up getting to LA at a similar time. I had an exit row seat and had never had so much leg room in my life!

Queues at LAX were dreadful at passport control (probably because 5 planes landed at once), but eventually we got through and secured our transport to our hotels. Sev and Shab were staying at Super 8 which is close to Red Lion (which is where I was staying) and we ended up having a 2nd hearty breakfast (in addition to our airline brekkys) at IHop, which like all American servings was HUGE!

Had a bit of a rest at our hotels (did some world quests) then met up with our guildies, as well as Arash, Zari, Chewy and friends for dinner at Bubba Gump. It's always a fun meal there, with trivia, nice service and reasonable food.

We were going to go to Ditchcon but then found out that we had to have signed up via Facebook to be able to attend and so we were sitting around in the Hilton lobby having drinks and chatting when I saw Ceraphus and Rilandune wandering up and down carrying stuff getting ready for the Con Before the Storm tomorrow. I was mortified that I didn't recognise Rilandune at first but I shall blame tiredness and alcohol...

We managed to get into Ditchcon (which was run by Pwncast) and it was unfortunately very loud. Could hardly talk to my friends! We stayed a little bit - I was mostly trying to find Fanglore from @Tahazudesigns but it turns out he didn't go to Blizzcon this year. What a bum!

Did manage to meet Lycan, from Pwncast. He was very friendly!

I was soft and had to give in after that - a combination of long flights, no sleep and alcohol just made me super tired. I will be up nice and early tomorow so I can get my tickets, browse the shop and then get ready for the party scene of Thursday night!

Sevrus the Witty Warlock

Sev posted in the forums the other day and impressed some people with his wittiness! I'm pleased to see that he is being more appreciated than in just his own little guild :P

Specula said:
You know the ones. That act like they've become unstoppable gods because they drank the Legion branded Kool-Aid ( Aka demon blood ).

"Let me show you the power the Legion has given me!"
Am I the only Warlock who just lets out a heavy sigh of disappointment from hearing these kinds of statements for the ten billionth time before showing these wannabe tryhards how2Warlock? Usually by setting my demon dogs on them or launching a destro ggez bolt into their face?

Frankly, I kind of wished that one of these idiots would charge forward, get absolutely ruined and the others would flee in terror as they were inflicted with unstable affliction or being cleaved in half at the waist by a Felguard as they ran screaming for their lives.
To which Sevrus replied:

Eh, it's understandable some second-raters can't handle their Demon juice, I regard it as NPC evolution in action.

The ones who irritate me are the Demon Hunters with their "I've sacrificed EVERYTHING" claims. I mean ... seriously? Warlocks are all about the sacrificing - day in, day out we sacrifice murlocs, trolls, gnomes, small furry creatures from Northrend ... and do we walk around boasting about it? Do we wander into the local general chat at the end of the day, put our feet up, and start blathering about how we've sacrificed literally everything today? No, we get on out there, and we keep sacrificing people. Who do the DH's think they're kidding?

Don't get me wrong though, they're not the only ones. Paladins for instance ... I remember hearing Fordring talk about the 'valiant sacrifice' of a squad of his brethren in Northrend, and y'know - I was pretty impressed at first. I mean, that's some genuine sacrificing right there. But it turns out he was talking about them getting wiped out by the forces of the Lich King in some pass. Now to be fair, I give the Necromancers of the Scourge full credit for being pro sacrificers, and I'm sure they did a great job extracting and enslaving the souls of those paladins. But Tirion boasting about it? That's like having a plumber fix your sink and then inviting all your friends over to see what a pro-handyman you are.

It makes you shake your head sometimes as a warlock - just can't help but feel these guys are completely missing the point
Well said, Sev.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Navimie the False Prophet And Coincidental Legendary luck

So I have been dabbling a little bit in the mystic arcane with RNG-esus which has all been a bit of a laugh really, but has some spooky coincidences!

A fortnight ago a battlenet friend who was an ex-guildie lamented to me that they didn't have a Legendary and wanted to know how to get one. I said to him that the reason he didn't have one was because he hadn't said hello to me for AGES and so the RNG gods would not smile on him.  He replied with an OMG and then said HI NAVI and we chatted for a bit. I didn't think much of it.

The next day he whispers me and said "GUESS WHAT! I got a Legendary!"

After that he was asking me every day for a blessing for a 2nd legendary but I said that he couldn't be greedy and to stop asking, since he had already got one.

I related this to Moisty, who also did not have a legendary. He had 2 members of his mythic + team with 3 legendaries and he was still without one and it was bothering him. He liked to pretend that loot didn't matter (and in general he didn't care about loot) but he did feel a bit upset and frustrated about it. I told him the story of my friend and said maybe it would work for him. I said, if he said night night to me every night in game instead of ninja-logging, then he would get a legendary. But he would have to do it for one week and he would have to do all the usual things that get him a legendary (ie dungeons, emissary etc) and not just sit on his ass thinking a legendary will just be handed to him. 

He really took it to heart. Every morning I would get a message from him saying Hi Navi, and every day when he logged of he would say bye or nn. He never forgot. I even told HK about it, thinking it was impressive that Moisty was sticking to it.

On the morning of Day 5, Moisty logged on said hi to me and did his Emissary and BAM! He got a legendary. Boy was he happy! I told HK about it, who was also moping about his no legendary, and I said well you have to be nice to me and you'll get one. "I'm always nice to you!" he said. But he bought me lunch.

That night, the same day Moisty got his legendary, HK got a legendary.

So I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself, thinking I had this cool pretend Midas touch. I was happy everyone was getting legendaries - that is, everyone except Crooked.

Crooked doesn't really care about not having a legendary but he will point out that he hasn't got one. I think it did feel a bit like bad luck for him because everyone around him was getting one. I was playing late last night past midnight and when I finished my Emissary I managed to score another legendary and I was so happy!

Crooked whispered me grats, but it also seemed to serve to remind him that he was still without a legendary! I said to him that I would wish for one for him, and told him that I got mine from the emissary cache. I asked him if he wanted to try the say hi to me every morning trick for good luck and he said he already says hi to me everytime I say hi. I rolled my eyes - boys! - and said that I would like it if he did it of his own accord and message me on Facebook or messenger, but Crooked being a typical boy wasn't being malicious or mean to me by not making my day and saying hi to me first thing in the morning, so I should cut him some slack. I wished super hard that poor Crooked would get a legendary. I thought he deserved one.

Not even 10 minutes later, when Crooked picked up his Emissary Cache, he got a legendary.

I know it's just pure coincidence, but it was pretty funny. And the magic RNG-esus luck has probably run out now, but hell, it makes one heck of a good story.

The Daily Frostwolf is going to Blizzcon again!

So exciting! Flying out to Blizzcon tomorrow!

It's going to be an exciting year as we have so many guildies going to Blizzcon. HK and I are going, as well as Shab and Sev - that was the original plan last year. But Exray, Aza, Ultra are also going, as well as Neri and Disco - it's going to be awesome with so many Frostwolves going! Xarek is making a special appearance as well, flying all the way from Seattle just to see us for one night - he's not even going to Blizzcon.

I've decided to make myself easy to find by wearing something outrageous on my head. I have a faux Wolfhead pelt that I'm going to wear, Durotan style! After all, I am a leader of Frostwolves too right? However, I am not going to dress up any more than that - I am too lazy to make a costume.

This time I also have some momentos to give away! I have some Navimie pins to give away to everyone I meet at Blizzcon - and my poor guildies are being forced to wear them too!

Yes, they are little badges of my Navispam sticker! Except they say "I've been Navispammed" instead of "You've been Navispammed". They have even been given the Tome of the Ancient tick of approval!

The other thing I have to do is meet up with all my Twitter/Blog/Game friends and the list is rather long! Hopefully I will have enough time to catch up with all of them.

My next post will be from Anaheim, so I'll see you all then!