Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You can mount me in Flight Form in 7.2!!!

Here is the first of the exciting news about the druid flight form. I must admit that because of the ugly Lunarwing form I hadn't been very excited about the form.  However, this second thing from Muffinus was super exciting!!

That has got to be the most exciting thing! People riding me in stag form is cool already, and that being carried over to flight form? AWESOME! I guess that means that my Sandstone drake will be made obsolete with my new flight form in Legion!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Raiding - A short week but still made progress

We were really short of healers on Thursday so we just called raid which I don't mind because it means mythic plus time.

Sunday raid went well with Moisty's first time tanking it. He had been fishing all weekend and arrived back in time for raid and still managed to keep going and tank everything except Gul'dan. Obviously a bit rusty his first time with some early taunts but I think he'll get along nicely for the weekend. Kjersten is my next project for tanking and Splatz can do that so HK can have a break from tanking and do something else, if that's what he wants to do. It was also the first time I said alts can come to raid and with alts in raid, the looting system defaults to AMR. Many people were hesitant about it, but that's what I have said we were going to do and it has worked well in the past for looting. Obviously this time I paid a bit more attention to loot than I did previously - I often did not notice titanforged or socketed gear but I made a bigger effort to look this time. People were also concerned that I did the looting based  upon the "upgrade" system that AMR shows, but I actually don't even look at that. What I do look at is who hit need, who has looted already, and who is a main vs an alt, whether the item is a high end coveted item (eg trinkets and tier). There was also another reason and that was that loot sharing can sometimes be a bit funny - as in people NOT sharing out loot, or handing over BoEs.

I'm well aware there are ways of getting out of stuff. BoEs are a classic example - if you don't pick it up in the raid, then it goes to your mailbox and then you can technically keep it for yourself. BoEs are supposed to be handed over to guild to fund repairs and I will use it to buy pots and flasks for the guild bank once we hit the magic 2 million gold mark. I worry that if I introduce it too early then when the BoE gold haul dries up, then trying to get people to contribute flasks again is a real pain in the ass. The same goes for personal loot. THe temptation to hand over an item to a friend rather than to the rest of the guild is a real one, and I am sure there are many loots that are passed over that way. Also, chanters will keep the shards as well rather than hand it over - I know I do but i do a lot of guild enchants and I spend ages farming epics in dungeons to keep my supply up. In reality, I can't do anything about it, so I just turn a blind eye to it, even though there are indignant voices saying "you should clamp down on it blah blah" but why, other than to make people angry? Let them think they can get away with it for a little while and people feel happy about it for a while? However, once I do AMR then I can control all loot and distribute it out evenly and openly, and I also can keep the shards to do all the enchants. I put out a ton of enchants each week! To keep up I need at least 50 chaos crystals a week and it's good that we get some from raid to do chants, and that people who regularly get chants from me send me greens to DE as well as cloth for making Leylight shards.

Fortunately, though there have been mutterings of complaint, there isn't enough of an issue for people to have to come up to me at the end of the raid and say "We think this is bad because of x and y." However, since we have been doing it that way for 2 or 3 tiers now, you would think people would get used to it.

Anyway, we cleared Gul'dan, lots of people got loot, but I probably had less to DE overall, partly because we had alts picking up gear, but also I think we had less loot than we do on personal.

Monday rolled around and I relaxed the raid size restrictions because Erve and Crooked could heal and now that we had the mechanics for Elisande better sorted it was easier to have everyone doing their jobs. So raid size of 24 with 5 healers was comfortable and we got Elisande and then started working on Gul'dan.

I am a total nitwit with Gul'dan. Firstly, I'm so busy trying to follow melee around that I am not healing enough or healing properly. Secondly I put my bubble down and then I do dumb stuff like MOVE! And that's even if I remember to do the bubble in the first place because I often do it too early or too late and I am just... STUPID. I needed a butt ton of warm up trying to get myself sorted out, and I think by the end of the night I got it sorted out.

We made good progress throughout the night and at least got to phase 3 so maybe by next week we can clean it up even more, especially when we only had 2 raid nights this week.

Some awesome 920+ trinkets went out to Jassa, Gen and Aza. Hopefully the extra output will help with raid next week!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Flamesaber mount from HOTS is hot

I don't play much Heroes of the Storm, but after Blizzcon we did say we'd try to play more. That didn't last long, but then Blizzard's ran a mount promo where you play 15 games on a Warcraft hero in Heroes of the storm with a friend from your battle.net friends list. So that rejuvenated it a little bit. However, didn't improve on my choice of characters though!

There were a few guildies that I played with to get my games done, namely Shab, HK, Sev, Crooked, Sars, Ultra, Ram and even Moisty and after sacrificing PvP night we managed to get it done.

I always play LiLi, and I try my best to be outrageously bright, so I have this pink safari suit on and ride the Hell Billie in pink skin.

It's actually a rather nice looking mount. Matches my boomkin legendary nicely!

Hope you mount hunters get your mount! It's good that you can play AI - with Shab we would often play Veteran or Elite, but with Sars we just played regular and facerolled the games. Which is better? I guess it depends on how you want to play! For novices like me, it was kinda fun to faceroll but it was challenging to play harder AI too - it just meant it took longer to get games done.

Haven't done it yet? You still have another 2 weeks to get it if you want it! The promo finishes on March 14th so what are you waiting for?


Saturday, February 25, 2017

RAOK - Balance of power Quest

One act of kindness won't change the world, but it may change one person's world. - Unknown

I was standing in Orgrimmar and a shaman standing next to me randomly asked me "Have you finished the Balance of Power quest?"

People would only ask that question if they were looking for the hidden appearance. I said that I had, and the shaman said that they had it on their druid and didn't know how to finish it.

I asked them to whisper me what part of the quest chain they were on - it would be listed under Artifact Weapon or class hall. I also mentioned to them that the Balance of Power quest chain is VERY long, involving multiple raid instances and dungeons. The Shaman said they would have to log over to their druid to check, and I asked for their druid's name and they told me. I tried searching on the armoury for that name but couldn't find it - I suspected there was a funny letter in the name because the shaman had a funny letter in their name.

Time went by and I couldn't find that druid. I tried looking them up on WoWProgress to look for alts but no success. I thought maybe I could find them in the class hall.

Lo and behold, when I went to the class hall, I saw someone of that name (with a funny letter) run past me. I whispered them and said "Is that you?"

It was, and they told me they had forgotten my name so couldn't whisper me. But, now that they had found me they told me which part of the quest they were on, which was A Vainglorious Past.

I had to sadly inform them that they were only up to the 3rd part of the quest! There is a great post in the Wowhead comments about the Balance of Power chain, and it lists each step of the way. There were 21 steps in the chain according to Foxiesfury, the author of the comment, and I sent a link to the druid/shaman detailing the steps.

They were a bit sad that it would be so long before they completed the chain, but I just encouraged them - after all, the expansion isn't over yet!

A big wave and a big thank you and they were off. That was a nice random encounter!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Micro Holiday - Hatching of the Hippogryphs

On the 23 February was the Hatching of the Hippogryphs micro-holiday. Like all the other micro-holidays there is no achievement associated with it, but it's just a cutesy thing in game that you can go see and do.

Firstly I headed over to Frayfeather Highlands in Feralas, which is fortunately easy accessible to a druid via the Emerald Dreamway (though trying to find it on the map was a bit of a bother - I had to ask McTacky for directions) and all I had to do was find an egg and stand on it and read the little emotes in text.

Oh? Is this egg moving?
The egg seems cold. Stay close to it to keep it warm.
You hear a rustling sound inside the egg.
The hippogryph inside is struggling to escape.
This is it! The egg is hatching!

It only takes one minute and then we have a hippogryph hatchling sitting on our shoulder like Pepe on our head. So if you love Pepe, you will love this once a year hippogryph hatchling.

It made my shoulder and head armour disappear! And on my druid it appeared in different spots on me.

It also made tweeting sounds and various emotes for the rest of the night when I was dungeoning. I thought it was specific to what I was doing (dungeons, WQ, PvP) but it appears it was just random!

Your Frayfeather Hatchling sighs contentedly.
Your Frayfeather Hatchling seems to be learning.
Your Frayfeather Hatchling starts to doze off.
Your Frayfeather Hatchling wants to see more of the world.
Your Frayfeather Hatchling seems bored.
Your Frayfeather Hatchling seems impressed.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just keep digging, just keep digging

If Dory did archaeology, she'd say "Just keep Digging" to me
The only job where you start at the top is when you dig a hole.

This fortnight's archaeology was a lot of digging. It was hard to get started but once I got into it, it was easier. I also didn't have any tauren ghosts popping up for the first 200 bone fragments (600 in total) so once I got a few of those, the bone fragment drop increased. I actually only had to dig about 20 dig sites for this one but that's more digs than I had done for other quests.

Witnessing the burial was very short!

So we get to ride around a ghost moose. It's actually not too bad with the moose head mog for my druid. The worst part of this digging was the Majestic Elderhorn. I swear he just came looking for me to chase me around and charge me when I was in dig sites near his pathing area. I think I killed him about 8 times. A shame the world quest wasn't up....

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I love being carried in Mythic plus!

It was a slow week. With Love is in the Air, the Heroes of the Storm Primal Flamesaber and archaeology mount to dig up there was not enough time to do mythic plus and I healed up plenty of other people's keys but I didn't get to level up my own key past 13 Arcway.

However, Gal told me that if I hadn't done my 15 for the week he had his one lying around. Oh, I asked, what is it? He had a Vault of Wardens +18...

PLUS EIGHTEEN! OMG! I hate Vault of Wardens 2nd boss! Would we be able to finish it???

Can't do corner strat with 2nd boss because the volcanic is really poopy. So we did it the usual way. And by the way, all the trash hit like trucks with the damned fortified.

Look, we made a pretty love heart out of sanguine!

Poor Anna and Gal, it was so nice of them to come and share their key, I wish I could have made the run smoother! However, overall, despite wiping on the 2nd boss multiple times (we had a few mishaps with Ox pulling dogs from upstairs, and then some bad knockbacks where I got disoriented) and dying to spiders because I am an idiot and walked the wrong way, the rest of the time it was ok. Oh, we did have this problem that I've had before in VoW where you die when you're down in the spider area after aggroing a brood mother and when you rez back up the top, the brood mother is there attacking you but you can't attack her because you don't have a light! So we have to all go back down the lift pick up the light and then DPS her when she pops up downstairs.

About the other bosses, that rock boss with the fire - I didn't know you could turn those statues twice to get 2 ice phases - but I guess the fight would have to belong to get that and it went for a REALLY long time. So we turned at the start and then turned again when it was about 30% or so. Glazer wasn't too bad, though we had a few deaths but no wipes and on Cordana we also didn't have any wipes either.

Look at the crappy time! LOL it's like more than double everyone else's time!

Anyway, it was an experience, and I had heaps of fun like I always do when attempting challenging things. I'll do better next time!

Unfortunately I still haven't managed to get Crooked to do a +15 in time yet, so hopefully the next week I can. I don't even think he's fussed about it. Jassaray was happy because on Tuesday night he managed to finish his +15 Arcway right at shutdown as he clicked the chest! I was trying last night before shutdown to get Goodgravy his +15 for the week but at 11pm we finished our 14 and I got a 15 HOV and I was like... hmm dunno if we can do this in time! Necrotic Tyranical next week. Tanks are gonna love it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gonna have to face it you're addicted to Love...

I had totally forgotten about the two toys until a day or two after Love is in the Air had started, and then I missed a day on Friday as well because of work. However, doing the dailies every day still managed to net me just enough tokens to buy both the Love boat and the Love fool.

My daughter is happily playing on her WoW account and is level 40 and so I got her to queue with me for the Chemical Crown Co instance. She died from standing in the bad stuff on the ground, but it was a nice easy way to introduce her to an instance!

There was no mount for me this year, but that's ok. I have lived without one this long, I will continue to do so without a qualm. I did feel sorry for all the people who ran it daily on all their alts.

People had some good places to farm charms for charm bracelets - though it felt like a huge chore making one charm bracelet (which needs 10 charms) and it only nets you one token. Giving a bracelet to a faction leader at least gives you 5 tokens!

Doing dungeons, raids and world quests was enough to get me my 40 charms for the 4 bracelets, and today, the last day, I finished off all the dailies and had 6 tokens left over after buying my toys. I took out the Love Fool and this waving wooden dummy spouted break up messages at me like
- "We should see other people"
- "We can still be friends"
- "It was only the one time"
- "I'm just not that into you"

And I could hit it as well. Target dummy ex-boyfriend indeed.

The Love Boat on the other hand, once I clicked it and the animation showed my jumping into it, suddenly vanished as if I had sunk the damned thing. It was a boat with a dude in the front to row me along but I am unsure if my heavy boned beefy body sank the boat or if it was a bug. Oh well, a one hour cooldown means I can't play with it again anytime soon!

Hope everyone was lucky in Love this holiday period and got some shinies!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Raiding - Must you leave so soon, Grand Magistrix?

Monday rolled around and I was wondering what we were going to do about Elisande. Splatz had messaged me saying that we had to lust in the beginning phase because we could get 2 lusts in. I had already decided that we would take 20 people only and we had exactly 20 people for raid, with stragglers.

Lusting early helped and everyone was practicing dodging the arcanetic rings and we even got the hang of the wonky ring where the bubbles sucked to Elisande and we had to slide in the gap between her and the slow bubble and then run back again to avoid the 2nd arcanetic ring. I also failed to realise that everything we did in first phase was mirrored in the other phases and that seemed to make a big difference.

There were some things we did that made life easier. Soaking the pools was not an ESSENTIAL thing, not compared to orb catching. We decided only to soak and shrink a pool when it was right next to the slow bubble so we had room to stand so that saved a bit of mana. I also did a lot of orb catching - it hardly hurts in bear form - and healed other soakers too. I changed to some mana saving talents but I think I can go back to my normal talents now that I've got the hang of the fight.

Delphuric beams shooting all over the place was damned annoying and I tried to get people to face them to the wall instead of through people but trying to keep the boss still whilst at the same time running for the slow add caused a bit of mayhem.

And we progressed solidly through the night, pushing Elisande through each phase. There was a nerf to her health so perhaps that made it a bit easier. And then there we were in Phase 3! OMG we were doing it!

Everyone was thrilled to get that down. Just Gul'dan to go now, so I am expecting to work on that for a fair while! Good work Frostwolves! And don't you just love whoever fired off that Love rocket when I was taking a pic. Cute :P

Friday, February 17, 2017

Raiding - Hmm, Elisande will need some work

Wednesdays are always exciting days to me. There is raid happening, we get to open our mythic caches, and see what our mythic + key for the week is!

Wednesday raid was good with 7 bosses going down. There was some initial irritation at wiping on Trilliax but I think people were concerned that we had too many "new" people when in fact we only had one and the next attempt was fine after we reinforced the "eat cake" to everyone.

We finished the raid 20 mins early because it would take too long to clear Botanist trash and we picked up at Botanist on Thursday.

We got Botanist down and then headed to Elisande. It felt like last time we were a bit better but we had a smaller raid and this time many people were dying. We also weren't maximising our haste buffs and focussing the adds to kill them fast enough. Once we did that we did better and at least got into the next phase where we can do that all over again plus more. Not sure how I am supposed to deal with mana though. It will get better as time goes on and people learn the fight and don't do stupid things.

I was criticised for increasing one healer so we could learn the fight better, with people saying that people will never learn mechanics if we cush them through it. I disagree. Having more healers helps you see more the fight and allows people to opportunity to learn it because you're not to get the opportunity to learn it when you're dead. As people learn and get their rhythms of where to position, when to use cooldowns, as well as catch all the mechanics, it gets better. At the moment everyone seems to be focussing on doing as much DPS as possible even though there is a lot of mechanics that need to be done well also. It is also amusing to see everyone NOT wanting to get the slow debuff for fear it will gimp their DPS, which of course it will, but I think as time goes on we will see improvement with that.

What I do think is that we should stick to 4 healers. I made Erve heal but I don't think that's a good idea in the long run because he needs to know how to DPS that boss. Probably will limit the raid size to 19-20 with 4 healers so that we don't overstretch ourselves, and see how we go from there. I don't particularly like this non-inclusiveness to all heroic ready raiders, but I do realise that it's pointless to beat our heads making something harder.

Well, I'll see how it goes on Monday.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I'm not a fan of this new Battlenet feature....

You know, if I wanted my battlenet to become Facebook, I would have linked it up to Facebook and Twitter. But I didn't. And now I feel like it's being shoved down my throat.

It's bad enough that Facebook spams me with people I should befriend because I have friends who are their friends but should battlenet be doing that as well?

4782 SUGGESTED FRIENDS??? That's bloody nuts.
It is unfortunate because my bnet friends get spammed with all my friends which blows out their list. And I must admit I look at the list and see names on it of people who aren't my friends that I could add - but perhaps there was a reason they didn't want to add me? And now we run into that whole Facebook thing where people get offended if you don't add them as a friend. Also, you can't hide anymore either!

Another thing I noticed is that suddenly people's real names are appearing next to their btags. I think this shows when you have realid enabled in your personal bnet settings. The default is to have it on and some people may not want to show their real names.

I guess the easy thing to do is to ignore it and not look at it. But that doesn't mean others aren't looking at it. How about ugly breakups and you're trying to avoid people and they find you again and harrass you? Or stalkers? Or people you just don't like?

The plus side is that it makes it very easy to Navispam people because I could find out someone's btag via their friends. However, though my intentions are benign, there could be others where they are not.

Admittedly last night we all spent time comparing friends of friends lists - or rather, Eurie, Crooked and Sev spent time looking at all the suggested people that were all on my friends list that they knew, trying to guess whom was whom. Sev commented even that the new battlenet feature was like 6 degrees of separation from Navi because my friends list is so large.

What I would rather have is an option to turn it off or hide the feature so people can't see my friends list. I don't MIND that Blizz has put this so that we can reach out to the broader community and make more friends, but sometimes too little privacy can cause even more headaches.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Guildleader chores - Patience in spades

I have either got endless patience or I am spineless. I would like to think it's the former.

On Sunday the raid filled up to 30 people within ONE MINUTE of me opening raid invites. People know that it's always tough to get into the raid and they really want to go, so they hang around in guild chat waiting to get in.

It's the same problem every new tier. Until we have all heroic on farm, people will keep turning up to normal. Eventually interest dies down and alts start to come, but it will remain full for a month at least, I think.

First issue. Should normal spots be held for heroic raiders first and then fill with casual raiders?

I used to contend this with Xyn. I agree that there are key roles that need to be filled - tanks, healers, certain DPS - but I didn't want people to think they can turn up 1 hour late and be guaranteed a spot. Most heroic raiders can pug a normal raid, but casual players cannot. Most of our casual players like the comfort of a guild raid to be able to do stuff and hopefully be explained to them what we need to do. I also expect everyone in a guild raid to listen to what they're supposed to do not ignore all mechanics like LFR. So at this stage, no I was not holding spots for heroic raiders.

However, tier bosses was something different and we organised swaps within the group for those who were not raiding to get in for a chance at Tier. Spoon swapped out for Eurie, and Sev needed to be swapped in but I hadn't worked out yet for whom. In the end I swapped him out with one of our casual raiders who had been doing less DPS than the tanks, and said I'd bring him back after.

Well. There was a hooha.

I have an expectation that if you aren't doing the damage required (and especially if you DPS below tanks) that you would realise that you're adding more health to the boss than you can damage, making it more difficult for everyone else. And, I expect that people should not get upset when asked to sit out if it is their first time coming to the raid and they aren't doing as well as they should on easy bosses, meaning on harder bosses they will make it harder for everyone else. So after that guildie had been to 4 bosses, I asked to swap him out for Sev so Sev could have a chance at Tier, and then the guildie could come back.

However, that guildie felt wronged by me, saying that I had treated him poorly as if he didn't matter to the raid and that he didn't appreciate being made to feel like he was less important than a heroic raider and that it was humiliating. I have to admit I was taken aback! He hadn't been to the raid before and he had come to 4 bosses. Is that not great that they got a chance at loot? I apologised to him saying that I was sorry I made him feel that way, but he continued saying that he didn't feel comfortable being in a place where he was so looked down upon.

He then proceeded to gquit on all his toons.

It probably didn't help that Jassa and Fox had made some disparaging remarks about casual players in guild chat that I already had to whisper them that it wasn't appropriate. Gen didn't like that people were being snarky to casual players and said to me that she wanted to quit raiding. And then I had to deal with this emo. Honestly, I just wanted to spank all of them and send them to their rooms with no dessert.

Sunday raid however continued and we cleared all of Normal, which was great. People got loot and the main stuff up was that I forgot to distribute one loot which was a bit of a bum because I know people could have used that trinket.

I tried to whisper the guildie that left and tell him that I was sorry he was affronted but I expected that considering all the help and kindness I had shown them throughout their time here in the guild, that one small misunderstanding could be discussed rather than be dealt with in such a childish manner. If I had made a mistake, being too abrupt or something, I would like to be given a second chance to do it better the next time! I give people second chances all the time, and I fully expect that same courtesy be extended to me!

After raid I had difficulty sleeping, thinking about how I could have handled it better. Not that it was such a bad thing, staying up. Did some mythic plus, did my world quests, and some pet battles. After I woke up, I thought, why am I being such a dope worrying about what I said. If they want to be immature about stuff, then they shouldn't be in our guild. I was angry. That person was angry about me wasting their 2.5 hours or time on a weekend they set aside to raid. Do they know how much effort I put in? How much time I spend doing things? And all they have to do is turn up and loot? I was fuming mad for about 1 hour but I spoke to Koda who is always lovely and calm who reassured me that I never make people feel like they are second rate or unwanted, and to never doubt myself because I am always very fair, and sometimes too nice, and if people can't see that and want to be idiots, well we are better off without them. 

Jassa apologised for being a turd, because he had been having a bad week in his personal life. I said that's ok, just mute your mic and don't talk. He was fine with that. He has moody days sometimes, and people keep telling me about him being cranky but they don't see him when he's being great. He's been supportive, helpful, generous - and it's because I know he can be and encourage him to do so. He's not the only one who can be turbulent. Tons of guildies have that same issue, and are very quick to anger, but patience, listening and reasoning can really help - even if you just want to take a keyboard to their heads and scream at them.

But I was surprised that later in the day I got an apology from the guildie who quit, who told me he had been having some family issues. Apology was accepted and I wondered if he wanted to rejoin. I had a feeling he did, because he was feeling very foolish about his behaviour.

Obviously, if he was going to rejoin there would have to be some talking to about expected behaviour. I mean, Tye may do that /gquit stuff all the time (though he hasn't done it in a while) but he's special because he knows I never mean to upset him and he can always talk to me after and he always comes back. But at least there was acknowledgement on their part that they did something wrong. I expect that the person will come back.

I remember when something similar happened when I was away. The guildie who was upset that time felt extremely humiliated and was upset but chose to vent in guild chat which was probably a bit immature too, but I think that there was also some of the original decision that was not in following with the guild ideal. That guildie spoke to me saying they wanted to leave the guild they couldn't play for a whole week because they were so upset and they felt betrayed and the guild wasn't what they had expected it to be. I told that guildie that the leader that day was feeling a bit stressed, and they were probably having a bad day, and everyone is allowed to have one bad day. Every other time that guildie had been looked after, and when they had a bad day and couldn't raid or perform, had we ever said that it was unacceptable? No! We always allow for people having off days and I said that I expected the same understanding from them. Officers are people too, we get stressed and make mistakes - and if I can overlook one mistake, then they can overlook one too. I reassured them that the next raid I would be there and it would all run smoothly and it did. Everything was fine.

What I'm trying to say that is you can't let your emotions run loose when you run a guild. Or in any management position. Just because someone pissed me off doesn't mean I am entitled to treat them badly or not listen to their side of the story, or slag them off. Each time I have shown compassion for weird or slightly antisocial behaviour I have actually found that they were having an off day or just needed a bit of guidance. And I made a difference to them, a change for the better! Imagine if I hadn't! That person may have felt bitter or angry with the game or even regret and then gone on to continue making those same mistakes over and over. But, because I was patient, the buck stopped HERE.

I think that if I show people understanding, compassion, allow mistakes BUT expect that those mistakes are acknowledged and improved upon, then people will treat me the same if I make a mistake or accidentally offend someone. And, from following that example, that should flow on to others too. 

So it's definitely not being a pushover by holding onto my anger rather than letting it loose. I think it's leading by example. And I like to think that it makes difference.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Raiding - Sunday full clear and 2 new bosses on Monday wewt!

We pushed hard on Sunday normals and we managed to get Gul'dan before the end of raid! I was pretty happy with that but I wasn't happy with an incident in raid which I will talk about in a separate post. Overall people were happy with getting all the bosses done and I am super pleased that we can clear it all in one night. It means we have more options now - now that we can skip we can chop and change our pathing for Sunday night.

Monday we were heading for Star Augur (not Auger - which apparently is a corkscrew and I've been typing the wrong word for goodness knows how long) and everyone was telling me how the DPS requirement is so high, and expressing concerns about people who weren't doing the damage and I said I would speak to them.

We took a minute or two to explain the importance of putting all your fel fire in one spot so the tanks can clean it up with their comets, move away from the boss when he does the Fel Nova and DPS the big add blah blah blah. Stay in your groups for first phase, let's move clockwise when we run out of room... we were trying to make it nice and clear.

And then we one shot it. Not to say that wasn't cool or great, but it was a bit of letdown after everyone telling me how we all need to do so much damage and I was expecting a few wipes.

So, on to Botanist! Now I was worried, with everyone telling us how dreadful it was. We were ok with the dispelling roots, we had people a bit iffy with their solar collapse dodging and also another issue with DPSing the orbs too quickly and having 2 blow up. With 3 bosses up at the end it was pretty messy but would you believe we even managed to kill that on our 5th attempt? OMG phew! How exciting, 2 new kills for today!

And lucky me. Guess who rolled their 4th piece of heroic tier. People started poking fun at me saying we raid just to gear up the guild leader. Hey, it's on personal! I'm just lucky this week!

So we had a few goes at Elisande and I still have never fully understood that slow fast thing, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. I can tell you I love displacer for trying to get through the bubbles that aren't slowed! And mana totally sucks for that fight. I need to sort that out.

Grats Frostwolves! Only 2 more bosses to go!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Aww, Zeera thinks I'm real neat!

Imagine my surprise when Zeera (formerly Zeirah) of Z is for Zeirah tagged me in a list of blogs she likes reading. Not only do I read her blog but I also run into her accidentally in game from time to tome!

Hee hee, I think I was standing around AFK near Nelth's lair when Z came along with Neuro, and this pic was taken. Now, I THINK that's Neuro there being blocked by bloody Broll, but I'm not sure.

Of course, other than reading her blog (and her reading mine of course) I have special links with Z about her blog name and one of her chibi avatars :D So I'm chuffed she thinks I'm neat :)

The Rules 3:
  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the seven questions your nominator has provided.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers and create 7 questions for them

Here are Z's questions!

If you couldn’t blog about WoW anymore, what would you blog about?

I actually have another blog where I talk about travel, environmentally friendly living (eg cloth nappies, gardening, chickens), AND I also have a blog where I write about trashy romance novels. Yes, I love trashy romance novels! If WoW was gone, I'd be spending my time doing those other two blogs a lot more.

What’s the best and worst thing about blogging?

The best thing about blogging is that it's an outlet for me. I write to release all the emotions I have inside and it's rather therapeutic. The BONUS of blogging is that sometimes people read what I write, and I can make friends with the people that read my scribbles and inner thoughts. The worst thing about blogging is that I have to write responsibly and can't just blurt out every little thought I think. People read what I write, people can get offended by what I write, so I make an effort to temper my words and edit carefully. Blogging is not quite like a diary because in a diary you can say what you want to and have not a whit or care about what other people will think because nobody will read it.

What’s your favourite achievement in WoW?

This is silly but I actually like doing the train achievement in Blackrock Foundry, There's Always a Bigger Train! Everytime I do that fight on normal or higher, I put the toy train down and the wrecker so people can get the achievement. They always get a shock when the screen whites out!

How long have you been playing computer games?

My dad got us an Atari when I was 8 or so, so I've been playing various games since then. Before WoW I used to play Starcraft and lots of Heroes of Might and Magic. WoW is my first MMO, and I haven't shifted since!

If you could have one day to do anything in, what would you do?

I'm not quite sure what this questions means - does it mean if I had a day free, what would I choose to do, or does it mean if I had a day to do anything I wanted, even the impossible, what would I do?

I'll choose the more outrageous option, and say if I had one day that was consequence free and I could do ANYTHING I wanted, real or pretend, I would love to have a glimpse into the future, 500 years from now, to find out what the world was up to. Will we be on other planets? Will we have a United Federation of planets! What technologies would there be? I would love to know!

What’s your favourite food?

Chocolate. In all variations. It is my weakness. Haigh's chocolate, especially, but I cannot say no to Maltesers or Lindt Dark Chocolate balls.

Where do you prefer to go, Mountains or Beach?

Mountains. I hate having sand in my butt and in between my toes. Sand just gets EVERYWHERE. I like trees and birds and plants and nature. And I look bleh in a bikini but I look great in boots.

So, now I have to choose 7 blogs. Sigh, these chain mail things, I have been careful not to choose anyone who hates chain mail type stuff. And I need some questions! I choose....

1. Bubbles of Mischief
2. Mama needs Mana
3. Harpy's Nest
4. Tastes Like Battlechicken
5. Tome of the Ancient
6. Parallel Context
7. Heals n Heels

And I would like to know

1. What would constitute a perfect day to you?
2. Which super villian (if any) do you secretly admire or feel sorry for?
3. If you had to recommend one book to read, what would it be?
4. What is something you wish you could do but you can't (eg draw, sing)?
5. If you could play with someone in World of Warcraft, who would you play with and what would you do with them?
6. What was the kindest thing anyone has done for you in a computer game?
7. If you could choose your spirit animal, what would it be?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Minipost - And I thought I was unlucky with resto legendaries

I went out on Friday night for a fancy schmancy dinner and didn't take enough lactase towards the end of the meal and ended up with an upset tummy from too much dairy - desserts are like that! So I was woken up at 4am with the need for bio breaks as well as it being rather hot and I thought I'd log on and do some stuff in game, since I missed out on PvP night.

So, what should I do?

I didn't feel like doing world quests right at that point so I went and did some pet levelling. I got bored of flying around Draenor so I decided I'd knock out the 3 order hall quests that I had for a boss in each wing of Emerald Nightmare LFR (which I put in parentheses). There were bags for tanks and heals so I queued as both of those and healed Rift of Aln (Xavius) and Darkbough (Il'gynoth) and tanked Tormented Guardians (Cenarius). The bear tank in Tormented Guardians was just running off pulling everything and had more health and did more damage than I did, and when we were done he got Velen's Future Sight from Cenarius.

He was grumpy. He whinged in raid chat that he wanted the ring, and that was his 6th resto legendary and still he had no ring. So I guess I should stop complaining - I have 5 legendaries and also no resto ring!

Of course there are people who would say why are you complaining about 5 legendaries! I'm not complaining EXACTLY, it's just that I feel like everyone has the resto ring and I want it too coz it's the best one. I wonder if I'll ever get it!

Raiding with Leashes IV - I cheated and bought them...

I'll tell you, that Drudge Ghoul is expensive. I decided to be lazy and just buy it.

Big thanks to Jaz and Tacky who gave me the majority of those pets.

So off I went to go fight with Algalon. Fortunately he was outside Ulduar, not inside, so I just had to fly over there and battle.


I could not do that fight, and I didn't persist for hours but only just under 2 hours. And the solution was so simple it just did not occur to me, and I wish I'd thought of that, maybe I would have been successful!

All 3 of Algalon's pets are boss pets and take half damage. They are all pretty - a celestial dragon, a celestial bunny and a celestial hippo. The dragon is a dragon type, and the other two are magic types.

I was trying to figure out how to take out that bloody hippo. It has Wish (and uses it on cooldown), AND it's magic AND it has that boss buff so it takes half damage. How do I beat the bloody thing! I can't outheal it, Darkness and half healing doesn't keep it's health low enough, I can't heal myself enough against it's attacks... ugh. I was at a loss.

What I SHOULD have been looking at, was using the Apocalypse to my advantage! And that was the key to winning this encounter.

Quintessence had a fantastic strat - using Macabre Marionette, Emerald Proto-whelp and Infested Bear Cub. My Bear cub was not levelled so I quickly levelled it.

Needless to say that did the trick. A great strat!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Finally Navi changes her Transmog

Kamalia made a nice pink toned transmog for me, but I have to go out and get it, so whilst I'm out trying to pick those pieces up, I thought I'd play around with Moon Guard Robes or Grove Keeper's Robe, which I thought looked quite nice.

I ended up playing around with Moon Guard Robes and I quite like this!

Druidic Helmet of Second sight is a recolour of Tier 2. Spell Fencer's shoulderpads with Gloves of the Shadow's return look quite good together with the Belt of the Netherwalker. The last 2 are quest rewards from the Hunt for Illidan Stormrage. I used Kamui's Crystalline Staff of Wizardry for the weapon, though Void-Warped Oshu'gun Spellstaff is not a bad option either, and would make me look more druidy.

Except for the helm, these are part of the Dreadleather armour recolour (thought there are a chest and legs that can be used instead of the robe).

Think I'll stick with this for a while!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Raiding - Am I lucky or WHAT?

I love Wednesdays! Wednesday is raid day! Yay!

I had 4 people from normal runs on Sunday asking if they could come to heroic, and I had to figure out how I was going to filter that out. Krosus is a bit of a DPS check and we got it right on enrage last time so I wanted to make sure I made it clear and open on what is required, so after looking at what all the heroic raiders were doing on normal, I said that 400k dps on normal Krosus is what people will need to do to to come to heroic Krosus. That might be a bit higher than what is required but we do run an extra healer for that fight and allow for accidental deaths. I will probably get a lot of flack for that but as we get more confident in the fight we can probably relax that a bit, as we will still have the occasional stuff up but nowhere near as many as we had on our kill attempt (well, everyone DIED in that kill attempt).

So of the 4 who asked, 3 were doing just under 400k (360k+) and two of the heroic raiders were 398k so I said to those 3 come for every fight up to Krosus and 2 of them showed up. I didn't check but I hope they got loot! They all left quite amicably at Krosus and I am confident that they will hit DPS requirements on Sunday and so I can let them in without anyone saying I have been unfair. I did get some questioning about why they couldn't stay and I explained my position and I made it clear that I expect every member to be doing 400k dps on normal and those who are struggling with the damage or with constant dying will need to sit out for that boss. That seemed to work and everyone was doing well over the DPS cutoff for normal on heroic Krosus! 

It was actually a really good raid night. In our first week we did 3 bosses. In the 2nd raid week we did those 3 bosses on our first night and then got 2 new bosses down on Thursday then a new one on the Monday. This week we did all 6 bosses on Wednesday with half an hour to spare! So we called raid early because we weren't going to get many goes on the boss anyway and we might as well do the whole day on Thursday doing Star Auger.

So, why am I lucky?

Well, on first managed to loot a heroic Tier cloak and also rolled the cloak too. Unfortunately, I can't trade either of them because it's higher than what I have! So that was a damned shame for Fox and I felt bad. At first I thought if I had equipped it first and then rolled I could've traded but that wouldn't work either because I can't trade a bonus roll and once I've equipped it I can't trade it either! Anyway, so I have two cloaks and I guess I can use one for bear.

Then, from Krosus I got a Tier chest, and then I got Tier shoulders from Tichondrius which were warforged! AND on top of that I got a legendary! Granted, it's Sephuz's secret and everyone sent their grats and commiserations, but it's still a legendary! I guess I can wear it with other specs too. It's not disastrous but I would like that OTHER ring that all resto druids want.

So, a lucky run for me! 6 set! HK was outraged since he only just got his first 2 pieces of tier in this run (having none from any previous runs). So I guess I've used up all my luck for.. at least a month!

Thursday night I guess it's Star Auger time!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Guildleader chores - Holding it all together

It's been almost 2 weeks now since Xyn's death and the dust is settling. Neuro didn't like the feel of the raid without Xyn so he is not raiding with us and looking around for something that will suit him, and Dil went to another guild to do some mythic raiding. Fielsa and Naesca left to find a guild with better raid times (since they're Kiwis our raid times were too late and I did worry about that) and Moisty has abandoned his rogue and picked up paladin to start doing some tanking. The fallout and upheaval wasn't as much as it could have been. Logical Navimie says it's ok and expected that people feel this way, and I fully support their decisions for whatever they do. It is the right thing to say and I whole heartedly believe it, and it's how I have always run the guild - play what you enjoy, stay here if you're happy, if we don't have what you need to make you happy please go elsewhere and find what does because happiness in the game is important to me. We play the game to enjoy it!

But heartbroken Navimie on the inside feels every loss as if it's a personal failure, because I can't be Xyn. I don't want to genderize it and say that the guys feel more comfortable talking to Xyn and the girls more comfortable talking to me because we both spoke to everyone, but Xyn had more of a teacher role talking about high reaching goals and aspirations, mixed in with his lecturing teacher voice when people were acting out of line, whereas I had more of a parenting/counseller kind of role where I would make sure everyone was fitting in ok, find out a bit more about the personal lives of each member and connect to them through that, and I would put on my parent voice when people were out of line.

I went through a small patch of feeling like I wasn't important and Xyn as the only important thing in the guild and I realised that it was a stupid thing to feel. I know that's not true. Lots of guildies have made effort to make sure I'm ok and have someone to talk to. It was selfish of me to feel like I need attention to help with the pain of loss when pouring the attention into others to make them feel included and important is just as therapeutic. I found that my guildies wanted to feel helpful and useful too, and it surprised me that even just talking to one of them about little things such as what was going on in guild, made them feel like they mattered to me, and to the guild. That they were part of something, which they always were, but being included felt... reassuring.

Two of my friends, both guild leaders of mythic guilds on other servers, offered their assistance with raiding which was SUCH a nice gesture. Interestingly, both of them play prot paladin, and though I thanked them profusely for their kind offers, I didn't need it but I did ask them about strats for bosses, so they didn't feel like their help was being totally rebuffed. If situations had been reversed, I would have offered them both the same assistance, and as friends, It was the same for them, I think. I can be proud and be independent and not need anything, but I think me just accepting any help from them helps them feel like the friendship we have is a meaningful one.

Late evenings are when I miss Xyn the most. That's when Xyn and I used to talk and debrief after everyone had gone to bed. Sometimes I think I'd like to tell each member of the guild all the great things and positive stuff that Xyn said about them because we did talk about everyone. I thought it would be nice if people heard what Xyn said about them - especially if it was nice - because then they would feel like they mattered to him. The only person I have done that with is Mauly, because Xyn was so enthusiastic about Mauly joining the guild and telling me what he was like and how they've been friends for so long that I felt that I couldn't help but be friends with him too. Mauly is not a high end raider, but they were both friends and guildies since Vanilla and even though they had a gap of contact for a couple of years they just picked up their friendship where it left off. I was worried that Mauly would leave after Xyn was gone but he told me that he wanted to stay because he would like to be around other people who knew Xyn so he could talk about him. I get that. I want to talk about Xyn too and I'm glad there is someone I can chat to who knew the same Xyn I did. Xyn was a different person to different people, but they were all Xyn, just different aspects of his interest and personality.

Doing world PvP sucks without Xyn there to save my ass. As prot pally he could hold his own but it was nice just to have someone to do it with. When groups from other guilds come up and whoop my ass I grumble to myself and think if Xyn was here we'd try our best to take out at least ONE of them! Doing it solo however, there ain't no chance of that!

At the end of the first week I was thinking how hard it was without having someone to talk to about guild direction and shenanigans. I do talk to the other officers, Sev and Hk, it's just that Xyn would argue back. Sev is great listener (though loves devil's advocate), and HK isn't much of a talker so sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a mirror rather than being wrestled with, and I do miss the wrestling. I think I might regret saying that.

However, at the end of this second week, I seem to have become more self reliant again, which is how I was during mid Siege of Orgrimmar in Mists of Pandaria. I had forgotten that there was a period where I was doing everything on my own, and slipping back into that has not been as hard as I thought. Typing strats sucks though. I was glad when Xyn had to do it and now I have to do it. My explanation of fights is basic at best, so I leave that for those whose understandings of mechanics and fights are better than mine and then I just dumb it all down so I can understand it.

The guild does move on though, like it does after any upheaval. And I am moving on too. I feel a bit guilty, because I feel as if moving forward means that Xyn didn't matter, that I could just put him behind me. My most pressing concerns at the moment are looking for healers, and I had some raiders tell me they will look into their offspecs, and another one telling me they're going to main switch at the next tier to priest, which I've amusingly embraced as something they need to do every tier, since this will be the third time they've switched toons for raiding.

I'll finish this post on something that made me feel chuffed! I was browsing the recruitment forums to see if there were any candidates that seemed a good fit for the guild, and one post by a shaman from December was about finding a raiding guild with a social side. She was a GM on a US server, but was from Queensland and was looking for something a bit more... oceanic. However, I noticed that almost 2 months had passed and the person still hadn't changed guilds so I assumed their situation had changed and they decided to stay on their server. She was a GM - perhaps she couldn't feel like she could leave their guild, which is something I can certainly understand. Anyway, I thought I'd find out a bit more about them and offer them a home if they ever changed their mind (of course, after I chatted to them to see if they would fit or not).

I managed to catch them online and found she was no longer looking for a guild, but I told her that's cool! I told her she could delete my btag anytime (because you know, she might feel awkward having me on there since I was only there to recruit), and if she changed her mind she could find me on Saurfang, horde side, from the guild Frostwolves. She said she head heard of the guild... and next thing you know, I found out she had read my blog occasionally. What are the chances! How cool was that! I was feeling pretty excited to find someone who had actually read my blog, and I was happy because if she did change her mind she knew exactly where to find me. And she said something to me that made me instantly like her.

"socials are the backbone of the guild - or they are here.. love my grumpy family too"

So I made a new friend :) And that always makes my day :)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Raiding - A good Sunday and an even better Monday

Turnouts are still outrageously crazy on Sundays, with the raid full 5 mins before raid time. Quite a few people missed out this time!

However, the fights went pretty smoothly since we had done it before, and we managed to knock out 9/10 normal bosses with our casual players which was really good! We also got to LOOK at Gul'dan so if we can get that done quickly we might be able to do a full clear on Sundays. However, we are also almost at the ability to skip bosses so we might end up starting on Gul'dan and then going back and picking and choosing bosses to do.

On Monday we went to finish of Gul'dan and then we decided to go do Tichondrius. I was in a bit of a flap because I hadn't read up on it so it took me a few minutes to get myself up to speed. The extra thing I had to worry about was Brand of Argus which 2 people get and it explodes when 6 people get into the circle, and does a fair bit of damage. I missed a few times the calls for that but as I got used to it, it got easier.

And I do love the "night" phase where they kill bats and we get to pick up purple orbs for mana regen. You can just spam heals forever and not have mana issues as long as you pick up one!

We worked on that all evening and in the last few minutes before the end of the raid we got the boss. Wewt!

Nice work Frostwolves! I think there were 3 people alive at the end of that fight - certainly a lot better than the Krosus fight where we all died at the same time as the boss....

Overall, this week has been better than I thought it would. Everyone has been contributing, helping out and being patient, and I feel like the heroic raid team is finally pulling together to work as a team. Did it have to take Xyn dying for that to happen? I would like to think that it would have come around on it's own, but I think his loss has made the guild at least be more supportive to each other (and to me) which has created this better team feeling. If it continues like this, I think raids will be much more enjoyable. The casual raid has also been really popular and I've felt that everyone has been enjoying it.

Over the past week and a bit there were other changes too - not unexpected as people grieve and start looking at what they want from the game. Two members have decided to look for raiding elsewhere, and one other has decided to change from DPS to Tank, which I have to figure out where to accommodate as Splatz is doing an ace job with tanking at the moment. For now I plan to slot the new tank in on Sundays, and to DPS for main raids, so we'll see how that goes. The concern is that if they do want to tank and not given the opportunity, they may leave which I would be sad to see another guildie go but people should be allowed to do what they want to do and I won't hold them back.

Looking forward to a new week and wondering what crap I might get out of my cache this week! Hope everyone has good luck from their Mythic cache this week!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Prestige 6 - River Six (IMO should be Rainbow Six)

On Sunday morning I managed to tick over to the next Prestige!

It's so shiny when it pops up. It's like an OVER achievement.

So I get a crest of Heroism, which gives a new artifact weapon colour. I quite like the bear one and the boomkin one!

Can't wait till I unlock the green bear one!

Prestige 10 next stop!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Minipost: Finally got my Fathom Dweller!

Doing that Kosumoth attunement and that darned pet has been up a zillion times, but the time the mount was up I think I was at Blizzcon so I didn't do it. However, since it was up this week I told HK we must go do it. Xyn had told me it was quite easy and he wasn't wrong!

He tanked, I healed and it went down. Yay!

Ok, the annoying thing with these underwater mounts is that you still run out of air underwater when riding one of these things. I wish that would be fixed! If my head pops up too much above the water the mount gets despawned. Annoying!

But that makes mount #276. Ugh, so many to go before I get to 300! That is, if I could be bothered to get mounts :P

Friday, February 3, 2017

Family Familiar Finally!

Oh my goodness, I finally finished all the achievements! On Tuesday night Aulier was up and I had 15 minutes to get it down before shutdown. Tuesday was actually a good evening for a whole lot of achievements, which I'll talk about in a separate post.

I have to send a big thank you to Cymre who helped me with one fight that I was struggling with. She has many videos on these pet battles which you can find here. I did the rest of the fights without having to resort to googling strats or teams, so for once I was pretty proud of myself!

So what teams did I use?

My favourite pets to use were Death Adder Hatchling, Spiders (I used Amethyst Spiderling), Feline Familiar and Argi. Death Adder Hatchling is good because it's fast, has a blind so if you time it right you can dodge a big hit, and poisons to whittle away your opponent. Spiders are my favourite all rounder pet because with brittle webbing, poison spit and leech you can keep your health up whilst whittling down your target, and if they're hitting you they are hitting themselves as well. Argi has a self heal as well as a stampede for double damage, or a headbutt you can use instead that will be good for some stuns or hard hits. Argi also has good attacks against undead targets. Feline Familiar has darkness which is good against targets that are healing themselves,

I love Crabs and Striders here. Crabs using whirlpool and surge and Striders with Pump and Water jet. I also used Spawn of Gnathus and Tundra Penguin when I needed some extra damage. Magical Crawdad with Wish got me out of a few tight spots! Oh, and Moonshell crab gets a special mention because it has attacks which are strong against flying which are always the bane of an aquatic's existence.

Snails, Rabbits are winners here. I used various combinations of the two and also did use Baneling for extra damage against flying pets.

The trio of Dread Hatchling/Gilnean Raven/Crow with their Darkness/Nocturnal strike is still a good bet against most mobs. Terrible against elementals though, so I would switch to moths with moth dust and cocoon strike. The Falcosaur hatchlings are also quite good with their Falcosaur swarm doing double damage and predatory strikes.

Combinations of Chrominus for Howl bombs and Surge of Power, with Sprite Darter Hatchlings for Life exchange and Emerald Protodrake for self healing seemed to work for most combinations. I did use Dark Whelpling for Tail sweep/Lift off or Infinite Whelpling for Darkflame and Healing Flame sometimes as well.

It's a boring fight when I have to use my Blossoming Ancient and heal myself and do tiny damage to the other team till they die. Ruby Droplet with block and the 2 heals also helped longevity. Corehound Pup with Howl and Burrow had some good moments, but the Pandaren Air spirit was good against water pets. Thundertail flapper with Thunderbolt and Lightning shield was also a good team addition.

Son of Animus is a staple for my mechanical teams, but I have been known to use triple Lil' XT with Heartbroken/Tympanic Tantrum, though that is an easy combo to break. Lil' Bling was good with Inflation doing double damage and then throwing coins on them with Make it rain. Mechanical Yeti with lightning storm with Ion cannon was good with Lil' Bling.

Unborn Val'kyr, Crawling Claw and Graves were what I used most of the time, but Creepy Crate was a good substitute. Curse of Doom, agony and swapping the toons helped take down a lot of teams. I also used Giant Bone Spider a few times for Sticky web and Leech life.

Oozelings or Slimelings with their big attacks and heals were good staples, and I also used Gusting Grimoire for some Curse of Dooms and Agony with the Enchanted Broom swapping targets out so they could die in the back row. Magic Lamp with Wish can be useful at times as well. I used Nordrassil Wisp when fast attacking targets were an issue.

Against beasts I was pulling out Grunty for his beast damage attacks, and I also used Murkalot a lot. but I quite like using Lil' Bad wolf for the howl bombs. I would sometimes use Corefire Imp, but not that often. The hardest fight I had was against Master Tamer Flummox where I used Wretched Servant, Lil' Bad wolf and Sister of Temptation (thx Cymre!).

Phew, all that effort for a Nightmare Treant! Bu the little guy is cute :)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Raiding - It's not the same, but it's still good

The outpouring of support and offers of assistance for the raid this week was phenomenal. Ultra offered to do calls, if I did the quick explanations. I had Ram doing the healing strats, and I told HK to communicate well with Splatz as he had offered to tank.

Wednesday was actually really good. We were a bit sloppy after not raiding for a week, but we managed to get the first 3 bosses down. To be honest I was surprised we were back to what we had done from our first raid week! After that we were clearing to Aluriel and Dil said "Why don't we do Krosus? He's easier!"

So we spent the rest of Wednesday night wiping on Krosus. Just needed tidying up catching swirls and the tanks needed to stand in the fist smashes. It was a good start, but there was understandably a lot of people thinking about Xyn.

Thursday rolled around and back we went to Krosus and we made steady improvement - we paced our cooldowns better, we concentrated on the back swirlies since the front and middle ones could be gotten by melee and ranged and we had people not doubling up with calls, with someone telling melee to move out as well as someone telling us right or left... and we killed it right on enrage! The bridge smashed and we were all dead but so was Krosus and the loot window had popped up! How are we going to get loot if there is no bridge to stand on to loot the chest!

Fortunately, after we ran back the bridge had reformed so we could take a picture of the chest.

There was one moment in one of our attempts when I displacered off the bridge and died, trying to get to the back of the bridge for swirlies. That was embarrassing.

After Krosus we went back to Spellblade Aluriel. The last time we came on heroic we were tidying it up a bit and it went much better today. Frost and fire were good and we just had to keep moving with arcane so once everyone did that, it actually fell together very nicely and everyone was pleased with how the team worked well together and did their part! Well, I can't speak for everyone but it really did feel like everyone was working together for the kill and it was really satisfying.

I was still carrying around some heavy heartedness from some sad news I had gotten earlier but being with the guild with those who still wanted to be Frostwolves swept all those dark thoughts away. Raiding is different and I understand that people are disappointed it won't be the same without Xyn. No, it won't be the same, but it doesn't mean it will be worse. Things change and evolve, just like everything in nature, as life goes on. If he could see us now, he'd be happy. And I know that he would be missing us too.

Good work, Frostwolves!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Guildleader chores - Moving onwards

One thing that Xyn would have thought was nice was how the guild pulled together for the tragedy. I have had many whispers and offers of help that just thinking about those things has helped me when I was quietly feeling sorry for myself and the enormity of the having to shoulder guild responsibilities on my own. It's not TERRIBLE - after all, I've had to do that before - but the guild has changed a bit since then.

I worry about other guildies too. Those who did M+ with Xyn suddenly feel like that exciting part of their week was lost. The casual members that Xyn took on dungeons and made their week - that part was one of the nice surprises that I felt I had contributed to. Xyn had been getting so focussed on M+ and getting frustrated with some aspects that I told him to play with our casual members and he will remember how much fun it is just to play the game for the fun and not for the intense challenge.

I am not sure if it's because people are worried about me but I have been asked to do lots of things with guildies, which has been really nice. I don't think it was because I was purposely ignored before - just that I was usually busy. For the last week, my late night sleeping habits have flared up again and the night owls have been taking advantage of it and we've been doing runs late at night. I actually like that a lot, because it reminds me of challenge modes in Pandaria where my late night activities would not affect guild events or playing with guildies. However, with Perth guildies they have 3 extra hours of awake time so I can happily keep going till... cough... 2 or 3 am. /guiltyface

I had a lovely offer from one of my GM friends on another server to come and help tank and raid lead until we find someone to replace Xyn. I was stunned at that generous offer - he has his own guild runs to tank and organise! Fortunately, I have tanking covered. Splatz has offered to tank, and in the mean time, I have asked Kjersten to get ready to occasionally tank. He's one of the new guys and he's settled into guild quite nicely - mythic + tends to bring people together, I think. I did thank my friend though, it was SUCH a nice gesture, I really have no words to offer that could express my extreme gratitude.

Ultra is going to continue doing calls, and make strat suggestions. I asked Neuro to help too but he's having a bit of a WoW break - as I said previously, everyone deals with grief differently and I understand his coping strategy. He's not the only one who hasn't logged in much since Xyn's passing, so I expect a few people will still be avoiding WoW to avoid the pain. I've also asked Ram to help with healer calls a little bit (I would have asked Dil to help but I know Dil get's a bit focussed on his own tasks and is too quiet on Discord) and I've got Sev and Hk doing their usual stuff. HK himself is also really sad, but he's very quiet about it. Xyn and he were great tanking partners and he doesn't know if he can find that partnership again. I just encouraged him to be communicative - because he will not find that same partnership again but he can use what he learned from that to make new relationships which are just as good.

I have to get started on these darned Exorsus notes. It would be helpful if I could pull them all out of Xyn's computer, but that's not going to happen. Before last week, I had been shifting away from playing WoW at work (and instead, I've been browsing the internet and gumtree reading about chickens), but now I feel like blogging and doing WoW things again.

Playing WoW more has helped me with accepting life without Xyn. I have gone back to whispering quick hellos to everyone online in the morning (if I'm not AFK) and I still have tabs on who everyone in the guild is and their relationships to others - I feel like I have a purpose, a use, a direction. Xyn's friend Mauly has been great to chat to because like me, he actually wants to talk about Xyn, whereas most others feel like it's a topic to avoid because it makes people sad. I've already said that I know everyone copes with grief differently, and my way of coping is to talk about it. Crooked sent me a soundfile of Xyn talking and I listened to Dil's videos in Discord of some of his mythic plus runs with Xyn, as voices were recorded. Mauly wanted to listen too so I played it on my speakers and hearing Xyn's voice caught him a little, and there was one point where Xyn said something that was SO XYN that it brought tears to my eyes, but I was smiling as I remembered it.

Tonight is our first raid. We're gonna take it slow, and I have a good feeling about it. I don't expect everyone to be there because some may still be coping with their grief. But for those who need this to help them cope with theirs, I will be there. And I hope that many of my raiding guildies will be there for me.