Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Archaeology finished! Well, almost!

This week was the last week of rare archaeological artifacts to dig up (I skipped it last time) and Crooked kindly reminded me because it is sometimes rather difficult to wind up enthusiasm for archy.

There were cool changes to archaeology with 7.2.

Crooked told me that you could now get AP whilst digging. I must have misheard him because I thought he said Bloods of Sargeras. So yes, there is a rare chance you can get some decent AP items occasionally whilst digging.

Another thing I noticed that was different was the aggressive mob/ghost that pops up when you dig and always drops more archaeology pieces. When I was digging in Stormheim it appeared as an item you could loot and when you used it, the spawn appeared.

Also there are golden (elite) dig sites as well as normal dig sites. Crooked told me about it, and I just thought that it meant that the dig sites were in elite areas (Azsuna dig sites have a loarge number of them in elite mob areas which was annoying before we had flying). However, Galestion said that there is an increased chance of getting AP in a rare dig site compared to a normal one. And for the elite one I did that was true. I got 3 AP items (all of which were 1.1 million) compared to maybe 1 artifact power item for each 2 dig sites.

I needed 2 more pristines - both of which are demonics. So I was rather stroppy that every single item I had to solve this time around during the quest was the Houndstooth Hauberk - I had 4 or 5 in a row! That's 170 pieces per solve! I then finished the quest and got an Imp's Cup now to solve (yay something different) and I guess I will have to work up some enthusiasm for some more digging.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Raiding - Nighthold achievements

There is nothing much to say about Wed/Thursday raiding anymore which is just Heroic NH farms and clears, so on Sunday we did some achievements for something a little bit different!

I really should start on achievements in Emerald Nightmare but I thought we'd start on Nighthold. And also, I actually forgot about those achievements. We can go back for them.

Skorpyron's achievement, Cage Rematch, was quite easy. All you had to do was make sure nobody went outside of the ring in the centre of the room, which  basically meant hide behind crystals and don't get knocked back. And the ring goes out to the edging cobblestones but I told everyoen the blue bit.. just in case.

Chromatic Anomaly's achievement is a bit difficult. I decided to skip that one and dedicate a whole night to getting that one.

Most people had Trilliax's achievement, Gluten Free, which is basically by playing like a baddie and eating very little cake. We went a bit more extreme and tried eating NO cake. And that still went ok.

After that we went to Krosus and did Burning Bridges. A little bit tougher until we got the hang of how we were going to do it. If you don't absorb swirlies, fire elementals spawn. What we need is to get Krosus to smash the bridge so elementals fall into the water. We struggled for a bit as the elementals were dying from aoe attacks (poor Moisty and Fury, they couldn't help it) and then we decided to leave EVERY elemental up so that we had a nice collection from each part of the bridge. Well that was all good but then we couldn't get it down at the last bit because so many elementals up were doing tons of damage, so a lust at the start and smashing Krosus down as much as we could and then running around doing single target damage to Krosus and interrupting adds as much as we could and lots of healing. We ran it with 6 or 7 healers for 17 people. It felt like we needed it though! 

Next up was Botanist's achievement, Fruit of all evil. I had never seen these fruits before, but once they were pointed out I saw them EVERYWHERE!

Once you eat them funny things happen to you. You might see hallucinations, you might vomit, or you might get stunned, or knocked back. And it puts you in combat! So it was important that we cleared the whole area so we could eat then eat berries and make sure you kill hallucinations because more often than not they were off attacking healers and healers couldn't see them. And they bloody hurt!

Despite what people said, once you die, you actually can't click another berry. And everyone in the raid has to have the arcane exposure debuff, no dead people or anything. So we wiped when one person died (and both times it was me because someone's hallucination was beating on me - THANKS KELTHAL). The good thing is that the berries respawn after a wipe so you can do it again.

Spellblade Auriel's achievement requires you to kill her in three different places so you can do it on three different lockouts. Since Botanist was cleared, we dragged her over there to kill her for the Shal'dorei Terrace step. It's best to do it in Botanist's room not on the bridge - only half the bridge is coutned as Shal'dorei Terrace, and when she charges around when the flame line is up, she can "run" out of the area and the achievement fails. The other two spots are in Astromancer's Rise and Shattered walkway, which are just on the way to Star Auger and Krosus, so we can get them another time.

Yay for achievements!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Minipost - Legion Cook


And I still haven't gotten all my 3 star recipes from Nomi yet. I got sick of wasting my food on him, though now with those extra cooking things that drop (Prepared Ingredients) I guess I should start putting work orders in again.

I would have been maxxed cooking sooner if I quit outsourcing my cooking to people with the 3 star recipe for Azshari Salad. Thanks Amelior!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Broken Isle helpers - why are they appearing?

As I've been questing around the Broken Isles I noticed that I seem to have random helpers based on my zone.

In Highmountain, I would have a Rivermane Shaman or Brul fists popping out of the ground.

In Stormheim I would get a Rune of Valo(u)r or a Val'kyr come swooping down and flying off again.

In Surumar I'd have withered come running through like a stampede or Nightborn helpers.

And in Azsuna I'd have a bunch of Azure whelplings come swooping in and attacking my targets.

I know that all these helpers actually are helpers from various quests in that zone which may or may not be up, but why are they around when I am not doing that particular world quest? HK theorised that it was from handing in your bonus cache from each 10k bonus rep you get with the factions. I have no idea if that is true or not. Maybe someone out there can tell me the answer! I've seen other people with the same mobs helping them too, so it's not just because I'm lucky.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Finally a good use for Marks of Honour!

I saw people getting achievements for class armour sets, and I didn't realise I could be finishing mine off too! A good thing all that PvP pays off!

So I spent a good part of Friday and Saturday getting my achievements

Phew! Wall of spamming Achievements! Yes the guild was spammed to, and people asked me how many Marks of Honour I had, and I said a lot. Yeah, I am sure i was sitting over 200!

Though I noticed that after patch, the drop rate of those Marks seems to have gone down a bit.

Now that there are achievements with collecting sets, I am going to work harder at collecting them! Luckily it doesn't say weapons too, because each weapon lot is 80 marks compared to a mere 12 for the armour.

And the good news is now I won't have to collect any more appearances because I did have all these things once upon a time, and now since I still PvP I can still get all of the appearances for the season. So save up your marks and buy your favourite old PvP sets people!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away....

Finally, I can fly!

It is so good to be be able to fly around! It makes it so fast doing Broken Shore stuff. I keep forgetting I can fly though. I had been landing and then going on my ground mount to places before I think "Doh, I can fly why am I doing this??"

Flight form still helps with quest stuff - which I think is a bit hax. For example, one of the Broken shore quests wants you to shoot the bat things out of the sky as well as pick up supplies from the ground. I can not only pick up the supplies from the ground in flight form and if I get hit whilst looting it doesn't matter, it won't drop me from form and I can fly away, but also I can pick up the spears and fly right up to a bat and throw it at the bat.

That wasn't the only world quest I think is a bit funny with flight form! Delivering 20 arcwine - which I know I couldn't get onto my mount to carry a barrel which is 10 arcwine - is also hax in flight form because not only can I loot the bottles and fly away if I get seen (even if they are hitting me), but I can also pick up a barrel in flight form and fly to the boat to deliver it!

Anyway, it's nice too to see Broll in his purple crow form. My daughter saw him and asked who my twin was, and I said that's Broll! The kids see Broll a lot following me around when I play, and I think they think that he's a friend, rather than an NPC. My son asks about Broll all the time. It's actually rather amusing.

Everyone has been telling me how great it is for herbing. Yeah yeah. Like I haven't heard it all before for the last 7 years.

"Why are you a tauren druid and NOT herbing? Why have you got tailoring when you wear leather?"

In WoD when flying came and people were not overly excited about it, I don't think that's the same for Legion. Everyone wants their flying! And everyone is loving it. Hope you all have your flying too and don't do a Crooked - choose the Legionfall reputation when you do your Kirin Tor emissary!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Raiding - First heroic clear in one night

We had a good run on Wednesday, clearing all of Heroic Nighthold in one night, which was a first for us. I think reducing time wastage by doing Aluriel then Tichondrius (because we did the world boss in Nighthold was on the way to Tichondrius) and then heading back to Krosus. We also brought along Souglyy and Cowboy - who were the non heroic raiders tagging along for the week. I did have rules on alts attending raid but I relaxed them for the first 8 bosses and limited it to 2 alts for Gul'dan. People have been ok with that, and so far, there is no mutiny.

Legendaries seemed to drop a lot this week, and there were a couple in raid, from memory. Gul'dan went a lot smoother, with everyone now very familiar with the fight so minimal mistakes were made.

On Thursday we just did heroic EN and ToV for AP, and that went nice and smooth as well. I think it's time to finally wind back to just 2 days a week before Tomb of Sargeras.

I had thought that we could have a few goes at some Mythic but really, I don't think there's any interest in it. Everyone is too busy waiting for Mage Tower to get up so they can all get their new artifact appearance. I had a few goes at it last week but I am clearly not ready for it - it took me 3 expansions to get my Proven Healer, it would probably take me that long to get this challenge done!

Hoping for a relaxing Sunday raid, maybe some achievements. That would be a nice end to the week!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Prestige 9 - Hell, it's about Nine

I hit Prestige 9 quietly when hardly anyone was online so I had to do my own little fanfare. Thank goodness I have a blog so I can remember it.

At least there was something more useful this time around than a silly flag on my butt. I got a white pony!

I do feel struggly in world PvP now - I have not unlocked the new talents and no doubt everyone else is playing their main spec so they know how to play well. I am always smashed when someone else attacks me so Blackrook rumble is always a drag when I do because I just do some half hearted DPS hoping the other person will get their quota then go away so I can just do the NPCs by myself.

Anyway, one more level to go till this new appearance!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Raiding - Still good AP from normal raids

Sunday was a little different in that we had someone who hadn't played with the guild before taking up a tanking role for normal raid.

Tri had stopped hiding and wanted to come if he could come on Sunday and I said he had to DPS because we had tanks already. He moaned a bit since, like HK, he's a pure tank and not any good at DPS or healing, but I said one benefit of him going ret is that I can get a wisdom buff. Woo!

It turned out Splatz had a family thing to attend, so I asked Kjerstin to tank. He was a little bit reluctant, and he hardly speaks on Discord during raid so I asked him if he wanted to let Tri tank and he said ok. Tri talks at least (we had done a double tank of some M+ earlier which was amusing but I hardly had to do more healing than I normally would, go figure!) and he knew the fights so he and HK did the whole normal raid with no dramas.

It was a good raid overall, I had fun. I do worry on weekend raids because people don't speak much and it seems so solemn but once you get a few chatting it lightens up a lot. A legendary or two went out and people got some upgrades - even the whinging about master looting has stopped.

I wish I had time to do more things for AP! For example start an RBG teaam. The AP from a win is enormous! Also doing all the earlier tier raids for AP - if only I had more time!

Speaking of old raids I have 3 Vial of Swirling whatsies from class hall missions sitting in my bags. I need to do more Xavius!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

PvP - Arathi Basin Brawl

The first PvP brawl was out this week and I really enjoyed it!

Sev and I agree that the felpuppy in that pic looks like a zergling!

So with lousy visibility you can no longer stand at Lumber mill and see what is happening all over the map. Early communication is key! And it's much easier to have the flag ninja'd (and also vice versa).

I was disoriented easily (spawned at Stables and couldn't recognise where the hell I was), but overall we had good runs and the brawl quest was to do 3 brawls - didn't say you had to win them, just do them - and you get rewards. Which was rather cool and encouraged everyone to play.

Shab complained bitterly but there were some interesting changes, such as ice over the water so you could get from Blacksmith to other nodes faster. There was also an extra path to get down to mines as well.

We even partied up with Spanky and Coffee one time and broke their 2 game losing streak. It was HK's first time in and it wouldn't let him queue as tank and forced him to DPS much to his dismay, but despite his terrible DPS we still won :D

So far, a great start to these PvP brawls! Not sure if I'll like the Eye of the Storm no gravity thing, but it will be fun to see.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Minipost - Resto Legendary number 7! Finally have my ring

I got my 7th resto legendary the other day from one of those boxes that you get after handing in those Legionfall supplies. It was the one I had been waiting for, Tearstone of Elune.

Though I would also like the trinket, I thought maybe I'll try and get some Boomkin ones. Because now I have so many legendaries I don't know what to do with them. Yes, yes it's such a first world problem deciding which of the many legendaries I want to wear.

HK also got his BIS legendary this week from a Legionfall supplies chest too, Sal'salabim's Lost Tunic.

I feel like a lot of legendaries have dropped since 7.2 hit. Was the drop rate increased? Hmm.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Raiding - 2 Gul'dans, 3 carries and 2 alts

Last Wednesday was the first time we did 9 bosses in 2 hours. Perhaps personal loot with some master looting helped, or maybe everyone is just more familiar with it. Or maybe there is less wiping. Regardless, we got 3 people their AotC on Thursday and am pleased about that. Yay to Magato, Faithless and Mctacky! I took a leaf from Jade and Z's book and asked Tacky and Faith if they felt like they were hindering the raid, to go and jump off Gul'dan's platform but both resolutely stuck it out lived to the end! Unlike the glorious leader of the guild who got punted off like a noob and was dead for most of the second carry run. I was most upset with myself, but Faith and Tacky were really proud of themselves and so was I!

We have some new guildies and some old ones returning.

In the last few weeks there have been a few people joining the guild. Fynol came back, as his old account was hacked. However, he is sulking at me at the moment for scolding him about using a word with racist connotations even though he was not being racist by using that word (however, I take objection to the use of the word and expect compliance which my objection, which he did, albeit with some argument. Since then he has not spoken to me. He'll get over it). Jazeel came back on his main (he left in a huffy ages ago after a misunderstanding which I will just put down to him being old and me being oblivious) and brought some of his guild with him. Pleb and Arnans are older players who are casual but active and it's nice to see a boost to that side of the guild. Also, more pet battlers in the guild means more people to talk about pet battles with. Though the constant nagging from Jazeel about my lack of updates to Warcraft pets and how I have fallen behind with my pets this expansion I can put up with since he so kindly offers to level pets for me. Tacky must have put him up to it.

We also got a new mage who was looking for a nice heroic guild. Much to our horror he is arcane. Perhaps I am traumatised by Goodgravy's arcane mage that I was recoiling in horror but he plays it ok when brought to heroic raid. I remember his first hesitant enquiries about the guild and my first reply to him which was "Can I ask why you want to join our guild? Because we are not recruiting or advertising, so I was wondering what made you choose Frostwolves?" I remember feeling abashed for being so forward when I read his reply!

"I was looking on Wowprogress for a guild with similar progression to mine, and yours sounded good.... but I'm not sure now."

LOL. Big mean Navi. Anyway, he seems to have settled in quietly though he did say to me that he would race me in artifact power. Silly Sychosoula - doesn't know what he's up against!

Magato is a workmate of HK's who was a former mythic raider now winding back. He didn't play much last few tiers so he's a bit behind so he's catching up now for Tomb of Sargeras. So, hoping that works out, though what am I supposed to do with so many shadow priests I have no idea...

Dilandach came back, a little burnt out from mythic raiding, so he's just hanging around levelling alts and the occasional raid. I did think that his stint in mythic raiding would improve his constant dying in raids but I can see that it did not. I also had to lecture him about doing his cooldowns out of turn, and it was almost amusing to see Amayeti saying "Dil did his cooldown out of turn!" a few times in the raid. It reminded me of my own children... 

"My brother didn't put the milk away again!" 
"But my sister used it last so she has to put it away."
"But you took it out so you have to put it away!"

Tri moved his paladin here (his alt rogue is already here) but he's just being quiet and hiding. I feel bad we don't have any tanking spots available but you know how it is - we already have 2 tanks! He doesn't do anything except tank, so I should try to make the time to do some dungeons with him so he can feel a little less isolated.

Parenting and guild leading. Not  much difference if you ask me.

Now we are bursting at the seams with people and raid isn't even up yet. We constantly have 20-24 in raid for heroic, and that doesn't include people having breaks. When everyone is up and ready to raid for Tomb of Sargeras, I think we will have way more than 30.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Guildleader Chores - Helping out and Helping yourself

I do not claim to run a perfect guild, nor do I claim to run the best guild. I only know that I do what I can to run a guild with a pleasant environment, and that there is a lot of work that goes running a casual social part and the casual heroic part.

In a guild like Frostwolves it can be difficult for heroic raiders to help the casual raid on the weekend without getting some kind of reward out of it. I have lectured the officers often enough saying that if you want to be an officer, then you should be attending. Distributing loot however, can be difficult because how do you make it fair for everyone yet also some reward for the heroic raiders?

This was always a difficult thing with Xyn, because he didn't like how I looted mains > alts and then allowed all mains to roll. He got so grumpy with me once, that he told me he would stop coming to Sunday raids. And that was fine. But it gave me something to think about, and how I could make it a little more fair and rewarding for time being given by heroic raiders.

So, I said that with high ilvl stuff (titanforged) and highly sought after things (like trinkets) priority would be given to heroic raiders if they didn't already have it, otherwise mains > alts.

So far, that has seemed to go down well. Soon people were bringing alts to Sundays and then the alts would roll on stuff that mains didn't need.

I mentioned in a previous post about doing heroic carries for the casual normal raiders to get their AotC. Because we had been struggling with doing Gul'dan with our normal heroic group, throwing one casual into the mix might make it so much harder that everyone would be cranky.

Someone proposed an alternate solution. How about we take a smaller group to do Gul'dan of people who were happy to help guildies out as being excellent at raid mechanics and good internet connections?

Man, I could see lots of problems with that.

Whom do I choose? And those who were left out, were they going to be upset? Would there be ranting because someone got to use an extra roll on Gul'dan? And those who did come, they had to be patient and not yell at the person being carried because that was why we were doing the run in the first place.

Some choices were easy. They put their hand up to help the guild and were always super helpful. They were loyal to the guild and the ideals and supportive in many ways. They also had to stay till the carry was done. Officers were also included. I had 11 people and I thought ok I will run with that.

We did our first carry run on Monday and it wasn't easy, but we did it. Boss health was much less which was good, and our first "carry" guinea pig was Furyfire. He did well and though he didn't outdps the tanks he managed to stay alive the whole fight. I was impressed. He also lived through heroic Elisande!

I realised that there was another way to make the choice for who helps on Gul'dan. And that was if they didn't kick up a fuss if I had to sit them out. Because, I realised, that would separate out the ones who wanted to help from those who were there for themselves.

There are some things I can enforce. Heroic raiders needing certain addons, contributing one flask for the guild cauldron, handing over herbs for your AotC carry. But, there are some things you cannot force and one of them is guild spirit.

I was really proud and pleased with my guildies who came to help for the Gul'dan carry, knowing that we would be doing this for a few more weeks to make sure we could help as many as we could get their achievement. I was all warm and fuzzy inside when people were apologising to Fury for how long it took, but was just as pleased when he was so grateful for getting the carry and all the effort we put in.

Perhaps I should retract my first statement. I said I do not claim to run the best guild, but really, I think I do. I love my guild :) and I am proud to be a part of it.

Tacky, Faith, Emmu, Duck, Blood, Magato - your turns are coming up soon!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Patch 7.2 - Yeah I read the patch notes but I like these little improvements

With all that was going on I didn't get time to write about the little changes with 7.2 that I noticed that were rather cool!

I noticed Broll looks different! Now I see him in bear form when I'm in bear and in stag form when I'm in travel form (which is what everyone else sees). Yay!

Here is a pic of me on one of those flying discs in Broken Shore and he's in crow form!

In Court of Stars, when Melandrus charges at you for the bleed there is now a visual circle on the ground to move from. That makes it a lot easier! Before, he used to follow you if you started moving before he charged, and it gives you plenty of time to move from the charge now to avoid the bleed.

In Halls of Valor that last pack on the opposite table that we always pull by accident on the way to Hyrja has been removed. Which means killing more of something else! Also Odyn now has BIG BALLS. Yep you heard me. HUGE. So big in fact that I find them harder to avoid than normal!

In Vault of Wardens, the doors are now closed so you have to kill the minibosses before you can open the doors - no sneaking past anymore (not that we did that). Also, one of the patting spider packs seems to be different when we jump down - sometimes it's not there! And I swear one of the sentinels is a little bit closer because it always seems to pull now before we jump down.

Efflo has a different animation to before - it's very pointy compared to being leafy. I don't mind it, but it looks more warlocky or magey rather than druidy. Starfall's AoE radius also looks a bit better defined compared to before.

Shaman shields now seem to appear on the Mana sabers when they are running around in Suramar. Koda showed me that she now looks like she's been impaled by her shield.

In Suramar, when Varenne the pet battle near Twilight Vineyards is up, the NPC that could see through disguises is now gone. Thank goodness, it was annoying when people would agro that one when trying to pet battle.

Also, the opposite faction's tags have changed colour. Now they all look like legendaries with those orange name tags!

Anything other little things you've noticed with the patch that was a change for the better or worse? Tell me, I'd love to know!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Eugoogly - The Luxy I knew

2017 is the suckiest year I have ever had.

It was this year that I have lost 2 close WoW friends, both guildies, both people who were respected and adored by other guildies.

First there was Xyn. That was sudden, unexpected and a shock. Suddenly I had a hole in my life and I hadn't really thought about how to fill it.

But this is about Luxy.

Last year, Luxy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She told me she had a lump and I had told her not to worry, in her young age (early 30s) it was most likely to be a fibroadenoma. I was wrong. It was malignant, aggressive and invasive. Yesterday my dear friend passed away in the early hours of the morning in her sleep, but had spent her last moments with her mum, sister and husband.

Luxy had cut back from WoW and after she was ill and having chemo she hardly logged on at all. In fact she didn't really play or raid as much during WoD, and had been playing Guild wars mostly. Once she started chemotherapy, she was tired and drained of energy and rarely played her computer, which was then followed by radiation therapy which she told me was just as hard.

Throughout, she had been very positive, and we would keep up with messages. We'd laugh about silly things. Just like our usual stuff. I sent her fake eyelashes and lip balms in a berry bag I bought from Smiggle as a cancer care pack. I was happy she used it (and it would pop up all over the place like a selfie)

I also gave her a light from Mylight (though technically she won it with lucky RNG-esus) with the word Eugoogly (which she said always makes her laugh). I remember having NO idea what it meant, and when she told me I was mortified!

For those who don't know Zoolander movie very well (like me!) it's from there. It means eulogy. Wow. I just gave a cancer patient a gift that says EULOGY.

I think some people were afraid to talk to her about her cancer for fear of upsetting her, for not knowing what to say, but she was happy to talk and be open about it. I remember last birthday I said I would send her something outrageous and unexpected that she totally doesn't need and she said she didn't know what she wanted for her birthday so we were being silly and I said let's make a list of things she didn't want for her birthday which included cancer (coz she already had that 😢😢), hair products and wig wash (another thing she already had).

But I don't want the whole post to be about Luxy and her cancer. That wasn't what defined her. She hated her cancer.

I'll just tell the story of my life with Luxy, which is peppered throughout my blog, as a forever reminder of our friendship.

I met Luxy in 2013, because of Pet battles. She was the #1 pet battler on Dath'remar and I'd see her around the pet battle circuit and one day she bnet friended me to talk to me because I was waving at her and emoting her (she was alliance) and she gave me tips on pet battling. Looking at that post, I didn't realise that whilst we were looking at Veluxia at #1 on server, Luxygaga is #6! Ha, back then I didn't know that was the same person!

One time we were doing Darkmoon Rabbit and she'd let me know when it was up, and the time I let her know it was up she came on her horde hunter (which was on Barthilas). And she won it with a 100 roll!

Weeks later, she sent me a gift!

So that was essentially our friendship. Trading gifts back and forth, chatting about things. Luxy was always very generous and giving me things, there wasn't much I could do in return because she has EVERYTHING in game! So I did the only thing I could do - I sent her things IRL as gifts. Luxy was happy to receive gifts (which was good because I like sending them) and she has a whole array of fluffy toys, in game pets, even horde leggings! She is and was a great friend who was generous with her time as well as with her spirit. Eventually she joined Frostwolves and she made lots of friends there, but especially with Crooked, Tacky and Faith.

One special gift I got for her was a chibi commission of her draenei priest, Veluxia, done by Sleepingfox.. She used it in her avatars and she loved it!

She and I wrote a comic blog together - The Faily Frostwolf - but after Luxy stopped playing we didn't update it very much. I'd like to start that up again - when I have the time. Luxy even was inspired to blog!

We loved pet battling. Here is me, Luxy and Tacky as we collected Qiraji guardlings (from Tacky's blog).

And Tacky's cool Team Rocket Pokemon team transmog! With these awesome pets we designed!

The cool thing being of course that MY wished for pet actually became a battle pet!

I even have short stories with us in them - like this one where we said goodbye to Dahahka as he quit WoW. She LOVED cats and dogs. She had a house full of pets! And she also loved Hello Kitty!

Time. I had time to tell Luxy all those things I wanted her to know before she died. I didn't have time with Xyn. I couldn't talk to her by that stage - she was too weak, too tired - but Rav, her husband (they married the day before she died in a beautiful ceremony) passed on all the messages we sent her and replied on her behalf. But even when I sent my last long message to her, I didn't realise that the next day she would be gone.

I will miss the friend that used to pet battle with me. Chase achievements. Talk about animals and pets. I will miss the friend that was always kind and gentle, and was always sweet and caring. She was never angry, never bitter, always trying to be the better and kinder person. Never had anything nasty to say about anyone. Always like a conscience to make me want to be better, when sometimes inside I would love to boil in my anger and take my frustrations out on people in PvP. A bit different to Xyn, who would listen to my frustrations and either argue with me and make me more angry, or agree with me and we'd feed off each other making us both all riled up about whatever indignation it was.

I will miss her voice, that I used to tease her about. She had one of those cute girl voices that you would hear and go OMG I would do anything for that voice, she sounds so sweet and innocent! And now I will never hear her voice again.

I had already gotten used to not seeing her in game, waiting till she got better. I saved her things - the last thing I gave her was the Fel Spreader toy that dropped in the Pre-Legion event. I spent ages farming them for guildies and I made sure I got one for Luxy because she was such a collector of toys, mounts, pets and achievements. She was happy and even posted a pic of us on twitter when I gave it to her!

There was a time in Pandaria where we'd go after raid farming Warbringers for mounts. Luxy and I would do it often, and we'd be joined by people and we liked that coz it was such a waste if a mount dropped that we already had! I found this picture of me, Xyn, Luxy and Voros on my blog one day, when we were out farming Warbringers.

We even wrote a comic about it!

How can I NOT cry when 2 of my friends in this picture are now dead within 3 months of one another?

I cried for days when Xyn died, but I was grateful I had nothing between us left unsaid. But I have been scared for Luxy since she came off chemo. I thought she would get better, I thought it would be early enough. The day she told me that she had her post scan and what the ultrasonographer said and that her oncology appointment got bumped forward urgently I was afraid. I shed a tear then, because I knew if the cancer had spread, this was the end. When she had symptoms a few days afterwards (and I did wonder if it was a bit of psychosomatic anxiety) I watched the video of me and Luxy dancing as Scotty sprites and tears welled in my eyes as I thought I might never get to play with her again.

She started chemo again and then not long after she said her tumours are still growing. I knew then it was bad. That she had 2 months at the most.

It turned out to be less than that.

I wanted to put this in because Luxy was so helpful to everyone but this comic showed the one time it wasn't that helpful!!

And here is Crooked, Tacky, Faith and me looking up at the stars in Dragon Soul. Luxy (and Rav) believed that we are all made of stardust, and that she and he were connected from long ago, and will be for an eternity. Rav said "She would tell me that her stardust has, and always will, love mine."

Our stardust will love you too, Luxy. And your friends in WoW will sit here looking at the stars, knowing you are out there and one day we will be all together again.