Monday, March 27, 2017

It's too soon for 7.2! My Guardian weapon is not 54 yet!

I said 7.2 would be in April but it turned out to be tomorrow! I read the patch notes and watched the awesome trailer and I think it will be busy times for the next 11 weeks!

You know what, being infused with demon fel does wonders for your wrinkles if you're an Eredar. Gul'dan still looked old though. I guess Fel agrees with you if you're an Eredar.

I had been working on getting my Guardian weapon to 54 but I only made it to 48 darn it!

But the question on everyone's lips is when is the new raid coming out?

7.2 does not mean Tomb of Sargeras is upon us. In fact, there is a whole bunch of storyline on the Broken Isles that needs to be done before the Tomb can be opened. Aza said that it would be 11 weeks, like the weekly campaign we had to get Nighthold open. I can see that being true - because you can fit another arena season into that time. When Tomb of Sargeras opens, there should be another arena season again.

So that's another 11 weeks of Nighthold. If we are not doing Mythic, then what are we doing?

I had thought that it would be nice to get guildies their AotC and bring one a week. And also if we were doing that, to bring 2 geared alts per raid for those who were interested in main switching for the next tier.


We did Gul'dan last night and it was TERRIBLE! We wiped so many times and everyone was whispering me saying that there were too many people in the raid. We had 24 people when we normally have 20-21. That extra person triggered an extra eye which you wouldn't think made that much difference but somehow it did. Also, I needed Ultra to do calls because I am no good at calling out DPS stuff, but it was so much better when he got online.

After that, the confidence in being able to bring one carry non heroic raider with 2 alts was really bad. But if we roster it perhaps I can work it out, depending on who is attending.

There are tons of things to look forward to in patch!
  • Mythic plus changes. Not only are there some fun new affixes to try, they have made some changes that benefit me specifically - such as giving more AP for long dungeons like HoV! Halls of Valour is my favourite instance and I will always be up for that as a mythic plus (and having done it as a +18 Tyrannical I can honestly say SEE I DO LIKE IT). Difficulty of M+ is also being ramped up (the new +10 will be like a +15), and I didn't know that even doing just a 10 this week would award me the 905+ loot from the cache the next day (why did I bother doing a +17 then???). So after raid last night I pretty much dragged every heroic raider online to get their +10 done (coughs at Sev, Eurie, Sars, Koda, Gen) between two groups and now everyone will have some nice shiny from their cache.
  • Legendaries are getting tweaked! My favourite boomkin boots, Promise of Elune, the moon Goddess, are getting a buff. They were the lamest legendary for boomkin but now they also increase damage from solar wrath and lunar strike which makes them a little less lame. Still good for M+ though! Also, the resto boots, Essence of Infusion, Tranquility will heal targest below 60% for 60% more, which is better than the 50% and good for fights where everyone's health is low. Sephuz's Secret is now also going to have increased haste and movement speed (instead of being triggered by dispels and interrupts) and these bonus will be 70% movement speed and 25% haste when triggered. Guess I'll be using it as standard for all my M+ now!
  • Armies of Legionfall reputation and quests - much like Tanaan Jungle in Draenor, you have to get revered reputation to unlock your flying, but there will be questing, world quests to do and rares and heaps of catchup opportunities for those who joined the expansion late. There will be grinding to do there (plus a whole slew of new achievements to do, I think!) I was hoping that it would be more like the opening of Ahn Qiraj where we collect resources to open the tomb... but I don't think we'll have another event like that again!
  • A new AP grind - more research and more things to dump into our artifact - that will be interesting. I wonder how much of a head start I'll get on my AP? Not much if catch-up mechanics have anything to say about it! Though I should have been saving my emissary caches to open after Wednesday so I can get more AP out of research. Though does it REALLY matter? Not really, at the rate I farm AP!
  • New Dungeon! More M+ dungeons including upper and lower Kara as well as the new Cathedral of Night.  Adds a bit of variety! Man I would hate to do all that opera trash on Fortified....
  • Pet battle dungeon YAY! I am looking forward to checking that out. Hopefully it won't be as long as the Celestial Tournament (because you can easily spend an hour doing that tournament with bad RNG) and I hope I have time to do that every week.
  • PvP brawls - I hope they turn out to be fun and not lame! Mythic + affixes are fun, and I am hoping these will add some variety. I noticed that they are optional rather than essential so I am worried people will veto them in favour of regular battles, but if they make them rewarding like M+ then I am hoping they will kick off. You know what I think would be a good PvP brawl? Dropping boss level mobs on top of nodes so that gives you something to distract the people guarding the node (and the boss will make the flag tick towards neutral if nobody is there)
Hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Minipost - See what happens when I write about something....

After maintenance on Tuesday, come Wednesday everyone was whispering me to say that the pet battle hax from Court of Stars M+ as hotfixed.

Can't say that I am surprised, and to be honest I'm a glad because I like not having the option to hack anymore. Now I can't get banned for being tempted to use it.

However, I have decided I need a swapblaster so I can do the Eye of Azshara thing. I can get up to the top if I switch out of Displacer Beast and use Charge (which puts me at a friendly players's location).

But, no matter how much I complain about tauren on mounts that walk on water, that still hasn't been fixed... do you think it's because tauren are too heavy and somehow that breaks game mechanics?? :D

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Prestige 8 - And all I got was this silly flag

I dinged Prestige 8 last night, woot!

I got the Prestigious Pennant but when I used it, I couldn't see what was different compared to the Honourable Pennant. But when I took pics to compare I saw the difference.

The Prestigious Pennant is the lower one. It has a thicker flag handle, tears in the flag in different spots (as well as stitching) and the red cloth wound around the handle is done differently.

I wish these things were toys. They take up room in my bank...

Anyway! Onward to Prestige 9!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Non WoW: Superheroes, stereotypes and social media

There is nothing like waking up to see what's trending on social media to find that people are busy arguing about Wonder Woman's armpit hair.

How interesting that people seem to think she waxed and bleached her underarms for manly approval. There are plenty of other reasons to shave including aerodynamics, chafing and cleanliness. Who knows, maybe they have issues with armpit lice or fungus! Easier to maintain no hair than it is to go find creams to keep applying... Also, maybe amazons lesbians LIKE hairless women.

I am excited for Wonder Woman, and my daughter and son are too. And neither of those two will be worrying about armpits that's for sure. Though I have mentioned to my daughter that I don't know why Wonder Woman doesn't tie up her hair because it's hard enough playing sport with your hair down, let alone having it flying all over the place when you're fighting. My daughter said Wonder Woman should tie her hair up, or else she'll get head lice.

In other superhero talk, I finished watching Iron Fist over the weekend and I am still catching up on my sleep after going to bed at 4am, 3am and 1.30am respectively over the course of those days, and still being up by 6-7am to do household chores. There has been heaps of negative reviews of the series but I can honestly say that I enjoyed it because otherwise I wouldn't have stayed up so late to watch it if I wasn't hanging out for the next episode.

And I don't know if it's true for anyone else but I think Colleen is amazing! She is the sensei of her own dojo who befriends Danny (reluctantly) and ends up helping him. She has an awesome physique, she doesn't flaunt around in bikini outfits and is fiercely independent.

The difficulty with Danny's rich kid super hero is that perhaps we're so used to the DC rich kid super heroes (Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen) who are smooth, polished playboys who have exorbitant tastes and fast cars, that this different take on the 10 year old boy who was lost for 15 years coming back to a world that he saw through the eyes of the child and trying to be an adult in it. It's an idea that people are not quite warmed to yet, I think. Danny has a sense of purpose, which he has been indoctrinated with for the whole time he was there. Destroy the Hand. Protect K'un Lun. But he is still clinging to his past, and hasn't let go. I was confused as to why he returned to New York, but you get the feeling later that he had underlying anger and no closure for his parent's death, and still yearned for family and belonging, which is conflicting with the path the he is supposed to take, as the Iron Fist.

So now that all 4 Defenders have had their mini series, if I had to rank them I would still say I liked Daredevil the best (season 2 was awesome), then Jessica Jones and then Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Many people didn't watch Jessica Jones but I loved it. Colleen and Claire really brought up the Iron First series for me, and seeing all the little cross references was cool too.

Criticism from the net came from all sorts of things - like Danny being white saviour learning the asian martial arts. Really??? For goodness sake is he not allowed to be white? Or male? Now we're being racist against white people! And stereotyping! It made me think of something one of my colleagues said about Rogue One, where Donny Yen was cast as Chirrut Imwe. He complained that it was such an asian stereotype that the Asian guy was a martial arts expert! Neither of those thoughts had even entered my mind - people are just people and can have whatever gifts, regardless of race, gender or religion.

There were criticisms about the fight scenes too. I have to admit that nothing beats that Daredevil fight scene in the hallway. I think I watched that scene like 5 times. The exhaustion seen in Matt at the end makes it so much more real!

I'm thrilled that JJ and Luke Cage have second seasons coming - I am unsure if Iron Fist will get a 2nd season, but I think there is a lot to explore. Besides, perhaps when he and Luke Cage team up there will be more Danny Rand action.

I think my biggest concern is how all four are going to get together to fight a common enemy. They all seem worlds apart! I guess I'll just have to wait till the end of the year to find out.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Resto druid - Trying out Abundance

I play around a lot with my healing talent choices especially since I play resto druid very differently in arena/PvP compared to PvE and I have been surprised to say how much I actually like abundance!

Abundance is the third talent choice on the 1st row, and most people opt for Cenarion Ward though Prosperity is good too.

Prosperity allows you to have two Swiftmends and reduces the cooldown by 3 seconds, Cenarion ward places a heal on the target that will trigger when the target takes damage and puts a HoT on them, and with Abundance, each active rejuvenation will decrease the cast time of Healing Touch by 10% as well as increase the crit chance of Regrowth by 10%.

I have always used Cenarion Ward in PvP so I am very familiar with it's use and benefits. Great for tank healing and damage soakers. It costs about the same mana as Healing Touch/Rejuvation so it's a very effective heal for high damage situations.

Prosperity is also a good talent choice but I feel like it gets it performs best when used with Soul of the Forest. Also, I find that I run out of mana very fast when I use Prosperity (because I am used to healing with SotF and after every Swiftmend I'd use Wild growth and old habits are hard to break), but I think when I was running with 2 relics that boosted Swiftmend's heal it was a good choice.

However, it's because both are on cooldowns that I found that Abundance has some good applications. I found it particularly good for Mythic 15+ for Nelth's lair (on scorpions, especially with Fortified and raging) and in Court of Stars (Melandrus with Tyrannical). It works best with Germination so I can have at least 6 rejuvenations out (for 100% regrowth crits) and having 8+ rejuvs means instant spammable healing touches if required. And that includes pets!

And I'm going to show you just how crazy we were this week with the beautiful affixes that we had for the week (and I healed these trying out Abundance).

Yes yes, I know we didn't make the timer, and there are still many hours left before reset so we could be pushed off. However, I think that I have learned a bit more this time around, so I can do better for the next time!

Monday, March 20, 2017

First world problems - 6th legendary and still no ring!

No I don't mean Sephuz's secret. I already have THAT ring.

I mean the Tearstone of Elune. I want that ring!

It was funny because the other day I was doing a Mythic plus dungeon and I was worried about Hyrja since it was Tyrannical week and it is a rough fight to heal. Anna, who plays afflock, said she'd be ok because she had Prydaz and jokingly I said "I need that legendary!" and then I said thoughtfully "Actually, I shouldn't have said that, because now I'll get Prydaz instead of the Tearstone."

Well guess what. The next night, I got a Prydaz in a Mythic plus I was running with Kjersten.

It is a rather good legendary anyway, the stats are great. I am starting to give up on these bloody BIS resto druid legendaries anyway.

So now I have a grand total of seven legendaries, and the one I use the most would be the boomkin one because it is so pathetic for boomkin that I use it for healing Mythic plus. I routinely use the bracers, Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya, with Sephuz's secret for fights where I have to dispel stuff (like Botanist). I have been using the crappy tranquility boots in Gul'dan for Black harvest at the end because we always seem to be hovering at really low health then, even though that legendary is a really lame one.

Prydaz is also really good for tanking! I now use it with Ekowraith, Defender of Worlds. I think I might use it for boomy too.

However, that makes me wonder if I should keep trying for resto druid legendaries. I still have 2 crappy ones I can get, and two good ones.That's a 50% chance of my next legendary being a good one.

However according to that "killpoints" site that everyone was using to see when their next legendary was coming, I am way ahead!

According to the "formula" I should have 4 legendaries. Well, I guess I'm just lucky then to be statistically ahead of the curve wtih my 6!

So I should stop my whinging and be happy.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Minipost: Raiding - Down to 2 days? Or farm some old mythic content?

Raid went relatively smoothly, even though on Krosus this week on heroic because we were being lazy and not soaking pools

When Gul'dan goes down at 10pm on Thursday what do we do? I just called the raid and we all went and did mythic plus, but I've had a few mythic enquiries.

"Is there a roster for mythic?"

"Why don't you do a poll about who wants to do mythic?"

"I think it would be good to do some old content mythic and the easier mythic NH bosses."

I was actually looking forward to having a night off to do more mythic plus. It gives me the opportunity to play with other people!

Sunday raid had some new faces, with HK's workmate Magato making an appearance to clean up the cloth loot, and also Foreva's partner, Tazz, turned up despite his West coast USA timezone and picked up a tier piece though he felt bad and wanted to give it to someone else but literally nobody else rolled on it! Priests were klutzes pulling bosses accidentally, and so we ended up suddenly having to do Spellblade instead of running to Krosus because of a pull. I think we should just start killing her now because it really is not much of a drama to do. Erve pulled lots of trash and we had a wipe on trash, and we also had a couple of wipes on Botanist due to some flower adds going crazy in the middle and I have no idea why we wiped the second time - maybe a tank died or something!

So for this week I think we'll just stick to 2 days. I will put up a 3rd day again next week and see if people are going to turn up for some easy mythic stuff. Oh and since funds are so good we're going to just contribute one flask per week for cauldron for 2 days of raiding, but if we do a mythic day then that will need a flask contribution for flasks.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Mythic plus haxes - exploits or using game mechanics?

It's always dangerous to make posts like this. Are the things I'm doing wrong? Or if everyone is doing it, is it ok?

HK is the one who is the biggest on game exploits. Of everyone he is the biggest goody two shoes about exploits that he will refuse to do anything that could possibly result in a ban, especially exploiting a mechanic. I think about the Helya exploit that Exorsus did and getting a ban hammer for that when the ability to do it wasn't removed from game makes me wonder...

The first one is Eye of Azshara.

The first time I had seen it was in a pug carry group of mythic plus who were only doing Eye of Azshara. There was a warrior, rogue and one other, and me, and then there would be the carry key person. After Serpentrix, and before you go in the tunnel, the rogue would shadow step from the boat up to the ledge whilst on a mount and somehow 2 of us on the mount would also be teleported to the ledge. I think the warrior had to jump up first for the rogue to be able to get up there though. Since then I've done variations on it - with a warlock pet being the focus for a shadow step, demon hunters and warriors leaping up and then swapblasting a warlock up there and summoning everyone else up, and even I can get up there with the druid ability to fly to an ally's location if someone is already up there. It puts you right at the sea giant boss without having to do the two sea giants outside, which is good if you don't have much melee or it's fortified because going through the tunnel is a pain in the ass sometimes. Just means you have to pretty much get your kill count before you jump up.

The second one is Maw of Souls.

One of the giants in the boat bugs out a bit when the tank is on the stairs - it just stands there not doing anything but is also not evading. Every group I do Maw with does it that way, and I don't know if that's supposed to be fixed or not.

The third one is Neltharion's lair.

There used to be some invisible wall that people used to stick themselves behind for Naraxas (the worm with the spiked tongue) but that got taken away. Now everyone wedges themselves in some crack on the eastern wall and somehow they never get dragged into the mouth. I remember there used to be something about falling down the hole at the start before they put the key in and save a few seconds but that's gone now.

The fourth one is Court of Stars.

This one I am a bit worried about, and I wonder how anyone discovered it in the first place! When you start the instance and you click on the beacon to send out the flare, straight afterwards, challenge someone to a pet battle duel. The other party has to not accept it, but for some reason it will port you straight to the dock and you skip the whole riding the boat thing. It actually does save you some time (like 40 seconds), but I wonder if this sort of thing is some major hack that we shouldn't be doing. Note that one person will be left behind because you have to do this in pairs.

So, how many of these will disappear in the next patch I wonder!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Boomy and Resto weapons at 54 - now onto Bear!

I am a bit of a troll - I love to tease my guildies who are not so conscientious with their AP farming about what I am up to.

A few days ago I hit 54 traits on my Boomkin weapon. My resto weapon is already at 54, and I was trying to help my Boomy along because I am super lame DPS and I needed all the help I could get. I set myself an internal goal of trying to "lap" Sev on his weapon, because that lazy warlock only plays one spec (affliction) and I was trying to overtake him with my offspec weapon.

It's not really much of a competition when the other person isn't playing or competing. But it's fun to set some mini goals for myself - it makes it easier to achieve things.

Anyway it didn't turn out to be much of a competition. That lazy bum is still not fully maxed on his weapon (though he almost is) and I've already finished and am now starting my bear weapon. I needed a new goal.

Jartran (who plays a boomkin Goodgravy, and because that toon was the first one he put in the guild, I call him Gravy) has decided his mage is his main, and my new goal is to lap him with my bear weapon when he hasn't even finished his main weapon to 54 traits. I think he was at 44 or something. My bear weapon was at 35, so I told him that I was aiming to hit 54 traits before he hit it. He wailed saying that I was going to beat him, and he is probably right.

Crooked asked me a few weeks ago how I got so much AP. He said that he plays just as much WoW as me, he does all the world quests and he is less than half of what I have.

I told him that it was from doing mythic plus dungeons, and PvP. You may not think that PvP gives you much but, after you Prestige, every 4 or 5 honour levels you get 125k AP. That's over a million AP from each Prestige. And I am now Prestige 7, so that's 6 million extra AP that I got from just PvP honour talents. That doesn't include the AP you get from BG wins and arena wins.

Also, I don't have alts. Heaps of people have alts and play those, so all that playtime could have gone into AP farming.

For now I am relaxing on the AP farming. I don't really care about maxing out my bear weapon, since I am not that good a bear tank. I only do LFR, heroic dungeons and guildie mythic dungeons on it, being too scared to do anything more than that. But I do wonder, will I be able to max my bear weapon before 7.2 hits? We'll see! I hope not, because I don't want to start putting AP into my cat weapon....

Saturday, March 11, 2017

PvP - Lame BGs and some surprising arena

It is an endless source of amusement to my guildies when I am always saying that I don't like doing quests where I have to kill things, but I like to PvP... and kill things.

I keep saying that it's totally different. They're trying to kill ME, so I'm just defending myself by killing them first. Which inevitably brings up the point that when you walk into a quest zone the mobs are all red and they attack you - isn't killing them self defence too?

But I can avoid those zones, I say. And the counterargument comes - "But you can AVOID PvP too!"

What they're just trying to point out is that I just like killing things. Even though I say I don't. But it's totally not true :)

The good thing about PvP in boomkin is that legendaries don't work or tier set bonuses so I can just play as best as I can with the abilities I have without worrying about I don't have these bonuses. However, I move too much. It interrupts my casting and I end up just noobfiring everything because I can't finish my casts. But, I was mostly doing healing in BGs.

Shab had a headache so he was not in the mood to be stressed. He didn't want to get on Discord to chat, didn't want to arena or even play shitty BGs - he just went back to HoTs without a word. The breaking point was a Gilneas match where me and Ram both got put in as DPS and we had 0 healers. It was borderline and we could have won it with zerging around but a group of 4 guildies refused to move from mines and we struggled trying to put pressure on the other two nodes as they were split 5/5 evenly. Shab ragequit and we finished out the BG and then decided we'd try some arena.

Not all of the BGs were bad. We did win a Silvershard mines, and a Deepwind Gorge, but the Eye of the Storm and Gilneas ones were atrocious. There was actually a rather amusing moment in Deepwind Gorge where I got disconnected whilst fighting in the centre, but then all of my teammates were kicked off too. I immediately logged back in and I got in before everyone else - but I also got in before the Alliance I was fighting! So I capped the flag and killed the hunter whose pet was auto- attacking me - hilarious! 

After that Ram and Sev both had arena quests to do (class hall missions). So I said ok and we tried to figure out how we'd do it. Decided on Ram DPSing on his monk so we could have a melee and a caster for some variety since 2 casters sucks. Ram said "But you always play two casters and a healer!" and yes that is true but that doesn't mean I think it's ideal - it's just I like playing with my friends!

Ram was hesitant because Sev and Crooked told him that I yell and swear a lot and get angry during PvP. He apologised in advance for doing bad things since he wasn't experienced but I said it's ok, I'm not too fussed, since it's usually Sev I'm yelling at.

However, I could not yell at Sev. He was outstanding in arena being the last man standing twice and finishing off the opposing team. The best one was the feral druid, fire mage and mistweaver monk who were very good at pillar dodging and their interrupts and CC were excellent. However, when I died something happened to the mistweaver - Sev said it was overconfidence - and then he suddenly died and it was down to Sev and the feral druid who was doing an amazing job dodging behind the pillar to hide from Sev and self healing. Sev's dots were dropping off and the druid would quickly try and pounce on Sev, get a few hits in and then run away again. However, Sev chased and persisted and after ages he got the druid down. I actually whispered the druid afterwards and said that was really awesome pillar dodging, I was super impressed. We did lose to them every other game after that though! Then we also had some wins with me DPSing (LOL) and Ram healing because for some reason nobody was attacking me and so I got to cast non stop. So I think Shab will be happy that we have another healer to play with for arena!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Raiding - Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan

Yay we did it!

With the extended maintenance on Tuesday night, I thought instance servers would be fixed, and I was stressing when I zoned in at 8pm to find I had American ping. Other guildies started trying to get an oceanic instance without much success but fortunately Aimei managed to secure one on his second reset and we could raid yay!

We had a nice quick clear, this time getting Botanist down as well (which is a first for us, doing 8 in one night) and then on Thursday they were camping the instance (though technically we didn't need to do that) and Elisande trash was cleared before the raid start. Spoon had somehow decided to start a +15 HoV before raid time, not realising what time it was so he was a bit late.

Elisande went down easily and then we had the whole night to do Gul'dan.

Unfortunately for Goodgravy/Jartran I had to kick him out but he was ok - with only 4 healers (one being Crooked who was good but not mainspec heals) I didn't want to stress the raid anymore than we had to.

Just tidying up the phases helped. Being quick on getting the Bonds of Fel, killing the eyes before we did Bonds, making sure people were quick with their fires and then making sure everyone was focussing eyes - boy was that rough to heal. I switched to the tranquility boots legendary to heal for Black Harvest (instead of using Sephuz) and that made a difference for me, I think.

So on our 4th go of the night, we got it!

Xethi: "How did Gul'dan fall, did u ask? Well you see... he fel."

Nothing to take a picture of really, except Illidan and Khadgar. Or the loot chest. We were all so happy that we thought, what shall we do now?

After a consensus we went and did Emerald Nightmare on Mythic.

Nythendra was obviously a lot easier now we were geared, and Ursoc went down pretty easily too, except HK kept dying because there was a tank swapping issue. Then we spent the rest of the night doing Dragons but it needs a fair bit of tidying up before we get that down.

Overall, a really good night, and everyone is super pleased. Where to from here? Personally, I am thinking we can cut a raid day and have Mondays free to do M+ and stuff since we can now go straight to Elisande/Gul'dan. Is mythic on the cards? It depends on the turnout, and I suspect that the answer will be no.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Where did the Undercity Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage go?

I was in Dalaran and stupidly clicked the portal to Undercity instead of to Thunder Bluff, wanting to head to Darkmoon Faire. Hmm, where is the Darkmoon Faire mage that teleports you to DMF?

I asked around in guild, got crickets, asked a friend who said it was in the trade quarter (inner ring). Couldn't find it. Ran around a bit looking before I decided to hearth back to Dalaran and go click the right portal.

As I was heading to DMF I saw there was even a Darkmoon Faire in Thunder Bluff. Why would one be there when the portal to DMF is just downstairs!

After I finished my DMF pet battles, I went back to Org to check if that Darkmoon Faire mage was still there. Yes, it was.

And even Silvermoon's one is still there!

So what happened to the Undercity mage? A simple Google search shows that it has been missing since last year. I wonder why that is?

MAYBE Undercity is such a misery filled place that nobody wants to go to DMF from there.
MAYBE Undercity is such a pain to get in and out of that when Silas Darkmoon looked at the amount of people using the DMF mage teleport it was nearly 0 every month. In terms of cost efficiency it would be so much better to remove the mage.
MAYBE Silas has added that particular mage to his list of mysterious missing persons (likely killed) and we can find them on the island as a ghost!

No love for the Forsaken. That's all I can say.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Raiding - Next week we'll get this!

Last night the camping team of including Splatz, Aza, Fox and Yeti were in Nighthold holding the Oceanic instance again. Kudos to them for spending the time! They did pass their time doing funny things like trying to fight Gul'dan or Botanist to see how far they could get but what's a bit of repair bill money that the guild bank pays for when we get delightful Australian ping!

So we got to Gul'dan and we had some really good goes. In fact the go which I thought was our last we got below 15% and when ready checked everyone wanted another go and that attempt was below 8%. So we are getting close and everyone is excited for next week as long as we have good oceanic latency/ping.

We are having good turnouts and I am worried that we are reaching capacity for heroic again. I only want to have 27 heroic raiders on the roster banking on the fact that a few will not turn up. I will be strict on who can attend certain fights especially with progression stuff, and I need to make sure we have enough backup healers and tanks for emergencies. Having to think about all these what-ifs is annoying to most people, but I hate not being prepared.

In reality, it's just easier to cancel raids than to fill with subs, but for easy stuff it should be ok.

However, with 7.2 looming (and I expect it to drop in April or maybe early May) then we will only have a few weeks of raiding relief to gear up alts before we move into new raids again.

Anyhow, fingers crossed for a good raid week.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Phaelia is right, the doe needs more bling

Phaelia commented in her blog post about Updated Travel Form that there was a Glyph of Doe which makes my very male stag into a Doe. So I decided to put it on today and I must say that I do miss my bling!

Look at me all showy with a huge rack (LOL) and druid markings on my back. And a fancy collar and leg cuffs.

Now look at me. Nondescript. No bling! No markings! Don't mind that bluish colour that's a boomkin thing. But it probably accurately reflects how I feel. Now I feel BLUE.

And since we can glyph our stag form to cheetah and our swim form to orca, I don't see why I can't have a glyph to flight form. There is a glyph to make my crow form into a sentinel owl, so I am sure there will be a glyph to make me back to my old flight form!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Raiding - Getting our Oceanic instance back

Splatz had this theory. He thought that maybe the oceanic instances were being overloaded at peak times because outside peak raid times people were still on oceanic instances but at raid time in evenings it all went to poop.

So he did an experiment and logged and entered a raid instance 2.5 hours before raid time. Sure enough it was an oceanic instance.

So he, Yeti and Fox sat in the instance doing trash until raid time. And the instance stayed oceanic for that time. Some people did have some latency but it was probably their usual but we were able to raid properly and do stuff, which was great.

They said they'd do it again today, but I'm not sure if everyone is going to be doing it, or whether it was just a fluke. I suppose it couldn't hurt, but it's a pain in the ass to be doing that before raid time when there are other things you could be doing. And what time would that be? It would have to be like from 6pm or something! Many guilds raid from 7pm. Anyhow, we'll see.

Had to drag Sev to raid, and the irony was that he said there was nothing for him in normal, but when a titanforged haste mastery 905 ring dropped from Gul'dan all of us were drooling over it and I won the roll but I gave it to Sev over myself and Amelior because Sev had a really crappy ring. Man that would have been so awesome for mythic plus!

Aza brought his hunter and got 4 piece tier. Koda said she wants to bring her hunter next time! I think the only healer left will be me! Crooked should bring his hunter too but he has better things to do on Sundays. Aza also got that stand-still-heal-yourself legendary, so it was quite productive for him. Funnily enough Koda was the only shaman in the raid and Aza the only hunter so all mail pieces pretty much went to him except an awesome titanforged wrist that went to Koda.

I did some rather stupid things in raid yesterday. When we were heading to Tichondrius I went in the side entrance but forgot to turn and ran straight into the inner garden full mof mobs. Then I was going to Star Auger, and so proud of myself for not turning at the wrong place that I went to displacer into the room and hit moonfire instead and pulled the boss, causing a slow wipe since we were all outside the boss room. Ugh.

Other than that, the raid went relatively smoothly and lots of people got shinies.

Looking forward to a non laggy raid night tonight. Fingers crossed!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

I smell a rat(stallion)!

Hanging out in the sewers is not exactly a piece of cake. Getting eyes down there can be done in a few ways - killing other players, killing bosses that spawn (and the items that spawn cost eyes to buy), fishing pools, opening chests and also by doing the daily that pops up occasionally.

I try to do that daily that gives 150 eyes in the Dalaran Sewers whenever I see it, and I also spend a bit of time fishing. On PvP nights whilst waiting for battlegrounds I would hang out with Sev and Shab and kill people (or I'd see Exray down there and he'd smash people) but it's a slow process.

You can't carry more than 5000 eyes at one time, so you might as well spend them buying things that make MORE eyes. Using the wand item on a boss makes them bigger and harder and also makes them drop eyes.

So if you want to get your eyes, go get a bodyguard and go fish, and kill the bosses that spawn. Leave the chest opening unless you want a bullseye on your head.

Anyway, last Friday I finally managed to fish up the last few eyes for my achievement!

And all for this! I love rats and having a ratstallion is just awesome! Ultra had his ages ago and I remember being so envious of it. I do wish the special of it was a rat eating, because that looks so cute.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Minipost - Who peed in the pool?

I had never noticed this but Eurie said in raid this week "It looks to me like Krosus peed in the water."


I had no idea what she was talking about, until I actually took a screenshot of it.

OMG, she's right, it does look like someone urinated. That Krosus can't be taken anywhere. That's just gross. And I accidentally displacered into the water once. Bleh!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Raiding - With this latency it's like doing MC all over again...

The last 2 nights of raiding have been borked. It's like we are on US servers and it's hard to imagine we used to play with 300 ms and we were fine with it.

Some people had it so bad they were up to 800ms which is just rubbish.

The raid kicked off to an odd start when Cosima could not see anyone in her raid instance. We summoned her, she relogged, she restarted, all to no avail. So Ultra said she needs to zone into the instance FIRST, after we disbanded and started the raid again. I was being a bit of a dimwit and couldn't figure out how to disband raid so I passed leader to Aimei and he did it. So he started the invites for the new raid.

Yay that worked, Cosima could now see NPCs and also see people, which was great. So off we were starting trash and someone said, "Hey this side door is open with a portal, what's that?"

Oh, that's the teleport to go straight to Elisande. That didn't tip us off and we pulled the boss.

"Wait, it's on normal!" someone yelled. And so it was. I totally blame Aimei because he was leader and my raid instances are set to heroic. So off we went, helter skelter, out of the instance to reform the group AGAIN and try it for another time.

Fortunately with all the doofing around, Aza didn't miss much. He was at work till 9pm and wouldn't be home till 920pm.

We did the Hodor strat and it was a bit ugly because of lag. Aimei died 3 times. But we got it. So then we did Chronomatic Anomaly which seemed fine, and then we onto Trilliax. Trilliax was terrible because of the lag. People were dying to Annihilation left right and centre. We wiped a few times and eventually we got it.

Since the night was so garbage we thought we might as well do the world boss which was in Elisande's private quarters. Some smart person thought we could pull the whole room. Well, no you can't.

You get polymorphed, mind controlled (Crooky killed someone who was MC'd and ticked over an honour level!) and well, it was just a wipe. Once we pulled them group by group it went much better and we all got some tasty artifact power rewards.

Krosus and Spellblade Aluriel went down ok though but we had to call it on Tichondrius because Cosima disconnected and Ram had to go pick up someone.

We picked it up on Thursday but unfortunately the latency was still there and we only did Tichondrius and Star Gazer. On botanist the latency was so terrible people were dying a lot and many dropped fromt he raid. So we said we'd only have a couple more goes to see if we could do it but in the end we couldn't so we just called raid early.


I was looking forward to making progress on Gul'dan this week, and this happens.

Also, I saw guildies pugging Gul'dan heroic and I can't help but feel sad that they can get it in pugs but we can't kill it as a guild yet! I suppose we're not far off, but it's just a shame and it makes me feel bummed.

Anyway, I don't think we will get Gul'dan this week. They better have this crappy latency rubbish fixed by next week!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lunk Approved World Quests - Thunder Totem Cleanup Detail

I used to really dislike that World quest at Thunder Totem "Thunder Totem Cleanup Detail" - killing little kobolds then clicking their drum for a puny 4%. The kobolds don't even drop loot!

I had noticed moose further up the path when I usually run away ignoring that world quest but not taken much notice of it, but today when I was doing the World Quest (because it had AP) I noticed that the moose are actually around the platform at Thunder Totem too. I wondered why I could ride them... and then I found out that riding them and handing them back to the stable master can actually give you about 13% per hand in! And there also bigger drums on the ground you can click to get % as well and it's definitely more than a peasly 4%.

So I might now add that to my list of non-killing world quests to do. Lunk would be proud!