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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shadow rising - or should I say, Silvermoon Rising? - A Navispam post

A long time ago, I came across the blog Repgrind, who wrote about her adventures with her two guilds, Alliance and Horde as well as all the antics that they were up to.  I would religiously read her blog, and all the characters she wrote about, though confusing at first (and even now...) and came to know their personalities from her stories as well as through the comments they would leave.  I loved her guild interaction, so personal and friendly!  I finally got to meet her in one of Amateur Azerothian's Laid back raids.

Earlier this year, one of her guildies started commenting frequently on my blog, and made an alt on my server to speak to me in person.  It was this visit (as well as a visit from Glowbie and Rioriel) that first gave me the ideas of Navispam, which came to fruition after the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Starstruck.  That was Arvash, and when we  met he wasn't a blogger, but now he is, writing at The Crimson Hammer.

After that, I'd been longing to meet the other members of their guild, Shadow Rising, but they were not on very often, and I could never catch them.  Then, one weekend, I'd been hanging out with Arvash doing BGs and achievements, and I was about to go to bed when Arv told me that Slice (of Orangeslice > Other Sodas) had gotten on.  Oh, well I wanted to meet Slice, so I said I'm heading over to meet him.  I told Arv not to tell him because I wanted to surprise him... but I was too slow.  Damn, he knew I was coming!  And Slice was getting his partner, Lyssianna (of Dots and Hots) on as well.   Ooh, that was cool!  I had heard about Lyss, she was the guildie who got the legendary staff from Firelands. Adoe was online as well (whom I have Xserver PvP'd with) and then we had a party in Org.  It was like a home away from home really, hanging out in Valley of Wisdom!

I got on their Vent and chatted even though I was a bit sleepy.  I thought it would be nice if they could see my actual toon so we tried to decide on a dungeon/raid to do, and ToGC sounded good so off we all went there for more pics!  Oh and since we're there we might as well do the raid right?  It doesn't take long... bedtime can wait, this is much more important.  Repgrind got on as well so that made for a cool pic!

Then a whole heap of guildies started logging on!  Notari/Zarigar (of Mohawk Troll) and Telanarra, Shadeey and even Sorak/Fayle/Cayle got on!  Cayle came at the end after we'd cleared the instance (which was cool because they all got the achievement for it, and apparently he hates this old content achievement stuff) and I got a group shot with this guild that, after hanging around with them for one night, has reinforced my thoughts that it's my home away from home - it seems so much like Frostwolves, but with American accents.

And... their whole guild seems to be BLOOD ELVES.  Except for Adoe.  I asked them why, and they said because they're prettier.

Shadow rising... you have been Navispammed! /reported

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday Firelands - Kneel to the Flame!

At last.  After weeks of trying and hoping not to stuff it up, we did it at last...

All 6 of us managed to sit in our little spots and click the orbs.  I was panicking, thinking OMG are we going to do it in time?  But yes!  We did it.  Yay.  Nobody stuffed up.  Not even Ayelena, or Hwired, or Faith.  Yay!

Hwired came on his scrub priest.  He did alright for his level.  I cringed when I saw his 325 level weapon, but he did have valour boots!  Not chanted though.  But meh, he's being carried to get some gear, and there's lots of gear in Firelands.

But, we decided to do heroic Staghelm.  And we managed to do it!  That was exciting.  So I laughed that Hwired's priest could do heroic Staghelm but wasn't high enough level to queue for random 85 heroics.  I guess having Dragon Soul gear makes a big difference.  Hwired had earlier picked up a trinket that I wanted but then I was super excited because heroic Jaws of Defeat dropped which I wanted to replace my normal version.  And we one shot Rag as well.  Phew.

Afterwards, I was hanging around late and joined a PuG ToC25.  Would have liked to do it heroic, but the person running it was just after achievements.  I had a few, but I did manage to pick up 2 more from that run:

Not One, But Two Jormungars (25 man)

The Traitor King (25 man)
All up a good night for me.  Now to sub all the other people in for their achievements in Firelands...